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Although Codi loves gaming, she’s a lot more interested in fooling around with her crush Spikey. As they play their video games, she makes sure to bump into him and flirt, teasing him with her big boobs and a juicy ass, but both of them are too afraid to flirt further. Whilst playfighting, the busty brunette manages to get on top of him and feel his bulge. Feeling embarrassed about what happened, she quickly zips up her hoodie to hide her massive natural tits. While they were messing about, Codi’s roommate Jessie saw everything and knew exactly what the hottie is going through. The sexy Goth babe makes Codi confess her feelings for the boy. Once she does, she also reveals that she has no experience and would love for someone to teach her. Hearing that the Goth babe pushes her back onto the bed, pulls off her yoga pants, spreads her legs and goes down on her pussy. She eats her delightful pussy with joy! During their lessons, Spikey followed the sound of their incredibly loud moans and began jerking his young cock and peeping at the two naked chicks. It doesn’t take long for him to be caught, so Jessie starts chasing him around the house to reprimand him. His attempt to hide has failed, but instead of getting angry at him, she pulls down his trousers to see his dick again. Instead of sitting on it, she waits for her roomie to come and be the first to get penetrated.



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