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This therapist always had a preference for the sexy secretaries who love to come to work in high heels and stockings, and the newest one isn’t an exception. Today he prepared to test her deepthroating and fuck abilities to decide if she is a keeper. He enjoys caressing her huge hooters, and she just got on her knees to suck his throbbing dick when one of his patients enters the office, lays on the couch, and starts to complain about her lousy sex life. While she laments about every single thing that didn’t improve her sex life, the secretary doesn’t waste her time – she gives him the blowjob like it’s the last prick on the earth. The doctor gives his whining patient a black sleep mask and tells her to go on with her story, so he can take a taste of his secretary’s delicious pussy and finger her in order to prepare her for his massive schlong. The patient still doesn’t notice what is going on and obliges, and the therapist puts his bimbo on the table so he can dive into her delicious cunt. After a while, they can’t wait anymore, so she positions herself on the desk, inviting him to dip his massive cock into her dripping wet fuck hole. The doctor somehow manages to dismiss the tedious patient so he can properly finish what he started. His ravishing secretary lays on the desk and spreads her legs to take his magnificent dick to the bottom. After a while, they move to the couch, and she starts to ride him in a cowgirl style like a maniac. Her amazing big all natural boobs are bouncing up and down. Her pussy is wet, and the secretary is trying to squeeze the last drop of cum out of his balls. He fidgets with her magic bean until they both reach mind-blowing orgasms.

Busty naked nurse cheats on her husband with the hung doctor

Being married doesn’t stop the busty milf Reagan from fooling around whenever she can. Since she’s a nurse, she knows exactly which rooms are empty, so she eagerly seduces the doctor and tells him where she’ll wait for him. While waiting, this horny woman excitedly fingers her naked pussy to prepare for his huge cock, and the moment he arrives, she drops to her knees. Seeing his giant dick flop in front of her face makes her forget about her husband, and she instantly pushes it into her mouth. Before letting him pound her insides, the nurse makes sure to tease him with her amazing blowjob skills and titty fucking. As she slides his meat in between her huge tits, she talks dirty and stares deep into his eyes in hopes of pushing him over the edge. Luckily for her, the doctor has a lot of experience, and he doesn’t plan on cumming before stretching her out. The two cheaters rush into bed, where Reagan excitedly gets on top to ride him. Within a few thrusts, she’s able to take his enormous manhood in its entirety. Despite being at work, she can’t help but moan out loud from the feeling of deep penetration and his hands squeezing her thick and juicy ass. Her big tits are bouncing up and down. To spice things up, she turns around seductively, spreads her legs, and tenderly rubs her snatch as he slowly shoves himself into her once again. The two stare into each other’s eyes as they get rougher until the naked woman starts to shiver from the intense pleasure. Despite having an orgasm, Reagan’s not done with her affair just yet, and she eagerly bends over for him to rail her from behind. Soon enough, she feels him throb and joyfully drops to her knees to get a taste of his load.

Anal slut needs a doctor to check her ass up

It’s Tuesday, and this is probably the most humiliating day in Siri’s short but sweet sex life. The girl is pretty young and new to sex. This applies to anal sex too. Her boyfriend wanted to try it, and so did she. It went well the first couple of times, but the third time was the charm, as the saying goes. It appears that Siri has a long string of anal beads stuck all the way inside her ass. It’s very embarrassing. In comes doctor Oliver. A ruthless professional, this guy finds the beads and quickly extracts them. The girl is grateful, and her boyfriend just passes out from the scene. The doctor sees him but quickly returns to Siri’s asshole. She insists that he take the closest look possible, and so he does. The babe then sticks his face deep inside her anus, and the fun begins. Pretty soon, the doctor understands that he has to examine her tits and her cock with similar diligence. After checking her throat with his cock, he checks her huge fat ass. This time, he uses his dick. He stuffs that asshole with his dick medicine. The sexy thick babe just loves being in missionary and spreading her legs wide. The dude keeps switching between her holes and then makes her taste it all. Still, a moment later, the girl takes it in cowgirl. Siri can really get down on that elegant dick. She gapes in cowgirl and later in doggy. The doctor loves what he sees and slaps that ass as he fucks it. He flips her over and makes her rub her pussy as he plows her. She cums several times, and Oliver only once. He doesn’t pull out of her thick ass but instead cums like a hog inside that asshole. “This is beneficial to your anus,” the good doctor remarked.

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Demi has a problem. She’s a sweet 19-year-old girl that just loves putting things inside her pussy and rubbing on her clit. Of course, all the girls her age are doing it. Hell, they’ve only just unwrapped their little fleshy gamepads, but Demi isn’t like them. She’s a chronic masturbator. This is why her mom sent her over to see Doctor Cory. She went to see her for a similar problem herself a few years ago. Demi is sitting in the waiting room, and yes, rubbing her naked pussy like the sneaky little bitch that she is. The doctor soon appears and greets her newest patient. They go to an examination room, and Cory asks Demi to strip. It hardly surprises her that Demi isn’t wearing any panties. However, doctor Cory remains professional. She puts the teen girl in a chair and runs off to get her medical chart. Demi seized the opportunity to touch herself some more. Her pussy is wet as fuck. Guess this medical ambiance is making her horny? The milfy doctor returns and sees what the girl is up to. She makes her spread her legs and slowly starts touching her pussy lips. The labia are spread, and she can see the swelling. She’s not sure if it’s because of the chronic masturbation or because the girl is horny right now. This is why she spreads her lips and fingers her. The feel of her fingers against her clit really makes Demi excited. The girl begs her doctor to go deeper. The MILF sees this examination is getting out of hand but keeps doing it anyway.



As she pushes deeper, she can feel Demi’s pussy clutching tighter around her fingers. The girl must really want to grip something down there hard. Demi gets wild. She pulls on Cory’s head and makes her smell her vagina. This excites the old lesbian, and she goes along with the rough sexual game. She tastes the young teenage pussy of her friend’s daughter. Cory uses a pink dildo on her clit and fingers her later. The young lesbian cums like crazy. Cory likes what she sees and makes Demi eat her ass out until she cums as well. Demi isn’t just a chronic masturbator. She’s a maniac when it comes to lesbian sex. The naked girls ride each other’s face and take turns on each other’s holes. Yes, both holes. Demi loves eating Cory’s ass out because she sees it makes the good doctor squirm. The nurse nearly catches them, but the naked girls manage to remain undetected. The incident doesn’t frighten them at all. In fact, the lesbians go in 69 on the chair. The naked girls even scissor on the same chair, that’s now already wet from all the pussy juices. Once doctor Cory cums for the third and final time, she feels exhausted, but most importantly, so does the little slut. The good doctor says that the therapy is working and tells Demi to come visit her whenever this problem pops up again.

Teen girls need regular orgasms, and a doctor is going to teach how

Adria has been having some strange feelings lately, so she goes to get a checkup. It’s a good thing that this slim brunette with a gorgeous face, long legs, and a pair of sweet tits is in the secure hands of Alexis. This stunning MILF is a real pro when it comes to teen girls. Adria girl strips and the doctor examines her breasts. After making her strip completely, she touches her sweet cunt, under the auspices of checking her vulva. When Adria isn’t looking, Alexis sucks her juices right off her fingers. She’s already that she’s going to be very unprofessional today because Adria looks and tastes amazing. Once the girl admits that she never cums to Dr. Alexis, she takes her stethoscope off, pushes Adria’s legs back, and starts eating her out like mad. All teenage girls need regular orgasms, and the doctor is going to teach Adria how, starting by licking her pussy lips and sucking her clit. Her tongue spins around that young clit and slides deep inside her pussy. She even eats her asshole out, just to taste if it’s as good as her pussy. “It’s peachy,” Alexis thinks to herself. Adria can’t cum just yet but is eager to return the favor. The naked woman sits on her face, just like she did on so many of her previous female patients. Adria makes this lesbian MILF cum in her mouth. Afterward, the naked girls were sixty-nine. The teen’s young pussy feels so good. She grinds on the doctor’s face and then on her pussy as they scissor. Who knows how many times the pair cums? The MILF feels her work is done as she looks into Adria’s eyes and sees the awakened forces of her sex drive. “You’re all good and healthy now, girl,” she mutters through the pussy juices.

Helpful doctors assist the nympho with an interracial anal gangbang

The doctors inside the emergency room can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with Valentina, since the tests indicate there are no issues. While they wait for a specialist, they let the young woman use the hospital bed and even give her a button to press when she needs help. The moment they leave, she pushes it relentlessly and watches as doctors and male nurses come to help her out. What the men don’t realize is that she’s aching to get pummeled, and only went to the ER to find thick cocks. As the men surround the raunchy hottie, she pulls down all of their pants and stares at their black and white dicks with pure lust in her eyes. Without hesitation, she drops on all fours and gives each of them a sloppy blowjob until her mouth gets stretched out enough to deepthroat. Once she’s ready for the gangbang to get intense, she arches her back and lets them take turns pummeling her snatch while being face fucked. Although she’s getting dicked down without mercy, Valentina’s in need of naughtier positions. The slutty brunette eagerly spreads her big booty cheeks and begs for them to drill both of her holes at the same time. The men don’t make her wait long as they’ve been aching to give her a rough double penetration that she’ll remember. Whilst pounding the hottie’s asshole and pussy, they make sure to fuck her mouth as well. With each deep thrust and hard smack, they feel her insides tighten, so the hospital staff continues until she’s completely stretched out and used. Feeling their shafts deep inside her fills the crazy nympho with joy, and although the orgy is tiring her out, she lets them use her as long as she gets to taste their thick loads. Cocks are everywhere, male hands are everywhere. The men surrounds her, jerking off their black cocks, white cocks, small cocks, big cocks over her happy face! This hospital gangbang ends in a bukkake-style cum fest!

Getting lucky with a hot blonde doctor in the middle of a medical exam

Men often fantasize about fucking a hot doctor. But this lucky guy doesn’t have to fantasize anymore. After coming to a doctor for an annual medical check-up, he finds himself in his own dirty fantasy. It turns out that the doctor is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen! When she leaves the examination room, the guy starts to jerk off to a medical diagram of a woman’s genitalia on the wall. But when the doctor comes back, he gets caught fapping! Totally embarrassed, he shoves the erect dick back in his pants. But the doctor is persistent. She wants to check his penis. The doctor puts on a pair of medical gloves so she can touch his penis all over. She says everything about his cock seems healthy, but she’s going to check it more thoroughly just to be sure. With that, she starts ‘examining’ his dick with her tongue, and then her whole mouth. The hot blonde succumbs to temptation and swallows the dick. One gulp after another, and she can feel it growing in her mouth. Gagging and swallowing the dick whole, the doctor reveals her true nature. Two horny people occupying the same room can lead only to one thing – intense sex! So the blonde takes off her clothes. Her amazing body looks like a cock pleaser. Bent over the table, she enjoys a glamorous cunnilingus. Her pussy is now dripping wet and crazing penetration. So the guy shoves his dick. He feels like it is about to explode in the doctor’s delicious pussy. But he somehow manages to keep it together. They go through all standard positions – doggy, cowgirl, then some more deep-throating, and they end up locked in sideways fucking. A close-up of the doctor’s pussy getting filled with some really hard dick is absolutely mesmerizing. She screams and moans, enjoying every inch of the dick. It’s been a while since someone fucked her so well. Teased by the penetration, her pussy contracts and gripping the dick and making it splash. Where is this medical examiner located? I too need a pre employment medical!

Her constantly squirting pussy needed fixing so she visited a doctor

This girl never thought anything was wrong with her vagina, and she loved that, unlike many women, she could squirt with ease. However, lately, she has noticed that her orgasms are getting out of control, so she decided to visit a doctor. Explaining her condition was challenging, so she figured it would be much easier to show him exactly what she meant. She took her clothes off in his office, spread her legs on the examination table and in a second her pussy started to squirt high in the air like a fire hose. The doctor has never seen anything like it in his life! He wanted to perform several tests to understand her condition better. With the naked girl on her back, he spread her legs and used his fingers on her vagina. Gently rubbing her clit for several seconds was enough for her to climax. Fingering her wet pussy led to her squirting all over his table. Clearly amazed with what he had seen, he wanted to run more tests. He pulled a vibrator from his desk, rubbed her nipples, and stimulated her clitoris. While moaning loudly, the naked girl squirted once again! It was the hardest squirting orgasm ever! Her pussy squirted jet after jet of its liquid. Cunnilingus was next! The doctor couldn’t hold back any longer, he got on his knees and started licking her twat. He got his tongue deep in her pussy before tickling her nub. Her loud moans were a clear sign she was ready to squirt again. The doctor dropped his pants and got on the table.



Starting with reverse cowgirl yielded little results until he started using his fingers on her clit. Fucking her this way got her to squirt very intensely. Immediately he started slapping her squirting vagina with his enormous cock. She loved the stimulation and continued to squirt more and more. The moans continued when he put his dick back in her. There was no stopping her at this point. The naked girl could squirt within seconds every time he put his cock inside her tight pussy. She wanted to reward the good doctor for giving her so much pleasure, so she gave him a blowjob. Deepthroating his big cock drove him wild with pleasure, so he bent her over the desk and penetrated her from behind. Fucking her doggy style gave similar results, as it didn’t take long for her to orgasm again. The most fascinating this is that her body didn’t seem exhausted at any point. In fact, she was even more energetic after each squirting orgasm. His office desk and floor were utterly wet because of her, but being a good doctor meant having to go the extra mile. Working this hard had never been this enjoyable, so he continued to fuck the unsatiable slut. They finally had to make a break when he filled her cooter with his semen.

Doctor offers to break her hymen in order to help her with her sex life

Teasing is horrible, especially for girls that are going through puberty in high school. Now that she’s older and getting ready to leave for college, Adria has decided to have a doctor’s appointment to see if she’s eligible for a breast implant. Her doctor tenderly rubs his hands over her nipples as he approaches her, making them hard instantaneously. As he cups her supple young breasts, he assures her that she is perfectly normal, just slightly under average. ‘Your breasts look and feel like a perfectly normal teenage girl’. She pleads with him, telling him that college will finally be her chance to truly be herself. She needs this surgery! She wants to feel confident enough to go out on a date for the first time in her life! The doctor stares at her, without feeling, as the half naked girl sobs on his table. ‘You are a virgin, correct?’ He asks her to remove her panties and lie down on the table, he wants to perform a quick physical. The young naked girl hesitates for a moment before doing as the doctor instructed. He spreads her legs and takes in her virgin pussy for the first time. He lubes up her pink pussy and slowly grazes his fingers upon it. Her virginity can affect breast development. If the hymen is not broken by a certain age, it is unlikely for the woman to enjoy a normal sex life. If she wants her breast augmentation done ahead of the new school year, she should strongly consider having the vaginal procedures done as well. Unfortunately she can’t afford this! Seeing that she needs deflowering the doctor offers a cheaper procedure. He pulls down his pants and puts his penis on her virgin pussy.



His throbbing cock teases her sensitive clit before shoving the head in her slit. Although she’s tight, he stretches out the girl until every inch of his dick is inside of her. Her mouth keeps drooling, so he walks up to her so she can slobber it up in the disguise of needing a natural lubricant. After her first blowjob ever, he pushes her legs sideways to get a better view of her juicy ass as he plows her. The intensity keeps building up, and his pumping is too hard, which makes her moan extremely loud. Unbothered by the noise, the pervy doctor continues to pummel her relentlessly until she’s fully given herself to him. Once he feels she’s ready for more, he pulls out, only for her to come crawling and suck on it yet again. In hopes of making her orgasm on his shaft, he switches her to doggy and goes in slow and steady. As he picks up the pace, he can sense her teen vagina tightening so he doesn’t stop his thrusts. Whilst clinging to the sheets, she has her hands held by him and put on her back, all while being roughly dicked down from behind. Her body begins to shake as she gasps for air and falls over, covered in sweat and her juices. Looking back at him, she sees he’s still not emptied his balls on her. The young naked girl gulps and gives up her exhausted body for him to use as he pleases.

Horny doctor turns the fertility clinic visit into a creampie orgy

In hopes of achieving pregnancy, the girl and her boyfriend visit a doctor at the fertility clinic. What the doctor find out is that there’s nothing wrong with their samples and that they just need more creampies. Luckily, the blonde nurse is eager to help them on their journey. The two girls unzip his zipper and gobble on his penis simultaneously. With enough spit on his meat, he’s ready to penetrate, so his girl lies down, and the fertility doctor follows. While in sixty-nine, he thrusts himself deep inside the love of his life as she’s eating out the doctor’s young cunt. Sensing that he’s close to busting, she tells him to hold on, so the load is thicker. The naked girls fall on their knees and take turns sucking on his dick before he’s ready to continue the plowing. To teach him discipline, the blonde bends over and teaches him how to focus while he’s drilling her from behind. With each thrust he makes, she slows him down and explains how to adjust his breathing to last longer and save up his jizz. Seeing his absolutely gorgeous brunette babe watching eagerly from the side makes him switch to her. As he’s thrusting with all of his strength, the naked doctor jumps on top and has her plump ass spanked. Whilst she’s fingered and smacked, she knows the sensation is too much for him to handle, so she jumps off. Once she feels his enormous shaft pulsate, she tightly grips it and pushes him as deeply as possible. His thick load fills up the brunette’s aching twat, and as soon as he pulls out, the doctor puts her mouth on it to ensure it stays in. She spreads her cum filled cunt with both hands wide open and check the insides. After she’s let his baby batter marinate in her, she sucks it out to get a taste of it herself.

A family visit to the doctor turns into a hardcore lesbian foursome

A loving lesbian couple brings their adorable stepdaughter in for her first gynecology examination. Kenna, the doctor, examining the teen Lily, she can’t stop grazing her fingers over her clit. Once the question about sexual partners arises, she finds out that she’s having sex with both of her stepmothers, Serene and Kenzie. Usually, she’d be in shock, but this time her arousal makes her beg the lesbians to join in on their shenanigans. As she locks the office door, they get wild with their tongues in a lez foursome. Since the teen girl is already naked, her legs are spread wide open on the exam table, they begin with her. She begins panting and talking dirty to the lesbians MILFs as the three of them are drooling and fingering her sweet teenage virgin cunt. Eventually, everyone slowly strips out of their clothes, and the couple gets on the doctor’s examining table to eat each other out whilst Kenna and Lily finger themselves on the couch. As soon as the naked girls are in sixty-nine, the married MILFs sneakily crawl towards them and pounce on their tight little buttholes to tease them. There isn’t an inch of their gorgeous figures that’s not fondled, especially their juicy tits and plump booties. The lesbians switch partners and change positions to experience how different their pussies taste and feel. As some are face-sitting, others are vigorously scissoring. Just imagine yourself between these four naked women, licking and sucking and fingering their wet cunts! Moaning gets extremely loud due to the feeling they receive from the friction. The rough grinding of their twats comes to an end as they use the last bits of strength to make themselves climax. Their exhausted bodies fall on top of each other, and the naked girls schedule the next family appointment as they breathe heavily and fondle one another.

Fertility doctor put his cock in my pussy during an ultrasound scan

The stunning brunette and her boyfriend have an appointment with a fertility doctor for an ultrasound. She is lying down to have an ultrasound, and the doctor uses the opportunity to slip her panties aside to see her pussy. And he sees an oyster pussy, all wet, pinky, yummy! The doctor and the stunning brunette are nodding heads to each other while her boyfriend checks the screen for any issues that are happening inside her wound. The doctor pulls out his dick and puts it immediately into her wet pussy. Sh, hush, hush, don’t let him see us banging. And it is so sweet, forbidden things are so exciting. The horny doctor and the girl must keep it quiet, so quiet. Not a sound, not a move. The boyfriend must not see or hear them. But, the doctor came up with the idea that the boyfriend could use that time to pour some sperm into a cup, so the fertility process could move on to the next step. And the two of them ditched the boyfriend. Poor guy, he doesn’t have a clue what is going on in the doctor’s office. The two of them continue fucking on that doctor’s bed. He pulls out her big boobs, and they are swinging in the rhythm of the fuck. Pounding balls deep into her young fuck-hole, he increases his speed as he senses that she is nearing an explosion! Her gorgeous body shuttering at her orgasm. Hot naked girl is now on top of him and setting up her own pace. Hard, still. He is pulling his dick in and out, and he is now huge.



They are moaning and wining with pleasure and joy. He hits her pussy so deep and so harsh, so rough, her boyfriend never fucked her like a real man! Her legs shake, her body undulates under him. She screams, cries, begs him to stop, follows by please don’t stop. She is now taking his thick dick between her boobs, and she starts to go up and down with her whole body, stimulating him with her tits. He likes it. He is up, putting his thick dick into her mouth deep. Over and over again. He is kissing and licking her pussy, rubbing that glorious clit strong. The naked girl is now on her knees, and he is banging her from behind. Taking her by her neck, holding her close to him, so he could be inside with every inch. And he places her on her knees once again while he is trying to cum. She pulls out her tongue, waiting for it. Waiting, waiting. Here it is. Thick, white, creamy cum is all over her face, and she smiles with delight. And she sucks his dick more, sucking that last drop out of the dick. Hurry, hurry, boyfriend is coming. He will catch them at the very end of the fuck.

Everlasting boner gets the treatment needed by the curvy throat goat of a doctor

Her boyfriend can’t seem to keep his huge dick from getting hard – no matter where he is, so he sends him to the hospital. As he tries to explain his problem to the doctor, who turned out to be a young sexy woman, he can’t help looking at her gorgeous ass. After finding out that her patient is unable to stop himself from getting erect, she orders him to take it out for her to examine. He anxiously obliges, whipping his schlong out only and her eyes and mouth are instantaneously wide open from being shocked at the size! His penis is huge, probably 10 inches! Putting on her gloves and cream, she begins stroking it, marveling at how hard and hot it is. Getting wet, she thinks of ways to take things further. Arguing about needing a more thorough investigation, the horny doctor puts her lips on the tip and deepthroats with all of her might! Proceeding with the oral test, she tells him that this position makes it unable for him to lose the boner, so he gets up and facefucks her before taking the next step. Taking down her clothes, he reveals her juicy ass, and without hesitation, he bends her over and rams his shaft in her already twitching cunt. The young woman looks so hot in her black lingerie. Violently pounding her makes her insides close up as she starts shaking and orgasm on the table. Turning the naked doctor around, he spreads her legs and pushes himself in missionary with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Gathering up her energy from cumming she gets up and prepares him for a rough ride as she straddles him. With each pump, he feels like he’s about to bust, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping his composure while smacking her fat bum. He keeps pounding his huge cock balls deep into her vagina. Taking her up in doggy once again, he hammers her for a few moments before whipping his massive cock out and spraying his load all over her face. As his erection slowly fades, she sets another appointment up in a few days while giggling.

Busty doctor is ready to help you with a premature ejaculation problem

If you have a problem with occasionally losing control over ejaculation this professional therapist is ready to analyze and examine your issue with her uniquely catered program! To give you a few pointers, the sexy busty doctor gets a dildo out and shows you how to jerk off to prolong orgasm and at the same time get the best orgasms possible. Wanting to help you in every possible way she lays you down while taking down your throbbing cock. With each lick and stroke, she keeps dirty talking, which makes your schlong even bigger. Grabbing your balls she squeezes them with her hand, giving some tips for how to prolong ejaculation. She takes the whole scrotum in her mouth, licking furiously. Not satisfied with her mouth, she lubes up her massive boobs and gives you a rough titjob. Feeling you pulsate, she stops and edges you before getting up and lifting her skirt up, revealing her juicy fat ass! Her shaved pussy is inching towards you and slowly rams itself on your thick shaft. The busty babe begins riding you but with many breaks as she wants to train your stamina. Her amazing big ass are bouncing up and down in front of your face. Aching for more, she gets up and bends over the desk, telling you to spread her legs wide and pound her wet twat with all of your strength! Each time you pump, her big tits bounce all over her chest. Rolling her around, you smack her juicy bum and stick it inside from the back. As you clap her cheeks and pull her hair, you notice her cunt quivering and push it even further. Her body starts shaking, and she orgasms while you are still plowing away. She takes your manhood and sloppily deepthroats you, which push you over the edge as you release your thick load all over her happy face.

What the doctor ordered was a thick load from his black cock

Having specific issues of the arousal and sexual activity he goes to see a doctor. At first sight, he knows that she’s a naughty one considering her giant boobs are plopping out of her dress. During their discussion about the physical and sexual checkup that he requires, he notices that she’s biting her lip which gives him a boner. Seeing it, she swiftly grabs her lube and lays the patient down. As she lifts up his clothes, she’s in awe at the size of his big black cock. Wanting to waste no time, the sexy doctor starts dirty talking and stroking his schlong while giving it little pecks. The tender love doesn’t last long because she craves a rough fuck. Deepthroating him, the busty babe gets hot, so she strips down, revealing her curvy body to him. Picking up the oil, she slathers her huge tits and gives her patient a rough titjob. Feeling him pulsate in her mouth, she stops and slobbers on his balls before getting on top and sliding her hungry cunt on his manhood. With each bounce, her pussy tightens, but she doesn’t want her to cum just yet. Taking her around, the naked doctor squats in reverse cowgirl as he smacks her fat ass and rams himself from the bottom. Her insides are twitching, so he doesn’t stop and becomes more aggressive, only for her to start shaking and orgasm while he’s still inside and slapping her juicy bum. Being exhausted, he lays down, but being the nympho that she is, she pounces back onto his dick and starts blowing it. Unable to contain himself, he warns the doctor of what’s about to come as he busts his load all in her mouth. Busty naked babe spits it into a sample cup only to take it back out and swallow every last drop of it.

Slutty doctor cares about her pleasure more than her patient’s health

He had a urologist doctor’s exam appointment and decided to bring his caring girlfriend with him because he was nervous. When he lay on the table, his bottom side was parted with the white curtain, and his girlfriend could see what was happening behind. While his girlfriend was patting him on the head slowly, the doctor took his pants off, but instead of an exam, the naughty girl began sucking his cock! She was slobbering his cock and taking it deep and he did not say a word. Slutty doctor got even more aroused from sucking his dick, so she immediately tore off her stockings, exposing her both holes. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and her cunt was hairy and wet, so she placed herself in the reverse cowgirl position. The doctor’s ass hole slid down on his cock easily, and while he was making the sounds from it, his girlfriend thought it was because of the exam. He got turned on easily and did not care that his girl was there, so he slid down his hands under the curtain. When he did that, he grabbed the naughty doctor by her juicy boobies and caressed them like stress balls. His girlfriend told him that she would wait outside since it took too long, so they removed the curtain when she disappeared. The sexy thick girl turned face to face with her patient and rode him with her fat ass as fast as she could to finish. She then bent over on the table, and he struck her with his chode from the back, banging her slutty ass hard. When she turned around, he began to eat her hairy cunt, and then he placed his cock inside of her ass once again. Her ass was big but her anus was tight. While he was banging her, she teased her clit and moaned like a slut from all the pleasure when she felt a warm sensation inside of her.


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