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He has been cheating on his wife and his stepdaughter has also been taking advantage of the situation

This weekend, his wife went out of town. He was free to invite his new girlfriend, Alexis, home to spend another hot night together. When she entered, they wasted no time. He lay down on the couch and immediately offered her his big cock. Red-haired Alexis didn’t waste time and immediately got down to work. She stuffed his big cock in her mouth and began to blow him like a real slut. She swallowed him whole, deep-throating him while muttering and looking into his eyes. She got horny and wanted to have sex. But Manuel forgot about his stepdaughter, Adria. She came from college and stayed home for the weekend. Watching from upstairs as her stepfather stuffed his pretty girlfriend in her mouth, she wanted to join them. Alexis went to the bathroom to get ready for another round. The teen slut didn’t waste time there and decided to get involved. She immediately came out of her room and started kissing her. The naked girls immediately went to her room and began an exciting adventure. Like a kinky college slut, Adria took out the strapon and offered her sexy toy in her new friend’s mouth. The MILF reluctantly accepted it. While she was sucking young Adria’s big dildo, he entered the room and, with his big cock started filling his naughty girlfriend from behind. It was a perfect scene. While he was impaling her on his hard cock, hot teen slut wanted to try her stepfather’s big tool as well. Taking off the strapon, she rode him like a true professional and immediately began to thrust herself fiercely to the end. Accelerating the pace every hour, her stepfather smashed her without thinking of slowing down. She couldn’t take it anymore and started cumming hard on his cock. The MILF kissed her firm tits as she writhed with orgasm and incredible excitement. He came like a bull all over the naked girls, showering them with his sticky sperm.

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All of the spiciest pornstars on Brazzers are aching to be known as the top stars in the industry. That’s precisely why the company created an elaborate and lustful competition in which all of the chicks will show off their skills through a plethora of raunchy sexual encounters. For today’s challenge, the wide array of thick and curvy white, Ebony, and Asian girls will have an intense gangbang right in the middle of the living room. Without wasting a second, the naked girls put on their spiciest lingerie and head over to the guys who are waiting with their huge dicks already out, hard, and ready for thrusting. Instead of starting off with penetration from the get-go, the girls drop to their knees and proudly flaunt their cocksucking skills on their cocks. Some keep things sensual and suck on the tip whilst gently fondling their balls, but others like things kinky and don’t hesitate to deepthroat them until their makeup starts running down their faces. Once they’ve ensured that their dicks are covered in spit, all the naked girls spice it up by spreading their pussies and choosing which position they’ll get railed in first. It is impossible to count all the tits and pussies and cocks and assholes around. Some hotties choose to flaunt their cowgirl riding techniques, whereas others proudly arch their backs to expose their beautiful bodies and get pounded from behind. It doesn’t take long before loud moans fill the room, but the babes still manage to spice everything up by passionately spanking each other’s fat asses. The girls even whip out a few large magic wands and make their clits quiver by using them during intense penetration. Even though they’re being used like sex toys, the hotties dont’t slow down whatsoever and manage to push each guy over the edge. Once it’s time for them to bust, the raunchy chicks line up to receive thick facials.

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It’s Friday evening, and the sluts are ready for their nightly dose of dick. That’s a lot of mouths, pussies, and even assholes to fill. Besides, these are serious fucking whores. They don’t just need a lot of dick and attention. They need time to get to the point of cumming hard. Some, like Bridgette, might seem all well-mannered at first, but they are actually the worst. The first chance this girl gets to ride a guy in cowgirl, she gets another guy put it in her ass. It’s not just the tip, either. She wants a proper DP done to her right smack by this pool. Nicolette is just as cock hungry. The blonde diva takes up a lot of space and has Aaliyah eat her clit as she rides a dude in reverse cowgirl. A lot of naked girls around getting their holes fucked deep and hard. While you might miss the site of Lela in all this, don’t doubt for one second she’s here. Her big MILF Latina ass bounces up and down on a huge cock. The other naked girls mostly help out, like the ever-hard-working Karma. She might seem like a picky high-society bitch on the outside, but inside? Inside, she’s an ass-munching whore who just can’t wait to get an opportunity to taste her girlfriends’ and boyfriends’ assholes. Kira and Alexis join them soon. The pair hot naked babes also gets dicked but proceeds to eat their girls’ holes out.
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It’s Friday, and Alexis arrives at the mansion of a famous porn production company. She’s made arrangements to lead a competition between ten amazing porn sluts. The game is simple. It’s called “Guess the pussy.” One naked girl wears the blindfold, and the nine others take turns feeding her their pussies. After each tasting, the blindfolded naked girl has to guess whose pussy she’s just tasted. The one with the most correct guesses gets the most points! “Today’s competition is tough,” Mrs. Fawx thinks to herself as she enters the game room. There, she’s greeted by the hottest pornstars in the biz. The games begin immediately! Kira introduces herself to Alexis by going down on her knees before her and shoving her long tongue into her MILFy pussy. Alexis is flushed but not swayed from her duties. She thanks Kira for the greeting and insists that the girls take their positions. First up, Bridgette gets blindfolded and asked to go down on her knees. She gets more pussies wrong than right, and the crew agrees that this blonde Latina needs to spend more time inside her friends’ pussies. Right after that, a black naked girl gets at least three pussies right. The girl is just really good at this! Kissa is just one pussy behind her, and so is Gina. The old racy star, Lela, is the clear victor, obviously. All four of the naked girls get 10,000 points and a chance to compete further. What’s the next competition, you might ask? Well, a major straight orgy where they’ll find out which girl can take the most cock, of course! Follow our porn host Alexis as she leads these pussy holes to the next round of these great porn games.

Lucky dude gets to fuck his girlfriend’s mom, the hottest MILF

When Alexis heard that her daughter was bringing her boyfriend over, she did what any mom would do. She prepared a small meal, cleaned the house, made everything comfortable for the pair, and so on. Nothing could prepare her for what came next. The guy turned out to be a tall, athletic stud with something to prove. What was that exactly? Well, that he could fuck his girlfriend’s mom. It’s that simple. The minute he walked in, a horny MILF went over to hug him, and he grabbed her ass as hard as he could. Alexis was only a tad surprised and much more, well, turned on. After giving them what they needed, she went to her personal bathroom and masturbated that mature pussy until it gushed out with cum and squirt. Lo and behold, her daughter’s boyfriend was around the corner with his cock ready and waiting. What was a mom to do? The mommy got on her knees and sucked on his knob until it was ready to burst – and did it ever. He nutted into her mouth so hard she could hardly keep it in. At that moment, her annoying daughter interrupted them. The guy was quick to hide until the danger was over. While the MILF was helping him hide in the shower and distracting her daughter, the cheeky guy ripped her bottoms open and put his cock in her asshole. He fucked her from the back like some maniac. As soon as his girlfriend left, the dude got out of the shower and started fucking her naked mother all over her little bathroom. The site was just amazing. Her huge boobs were rocking up and down and back and forth while she working on his cock better than any teen girl. They took turns being dominant and riding each other. Finally, he pulled out and made the hot naked woman kneel for his dick. He filled her mouth again. This time, that was it. However, Alexis still wanted more. That’s why, today, she can’t wait for the pair to visit her again.

Teen girls need regular orgasms, and a doctor is going to teach how

Adria has been having some strange feelings lately, so she goes to get a checkup. It’s a good thing that this slim brunette with a gorgeous face, long legs, and a pair of sweet tits is in the secure hands of Alexis. This stunning MILF is a real pro when it comes to teen girls. Adria girl strips and the doctor examines her breasts. After making her strip completely, she touches her sweet cunt, under the auspices of checking her vulva. When Adria isn’t looking, Alexis sucks her juices right off her fingers. She’s already that she’s going to be very unprofessional today because Adria looks and tastes amazing. Once the girl admits that she never cums to Dr. Alexis, she takes her stethoscope off, pushes Adria’s legs back, and starts eating her out like mad. All teenage girls need regular orgasms, and the doctor is going to teach Adria how, starting by licking her pussy lips and sucking her clit. Her tongue spins around that young clit and slides deep inside her pussy. She even eats her asshole out, just to taste if it’s as good as her pussy. “It’s peachy,” Alexis thinks to herself. Adria can’t cum just yet but is eager to return the favor. The naked woman sits on her face, just like she did on so many of her previous female patients. Adria makes this lesbian MILF cum in her mouth. Afterward, the naked girls were sixty-nine. The teen’s young pussy feels so good. She grinds on the doctor’s face and then on her pussy as they scissor. Who knows how many times the pair cums? The MILF feels her work is done as she looks into Adria’s eyes and sees the awakened forces of her sex drive. “You’re all good and healthy now, girl,” she mutters through the pussy juices.

Stepmom is teaching her teenage stepdaughter how to squirt

She has been living with her stepmom, and they have a great relationship. But their perfect ‘mom and daughter’ relationship is tested after the stepmom’s new boyfriend moved in. The man keeps doing inappropriate things, flirting with the teen girl behind her stepmother’s back. One day, she is sucking his balls while stroking his erect dick. Swallowing every inch of his dong makes him moan with pleasure. The girl licks his penis and slaps it against her cute young titties. The man is ready to squirt his semen all over her face and her titties but her stepmom returns home earlier than they thought. She is angry at him for seducing her stepdaughter. Stepmom decides to prove that she can fuck as younger girls can, if not even better. First, she places her stepdaughter between his legs to let her gag on his dick. Now she is going to try it herself. Takes a hard dick out of her stepdaughter’s mouth and shows her cougar blowjob skills. The blonde MILF is furiously stripping down all of her clothes. Her black muff and enormous melons are aimed right into his face. She squeezes his big dong with her jugs and starts tit- fucking that prick. When the naked girls got comfortable on the bed, stepmom taught the younger one how to swallow a whole package. The MILF held his dong to help her stepdaughter insert cock better into the young cunt. Stepmom is also riding the dick herself so that he can compare the difference between the two pussies. While stepmom is impaling herself on an erect prick, stepdaughter is fucking his face. The naked girls both moan with joy. He is getting fucked with young pussy in his mouth and mature on his dick. Both girls rode him like crazy while stroking each other’s clit. At one point, stepmom started to squirt all over the bedroom.

Stunning stepmom helps to recover from a basketball injury with a smoothie and her pussy

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Going to a work conference in Miami was just an excuse for the busty milfs Natasha, Alexis, and CJ Miles to satisfy their sexual urges. The moment the babes land in the city of lust the hotties call over a cab to find the nearest college party for some young meat. While in the cab, they make sure to tease the young black driver with their fat tits and dirty talking. As they arrive, the girls bust into the room and all eyes are on them, so they mingle and try to find the right guy who can please their tight twats. The busty Asian CJ decides to go into an empty bedroom and get herself ready by rubbing herself until she’s prepared for intense penetration. Meanwhile, the young slut Valerica and her boyfriend are having a chat in the living room, which doesn’t last long when he decides to go to the kitchen. On his way over he looks around the house hoping to find it, but he stumbles upon the sexy babe masturbating first. He quickly apologizes but she doesn’t stop rubbing her wet cunt. Despite having a girlfriend, he sneaks inside making sure to close the door on his way in. Without wasting a second he drops to his knees and licks her snatch whilst rubbing her quivering clit passionately. As he stands up she gets on all fours and drops his shorts down only to see his huge throbbing cock staring right at her. Her lips can barely wrap around the tip, but she’s an experienced mature woman so she stretches her throat out enough to get as much as possible inside her mouth.



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Wife swap goes wrong and turns into a delicious threesome with two horny MILFs

Disappointed with her husband’s performance in bed, Alexis takes a stroll around the neighborhood. Suddenly, the naughty milf encounters her handsome neighbor, and they quickly settle down with a wife-swap arrangement. A newly formed couple barely got it going in bed when another horny woman barged in. She was pissed off as well because her own partner was underperforming. Only a threesome could save the day, so she quickly jumped into the bed. The man was already drilling her slutty neighbor’s pussy, so Phoenix got down on his balls and licked them. This extra naughty move got the man even hornier, so he intensified the thrusting motion. Both women quickly got naked. He was overwhelmed by the sensation of Alexis’ big soft tits around his cock. Inspired by the moment, the naked women got into a sixty-nine position while he fucked one slut from behind and rubbed his sweaty balls all over the other slut’s face. With each push, his balls were meeting Phoenix’s tongue and making the guy lose his mind. This is by far the best threesome he has ever had. But the MILFs are insatiable. They want more. Two hot naked women bent over, allowing the happy man to simultaneously fuck them from behind. The doggy style worked, and both MILFs started experiencing strong orgasms simultaneously. Making two slutty housewives cum at the same time is a feat of a true master, so the guy could be proud of himself. They changed a couple more naughty positions and the MILFs were thrilled with the guy’s performance and stamina. He made them cum several times, and yet, he is still holding on. So both of them go down on the big hard cock and make it splash.

Married MILF waits for her hubby to leave so she can cheat

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Horny MILF shows her stepdaughter how to treat her boyfriend

Finally, gathering up the courage to express his love for his busty girlfriend, Angel completely backfires. Despite his hopes of being accepted by her, his heart got shattered when she threw away the flowers he bought. As he sulks on the couch all alone, her stepmother Alexis enters the room and sees how sad he is. It turns out she’s seen the whole ordeal and can’t help but want to make the young boy happy. Being the good and empathetic milf that she is, she gives him a passionate kiss whilst slowly unzipping his pants. Once she pulls out his cock, she gets on all fours and greets his meat with her naughty mouth. The loud blowjob noises can be heard throughout the house, and Angel quickly realizes what’s happening. As she tries to confront her stepmom, the milf tells her to be nicer to the men she dates, which makes her even angrier. Instead of leaving, she wants to prove that she’s a better cock sucker than Alexis, so the girls start fighting over his throbbing shaft. The only thing he can do in this situation is to sit back and watch the two sluts deepthroat him with pure lust in their eyes. The dude still can’t decide who sucks his cock better, so the girls take turns sitting on his face and watching him desperately eat out their wet cunts. Since penetration is the only way to showcase their naughty skills, the girls lay him down and crawl on top to begin the cowgirl ride. Feeling their twats eagerly slide onto his meat finally gives him the courage to stand up for himself.



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