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Amy had a long day at school and she couldn’t wait to come home. All the stuff she tried to learn was so boring and her mind was always wandering to the thoughts of fucking. Finally, she came home and she didn’t even change her school uniform. She went straight to her room, got on the bed, and started touching herself. She took her tiny white thong off and started rubbing her clit and fingering herself. She was so wet and she would have given everything to have a dick to jump on. Soon, her wishes came true. Her neighbor dropped by and knocked on the door. She got up and opened the door. Still not wearing any underwear and with her shirt lifted up so that he could see her round tits. He got confused and asked if he should come back later but she pulled him in and took him straight to her bedroom. The horny schoolgirl sat on the bed and he began kissing and sucking on her nipples. He went down and started licking her pussy and fucking her with his tongue while she moaned and enjoyed herself. While he was down there he saw that she already had a butt plug inside of her ass. Finally she took all of her and his clothes off and started sucking on his dick. When his dick was nice and wet it was time to go inside. He spread her legs and slid his dick deep into her young tight pussy. She was horny out of her mind and kept saying how she wants it even deeper. The school uniform stockings were still on her legs and that turned him on even more. Then he took it one step further – he took the butt plug out and stuck his dick in her little ass. She loved that even more than everything before that. She was getting close to cumming so she started rubbing her clit and soon she came with a loud scream. Then he flipped her to her belly and took her from behind – doggy style. Her asshole was now so stretched out. Then the naked schoolgirl jumped on top of him and jumped up and down on his dick as it was getting deeper inside her gorgeous white round ass. This was exactly what she was imagining and jerking off to during those boring school hours. The next phase was turning her in a reverse cowgirl because that way he could get in even deeper. That sent her over the edge and made her explode in a huge loud orgasm. Right after her, he felt he was getting closer so he pushed his dick strongly a few more times and came all over her back. She was now covered in cum and satisfied. He will make sure to come unannounced every time she gets back from school.

His punishment for causing trouble at school is getting in his stepmom’s pants

Young 18 years old boys are obsessed with sex, that isn’t news. But not every guy goes as far as to watch nudes on his phone in class. And gets caught. And gets his parents informed, or in this case, gets their very hot stepmom informed. But his stepmom couldn’t stay mad at her darling stepson and decided to playfully ‘discipline’ him through energetic sex. This gorgeous MILF got he big tits out to teach him a lesson. Ohhh those two big breasts were so lovely. Her big nipples seemed begged to be sucked. He was so horny and excited he started sucking on her nipples right away. What he wanted was, to play with his stepmom’s boobs for hours, and give them a nice tit-fuck! She was moaning with pleasure when he moved from one boob to the other, sucking her juicy nipples. As soon as she saw his teenage hard cock she grabbed it with both hands. She was sucking on it so much better than all the pornstars in his videos did so he tried so hard not to cum. Instead, he focused on rubbing her clit and fingering her, which she loved. His stepmom jerked his wet penis and told him how pretty it is. As soon as she got on top of him and lowered herself onto his virgin cock, she got a call from his teacher she had to take. So she was talking to her, promising her he won’t get off easy for what he has done in school while jumping up and down on his dick. He loved this kind of punishment! After she was off the phones, his naked stepmom rode him in reverse cowgirl, missionary, and when he fucked her from the side, she came hard. Two times! Then they switched to doggy style which was his favorite so he came all over her back.

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Everything starts with Lulu’s hot stepdad telling Lulu’s best friend, Clara, to take off her socks. She doesn’t hesitate and proceeds to place her bare feet in the stepdad’s lap, slowly stroking his member. The DILF takes his dick out and lets the sexy Asian schoolgirl stroke him with her cute feet. She wraps each supple foot around his member and strokes him up and down, up and down. That is exactly the time that stepdaughter Lulu catches them in the act. Pants down and feet to cock, they are caught red-handed. Lulu leaves them to go to her room, upset. However, her best friend is soon there to cheer her up with a nice and deep kiss. They then take off each other’s shirts to play with their gorgeous natural tits. The naked girls keep on kissing each other deeply and passionately until the stepdad enters their room. With some encouragement from Clara, Lulu takes her stepdad’s cock in her mouth. She shows her enjoyment of it by moaning around the thick tool and taking it as deep into her throat as she possibly can. The schoolgirls quickly change their positions so that Lulu and her stepdad can fuck in the doggy-style position and so that Lulu can lick and munch at Clara’s pussy. The stepdad starts pistoning in and out of his stepdaughter’s tight pussy. Her creamy white ass shakes and ripples whenever he thrusts inside of her. Lulu is not idle as she eats out her friend’s Asian pussy, who shows her appreciation for her friend’s efforts with loud moans. Both of their big and natural tits jiggle in the air with each of their movements. The glorious mounds of flesh captivated the attention of anyone who would look at them. The pleasure the three share is so overwhelming that they soon all climax, almost at the same time.

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A naughty teen girl River should be in school but she is too busy texting and thinking about sex. Her stepdad started to notice that and tried to get her to go to school and pay more attention. But that same day she brought home a guy she wanted to fuck by telling him they should do a project for school together. The project turned out to be a masterclass in sucking dick. This horny teen babe was wearing a tiny white top, short skirt, and stockings and she looked so good bent over, with a dick in her mouth. She licked and sucked on it like her life depended on it. Then they moved to the bedroom where she let him go down on her. The naked girl spread her legs in front of him and let him fuck her in missionary until he came in her pussy. Her 18 years old pussy was young and tight and he also hadn’t had much experience in sex. “I’m almost there River, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull out since it feels so good.” he groaned. River reached her hand under his cock and began to fondle his swollen nutsack. And he couldn’t deny it – he longed to fill her sweet lovehole with a thick load of his cum. “Oh my, your balls are so full and heavy with sperm. I bet they’re aching to be released deep inside me, huh?” The guy tried to slow his pace to regain control but it was useless – the little slut had him right where she wanted. “Give me your cum, just let go and fill my pussy with your hot juices. It’s what we both want!” His body tensed up and soon his cock was squirting thick sperm inside her thirsty pussy, filling her to overflowing. But that wasn’t the end. His sexy naked classmate licked the rest of the cum from his dick and sucked it some more. She choked on it, actually. Then it was time for doggy style. He grabbed her big soft ass and rammed her from behind. When he had had enough, he turned on his back and she jumped on top. He banged her like that, sucking on her nipples and getting closer and closer to cumming. She screamed and moaned more and more. Then she turned around to reverse cowgirl since that is her favorite position. A couple of minutes later, she came so hard you could hear it from miles away. The screaming turned him on as well so he grabbed her long blonde hair, pulled it back, and came again in her pussy.

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Skyler is a knows troublemaker – sucking cocks and fucking dudes in school and sending nudes in school chats. Naturally, this school slut lands herself in detention often. But this young man is not supposed to be in detention. He just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Without wasting any time Skyler asks the nerdy guy if he has ever even seen a pussy before. She proceeds to show him her sweet, shaven, naked pussy. They are naturally caught by the teacher who thinks they are talking in detention. Skyler goes under the table to start sucking the nerdy guy’s virgin cock! He begins to lose control – he’s never had his cock touched by a woman, let alone like this, and begins muttering, louder and louder, “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…” The nerd has to keep his hands over his mouth to keep the teacher from noticing. He fails, and the teacher throws the magazine he was reading in outrage. He leaves the classroom, not catching Skyler is under the desk, sucking the guy off. When they are finally alone, the crazy slut gets on the teacher’s desk and spreads her legs in front of the guy, showing him her pussy. He brags about how nerds can fuck hard too. He keeps one of her legs over his shoulder as he rams himself inside! He has known the pleasures of sliding into a woman’s wetness and keeps pounding into her faster and faster. Skyler suggests that he gets detention with her all the time. Her tits jiggle wonderfully every time he slams himself in. They change to the doggy-style position. Skyler’s last pieces of clothing left are her flipped skirt, stockings, tie, and sneakers. The nerd gets a firm grip on the waist as he starts pounding her hard. The naked girl has to lie down completely on the desk. He takes her by the hair and pulls her head back to keep fucking her hard and fast. They change positions again, from the desk to the wall, maintaining the same position. On one of the student desks, the naked schoolgirl starts slamming herself down in the cowgirl position. The sound reverberates in the classroom from the loudness. Her heavenly cheeks shake wonderfully up and down from her movements. The nerd starts speeding up and giving her a few spanks. They finish off with the reverse cowgirl, where Skyler finally cums hard.

She needed to be punished by her stepdad for being naughty at school

Her stepdad was furious with her actions in school, so he decided to punish her properly. She had been bullying another girl at school and her stepdad was going to show her that she wouldn’t like it if someone treated HER like that. The young slut didn’t mind one bit, though, and she let him manhandle her. He bent her over the couch and spanked her round ass. This seemed to make her horny instead of teaching her a lesson. He pushed her down to her knees and slammed his cock deep inside her throat. There was no room for argument as he came spurting his hot jizz in her mouth. He didn’t stop for a second and continued slamming his length into her throat. The little whore took it like a champ. Her stepdad pushed her up and bent her over the couch. His cock soon found her dripping cunt, and he slammed inside roughly. This was not the time for casual sex, as tensions were high. His rough hands slammed down onto her ass cheeks, and the girl moaned in pleasure. After a while, she straddled his lap and put her feet on his tights. He let her take control of the thrusts for a bit. It didn’t take long for him to pick her up and slam into her while standing. The blonde stepdaughter didn’t complain and met his thrusts enthusiastically. He then pushed her over the couch, looking at her face while he pounded her tight cunt. He was spitting profanities, feeling incredibly aroused at the sight of her face lost in pleasure. Her stepdad didn’t stop for even a second, slamming in and out viciously. After a while, he turned her back around, doggy style, pushing her over the couch’s armrest. Blondie couldn’t spell a single sentence, blabbering and drooling all over herself. Her climax approached suddenly, and she threw her head back while she came hard. This little slut wanted to be punished like this forever.

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There’s nothing I love more than relaxing with my adorable redheaded girlfriend, Verlonis, at her home when her parents are away. All day at school, I could only think about her sweet pussy. She couldn’t sit still either, eagerly anticipating my cock cumming in her. Verlonis just loves sperm and she wants me to cum in her whenever parents are not at home. We jumped onto her bed and began kissing. I began to unbutton her blouse and rub her pussy under her school skirt. Her hand was in my trousers stroking my already hard cock. I saw her smile seductively, then she turned around, arched her back, and lift up her skirt to show how her pussy looked from behind. I made sure to fondle every inch of her perfect little bum, and as soon as I started rubbing her pussy I could feel how wet she was. Before pulling out my dick, I make sure to caress her front side as well, so I turn her around and sensually start undressing her top. Thankfully, she wasn’t wearing a bra, so I had easy access to her juicy tits and perky nipples. Soon enough, she couldn’t resist but take it out of my pants.



The moment she saw how hard I was, she dropped on all fours next to me on the sofa and started licking the tip with pure joy. I watched in awe and caressed her booty as she sucked every inch of my shaft until my manhood was covered in her drool. Feeling her warm mouth slobbering on my meat almost made me cum in her sweet little mouth, but luckily she stopped just in time for me to catch my breath. As I was doing so, she sat on my lap, and without even taking off her clothes, she simply slid her panties to the side and shoved my rod into her. We held each other joyfully and kissed with pure excitement as she bounced on my throbbing cock ever so gently. It didn’t take long before I started aching harder thrusts, so I held her and stood up to bang her in mid-air. As I was doing so, I could hear her moans becoming louder as she held onto my shoulders for dear life. I put her onto the couch and stared in awe as she arched her back and spread her booty. Plowing her in doggy style was enough to push me over the edge, but somehow, I managed not to orgasm as I wanted to do so whilst staring into her eyes. As I switched over to missionary, she joyfully spread her legs and let me pummel her quivering pussy for as long as I could. Within minutes of watching her beautiful body shivering from my thrusting, I began filling her up with my cum as we both embraced one another.

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Despite looking cute and adorable, Allie is extra naughty and decides to skip school. But skipping school is proving to be a more complex plan than expected. Allie wants her friend to join her on her day off, so she recruits Nicky’s help to impersonate her friend’s father and convince the principal that something terrible happened. She hands him a written message that he is supposed to read out to the principal on the phone. Whilst scrambling through the papers, he slides off Allie’s panties and watches as she spreads her legs wide open on the kitchen counter. They continue to read out the lines as he tenderly kisses her inner thighs and eventually has a taste of her sweet snatch. Within minutes of eating her bald pussy out and studying the script, he finally felt like he was ready to test out the plan, but before he grabbed the phone, Allie had already dropped to her knees and began sucking him off. Since both have agreed to the free-use rules, he doesn’t bat an eye and dials up the school with a hint of fear in his voice. Despite trying to stay focused on the conversation, he can’t stop his voice from shaking each time the tip of his dick reaches the back of Allie’s cute little throat. Unfortunately for them, the principal’s not so easy to fool, and he calls them out for trying to ditch.



Instead of giving up and going to class, they brainstorm new ideas as the petite babe arches her back and takes every inch of his cock in her tight twat from behind. Even though Allie kept her composure perfectly so far, her sensual moans swiftly start slipping out the rougher he thrusts her. Suddenly, the horny teens think of another idea that involves her dad’s car, so they rush into the garage to start it up. Although the blondie is in a hurry, she can’t let him ride the car until she’s finished satisfying his thick meat, so she drops to her knees to slobber it up with her mouth again. Once it’s all covered with her drool, she slides her sexy petite body onto his and begins riding his manhood with passion. Her young tight pussy feels so good and her slender figure turns him on so much. While she adores being the one in control, her legs soon begin to shiver, and within minutes, she has her first intense orgasm whilst he’s still deep in her. Somehow he managed not to bust, so without wasting a second, he put her into missionary to keep fucking her balls deep. His cock brings her to another orgasm, and one more, before he covers her skinny belly with his cum. Mr. Trainor was suspicious about the call, so he decides to investigate what’s going on. Will he catch this little slut in her lies?

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The horny brunette couldn’t wait to get out of school to make some money at the local strip bar. Another client was already waiting for her with his dick hard. Her pussy had been throbbing for the whole day. Once she got there, they didn’t waste any time. She took his long cock in her hands and gave him a few strokes. The tangy precum coated her tongue as she sunk her mouth on him. She was an expert at deep-throating. Her client pushed her onto the bed and pulled her slim legs over his shoulders. His hard cock smashed into her dripping cunt vigorously. Moans and screams filled their dimly lit room. After a while, the skinny naked girl straddled his tights and sat in reverse cowgirl. She bounced on his length, and the sounds of their arousal mixed with their grunts. He grabbed her small ass and helped her jump up and down. These skinny naked girls had always turned him so much. The naughty schoolgirl turned around and went full cowgirl style on his cock. Her young pussy was so wet and tight. They were tumbling on the bed with her on top, then on her back, and finally in reverse cowgirl again. Her legs were up in the air, and it gave him better access to slam inside deeper. His dick brushed over her G-spot repeatedly. Her small titties were bouncing up and down. She wore sexy white boots, and the sight made his cock throb. His thrusts picked up speed, and the sloppy sounds of his balls slapping against her ass echoed in their room. Her first orgasm took over her tiny body as she trembled on top of him. It wasn’t enough to satiate her hunger, and they continued without a pause. Skinny naked girl was on her back again, holding up her long legs and watching his shaft disappear inside of her. The begging continued as she yearned for his massive cock to ruin her again. Her second orgasm his even more brutal than the first, and she was thoroughly spent after this fuck fest.

Schoolgirl with amazing big tits can’t focus on studying

Damn, Homework is so boring! Roxie wants to be a good schoolgirl and complete her assignments, but she keeps getting distracted. It’s hard to focus on studying when your breasts are so big and full, your nipples are hard and sensitive, the areolas so large, and there’s always wetness between your legs. The sexy schoolgirl just can’t stop touching herself, rubbing and kneading and squeezing her young all natural boobs. After a while, she figures that forcing herself to work is not the best plan and that she might as well play with her stepbrother’s dick until she can focus again. To do so, she recruits the help of Joshua, who rubs some lotions on those massive boobs and stuffs her hungry mouth with his meat. She takes her time licking every inch of his hard penis, enjoying how he runs his hands through her hair, moaning in pleasure. Stroking him with her small hand, she circles her tongue around the head as she slides more of his hot cock into her mouth. Young busty teen climbs him reverse cowgirl, allowing his cock to find the slit of her pussy. He starts kissing her amazing titties passionately, feeling her vagina massage him inside. She is riding his cock and her big tits are slapping down hard onto her chest. All he can think about is to reach up and squeeze those ripe melons. She may not be the most stunning beauty ever but she does have some of the most perfect breasts ever!!! He then turns her around, bring his hands up along her belly to her big tits where he massages and mashes her amazingly soft flesh. He keeps pounding into her, feeling the soft cushion of her ass cheeks hit against his pelvis. “Would you like to cum on my tits? It’s a bit of a fetish for me.” The sound of his voice and the sight of his cock pouring hot cum all over her boobs is one of the most erotic things she has ever experienced.

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There’s nothing surprising about an 18-year-old high schoolgirl skipping school, preferring to lie at home on her bed and play with her pussy instead of attending boring classes. Her tits are so sweet to look at, a nice hand full in size, she has quite large nipples, amazingly stiff and hard. Her pussy is clean shaven, perfectly smooth for licking, and the great thing about her pussy, is that she loves it being fucked really hard. Molly is skipping class to spend the day at home with her backpack full of sex toys! She is ready to have her first orgasm, dildoing her bald pussy, when her stepbrother enters the room. She just can’t miss this opportunity, she has seen her stepbrother naked a couple of times, and she knows he has a big fat penis, a tool that does the job better than any sex toy! The half naked schoolgirl sits up and pulls his pants down. “Got something for me?” She smiles seeing her brothers beautiful semi-hard cock spring free. “Mmmm. Do you mind?” The look on her stepbrother’s face as she wraps her small hand over his cock tells her what she already knows. The little slut flicks her tongue across the head tasting pre-cum. He looks down to see his horny stepsister slip the head past her lips sucking what she can in. “I want to fuck you.” Nick picks her up pushing her back on the bed. Vanessa spreads her legs showing her clean cut pussy. Nick guides his big dick between her lips pressing the head in. Her young 18 years old tight pussy feels amazing! The sexy naked girl closes her eyes and smiles. Her stepbrother forces the rest of himself into her all the way to the hilt, his balls touch her asshole. “Yes. Oh yes. Harder Fuck me harder!” She wraps her legs around him and makes him pound her balls deep. The horny schoolgirl then begins riding him, slamming her wet pussy hard down onto her stepbrother’s cock.

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Scarlet’s husband loves sexual role-play when she dresses up like a schoolgirl for him and waits for him with her legs spread wide open, rubbing her clit and her anus. But today it is ever better! Coming home from work, he finds her with a dildo machine. Two dildos are destroying her both holes. One fake penis is dildoing her cunt and the other one her asshole and it’s fucking amazing! She quickly teases her gorgeous body into an orgasm. Her back arches as she rotates her hips around. She squeezes her clit and pushes herself harder onto the dildos, using them for double penetration. Her stomach muscles quivere as she groans and twitches her way through a powerful orgasm. Watching his young wife having an orgasm, he just comes closer to her and starts jerking off in front of her face. Cum shoots from his swollen cockhead and hits her square in the forehead. The second blast bursts out and streams across her nose and her mouth, giving her a respectable facial. He has come on her but she still needs his cock in her ass! Soon, his horny schoolgirl is lowering her asshole down onto the teacher’s waiting dick. The sexy naked girl starts riding, working her asshole up and down his length. She makes herself cum a few times that way, rubbing her clit until she moans and shivers her release. Her fit young body is covered in a light sheen of sperm after his first time. The girl has wonderful breasts and watching them bounce in front of the camera is something every man should witness. He is fucking her hard slamming her anus with force, giving her one anal orgasm after another.

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Riley is one of those naughty 18+ schoolgirls who like talking about the sexual life of her schoolmates behind their backs. The principal confronts her and asks her what she’s willing to do for him to forget about it. The girl keeps being bratty, and the principal has no other choice but to impose corporal punishment. They’ll start off simple, with a little spanking. There’s a little catch, though. It has to be done in the nude. The shameless slut isn’t even wearing a bra, he sees. Bending her offer and feeling her thong-covered ass gets him excited – excited for administering justice! Her little pussy is wet. He makes sure as much by fingering her. Riley thinks she’s off the hook, but they’re just starting. He is a true master of discipline and with his severe techniques. He tells her that she’ll have to call her stepmom, Crystal, over to help him punish her. Before her mom arrives, the principal ties the girl up and makes her suck him off. A few hours later, Riley is in her little pink dress, her hand tied up to a cane and placed neatly behind her head. Crystal is unapologetic towards her stepdaughter. She demands she be punished properly. She stresses the word properly because she can’t understand why the principal is, well, training her to be a submissive slut. He explains that it’s necessary if she wants Riley to stay in the school. The pair proceed to train Riley’s body. The MILF pinches her nipples and pushes hard on her pussy when she ignores her principal’s instructions. The dude makes both of the naked girls suck him off, ride him as cowgirls, and even eat each other out. By the end of this lesson, Riley is all dressed up as the prom queen. He cums on her bratty face as Mrs. Rush jerks the last drop of his cum out diligently. “Class dismissed,” he says.

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Roxie is a curious student who wants to learn everything about sex. Her curiosity has slowly evolved into an obsession after hours of research watching porn. She wants to understand the nature of semen and how it works. That’s why she recruits Joshua, a fellow geeky student who can provide her with a sample. Joshua is a little unsure about the whole experiment, but the little cum slut won’t stop until she is cummed on–for science’s sake, of course! She grabbed his virgin cock with both hands and just started begging him. She was shouting, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, over and over again. Then she moved closer and kissed the head of his innocent cock. The moment her warm soft lips touched him he was done. She sucked his cock and rubbed his balls with her fingers. Then she began slapping her nipples with his hard prick. Standing in front of the shocked nerd she slowly pulled down her white lacy panties and spread her ass cheeks in front of his face. This is the first time he is looking at a real pussy! Soon his virgin cock was inside that lovely pink pussy. The sight of her gorgeous body, naked and bouncing on his erect pole was amazing. The feeling of her impossibly tight pussy squeezing and milking his virgin dick was too much. The nerd felt the orgasm explode inside of her vagina at the same time that his cock began emptying its hot, sticky load deep into her body. His virgin cock was too sensitive this is was he came after 1 minute of having sex. He came so hard, the sexy naked schoolgirl growled in pleasure, her hips frantically grinding back and forth atop him. His cum had nowhere to go, her pussy was so tight, she finally could feel hot spunk filling her vagina as it spurted blast after blast of sperm inside of her.

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Don’t miss this raunchy foursome in the classroom with two hot naked girls. This is the story of Vanna, a hot High School girl and her best friend Codey. Bullied for being a virgin, Vanna decides to help him out, which results in rumors running wild in her school about her sex life. Vanna will do what she has to do with school authorities and bullies to turn the situation around. There are three of her classmates already, and her friend doesn’t waste his time and starts to undress her. The sexy redhead babe starts to suck his cock in front of them. This naked schoolgirl then sits on the desk and spreads her legs, so the nerd can finger her and eat out her sweet pussy right in the middle of the classroom. A couple of minutes later, the teacher and principal entered the classroom. The principal unbuttons her shirt, showing a great pair of tits, and continues to stroke and suck the teacher’s fat prick. The man lay down on the desk so both naked girls could ride them. The principal starts to bang the teacher in the reverse cowgirl style, while the girl prefers the cowgirl position. Both girls slam their cunts hard down onto the cocks, grinding their clits and having an orgasm next to each other. In a few minutes, they change their positions, so the principal now takes cock in the doggy style while the student girl enjoys her classmate’s cock in the missionary position. In their eagerness to try more new diversions, they switch again. The naked girls moan in orgasmic delight, the MILFy teacher and the student cum together. The men wank themselves off onto their pretty faces and leave the girls kissing and swapping the sticky sperm.

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School is almost out, but that means little to bad boys like Daniel and Nick. The boys need to pick on their usual victims. One of them is Codey. Poor old Codey nearly got the worst of it, but Vanna stepped up and told the bullies to fuck off. To show his gratitude, he goes to her dorm. The conversation goes from expressing gratitude to demanding some sex lessons. He first asks her to kind of help him by telling people they had sex, but this soon turns into some serious titty-sucking. Then the sexy girl shows him her pussy! It is his very first pussy. The first pussy for his virgin cock! He has fantasized many times about licking a pussy and now a cute pink cunt is right here in front of him. He eats her pussy and her single-trimmed bush, and then the girls returns the favor! Hard to believe but he dosen’t cum right in her mouth, because he has never had his cock sucked and it is incredibly sensitive. She sucks that dick like it’s her last but dosen’t let him finish too fast. Who would have known that she’s so eager for a nerd’s virgin cock? Once he gets her in cowgirl, that pussy is his. Afterward, it is all pussy pounding for the foreseeable future. Her warmed pussy lips are wrapped around the outside of his rod. Her titties are begging his mouth to suckle. He fucks her pussy from beneath. Her sweet pussy juices drip down his dick, painting it all white. As she goes into reverse cowgirl, he pinches her nipples hard, but Vanna likes that. She likes hardcore spooning better. Codey wraps his hands around her and pummels her as hard as he can. He’s no better when he takes her in missionary. The sexy naked girl cums very hard from rubbing her clit as she’s getting fucked. While in doggy, he looks deep into her asshole, and this really pushes him over the edge. He grabs her shoulders and her stunning brown hair and rams her as deep as he can. Images flash before his eyes of him filling his classmate’s insides with cum and making her a mommy, but he comes to his senses. He pulls out and jerks off his dick on her ass. One second later, he sprays his load on her lower back, ass and asshole. Vanna loves every second of it, and Codey finally feels like he’s not a nerd anymore.


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