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BDSM lovers wont want to miss this clip. This lucky guy picks up Melanie Rios at the S&M club, a sexy, kinky bitch, and brings her back to his place so he can humiliate her. Straddled on top of him, Melanie takes off her fishnet dress while he gropes her titties over her bra and strips her naked, leaving her just with her slut necklace on. He puts a ball gag over her mouth and places her on a special harness, restraining her arms and legs behind her back as he rams his dick up her snatch from behind. Totally restricted in her movements, her hands clutch the sheets as she tries to wrap her legs around her man, moaning and grunting through the gag ball. He removes the gag so he can fuck her mouth and then he wraps her body in colored duct tape, gagging her again and spread eagling her across the bed, fucking her some more. He places clothespins on her nipples and lets her ride his cock fish hooking her and fucking her mouth with his fingers until ready to shower her body with his milky spunk!



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  4. Emeka Ekwunife | 10 November 2011, 13:44

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  6. Anonymous | 31 August 2011, 12:15

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