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I like my stepsister very much. I don’t miss the opportunity to take and smell her underwear. Her smell turns me on so much that my cock rises in an instant. She soon realized that I masturbated on her often. When she found her panties in my pocket, to my surprise, she suggested that we could fuck right away and that no one had to know. She started undressing and inviting me to climb on the bed. I listened to her and waited with my cock raised for her to start satisfying me. Like an experienced girl, she first started to masturbate me gently, kissing only my head. And when my cock was at its full size, my stepsis started to stuff my cock deep into her mouth. She began to swallow the dick all the way to the end, demonstrating to me her extraordinary blowjob skills. She turned me on so much that I told her to ride my cock. Without a moment’s thought, she jumped on my long shaft. We looked into each other’s eyes while she slammed her big bubble ass hard down onto my dick. My stepsister started moaning and cumming as he touched her clit with his finger. Her labia were tight around my cock and was so smooth as her inner thighs slapped down on me. We fucked in that position for a while, and then she turned her big ass over and started riding me in a reverse cowgirl position. She looked magnificent watching her big juicy ass receive my big cock. Her stunning ass turned me on abnormally, and I started to drill her faster and faster without thinking of slowing down for a moment. After a few minutes of this wild fucking, the sweet stepsister started to cum again. She was completely exhausted and lay down next to me.

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Good siblings share intimate stories between themself, better is when they achieve their sexual fantasies together. I thought to myself, how good it would be to fuck my sister. Since we were young, our parents bathed my stepsis and me together. That is when I developed my fantasies. From the way Vanessa looked at me when we grew up, I could tell that she had fantasies about me too. We started talking more and more about it and started masturbating together just by looking at each other. She has perfect tits, not too small, not too big. Just perfect to put them in my hands and squeeze them gently. I do not want to mention how nice and smooth her tight pussy is. I have seen a lot of different fannies in porn before. But, watching my sis masturbate her tight cunt, I came to the realization that this is the best fucking pussy I have seen in my entire life. Luckily, she likes when I am fully shaved and that my cock looks absolutely amazing when it is hard. We love to masturbate together, I look at her pussy and she loves to watch my erection throb. Two days ago I walked around the house jerking off my morning wood and saw my sister doing her homework. I stood next to her and just did my thing as usual, stroking my dick with one hand and scrolling Instagram with the other. This is when I felt my stepsister touched my dick. She said she just wanted to play with my cock. She sat up so my cock was near her face. “I want a closer look.” she said, looking up at me and moistening her lips. Her hand was in her panties, touching her wet pussy. I moved my hips closer to her and she opened her mouth around the head of my cock, circling her tongue around the sensitive tip.



OMG the feeling was like no other. I felt I was cumming gallons into my sister’s mouth but she didn’t pull back for one second. She just kept on sucking and swallowing! Yesterday we were alone and she was trying to talk to me about her boyfriends, but I didn’t care. I literally didn’t give a single fuck about any of her boyfriends, all I wanted was to feel her tight pussy around my cock! I pulled my cock again in front of my sis and convinced her to help me out with my boner. Vanessa straddled me, bent down and suck-kissed the head of my penis, then slowly lowered herself onto my shaft. It felt incredible! She was hot, wet, and so very tight. I could feel her opening herself inside as the head of my penis pressed deeper into her, finally bumping her womb just as our crotches came together. My naked stepsister began to move slowly up and down, milking my dick with her vagina. She is my sister and nobody else’s, she deserves to be satisfied and drilled hard. She started bouncing on my big hard dick, and I was stunned. Her tits were bouncing, but at some point, she turned around and started reversing on me. That reverse cowgirl position gave me an amazing view of her naked ass. Her booty was bouncing like jello. Goodness gracious, why is she doing this to me, I wondered. I would like to know why she is this perfect. I must see her in the eyes as I am fucking her. The missionary is perfect for that. Our shaved privates look amazing. This is the picture that I want to frame for the rest of my life, but not only in my head.

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Two guys are having fun playing video games and talking about Wonder Woman and other geeky stuff. Their stepsisters come into the room to talk to them. They are surprised that they do not have Valentine’s dates. The girls decide to take things into their own hands. They start the full makeover of their stepbrothers. All four of them like how things are going. They look more handsome, and their stepsisters ask them if they ever kissed a girl. Of course the girls have to teach their nerdy stepbrothers how to kiss. These nerdy dudes are never going to get laid if they don’t start making an active effort to put themselves out there. After a few days, the girls wait for their stepbrothers all dressed up. They are wearing amazing and provocative dresses. Their big booties are a piece of work before everyone’s Valentine’s date. The girls don’t want their brothers to be virgins forever, and they suggest a sis swap! Are these teen girls really about to fuck in front of their own stepbrothers? Both of the boys have huge wanglers, and the girls can not believe how great a lesson they are having. The girls are gagging so much on those two huge cocks. Naturally, both girls take off their panties and easily set on the boys’ dicks. Both of them start bouncing and begging for harder fucking. Both of them are perfect cowgirls. During the variations of cowgirl positions, these two naked girls are trying to teach the boys all that they know. Now the missionary position is at large. Two naked girls are moaning harder and harder while their brothers are drilling them. They can not get enough of the boys. During the doggy style, the girls are exchanging the experience of fucking each others’ stepbrothers. Now the boys switch, and it becomes even spicier. Everyone knows how fucked up the situation is, but they also feel incredible. When the guys can no longer hold their loads, they bust their nuts on their stepsisters’ faces, who then share a cum glazed Valentine’s Day kiss.

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It started as a joke. These stepsisters, Chanel and Hazel, started dating the same guy. Even though the girls look alike, one likes sucking dick, one does not. He likes dating them because their pussies taste differently. He does not seem to complain at all. It can be seen that he likes sucking those pale as fuck breasts on one of them. When the one who likes sucking his dick came, after she sucked him, of course, he started licking her ass. She enjoys it so much. The cute teen babe started moaning softly. When she turned around, he started eating her pussy, so she started moaning with a little bit more passion. She can not help herself, she is out of her mind when she sucks on her clit. Obviously, one of them lied because when all three of them were together, the girls were sucking that massive Johnson. The fuck fest began. The girls look paler than the chalk. But that is what makes them look pure. It is the reason why he likes them. The girls both like doing a cowgirl position with him. For sure, they like sharing him. Chanel and Hazel do not fight over him. First, one of them is jumping, then the other one is jumping. Both naked girls take turns riding his cock and grinding their pussies all over his face. The next big thing is that he likes taking control. He places them so he can enter both of them easily in doggy style and go back and forth from one pussy to the other. It is a fantasy he has always dreamed of fulfilling and now is the moment he has been waiting for. They moan with pleasure. He then tells the naked girls to get on the bed, on their backs, and spread their legs, spread eagle. He likes drilling them both equally. He is not selfish, and he likes giving both of them equal treatment. When one isn’t getting fucked, the other doesn’t sit by idly – they take the opportunity to fondle his balls or rub their clits. Like good stepsisters, they take turns with his cock, but are never bored. The girls want to share his load, and when he is ready to bust, the naked girls get on their knees to take every drop he can give them.

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A girl is spying on her stepbro while he is undressing. She is surprised by the size of his manhood. It is humongous even when he is not fully erected. He is visiting home after the military, and she can not help noticing how much he has grown and how beefy he looks. She is surprised and pleased. Still dressed in a mini skirt and a bikini, she starts massaging her pink taco. The relief she gets while she is thinking about her stepbrother is unthinkable. The girl starts undressing herself, and her beautiful melons pop out, those big, beautiful natural tatas. The girl is skinny but her breasts are big and juicy, all natural teenage boobs! She lay down on her bed in her girlish bedroom, all naked. The sexy naked girl started masturbating and pleasing herself, thinking of her stepbrother’s cock in her mouth. From all the hard rubbing, she is wetter than words can describe. The girlish, innocent details of her room bring extra spice to the whole scene. It looks like her stepbro wants something from her. Instead of just walking into her room and asking for something, he realizes what she is doing and continues watching her. While doing so, he is literally grabbing his massive pecker and starts the dance. He slowly enters the room, and she realizes that he is inside. Even though she tries to cover herself, it is too late. Everything has been exposed and seen. His naked stepsister tries covering her big natural breasts, but they are falling out of her hands, and they look even juicer.



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Riley’s stepbrother is a horny mess, and getting a picture of his step-sister naked that he believes was accidental was just the cherry on top. He masturbates furiously to it, as he has found her hot for a long time. To her joy, she finds him doing so in their own living room and approaches him. At first, he is surprised and scared, but finds out very soon from her that this was not an accident. It was something she had been planning all along, and it all came to fruition. His slutty stepsister bends over the couch he is sitting on and instantly starts sucking his big cock, passionately giving him a blowjob. After all he’s seen, he’s very horny and very hard, so she has no problem doing so. After a while of passionate sucking, she goes on top of him and lowers her wet pussy right onto his cock. The feeling of her little pussy is amazing. She starts riding him furiously, making sure to get as much pleasure out of it as possible. His chain dangles from his neck as she is mounted on top of him, bouncing off of his dick. There is an exchange only step-siblings can have at that moment, looking him in the eyes. His naked stepsister moves onto the cowgirl position, pleasuring him every step of the way. He turns her around, getting a good look at her ass as he mounts her and starts fucking her. She bounces once again off his dick, only now moving backward and forwards. The tiny naked girl intriguingly rides his cock, wondering what will happen next.



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Her stepdad and stepbrother couldn’t believe what she was doing to make money for college. They thought she was selling cookies as a good little scout, but that little slut was giving out handjobs instead. She decided to show them how she was doing it to the other guys. The girl scout sat between them and took their cocks out of their pants. She started stroking their lengths leisurely, and they were praising her from the start. They stood up and made the girl drop to her knees to level her mouth with their cocks. With her mouth slightly open her eyes darted from one cock to another as if surveying the prized pricks. Her handjob was fantastic, but she was ready to do something more. She took one cock in the mouth while continuing to stroke the other. Her blowjob skills were as good as her handjob. Her mouth was going from one cock to the other. They were eager to get their cocks as far down her throat as they could. She gave both of the men the same amount of attention. They were going crazy about her skilled tongue going over their sensitive cock heads. After she sucked them off deliciously, they decided to take it a step further. Her stepdad put his cock into her dripping pussy while she continued sucking off her stepbrother. Both men were getting the same amount of attention now. The stepdad set a slow pace and enjoyed every inch of her warm cunt. They praised the girl, and she was getting hornier with every compliment. The stepbrother took over and put her in doggy style while she took her stepdad’s cock into her mouth again. The little slut had always dreamed of being double-teamed, feeling two cocks fill her up! It was incredible. The two cocks were fucking her from both sides in alternating rhythm which was giving her the most amazing feeling. They all three moaned loud as the guys’ cocks unloaded their sperm in her pussy and mouth.

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A big snowstorm hit the city before the New Year holidays. My stepsister and I only stayed at home, waiting for our parents to return from their trip. As he will be late due to bad weather, we will be alone all evening. She entered my room and asked if she could sleep with me because she was scared. I told her that she was free to join, but only if she was completely naked because I sleep like that, too. Without thinking, she took off her nightgown and crawled under the blanket. Of course, it wasn’t long before we started cuddling under the covers. I felt her firm ass, her small breasts, and her gorgeous slender body. My cock rose to its full size, and her hand found my erection under the blanket. She played with my dick and that she said she wanted to feel in in her mouth. My sexy naked stepsister started giving me an incredible blowjob! Looking at me provocatively, she swallowed more than half of my big cock, while she jerked off the rest of my penis with her hand. We had the whole night to ourselves. We decided to fuck all over the house. We went to the bathroom, and after showering, she started to work on me orally again. We moved to the living room and continued our adventure there. My sister rode me like a cowgirl, taking my cock all the way. As I rammed into her, she started to dirty-talk me. I was mesmerized by her hot body, and I didn’t stop drilling her tight pussy until she had an orgasm. I didn’t give her a moment’s rest. I laid her on the bed and continued to pump her shaved cunt. As I fucked her, she rubbed her clit with her fingers, enjoying every moment. I felt that I was about to cum and told her to kneel down. Driving my cock deep into her throat, I started filling her mouth with my cum.

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You won’t believe what happened to me on Christmas. Opening the door, I saw a beautiful girl dressed as an elf. It turned out she grew up at the North Pole and always dreamed of finding her birth mother. As it happened, she was my stepsister. Raised as a petite elf, Myra traveled from the North Pole to meet her mother. Sadly she was away, but instead, Myra got to connect with me, and I was in desperate need for some Christmas spirit. I took my dick out, waiting for her to accept my gift for her. With her little hands, my stepsis started to jerk my dick, turning me on in an instant. My cock was ready, but I wanted to watch her masturbate just for me. The sexy elf spread her legs and rubbed her pussy, inviting me to stick my finger in it. I slowly inserted my finger into her cunt, feeling it getting wetter. Now she was ready to receive my big cock. We moved into the bedroom. I lay down on the bed, inviting my naked sister to ride me and make me the happiest man in the world. She came all the way in, grinding her hips, taking my cock all the way. She got horny and started to ride me wildly, offering me a view of her small firm tits and flat stomach. We fucked like that for a while, and then the sexy naked elf turned around in a reverse cowgirl position, not taking the cock out of her pussy. I watched her hard white ass as I drilled her tight pussy. Her hard and soft skin turned me on. I felt great excitement, and I put her in a doggy position and started hardcore drilling her. I felt her pussy grabbing my cock, spasming around it, sucking it in farther & farther, and then her clit exploded & she gushed a stream of cum out her pussy. I felt that I was going to cum soon too. I took out my cock and sprayed it on her tight ass.

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Despite looking cute and adorable, Allie is extra naughty and decides to skip school. But skipping school is proving to be a more complex plan than expected. Allie wants her friend to join her on her day off, so she recruits Nicky’s help to impersonate her friend’s father and convince the principal that something terrible happened. She hands him a written message that he is supposed to read out to the principal on the phone. Whilst scrambling through the papers, he slides off Allie’s panties and watches as she spreads her legs wide open on the kitchen counter. They continue to read out the lines as he tenderly kisses her inner thighs and eventually has a taste of her sweet snatch. Within minutes of eating her bald pussy out and studying the script, he finally felt like he was ready to test out the plan, but before he grabbed the phone, Allie had already dropped to her knees and began sucking him off. Since both have agreed to the free-use rules, he doesn’t bat an eye and dials up the school with a hint of fear in his voice. Despite trying to stay focused on the conversation, he can’t stop his voice from shaking each time the tip of his dick reaches the back of Allie’s cute little throat. Unfortunately for them, the principal’s not so easy to fool, and he calls them out for trying to ditch.



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