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Jordi humps his naked stepmom with big tits in the pool after pulling a prank on her

The lucky guy is the one who has a stepmom who can punish him for his mischievous acts with delicious gratification. That was the case with Jordi, a quirky little guy whose restless mind is always thinking new pranks and jokes. This time he wanted to pull a prank on his step mum who was a purebred cougar with a voluptuous body. He simply wanted to see her naked and wank on her curves to die for. He planted in her bedroom a bathing suit that dissolves in water making her believe she got it from her hubby. She rushed to try it on, and of course, Jordi was peeping as she was undressing. The beautiful woman soaked herself in a pool and after a few minutes, the suit floated off her body and left her bare and naked! In a second she figured it was Jordi with his joking around and from that point on things took another course of action when she simply had it and enough was enough. This brunette MILF with huge twins pulled his face between her huge tits and began slapping him with her amazing boobs. Then she grabbed his young cock and got down on it. She put it in her mouth and sucked it madly and sloppy enjoying every inch of it. From his POV it was all his wet dreams coming true and blowjob was just a beginning. She polished the head of his cock with her tongue and looked up into his eyes.



The poor dude was going to cum in her mouth but she didn’t let him. “No! You won’t cum without my permission!” His naked stepmom stuck her big ass out and spread her ass cheeks with both hands. “Like that? Now stick your cock in my pussy, I don’t want to wait anymore!” Jordi complied and thrust into her in one quick move. The sudden penetration caused her to moan with delight. The tightness of her cunt was amazing and he began to thrust in and out. His stepmom looked back over her shoulder and told me to fuck her harder. He fucked her in the pool giving it to her in a doggy style. It was nothing similar to anything he had experienced before, because this beastly woman knew how she want a cock served and Jordi was banging her the best he could to please her. The gorgeous naked woman lay down on the edge of the pool, spread her legs in front of him and told him to keep fucking her pussy. Her round breasts were bouncing with his thrusts. Seeing that almost sent him over the edge. She was jumping on his young cock while her stepson was lying on ground with eyes fixed on her swaying boobs. The big boobs were swaying in every direction. After switching a couple of positions, enjoying the water and the outdoor atmosphere above all, she wanted to add a final touch to this affair. The naked mommy was down facing his cock and wanked him off over her face and her big tits.

This bitch ordered a male sex doll online, but Jordi came in the box instead

This busty MILF was feeling horny so she just decided to order a sex doll via the internet instead of wasting time on men. However, on the other side, at the doll factory, sneaky employee Jordi placed himself inside the box instead of the doll! The little pervert just couldn’t stop thinking about all these horny women using their dildos. He just had decided to stow himself in the box and finally surprise one with a real big cock! Luckily for him, the factory and the postman did not notice anything at all, and he was delivered without any problems. The girl was over the moon with joy, and she unpacked the Jordi doll inside her house. He looked skinny, no biceps, abs or chest, but the idea of fucking a teenage guy turned on the MILF even more. It looked like she was impatient, so she placed the doll on the couch and started sucking on his cock. She was in her sexy blue lingerie, and she did not care if any of the neighbors were watching. She literally Hawk Tuah and spat on that thang like she did that as a profession.



She was so incredible that it was a surprise that our Jordi did not make a sound or move at all. She straddled him, inserted his cock into her cunt and lowered herself onto him until he was balls deep. The reverse cowgirl was her favorite, so she started riding Jordi’s schlongs, and her crazy stupid big booty bounced so beautifully. She was working herself up to an orgasm not realizing that he is having sex with a real guy. Oh Lord, have mercy on us all, this bitch did the nasty stuff so incredibly well that it would be a shame not to have a place for her in heaven. Jordi finally woke up from his ‘dream’ and continued pounding her in reverse cowgirl while her big breasts bounced all over the place. At some point, he grabbed her for those big melons, and she only left more moans. All that time, she was rubbing her pussy in case she could cum earlier or more time than she expected. Jordi took over full control over her and started giving it to her pretty damn hard in the missionary positon. She looked incredibly satisfied already and she continued to scream and moan. A lucky bastard like Jordi was playing with her huge tits, and he was spanking them and touching them, squeezing them. He continued drilling her from behind and later put his manhood in her backdoor. She simply loved getting her asshole stretched out and filled up by a massive slab of dickmeat.

Going to the mechanics pays off for the ladies when Jordi is the mechanic

Jada was tinkering and swearing to herself at the failure of her street bike to start. Women love motorcycles for the freedom, adventure, and the massaging reverberations of the engine coursing through their clits. This babe just can’t cum without her bike. Catching the (helpful!) Jordi nearby, she may as well use him – just like she uses the bike! She took her big round tits out and roughly groping and squeezing them told him to fuck the shit out of her. She looked more like a beauty queen from a movie scene and he immediately pulled out his super-massive dick. He leaned back watching This slut bobbing her head up and down on his cock. She was sucking his cock so hard that his balls had started to ache. He could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat each time she moved her mouth down it. She took off her clothes, and spread her sexy legs in front of him. The hot brunette was playing with her pink pussy with the guys looking at her. “Now I want you to fuck my pussy like a good boy. Walt, and fuck it good or else YOU are going to get a spanking! Now, fuck it!” He was rock hard, and her pussy was sloppy wet. He lowered his cock to her pussy lips, and jabbed his dick balls deep into her vagina. It filled her pussy, making her moan in ecstasy. He began to thrust with his hips, fucking her good and hard. He pulled his dick out just far enough to make her beg for more, then plunging it back into her wanting, wet cunt.



Jordi did not bother about her having super big and fake tits. He was going so deep and hard inside her. Her leg was on his shoulder, and he knew what he was doing. As he fucked her, his balls slapped against her anus. Her cunt lips were parted, and her clit was exposed. As his balls slapped against her asshole, they caused her to twitch with unbelievable enjoyment. “Alright, now I want you to fuck my asshole!” out guy had a look of uncertainty for a bit, but then went down and stuck his cock in her ass! She was coming, and she was coming hard. She begged him not to stop, to fuck her ass harder and harder. “Holy fuck!” He breathed as he plowed her gorgeous bum with his cock, her beautiful ring stretched tight around his fucking shaft. While she was still on her back on the motherfucking motorcycle, since the very beginning of this incredible fuck fest, Jordi was drilling her asshole so fucking hard. That was the moment when she started screaming, but still, she was extremely horny and ready for more. He did not hesitate to go even harder from behind on this bitch because this slut was so experienced, and Jordi did not want to make a fool out of himself. That could have ruined his ego entirely.

Jordi’s stepmom was trying to make him act his age, so she gave him her tits and her ass

This motherfucker Jordi could not do anything else but play video games. He was constantly playing and did not do anything around the house. His stepmom was fucking pissed, scolding him had no effect. She finally figured out a way how to lure him to do the chores. This MILFy stepmom decided to flash him her massive breasts! Damn, as soon as he saw those, he immediately jumped and listened to his mommy. She explained to him that if he was a good boy, he would get to tap her. He started cleaning with her. They were washing the dining table. She was washing her big tits and, with them, washing the table. Jordi was completely shocked when at one point his stepmom just pulled his biggus diskus and began sucking the life out of it. That was a good incentive for Jordi to continue doing the chores. She took as much of his length inside of her mouth as possible, making lovely gurgling sounds. Suddenly she reached up and pulled out her tits. She was massaging her fleshy mounds, tweaking her nipples until they were both very hard and standing. She even covered her tits in soap foam. His stepmom then pulled her jeans down revealing an ass, which had no panties on them. Jordi admired the MILF’s big bubble ass for a while then he grabbed his cock and slammed it balls deep into her cunt from behind. She did not complain at all. She was moaning from pleasure. Of course, both of them were happy that his dad was not at home. He grabbed her big tits with both hands and while squeezing and kneading them. This drove his stepmom over the edge, and she came hard as he continued to fuck her from behind. She got on her knees and told him to fuck her tits.



She grabbed her tits with both hands, squeezing them hard around his cock as he started to pump hard. Her hands moved up and down on his shaft, his balls were rubbing against her soapy tits. The beautiful naked woman jumped onto the couch, spread her legs “Now I want your dick in my ass!” Maybe the best incentive that Jordi got from his mom was that she gave him to fuck her in the ass. They were on the couch in the living room, and he went inches deep in her asshole. She maybe was an experienced anal whore, but both her pussy and asshole looked like she was a teenager. It was a heavenly feeling, and she couldn’t help but moan out in approval. He started sucking on whichever nipple that she presented to him. She had one orgasm after another and it felt like her asshole was milking his cock. Her ass looked amazing when she was riding his cock in reverse cowgirl. The motherfucker was giving it to her pretty well, even in missionary. Her gorgeous big tits were bouncing on her chest and she was squeezing them together for him. “Cum on my tits! Oh yeah!” His stepmom grabbed his young dick and started pumping it with both hands, completely overcome with lust. “I want your cum, baby, I want you to shoot it all over my tits!” she cried as she stroked his dick harder and faster. Jordi could feel her trying to milk the cum from his balls. Her motions were causing her big tits to bounce and jiggle. Busty MILF laughed like crazy when his cum flying everywhere, landing all over her face and her boobs.

Jordi loves pranking his stepmom and having fun with her in the bedroom

Massive milk cans on the display in a white bra. Stepmom is washing Jordi’s dishes, and while stepmom’s huge boobs keep on bouncing, Jordi keeps on spying. He adores those massive juggs. When she was finished with the dishwashing, she went to her room, and she saw that the little pervert was playing with her dildos. He is trying to prank her. Jordi hid himself, and she is trying to find him. Suddenly he pops out of the closet and surprises her with his cock poking out his shorts! She decides her pervy stepson needs a lesson, so she grabs his penis and starts sucking it hard. She notices that Jordi likes getting his dick suck too much. All the veins on his cock are visible. His massive dick is unbelievably hard. The MILFy stepmom starts gagging and deep-throating on that young hard cock. Then the beautiful busty mommy gets on all fours with her big bubble ass high in the air “Am I totally naughty for showing my pussy to my stepson?” she asks, smiling a bit. “Please sweety stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me please sweety do it for mommy,” she begs him, spreading her ass cheeks with both hands. Jordi is banging his mum from behind, doggy style. In his porno he never seen a woman scream so loud. “Please sweety faster, fuck me faster please!” she screams as her eyes glaze over with pure lust and she pushes herself hard back onto his cock. He obliges his mommy and starts to rock faster in and out of her pussy. Her back arches and her pussy squeezes so tight on his cock. The horny mommy pushes him onto his back and standing directly in front of him with her legs spread so he could see her juicy cunt, she asks, “Do you want to lick my pussy clean?”. He shivers as he thinks about his gorgeous stepmom with her magnificent thighs spread and him licking her swollen lips and pussy clean. Her juices dripping from her vagina and coating his nose. She keeps rubbing her meaty clit and grinding her labia all over his face. Her huge milk cans are finally on display. They start bouncing up and down as soon as she lands herself on Jordi’s cock. This time she gives him her ass. The guy has never had anal sex before, just seen it in porno. From all the hard pounding, the bed might break. “Oh fuck mommy I am getting so close,” “It is ok sweety cum in mommy’s mouth,” she screams. Rope after rope of hot thick cum squirts deep down her throat. The mommy just keeps on sucking his throbbing cock as his cum flow down her throat. “Mmm sweety that tasted good. What a desert.” She says as she swooshes his sticky cum around in her mouth.

Babe with the biggest breasts needs a dick treatment from her shy friend Jordi

A nice innocent guy Jordi comes over to his friend’s house to help her pick out what to wear to the party that night. He has always had a crush on her but didn’t know how to approach her. So now, when she started showing him all her short sexy outfits, he got really turned on and his dick got hard. The girl had the biggest and the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. She must have seen his erection so she started showing him things that barely cover her huge boobs. Still, he didn’t make a move, so she had to. The busty babe in a sexy, tight cheerleader uniform pushed him on the bed and took off his pants. Turns out that shy little Jordi isn’t little at all. She really knew what she was doing – she sucked and licked that huge young dick like a pro. Her long red hair was falling over her tits and her pretty face as she made his cock wet. When she got horny, she jumped on top of him and slammed herself hard down onto him. His young cock felt amazing in her cunt. She began riding him in reverse cowgirl, working her pelvis and playing with her big tits. She couldn’t believe how hard and thick Jordi’s cock was. She was playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit as he was pounding her. Then he flipped her over and switched to doggy style. This way he could squeeze her big soft butt and pound into her balls deep from behind. After that, he turned the busty babe over because he saw she was close to cumming. Her eyes were almost shut and she was moaning and screaming with pleasure. He grabbed her boobs with both hands, pounding into her non stop. And after a few minutes of hard pounding, she did cum gloriously. Then it was time for him. He bent her over the bed, lifted one of her legs, and went for it hard as her tits juggled under them. Jordi’s fantasy of fucking those jugs finally came true, and he came on her face and all over her tits.

Jordi is the best fitness trainer for horny anal sluts in the neighborhood

Jordi is the most popular fitness trainer in the neighborhood. All the housewives around can’t wait for a personal training session with him while their husbands are at work. Let’s see why that is. Mrs. Lapaisita worked up the courage to approach him but was quickly intercepted and interrupted by the seductive little slut Angie! Angie straddled Jordi and smothered him with her juicy ass as the shocked Lapaisita watched on… Her neighbor grabbed his amazing huge cock and began grinding her cunt all over his face. Here’s what their typical workout looks like. Unable to restrain herself any longer, she grabbed his cock and began sucking it. Standing with his hands behind his head and his feet two feet apart, Jordi was getting a double blowjob from two horny young moms. The girls were sucking and licking his gorgeous penis, moaning between his legs. Insatiable sex fanatic Angie, who is constantly on the prowl for bigger cocks to sit on, couldn’t wait to feel his cock in her asshole! Angie invited Lapaisita to join, but she just wasn’t ready yet. His cock was too big for her ass. For now, Angie got Jordi’s throbbing cock all to herself… Make sure to check out this naughty minx and her incredible cock-sucking and anal cock-riding skills in the scene!



There are no limitations to what this horny slut is willing to do in front of the camera – she will happily take a cock up her tight butthole, or have her mouth and pretty pussy destroyed! Once she felt his cock balls deep inside her ass she lost control. The feeling was incredible. She moaned and pushed her ass harder back toward him. Jordi gradual increased to a rapid pace, driving into her ass hard as she moaned and squealed with wanton lust. Then the anal slut turned onto her back and spread her slim legs. “I want you to shove that motherfucker into my asshole as hard as you can!!!” She smiled a devilish grin as she watched with enjoyment as his big dick disappeared into her accepting anus. HE smacked her clit while gleefully stretching her asshole with my giant prick. She had one of the tightest assholes Jordi had ever fucked. The babe’s pussy squirted as he kept destroying her anal.She rode his cock like a Texan cowboy riding a rodeo, slamming her ass down hard on his shaft. “Cum for me, baby,” she demanded, driving herself into him, milking his cock with her anus. He fucked her for about ten minutes until his nuts told him it was time to blast off inside her ass. “YES!” she screamed out, “CUM IN MY ASS!” Feeling his hot cum inside her pushed her over the edge and she came again. The movement of his dick was forcing some of his cum out of her ass, which squeezed out from around my shaft, dribbled down onto her pussy.

Jordi picks up and fucks a couple of brunette hitchhikers

Only a lucky guy like Jordi can stumble upon two steaming hot sluts on the road and fuck them. Jennifer and Maddy are just on their way to L.A. from a night of partying at some rich dude’s mansion. The girls had a good time, but unfortunately, they don’t feel like they’ve had enough sex. This is where Jordi comes in. All he does is pick them up on the side of the road and put on his goofy smile. The bitches do the rest. They start by touching each other in the car. Once the girls flash their huge fake tits to him, his hormones explode. He drives them to a friend’s place, supposedly to show them around. The minute they walk through the door, Maddy takes her sports bottoms off and feeds Jordi her huge tits. As the pair sit on a white sofa, Jennifer takes off her bottoms. Of course, the big-assed slut wears no panties. She gets on all fours on the sofa, and Jordi eats her out. Mrs. Mendez is ecstatic when she feels Jordi’s tongue on her slit. The guy is really hungry. Maddy is quick to push her head onto his dick as he licks her bestie. There is nothing better than having sex with two busty naked girls! He goes from one pussy to the other, from one pair of juicy boobies to the other. Not one minute passes, and he stuffs that big dick inside Jennifer’s pussy.



The girl fucks him in missionary on the sofa. Maddy moves her useful mouth to her clit. What are friends for? Jordi pumps that vulva as hard as he can while the girl screams her head off. You can probably guess that Jenny didn’t get this good a cock in a long time. It takes approximately three minutes for Jordi to make Jennifer squirt all over his friend’s sofa. Her lovely face is just wild with emotion as Jordi pulls out and rubs his dick on that aching clit. The pair almost forget about Maddy. Jordi realizes his mistake and takes his cock out. He makes Maddy go into the doggy on the sofa and fucks her from the back as Jennifer pleasures herself. Even though it’s a tough position, the dude makes Maddy squirt. Not only that, he gets down on his knees and drinks some of it. Much to Jennifer’s surprise, he spits the goo into her face like the raving maniac he is. The naked girls go wild as well. They take turns riding that cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The three are so turned on that they jump on top of each other. Maddy takes his dick in cowgirl as Jennifer sprays her with her squirt, and vice versa. The last thing that he sees is himself plowing Jennifer’s pussy in missionary. The girl is pinned down, and her pussy is awfully hungry even though it’s getting drilled. Jordi pulls out his trusty tool and sprays both naked girls with his hot seed. The pair are on their knees, receiving the gift. Of course, they exchange telephone numbers so that they can do this again and again.

During the online meeting Jordi’s girlfriend seductively begs for anal sex

The constantly horny Angie can’t get enough of Jordi’s thick cock, but he’s soon about to go on an important online meeting. Instead of waiting for him to finish, the naughty blonde sneaks behind his laptop and starts stripping seductively to get his attention. He somehow manages to maintain his composure while she caresses her juicy tits, but once she turns around his dick gets hard within an instant. The little slut reached back and placed her hands on her buttocks and parted her ass cheeks exposing her glorious asshole. She relaxed and stretched her anus, making circular motions with her finger on her clit. Seeing her big white ass bent over the desk made it impossible for him not to sneakily finger, but Angie swiftly stopped him from sneaking under the desk. As she slides down his pants, she teases his massive manhood with her gentle tongue. Sucking the tips and licking the balls almost make Jordi moan, but he makes up an excuse to be out of the meeting for a few minutes. The moment he turns off the camera, he takes the raunchy blonde in bed to dick down her ass without mercy. He grabs her by the hair and watches as her back arches for his entire shaft to fit into her. They both moan as he presses his cock against her anus. He can feel his glans opening her asshole up and then it slips in. He withdraws, her ring opens up invitingly as his girlfriend is now pulling her cheeks apart with more force. He pushes his hard cock all the way in this time, balls deep into her gorgeous ass!



The feeling of her anus clenching around his cock is so good and it takes a lot of self-control not to cum right in her ass right here and now. She moves her hand underneath between her legs and starts to rub her clit. Her asshole stretches around his cock and each time he pulls back he can see her anus pouting outwards in sympathy. Unfortunately, he’s getting notifications and has to return the call, but this time he stays in bed and holds his laptop while his girlfriend uses his rod. Without wasting a moment, she straddles him and starts bouncing with pure joy in her eyes. Despite trying to hold in her moans, they start slipping out the deeper her bum gets penetrated. Thankfully, he thinks of another excuse and the two continue the drilling in the hallway. Jordi lies on the staircase and watches as Angie’s thick body desperately tries to make him nut. All he can do is watch his huge cock slide in and out of her ass as she keeps pulling her cheeks apart with her hands. The feeling of her tight asshole pushes him over the edge! His balls tighten and for a moment he stops breathing as he feels the fire in his cock give way to a huge release as he shoots his cum up her glorious ass. His balls pressed against her pussy. Her anus is milking him. He keeps coming and pumping and grunting and fucking his beautiful arse.

Jordi’s blind date with the flirty and busty babe gets spicy

A very nervous Jordi arrives for a blind date with the hottest busty babe he has ever seen! She doesn’t hesitate to be flirty, which makes him sweat immensely. He’s too in awe at her massive tits not to get aroused, but they need to be sneaky because of the waiter. She pushes her huge boobs in his face and lets him enjoy them! Holding her boobs with both hands our Jordi licks and sucks these huge balloons. The busty babe crawls underneath the table and is in shock when she sees his enormous cock. The seconds she tastes it, the thought of being busted blowing him disappears and she climbs him. As her snatch slides on top, she tries her hardest not to moan, but the thickness of his meat is too much for her to handle. The energy and nastiness she brings to this scene is mind blowing. Whilst getting pounded, Jordi can’t help but spank her fat booty and suck on her nipples. She doesn’t let him cum just yet so she drops to her knees and orders him to titty fuck her. Whenever he attempts to get faster and bust, she slows down and teasingly deepthroats him. Despite wanting to last long, she’s desperate for penetration so they move the food from the table for her to spread her legs. He gets a taste of her wet cunt, sucking her pussy juices with a straw out of her vagina, before dicking her down in missionary vigorously. He’s infatuated by her melons bouncing around! He turns the crazy bitch around and bends her over for hardcore doggy plowing right here in the middle of the cafe. As she feels him pulsate from inside, she pulls away and goes to her knees. She stares deep into his eyes while sucking and stroking his pulsating shaft until he covers her boobs with his hot load.

Instead of being shocked Jordi sniffing her panties she rides his dickhead

Sneaky Jordi is snooping around his stepmom’s bedroom and perving out with her soaking-wet panties and her strap-on dildo. As she returns to her room, she’s shocked to see him playing with her toys! Without hesitation, she sneakily walks up to him, straps the giant dildo onto his head, and playfully rides it. She dominates our friend Jordi and rides the strap-on while he wears it around his head. Now that she’s completely aroused, she pushes her dickhead stepson off to get a taste of a real dick. Seeing how his smoking hot stepmom gobbles down on him only makes him harder, and as he gets fully erect, she jumps on top for a ride. The sexy babe begins riding him, working her flawless body back and forth, milking his cock with her tight cunt. Her marvelous body gyrates whilst he tries his hardest not to cum. To tease him even more, the sexy babe changes into reverse cowgirl and orders him to fuck her balls deep. He eagerly obliges and ensures her booty cheeks get spanked while she enjoys his dick. His balls are slapping so hard against her clit. Wanting to be more in control, Jordi thinks of a brilliant idea. As he bends her over and plows her in doggy, he ties the strapon above his schlong and plows both of her holes simultaneously! The moment she feels the thrusts, she starts to moan loudly. The tightness of his stepmother’s twat is too much to bear, and she knows he’s close to busting. Feeling him begin to pulsate, she turns around and blows him passionately. Her hand feels him twitch, and as he cums she falls back onto the bed, and her pretty face gets covered by her stepson’s jizz.

Unable to do yoga the sexy MILF disciplines Jordi for interrupting her

Doing yoga is nearly impossible to do when the constantly hard Jordi is nearby. This little fucker runs all over the house and cums on her underwear, her yoga leggings or just on her. Although Cherie tries her hardest to ignore him, once her leggings are ripped and his throbbing cock penetrates her, she gives in to the temptations! Her curvy body stretches, and the beautiful woman changes her position to missionary so she can feel every inch of his meat. While pounding her cunt, he ensures her massive tits get the attention they deserve. Forming a bridge with her body the MILF takes his cock in her mouth. He keeps fucking her in the craziest sexual positions you have ever seen! Although she loves it, he is unable to contain himself and swiftly busts his load all over her juicy ass. The MILF scoffs it off and continues with her day, but as she attempts to bathe peacefully, our horny Jordi runs into the bathroom waving his cock all around. Despite being annoyed, she can’t help but invite him in to teach him about self-control. Her plump booty bounces onto him, but he quickly takes control, and the naked woman just arches her back. The feeling of relentlessly pummeling her insides almost makes her orgasm, but before she reaches climax, he’s already busted all over her. Angered by his lack of restraint, she leads him into the bedroom, intending to empty out his balls so she can be left alone. As the MILF does so, her husband calls, and whilst she talks to him, Jordi takes the chance to spank and rail her from behind. The moaning begins, and she turns off her phone so as not to be caught cheating. She crawls on top of him to discipline his actions and slides herself onto his schlong. Her riding skills almost make him jizz, but she doesn’t allow him to. The longer she teases him with her tight fanny, the closer he is to bust. Once she feels him pulsate, she gets on her knees and strokes the shaft as he covers her face with his cum.

Will Jordi’s father notice his cum leaking out of his wife’s asshole?

Jordi is one heck of a player! He is a cheerful lad, one that just came from abroad to meet his long-lost father! Once he entered the house, he immediately started to cherish his father with kisses just so that he could set up the mood to do the same with his big boobs wife. One smooch, two smooches, and he was already getting her intrigued. Once they were at the dining table, while Jordi was galavanting them with his stories, the flamboyant wife was shit testing Jordi. Who the fuck does he think he is with this kind of attitude? She is the kind of a woman that only real men get to tame, and Jordi looks like a damn clown! But, since she is a real bad bitch, she could sense his cock powers, and she immediately went for the test underneath the table. MILF took off her heels and started to foot rub his cock under the table. She was also jerking off her hubby, who was right next to her, just so that she could distract him from the naughty deed. Once Jordi went to the bathroom, he saw the horny MILF once again in her bedroom, bent over, and her naked pussy was showing! The idiot took out his cock and just plopped it on her ass from behind! She got mad, madly excited, that is, and wanted to slap him, but Jordi pulled out his wax-on wax-off moves and blocked all the hits.



This made her so mad that she had to fuck him! She grabbed his cock and dragged him into the bathroom, where wanted him to fuck the crap out of her! She sucked him. He ate her up and plugged her pussy in the best way possible. Her hubby was still horny from that cock rub he got, so he came looking for her so that she finished him off. The sex had to stop so that she could suck her man off. The dude came on her tongue and was all happy that he got a BJ, not knowing that his hot wife just had a cock of her life in his own house of all places! Since she didn’t get to cum yet, once her husband, Jordi’s father, went his way, she took Jordi to the bedroom and continued fucking him but now, it was time for her ass to get some action! She assumed the position and slid that hard cock deep into her ass! MILF squealed with delight feeling his young hard cock balls deep in her ass. Jordi fucked her so damn well, and she came even better! The two of them were a sexual match made in heaven! Jordi spurted his semen inside and all over her asshole, letting the cum drip down her soaking wet cum. Will Jordi’s father notice his cum leaking out of his wife’s asshole?

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