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The resident doctor and a med student were performing a routine check up on their patient, Eliza. The girl was in to consult on an issue regarding just how much squirt came out when she had an orgasm! She had never experienced it before being intimate with her latest girlfriend, and she was just worried that something might have been seriously wrong with her. The naked girl spread her legs for the doctor and her student so the could put the stethoscope on her hairy pussy. The women started rubbing that young cunt pretty gently. Her juices started leaking out of her pussy and streaming down the ass crack. The doctor reassured her it was a perfectly normal response to stimuli and something she had seen plenty of times before. But, just to be safe, the doctor suggested that they had a look at this response for themselves to see exactly what triggered it. The girls immediately started licking that big clit of Miss Eliza. Doctor ordered that she and her colleague needed to switch places so the the student could take the nipple area and the doctor could perform the oral sex. The naked girl was extremely satisfied with what both of these MILFs were doing to help her with her pussy. The check was going pretty well because the doctor and her colleague were changing places on her wet cunt quickly and passionately. Later, the doctor took out her big, saggy breasts so the girl could have them inside their mouth. All that time, the other lesbian was giving her the time of her life with all those licks she made. Later, the doctor and her colleague got partially naked so they could rub their pussies as well and also give the scissoring act to the patient. A thorough examination turned into a lesbian threesome orgy! The patient was relieved when she squirted.

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