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Whenever I’m hanging out with Jake, he always leaves his basketball at home, so being the good friend that I am, I offer to get it. Although my intentions might seem pure, the truth is I love going over to his place because of his petite Asian girlfriend, Lulu. As I enter his house, I peek through her door only to see her taking cutesy selfies. Instead of staring at her like a creep, I simply knock and walk inside to ask her where the ball might be. After chatting for a bit, I turn around to leave, but before I manage to step foot out the door, she calls me back in for some help. It turns out she’s been trying to take some adorable photos for her boyfriend, Jake, and she’s hoping I could help her out with the angles. The request seemed simple enough, so I grabbed her phone and slowly started snapping pictures as the sexy girl changed poses every so often. Although things started regularly, soon enough, my mouth dropped after I heard her ask to take photos with my dick in her small mouth. I quickly explained that I didn’t want to ruin Jake’s relationship, but she insisted and promised that they were in an open relationship, so they loved fooling around with different people. Before I even had the chance to respond, she already dropped to her knees and gave the tip of my already hard cock a kiss.



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