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My stepsister is a fitness model and takes very good care of her appearance. I’m not the prudish type who doesn’t notice such things, and besides, I was never really big on the whole step-family thing. So, my dad chose to remarry. How does that make Mrs. Willis my mom or Emily my sister? It doesn’t. So, why not look at that perfect ass? Hell, why not take a picture and jerk off to it later? Just today, I took a photo and then a video of Emily in the kitchen. She used to walk around the house half naked, showing off her legs and her flawless ass. Later I caught her in the shower. Her slender figure, all naked and bathed in water and light, made me really horny. Who could really blame me? The girl is perfect. Her dark straight hair and strong back curve about, only to reveal a slender little butt that any man would want to eat out. Well, right now, I’m jerking off to that stuff. I’m just imagining how good her mouth would feel on my dick. At one point, I think I hear the door, but I pay it no mind. Turns out it’s Emily. My stepsister walks in on me and literally sees my dick! I tuck it back into my pants and start yelling at her for not knocking. The girl is headstrong. She rushes me and takes my phone, seeing the video. She’s shocked, of course. “You were jerking off to me?” she exclaims. “Yeah, I am. What’s the big deal?”. She actually smirks a bit. I catch that expression, but what she does next is what matters. She actually grabs my dick and starts greedily lick and suck it!



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Like every other girl her age, this 18-year-old beauty is all about partying. But one day, she went over the line. She says her stepdad that she needs a ride to the pharmacy. She confesses she needs to buy some emergency contraceptive pills, because some guy came in her at the party. Her stepdad is furious – she has lost her virginity at a party to a complete stranger! “well…. not exactly… I didn’t lose my virginity tonight, that is.” He is looking at her stone-faced “How many times have you had sex?!” he asks. Throwing her onto the living room couch, he decides to treat his step-daughter like the slut she is. He bends the girl over his lap and begins spanking her tooshie. Through the punishment, he feels something in his pants. Strong sexual puls rips through his dick. He never has sexual thoughts about his stepdaughter, but the spanking makaes him really horny. Incredulous at the size of her skimpy panties, he rips them off! He spreads her cute ass cheeks to get better views of her young pussy and asshole. He hasn’t gotten laid since her mother died, and he can use his stepdaughter’s warm holes now. He tells her that she is going to be his warm hole now, whipping out his prick! The girl is shocked – no fucking way! The creepy, perverted stepdad is taking it too far, it is disgusting. He points out that just earlier, she was asking him to treat her as an adult. What can be more adult than fucking? So the girl takes his big dick with her small hands and shoves it in her mouth. Feeling the length of it, she is quite pleased. Never in her young life has she felt a dick that big in her mouth. Gorging on every inch, the teen slut feels the juice oozing from her tight pussy. The stepdad feels it too. It is too much for him. Now he wants to fuck that tight pussy. His dad has had the first right to fill those holes! She should happily open her legs and present her holes to her papa! Thrust upon thrust, the guy works his way int the girl’s young pussy. She moans, grasping for air, while her eyes are popping out. He starts pounding balls deep into her. Now the girl is having the strongest orgasm of her life and screaming out loud. The horny stepdad continues to fuck her hard long after that. Love how he fills her pink pussy with all that cum deep inside.

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How I spent my summer vacation. I fell in love. Real love, Georgia is beautiful and perfect, and one day we will be together. We met at the beginning of the summer vacation, and we soon became inseparable. I love her for introducing me to my first lesbian experience as an inexperienced eighteen year old girl. She was the first person that I not only kissed, but had sex with! There was not a night that I didn’t fantasize about her. To touch her, to feel her breasts, to kiss her, to see her naked. We were in her bedroom, I moved to kiss her and she kissed me in returned. We were making out! Before I knew it, her hand was on my breasts, and she began to lightly squeeze them. I gave her the same treatment: rubbing, pinching her nipple lightly, squeezing it gently in my hand. She guided my fingers down between her legs. Her panties where just so slippery, and absolutely drenched. Georgia bucked her hips to put more pressure on her pussy. I plunged a finger inside of her. Within about 2 seconds, I could sense her body tense up. I think this was the moment she had her orgasm. The next moment we were naked and all over each other. She kept kissing me as her one hand slid down between my legs. She ran her finger up and down along my labia, slowly driving me mad. I felt her kissing my pussy lovingly. Next thing I knew she was parting my lips and I felt her tongue between my pussy lips! OMG that felt AMAZING!!! She licked my outer lips, the parted them and licked up and down my slit. I felt her tongue dance over my clit. OMG that sent me over the edge! I started playing with my nipples, moving my hips in a rhythm to her tongue. She soon had me bucking my hips and I had my very first orgasm. Now I was on her pussy. Her pussy was a thing of beauty, a strikingly beautiful cunt. I kissed, sucked and licked her pussy, making her cum in my face. I sat on her face and started to rub my pussy against her face. Her mouth was completely buried in my pussy as her tongue flicked between my clit and my pussy lips. Her hands caressed my ass cheeks. As I moved my hot creamy cunt back and forth over her outstretched tongue, her nose kept brushing against my clit, which made me climax again. It was the first time for both of us, so we didn’t know exactly what to do. But as the instincts were slowly taking over, soon we got locked in the sixty-nine position. It felt like it was the only place we wanted to be. Licking pussy and having our pussies licked at the same time felt amazing. She squeezed my face with her thighs as her pussy erupted. My mouth was full of pussy juice.

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Emily adores her partner, but one idea has lingered in her head for so long that she feels compelled to tell him about it. While they are in bed, the petite brunette spills the beans about the threesome fantasy, begging her companion to bring someone to her. She can’t help herself anymore and counts on her boyfriend’s love and desire to help her out. The only condition is that a stud is a well-hung man. The couple is naked, eagerly expecting a tantalizing visit from the mysterious hunk who’ll turn Emily’s desires into reality. The vixen’s puffy lips are slightly open, and the nipples on her small tits stand up to full attention, witnessing the superb level of excitement overwhelming her body and mind. When a blindfold covers her eyes, Emily gets even more excited – she lays on a big bed, feeling strong hands pulling her blue thong down. The nymphet kisses her partner, tasting his tongue and fingers, while a stranger’s cock slowly slides inside her wet slit from behind. She takes the blindfold off and takes her lover’s giant pecker inside her mouth, feeling it hit the back of her throat while another shaft invades her twat doggy style. Continuing the slurping session, the naked teen girl lies on her back, feeling a mighty dick stretch her ass. Her tight butt hole is railed hard and deep, making her cunny slippery wet from a river of pussy juices and warm spit that lands on her clit. To show that she is ready for more, the brunette dips two fingers down her snatch, begging for double penetration. While one cock drills her butt, another one invades her humid hole, and Emily’s moans become louder by the minute. She is riding the lengthy rods, rocking her slender body up and down to meet the shafts and feel them even deeper. There she is, finally double stuffed doggy style, screaming while her wildest fantasy comes to life in the best possible way. Emily smiles and moans at the same time, putting the blindfold back on so she can focus on the stretchy feeling in both her greedy orifices. Now fucking at full speed, the young nymphet feels an orgasm building up. The stranger whispers to her ear, making her kiss him and taste his tongue. More anal for Emily, who is now savage from lust and enjoys spanking and raw drilling. Her tits are finally naked, getting slapped and pinched during intense missionary style pumping. The guys take care of every inch of her erotic body while their cocks treat her with intense orgasms. When two shafts spray her divine body with warm spunk, her dirty dreams finally get utter fulfillment.

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After turning eighteen, everything changed for the spoiled bitch Emily. Her stepmom threw her out of the house and the little kitten found herself with no money or home. The girl had to work hard to earn cash. But she was the kind of girl who would prefer to play smart, not hard. So she found a way to fuck her way to the top. Emily was a beautiful girl, so she could seduce any guy she wanted. She would give them a flirty look and moments later she would be shaking her booty on top of them. The little slut would have steamy affairs with every customer she met. And the only way to the top is to fuck everyone along the way. Next in line was her new manager. She dropped her panties instantly and pushed the guy on the sofa. There was one more guy who was involved in what was happening. She just loved gangbangs and threesomes – the more dicks the better! Her mouth lips were all around one cock, while the other one was drilling her drenched twat. So dirty, and so tantalizing! She wanted to get fucked by two cocks at the same time. The pussycat would let them do anything to her while teasing them with her hot body. One man would face fuck her balls deep as another was smashing her cunt. But the double pleasure was what the hoe really craved. She was spit-roasted by the hard cocks of two men she had met only hours before. Two cocks filling her up in ways she never thought was possible, ever. And once she started cumming, there was no stopping. Every hole in her body was being fucked. The feeling of those two cocks stuffing her ass and pussy simultaneously sent the little bitch over the edge. Two hard cocks worked her holes relentlessly, like pistons. Hands were groping her from behind, grabbing her breasts, her ass, pulling her hair, again and again they were slamming their cocks in her both holes together. She was having one orgasm after another, her beautiful young body took over a state of pleasure she did not know existed. One after the other the cocks exploded a huge load of white thick cum all over her bitchy face and in her holes.

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Emily grew up rich, and she would have never assumed that one day, her stepmom would kick her out of her stunning house, after throwing her a fabulous party. But there she was, on her own doorstep with a suitcase in hand. She started to look around her, frantically trying to think of a plan. In the corner of her eye, she spotted two salesmen, and she figured it wouldn’t be too hard to try to sell those vacuums. She was convinced that she had more influence on people than those two dorks. So the sexy teen babe walked over to them, and after a few minutes, she was the new seller of top of the line vacuums. The three of them drove around the city, and at every house they stopped at, Emily was the first one to knock at the door. Her strategy was simple, she would seduce the men, use her perfect body and get them to buy as many vacuums as they could. Her plan worked perfectly. She would knock on the door, a man would open, and she would do anything to get inside of the house. Once inside, it wasn’t too hard for her to get those men in bed. She had fun with all of them, and she loved riding different cocks every day. But the day that her plan would fall apart was soon approaching her. That morning, she woke up with a lot of confidence, and she went over to a fancy complex building, and when she knocked on the door, she was shocked to see a gorgeous blonde lady open the door. Her plan didn’t work on women, or so she thought. The young blonde MILF invited her in, and when she sat across the table from her, she was at a loss of words, and she could barely talk about the vacuums. The blonde took her hand and she led her to her kinky room. She entered and was mesmerized by all the different sex toys that were on display. She dropped her glass, and when the blonde noticed, she sat on the bed and instructed Emily to climb over her knee. She spanked her until she learned her lesson.



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