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A petite ballerina gets banged by her yoga teacher with a massive dick

This beautiful girl was a ballerina and she was always skinny and bendy. However, she was injured a few years back so now she needs help getting back in shape. Her parents hired a yoga instructor who would come over to her house and help her with some basics before she is able to go back to ballet. He was tall and strong so the girl just couldn’t help thing about him whole taking a shower and rubbing her pussy. He had a gentle but firm touch so he made her horny whenever he helped her do a deep stretch. It was almost a challenge to get him out of his shell. One day she wore a see-through top to their class, just to see how he would react. As he was helping her with her splits, the little slut leaned toward him and they kissed passionately. Since she was so close, she could stay in the splits and reach his dick. It was huge and hard. So she took it out of his pants and stroked it with her small hands. She had never seen a cock so big, at least ten inches long and three inches thick. The thought of having that monster of a cock in her little pussy made her tremble. The sexy teen babe leaned over and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue. She couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth so she licked it and tried to suck it as much as she could. She couldn’t believe she didn’t notice how big his dick was until now. He grabbed her head and shoved his huge cock deeper in her mouth.



The hornier he got it kept on growing and he made her choke on it by pushing the back of her head down. He then got up and took all of his clothes off. He lifted her like a feather and put her legs on his shoulders so he could get his dick deep inside her pussy. He was so strong could lift her up and slide her down his dick with no effort. She was shuddering as his massive cock stretched its way into her narrow, dripping, horny cunt. Her pussy lips were stretched to their limits. Her juices easing the way for this brutal fucking. Soon the naked girl was moaning with pleasure and arching against him. He put her on the bed, lifted her legs high, and licked her pink pussy. Then he got on top of her and pushed his giant cock inside her totally wet pussy while passionately kissing her neck and her face. She wanted more so she locked her legs around him and made him go in deeper. She rubbed her clit and watched him with lust in her eyes. Then he made her do the splits and get inside of her from the back. The fact that she is so light and bendy made him pound harder, his balls slapping her ass. He got faster and soon she started cumming like crazy. Her pussy was squirting all over his huge cock. The sexy naked girl got on top of him and fought to get the whole thick shaft inside of her but the fight only brought her more pleasure. Finally, she got it all in as sat on top of him, moving her hips front and back, rubbing herself against him until she came in an explosive orgasm. As she screamed the last of the most powerful orgasm she ever had, she felt him shove his cock deep in her throbbing pussy one last time and spill his hot seed.

Vanessa has been very naughty in class so her teacher is making her sit in a dildo chair

Even though this girl in her uniform and high heels seems and acts innocent, she is a very naughty little angel. She has been very naughty in class, flashing her pussy to the boys around and sending her nudes to the male teachers. The philosophy teacher was in charge of detention class today. But just sitting in silence was clearly not enough to punish a little slut like her. So her teacher made her sit in a special dildo chair to adjust her attitude. It was a vibrator chair and she had to withstand is as long as it took to learn her lesson or cum all over the place! After her clothes disappear, the small tits and shaved cunt appear. The only thing that remained was her high heels. The naked girl was squeezing and playing with her cupcakes and still acted innocent. She spanked herself like she was punishing herself for all the naughty deeds she had done. The sexy naked schoolgirl bounced and showed a little twerk with her juicy tooshie. Her teenage pussy began to squirt all over the vibrator. The naked girl just kept grinding her throbbing clit harder against the sex toy. She is horny, and she can not wait to be punished during her detention hours with her teacher.



The juice from her pussy was all over the chair on which she was pleasing herself. Everything looked sticky, but that did not stop her teacher from eating her and enjoying it. Lying on the teacher’s desk with her philosophy teacher between her thighs, the naked girl was laughing out loud. The next obvious thing that she did after that was that she started sucking her teacher’s huge manhood. She is gagging, and he is deep-throating that. She finished sucking all of his pecker’s sweetness. That made him naturally lubricated enough so he could easily get inside her tiny cunt. They did a reverse cowgirl, and he started pinching her small but hard nipples. She had one of the tightest pussies in the whole class! He had fucked a lot of high school girls but this little slut was special! She was enjoying all the satisfaction she was getting. The tan lines on her body suit her very well. Even her small boobies are bouncing with joy. He grabbed her perky boobs, feeling her pussy milk his dick. Her clit ground against his pelvis, and he could feel his balls rubbing against the underside of her ass. The naked girl can not stop bouncing on his hard pecker. After that, they did a regular cowgirl, and she continued jumping up and down like she was on a trampoline. Her asshole spreads so much that it is understood how much he is stretching her. She is in a chair, and they start enjoying the doggy style. He pounded into her so well that she was moaning and yelling even harder. It seems like her punishment is well deserved. The sexy naked girl is on the table, and he pounds her tunnel of love in a missionary. He kept fucking this little cunt all over the classroom.

My tennis teacher enjoys it when I fill her with my cum

After training, my tennis teacher invited me to her apartment to show me some special moves. I wasn’t surprised when she started to undress and seduce me with her phenomenal body. She is a very beautiful young woman with a flawless body! I joined her in the game, and when we were completely naked, this blonde beauty got down on her knees and started kissing my erect cock. She smoked him professionally, obviously knowing how to turn on a man. She caressed my balls with her hand as she thrust my big tool deep into her throat. She turned me on abnormally, and I wanted to enter her pussy as soon as possible. I entered her wet hole gently. She was ready for a good fuck. As I picked up my pace, I squeezed her small, firm breasts with my hands. She was enjoying my game, smiling mischievously. The sight of her firm slim body and shaved pussy turned me on abnormally. I started to fuck her faster and faster while she moaned loudly, enjoying every moment. I was so turned on I came almost instantly. Feeling my hot sperm inside her vagina she had on orgasm too, milking my cock with her vagina walls! I pumped more and more sperm into her tummy. She briefly interrupted our cum game just enough to change her pose. She wanted to feel my big cock all the way and rode me in a reverse cowgirl position. As I held her tight ass with my hands, I drilled her tirelessly, feeling her tight cunt. I started to cum inside her again, and she enjoyed it as my cum flowed down her thighs. We were all sticky from our juices, and that turned us on even more. While I was still inside her, the naked babe turned around and got into a cowgirl pose. Her cum filled cunt was squirting with semen. I felt her cum again, and that made me even more excited, and I started spilling my sperm into her more and more.

Slutty teen fucks the history teacher through a gloryhole in the classroom wall

Being a young high school student isn’t that easy. Your hormones go wild, and you want to fuck and suck huge cocks all the time. This young couple skips school every now and then just to stay home and bang all day. But that’s not an option anymore. One more day, she discovers an errant gloryhole in the classroom wall! And it’s not long or hard before this slut has a fat cock buried in her throat through the classroom wall. That worked well until this bitchy classmate caught them red-handed and told the teacher. The teacher decides to take this fantastic opportunity and grab some young pussy. Now he has to play stern and angry and tells the boy to go to the dean. Of course, the main goal is to take his place and bang the brains out of this little whore. What man would pass the chance to get a blowjob from a horny, barely legal blonde student? She is younger than he is and she has a gorgeous body, young, curvy and so hot! This must be the best day of his life. He puts his imposing dick through the hole and waits. The girl notices that this isn’t her boyfriend’s dick. Good for her, since she got a bit bored with her boyfriend already. This one is even bigger and fatter, to her endless delight. She’s dying for some sexy action, so she starts to suck him off immediately.



After a while, the teacher goes back to the classroom since the blowjob was just foreplay. The best part is yet to come. The sexy babe teases him a bit more with her tongue and then offers him her fresh, wet pussy. For a long time, she longed for an experienced, mature man to properly fuck her, and now got the chance. She cannot wait to take this huge dick and asks him to take her doggy style first. All his dreams come true at this moment. His busty, blue-eyed, seemingly innocent student begs for his cock. He stares at her tight, wet cunt and starts to fuck her madly. There’s nothing better than fresh, young pussy! The sexy babe moans loudly and then lays on the table to take him deeper. She also wants him to look at her bald, tight pussy while he pounds her. His huge cock is going balls deep in and out of her teen cunt. After a while, she asks him to lie down so she can go cowgirl on him. She is insatiable and wants to take his dick up to the balls and try every single position. She’s delighted since the teacher can last way longer than her boyfriend. She’s gotten the best sex of her life so far and will use that to get an A in history. Also, this certainly won’t be their last pupil-teacher meeting.

Anal slut passes human anatomy class by letting her teacher cum in her ass

After getting an F on her last test, Venice’s parents were super mad. If she didn’t fix her grades, she’d lose access to the family car. But, if there was anything she hated doing, it was studying. So she went for the classic trick. The little slut wore her sluttiest schoolgirl outfit and suggested the biology professor give her another chance. She said she’s much better when doing oral exams. No man could resist a slutty teen with a tight butt like hers. After giving him a strip show, the sexy teen babe got on top of his desk and prepared her ass. She came fully prepared with a bag full of things for him to shove up there. He stuffed a pink dildo inside her butt and left it there while licking her pussy. The student needed to get an A, so she dropped down to her knees and opened her mouth. The professor didn’t need a better invitation. He unzipped his pants and took out his dick. All the time she didn’t spend with books, Venice worked on her blowjob skills. Her tongue danced around the older man’s shaft while she moaned softly. Once he was hard, she got back up and let him choose what hole he wanted first. Saving the best for last, he went to fuck her pussy first. The girl was already wet from the earlier teasing, so her teacher could pound her hard from the start. He often fantasized about fucking the girls in his class, and Venice was one of his favorites. Always wearing short skirts and open shirts, he would show her no mercy. It took him no time to cum. He didn’t bother pulling out and flooded her pussy with cum. She could walk out with a B- or spread her ass for an A. The choice was obvious. Using his own cum leaking out of her pussy he just pushed it into her tight asshole! He kept fucking her in the ass on the teacher’s desk. cumming in her ass again and again. Cum was leaking out of her both holes! Don’t miss more amazing anal creampie videos!

Dad charms the slutty teacher with his fat penis

Like any parent, our hero today wants the best for his offspring. His boy, unfortunately, isn’t really keen on studying. His young teacher wants to help but just can’t reach him. She invited the dad for a parent-teacher conference so they could work something out. Once they got the formal stuff out of the way, the sexy young woman suggested a deal. One Dad was happy to be a part of. Other than being an educator, our teacher is an expert cock hunter, and she spotted a big one. She pulled down his pants, and her first reflex was to put the fat penis in her mouth. She gets out of her uniform in a second, gets on the desk, and spreads her long slim legs. Her pussy is right here in front of him, young, pink, dripping wet, waiting for him to enter. Unlike his son, Dad has excellent oral skills. His tongue plays with the teacher’s pink pussy and teases her clit. Once her clit was throbbing, his monster dong penetrated the school’s biggest slut. Her tiny cunt could barely contain all of the meat being stuffed into it. The way she moans tells you exactly how she got her teaching degree and probably her job too. Unable to fit it all like this, Dad sits down and has Ms. Slut get on top. She loved getting her hole stretched out. The fact she was at school completely left her mind. All she could think of right now was sex. To make up for his son’s lack of performance in P.E., she wanted his dad to give her a rough pounding. Ever the athlete, Dad takes it as a challenge and vigorously slams away at the skinny naked girl. Her whole body shivered as she orgasms. Finally, she wanted him to sign her face with his cum. He covered the kinky teacher in hot, sticky jizz.

Schoolgirl slut would rather fuck her English teacher than study

He has his hands full with his student Anna, a hot Russian slut. This spoiled rich brat needs to learn English but won’t devote even a second of her time to it. Her phone is just so much more interesting. He finally takes away her phone and makes her sit down and take the book. The slutty schoolgirl sure does, but she also spreads her legs and flaunts her little panties to him. Of course, he gets his head down and starts eating her young cunt out. That sweet little pussy tastes better than anything he’s ever tasted. Her teacher gets so turned on that he picks her little body up, eats her in mid-air, and then in pile driver with her head upside down on the couch. Rubbing his fat cockhead between her pink pussy lips he slowly starts lowering himself down, balls deep into her vagina. Her little pussy can barely stretch enough to take him in. The schoolgirl moans and screams in pleasure as she takes a seat and makes her ride him like a cowgirl. He is amused as her long blonde pigtails flap around in his face. He picks her up, fucks her while standing up, and even makes Anna do some 69 while he holds her upside down. He flips and uses this petite girl like a toy, spreading her legs, fucking her in reverse cowgirl, and then standing up, fucking her as he holds her legs. Anna is in heaven because her little pussy just keeps on cumming. He also feels close and makes the sexy naked schoolgirl get on her knees for him. The sight of her beautiful body, her small titties and her bald pussy, not to mention the feeling of her tight, wet, virgin pussy wrapped around his cock had him about ready to cum. Soon enough, he sprays his load all over her face. “Ok, Anna, now let’s get back to the pronouns!” Her English teacher says in a strong voice.

My girlfriend eating a creampie out of our MILF teacher’s cunt

School lessons are tough, long, and boring. Biology seems to be especially hard for this young man. So, his parents employ stunning blonde Mrs. Cavalli to help him and his girlfriend, Kylie, out. It’s the weekend, and his living room is turned into an improvised classroom. As the gorgeous woman writes on the blackboard, he is stunned by her sweet round ass and massive tits. His bimbo girlfriend sits beside him at a desk, writing everything down. She notices how much he wants Mrs. Cavalli. She even threatens to tell on him. So, in order to please her, he gets down on his knees under the desk to suck her little pussy dry. The teacher tells them to quiet down and brings him in front of their little classroom. She immediately notices his boner and punishes him by making him stand behind the blackboard. While Kylie is busy studying human anatomy, the horny MILF teacher takes his pants down behind the blackboard and jacks him off. The poor guy moans, but she quickly tells him to be quiet if he wants her to continue pleasuring him. The MILF tells his girlfriend to come up to the blackboard and give her a hand with writing down the various body parts. She then secretly takes the guy by his dick back to the desk. She lifts one of her curvy legs on the desk, lifts her skirt up, and bends over a bit, exposing her wet, hungry twat.



The beautiful sexy woman looks at him with a glance that says: “It’s now or never.” He slams his hard dick right into her spread wide open cunt. The improper couple really enjoys themselves as they fuck behind Kylie’s back. The dude doesn’t last very long. He pulls out and sprays his load inside and outside her pussy. His girlfriend hears them and turns around. She’s shocked but also curious. The teacher orders him to go stand in the corner as she gets Kylie in front of her. The girl is told to go on her knees and clean Mrs. Cavalli up. The girl starts licking her cum filled cunt, lapping her tongue up and down her cum dripping slit, sucking out and eating all the sperm. The MILF rides the girl’s face squirting more sperm out of her cunt. Then both naked girls scissor on the desk, smearing his semen between their pussies. As they both cum, they call for him to join them. The naked girls take turns on his massive cock, cleaning it and getting it ready for some more action. Kylie rides him as he sits on the chair, and the MILF watches, touching herself. They both just love riding him in cowgirl, but the real fun starts when he gets them to get into the doggy position on the desk. Two asses lined up, the bigger one belonging to Mrs. Cavalli and a slimmer one belonging to his girl Kylie. He takes one and then the other until he pulls out and blows his load all over their faces. These students can’t wait for their next biology lesson!

Substitute teacher lays down the law to these two naughty girls in detention

It’s Friday evening, and substitute teacher has her hands full with two students in detention. Namely Leana and Aften. The pair are acting like two spoiled brats. She turns her head for one second, and the two little brunette teenies start dancing with each other. “This is a classroom, not a dance club!” the teacher yells. However, these two teenage hotties are having none of that. Hell, the girls even start dancing around her. Much to her surprise, they move ever closer and start touching their teacher. Who could blame them? They are two curious young girls, and she is a stunning redhead with a lot of experience. Touching leads to caressing and then to full-on striping. The teacher isn’t sure she wants things to move this fast, but guess what? It’s not her call anymore. The girls are in charge, and what they want, they get! Her bra comes off, and the two girls get an eyeful and a handful each. They’ve always wanted to suck on their teacher’s motherly breasts. She can’t hide that just the thought of this turns her on immensely. The girls suck on her nipples until the three of them are soaking wet. Next, they lay their bare asses on the teacher’s desk as she rubs their young pussies simultaneously. A naked MILF teacher and her two naked students all together masturbating right in the middle of the classroom, awesome! The naked girls rub their cunts to each other, spreading their legs wide open. The naked teacher sees the potential in Aften and makes her lick Leana’s pussy on her desk as she fucks her face. The two take turns fucking innocent little Leana in doggy and sixty-nine. Then the naked girls turn on the teacher and fuck her back. Her back is flat on the table, and her legs are spread up in the air as the naked girls rub and suck her huge mature pussy. All three lesbians cum many times over and stay well past detention. School can be fun!

The sexiest girl in school gets fucked by a nerd right on the teacher’s desk

The most popular and the most beautiful girl in school, Chloe and Rion, a nerd, prep for the upcoming chemistry competition with the help of Mr. White – no, not that one. The dude is frustrated because Chloe is underqualified with her lacking scientific knowledge, but the sexy blonde girl is only doing the competition so that he will notice her. The trio decides to take a power nap, but while Rion and the teacher and sleep, Chloe experiences an entirely different type of chemistry. She pulls down her red lacy panties, hikes her plaid skirt up, revealing a gorgeous bald pussy! She begins to rub her pussy mound against the edge of the school desk, looking around to make sure not to wake them up. But at some point, Rion wakes up and sees what she is doing. The most beautiful girl in school is masturbating her pussy right in the middle of the classroom! He grabs his phone and starts recording everything, realizing that no one will believe him otherwise. She closes her eyes bringing herself to an orgasm, rubbing her clit faster against the edge of the desk. She imagins herself lying on the teacher’s desk while he slowly kisses her, caresses her breasts, his hand strokes her inner thigh, sliding up to her pussy, ohh so nice, so pleasing, so exciting, it makes her tingle all over… and suddenly she realizes that he is no longer asleep! The horny schoolgirl decides not to miss this opportunity.



She quickly pulls his pants down, his cock pops out, like half hard already, and its right in her face! She takes the nerd’s penis in her mouth and begins to suck it. She licks circles around the head of his dick and sucks on it, feeling it grow harder in her mouth while she sucks. Suddenly her hand slides lower and she squeezes his crotch. They don’t pay any attention to the chemistry teacher. Moreover, the sexy teen sits on his table, lifts her skirt and he starts rubbing his cock against her bald pussy. She feels the head of his cock touch her open pussy, her sensitive clit, ever so slowly, he puts more pressure on and the head of his cock slides into her. Oooooohhh God! The girl moans, feeling her unused pussy being stretched by his cock. Her pussy is twitching around this cock. She leans up and passionately makes out with him as her pussy gets used to being so filled with such a big cock. Then the schoolgirl turns and bends for the nerd, lifting her skirt up to her waist, giving him an amazing view of her ass. To really spice things up, he keeps fucking her from behind right by the teacher’s desk at the risk of being caught! Fucking her from behind is fantastic but the girl wants to ride him! He lies down on his back with his hard cock sticking straight up, the girl stands and removes all her clothes then straddles him. Her hand guides his cock into her wet and juicy cunt. Not paying attention to their sleeping teacher, the slut begins to jump on him, milking his dick with her pussy.

Piano teacher shows her pussy to her pupil and then lets him fuck her

It’s hard to practice playing the piano when your teacher is a beautiful woman. He just can’t seem to relax enough. His teacher knows just the thing to help him loosen up. It’s not new. They’ve done it before. The teen boy just has to show him her bra. The boy tries to play the piano again, but is still struggling. He suggests that maybe if she takes her bra off and show his her naked boobies, it would help him even more. His piano teacher removes her bra, and he tries again to play the piano, but frets that his hands are cramping up. The young guy is horny now and the piano teacher is getting horny too. Exposing her naked tits to a teen boy makes her so wet. She pulls his head to her breasts and he kisses them tenderly. He licks and sucks on her amazing tits. Then the sexy piano teacher peels off her black dress with his help. Her yellow g-string flashes in front of his face, and he’s instantly hard as a rock. She is sensual, convincing and exceptionally curvaceous. His dick is in her face. She does what feels natural and tries to tenderly swallow that young cock. After a while, the naked woman spreads her legs in front of the virgin boy and shows him her vagina! He goes down on her, kissing, licking, sucking her shaved cunt! Then his naked piano teacher gets on all fours on the piano stool and lets him fuck her in doggy. Her warm wet cunt feels amazing! The place he has dreamed of so many times while jerking off. They switch, and she rides him like a cowgirl. The piano makes sweet muffled sounds as the MILF straddles her pupil and rides him ferociously. They move to the sofa, where the teen boy gets to spin her around on his cock. They go from cowgirl to hot spooning and then missionary. The naked piano teacher begs him not to stop as if he were her real lover and not her pupil. Her clit is big and swollen, and she cums many times as he rubs it. Love when the woman knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask or even demand it. Getting to watch a woman cum is one of the sexiest things in the world. This is so hot that it makes him busts his nut on his teacher’s chest. He pulls out at the very last second and covers her big tits with his cum. They can rest a bit until it’s time for another lesson.

During detention the virgin blonde gets seduced by her teacher

Although the adorable blonde student is usually nice, it’s not uncommon for girls her age to get into trouble. Her unacceptable behavior lands her straight into detention, where she will spend quite some time after classes end. As she walks into the room she’s not happy to be alone, but it doesn’t take long until a teacher comes to keep an eye on her. Within seconds of looking at the innocent blondie, his mind gets filled with lustful thoughts. While approaching her with a bulge, he watches as she stares at his crotch without blinking. She exclaims that she’s a virgin, but her horny teacher just pulls out his throbbing cock. The girl has never seen a penis before, moreover, a mature, big, hard cock! It is right here in front of her face. The little 18 year old girl asks if she can touch it. Without taking her eyes off his cock she just touches the tip with her finger. Then the virgin schoolgirl grabs it instinctively and is in shock at how hot it feels in her hands. Her teacher says she can even kiss it with her lips. Her lips slowly inch closer to the hot dick and she soon starts kissing every inch of it with pure joy. As her tongue slobbers all across his penis, he gently puts his hands on the back of her head to nudge her. The girl opens her mouth in hopes of having her throat stretched out as the teacher pushes her head ever so gently. Within moments of blowing his manhood, her virgin pussy begins craving penetration. The teacher quickly lifts her up on his desk and spreads her skinny legs apart to get a closer look at her perfect bald slit. While rubbing his dick across her sensitive clit he calms her down and ensures her that he will fit inside despite being huge.



They stare into each other’s eyes as he finally penetrates her snatch, making her moan out loud. The two are unbothered by the noises and don’t care who hears, as all they’re thinking about is banging wildly. Despite starting off steadily, he swiftly increases the pace and pummels her young pussy without a care for her feelings. He slowly caresses her small titties, enjoying her reaction to his touch. The schoolgirl moans, delighting in the feeling of a cock in her pussy. As he lies on his desk, the skinny naked girl climbs on top and rides his huge rod for the first time in her life. Now that she’s able to dictate the intensity she goes nice and easy until her fanny starts oozing with her juices. He surprises her by thrusting from the bottom with as much strength as he can. She quickly jolts up but he grabs her by the hair and bends her little ass over. As she arches her back he goes in from behind for round two of the pounding. Having her young tight pussy drilled in doggy style makes her petite body shiver with joy. He switches the tiny girl around so she can see how his thrusts are making her slit wet. Being held by the hair and watching a giant cock swiftly gets her clit to quiver as she has her first orgasm from penetration ever. Although she manages to catch her breath, as she looks over her shoulder she notices he’s still ready for more. Without hesitation she lets him use her body as he pleases.

Who will get this young pussy first, her dance teacher or the studio janitor?

Multi-talented dance & gymnastics teacher Pristine has invited her best student to her studio to practice for an upcoming tryout. It’s so hard to stay a professional for a lesbian MILF when all these young 18 year old teen girls are around with their sexy bodies, cute little asses and tight pussies. She is completely turned on by innocent Dakota as she stretches and trains her. The MILF can’t help pulling her dance outfit slightly to the side, revealing her crotch, her underwear. The MILF starts kissing her young pussy through her panties! The studio janitor spies on them and when Pristine leaves for a moment – he takes the opportunity to make his presence known in the most inappropriate of ways! Pulling his prick out he runs to the teen girl, waving it in front of her face! The girl doesn’t mind to play with his cock as well. She wraps her lips around the head of his cock, her cheeks hollowing as she sucks on it. They are almost caught and the teen asks her teacher to go to the bathroom. There she quickly strips naked and allows the janitor fuck her from behind, bending her over the toilet. Her young pussy feels so good. Grabbing onto her slim waist with both hands, he starts slamming into her, fast, deep, strokes, his balls slapping her clit! Her tight pussy makes him cum fast, filling her with warm sticky sperm! She quickly pulls on her dance attire, ignoring that her pussy leaking with cum. Her dance teacher is still horny and can’t wait to taste that young little pussy! The only problem it tastes familiar! She is licking her juices out with her tongue but quickly realizes that this is their studio janitor’s fucking cum! What a bastard! When the hell did he cum in her? They make moves on an overwhelmed Dakota until they all cum together for a hot threesome!

Teens get taught sex ed by the MILF teacher!

Education is important, sexual knowledge even more so, which is why Cherie, a hot MILF, has a class for all those in need of learning. Once she’s inside the classroom she gets a quick rundown of her two teenage students and what they’re in seek of before seeing what level their seduction is at. She’s horrified to find out how bad the two are and needs to be hands down with Kylie to teach her how things are done. Her first lesson worked and Kylie’s managed to give the guy a strong erection, so now it’s his turn to return the favor. With her legs spread across the desk, the girl awaits his tongue while the MILF gives a step-by-step guide on how to tease. Seeing the teens enjoying each other makes the MILF teacher soaking wet, so she strips sensually and sits next to them as Kylie’s getting her beautiful ass eaten. His pussy eating skills have improved and she orgasms quickly, which means she’s the one who has to get her mouth dirty. While slobbering on his cock, her lust takes over so she begins deepthroating it. Once the student is been taught how to give perfect head, the naked girls simultaneously gobble down his wiener with joy. He almost busts from their sloppy tongues teasing him, but the babes don’t allow him to cum until they’ve both been pounded relentlessly. Since she’s still learning, the naked girl lays in missionary as the teacher’s hands caress his balls and dictate each thrust. Whenever she feels him beginning to pulsate she pulls it out and edges him.



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