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Jovan tries his best to be a good stepdad to Kelsey. He’s really fond of her in a fatherly way. However, she likes nagging him. Right now, she’s begging him to drive her to the gym. He is in the middle of something and can’t really help her. Kelsey is not the kind that takes no for an answer. She says she’ll do anything for him to make him pay attention to her and drive her. She goes so far as to take off her panties and present her perfect bubble butt to him! To be honest the girl has one of the best asses you have ever seen! Just a perfect, flawless gym booty! What is a good stepdad to do? He can’t really reject her. That would just break her tender heart. So, he does what he usually would – he pulls his pants down and goes to work on her tiny throat. Kelsey is excited and a bit intimidated by the size of his BBC. It’s huge, but she somehow manages to stuff it down her throat. She looks into her stepdad’s eyes just before he makes her stand up and enters her from the back. The blonde moans her sexy soul out as his huge penis stretches her white pussy wide open. He has his fun with her, making her sit on his erect black pole, fucking her in missionary and in cowgirl. His black balls are slapping hard against her throbbing clit. The girl cums many times over, but now it’s time to make him cum. Little Miss Kane is the kind of girl who only feels satisfied when her man cums hard. The hot babe gets on top of him in reverse cowgirl and rides his black dick to the best of her abilities. She feels her stepdad get close, and as he tries to pull out, she nails her ass down onto him. Unwillingly, he fills her little pussy to the brim. “Ok, you naughty devil, go get cleaned up because I’m taking you to the gym,” Jovan says through a smile.

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Recently, I started going to the gym with my girlfriend, and it turns out there are a lot of attractive sexy girls there who don’t hesitate to showcase their assets in tight sports pants. And when I say showcase, I mean quite literally. My girlfriend and I were running on the treadmill when a beauty in front of us just pulled down her shorts! Turning to me and smiling she spread her ass cheeks with both hands, exposing me her both holes! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I couldn’t believe that no one saw this. She did have the most beautiful big bubble ass I had ever seen and she was quite proud of it. My girlfriend went to another part of the gym, and I meanwhile started looking for HER. The crazy bitch was doing squats with a barbell. Every time she did a deep squat with the barbell, her ass cheeks spread apart and I could see her ass crack. I was so hard that it was getting painful. She had a flawless ass with two round ass cheeks and a tan line between them. She smiled at me and went to the locker room. I couldn’t wait any longer and sneaked into the female locker room. When she noticed me she came closer to me, bent over and told me to touch her firm ass. She then pulled down her shorts and told me to play with her pussy as well.



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Staying motivated to go to the gym has never been easier for our girl. But a classical workout isn’t the workout she’s looking for. The two hot, muscly instructors are what this naughty slut actually wants. She noticed that they couldn’t take their eyes off her perfectly shaped body, but didn’t try anything yet. That’s why she opted for a more direct approach today. She doesn’t wear panties under her see-through tight leggings. That will be an open invite to stretch her other muscles she hasn’t been working out in this gym yet. While they gaze at her, she is taking the chance to spread her legs and show them her incredible ass and hungry pussy. One of them goes away to get some water, while the other finally takes the initiative and kisses her. She cannot believe how big he is; her tiny cunt is already itching for satisfaction. She doesn’t waste time but takes his colossal cock in her mouth and starts to suck him off. When the first guy comes back, he can’t believe what he sees. The girl is riding his colleague’s throbbing cock, and is inviting him to join them! They change position, so all three of them can enjoy it even more. The sexy naked girl is sliding up and down on one raging dick while sucking another, her juices flowing all over them. As he rides one guy, the other one slaps her bubble butt, which makes her even hornier. The boys slide back and forth, and she screams and moans in heavenly ecstatic sensation. The feeling of two cocks, filling her pussy and her mouth at the same time drives her absolutely crazy with desire. A hurricane of excitement is whipping their bodies in simultaneous orgasms. Now our girl can’t wait for her next appointment with her personal trainers.

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Our teenage redhead is cute but is flat as a board. Guys never seem to flirt with her, so she asked her Mom’s friend to help train her. A professional gym instructor with big tits and a round juicy ass! Despite her being a beginner, the sporty MILF showed no mercy to her friend’s daughter. She made the little ginger lift weights, do push-ups, and cardio. The enthusiasm she showed at the start was gone, so the older woman broke out her secret weapon. She pinned the skinny girl down and told her to try and turn things around. Even with her best effort, there was no way she could overpower the muscular MILF on top of her. To goad her on, she lifted the girl’s shirt up and started to play with her nipples. But, rather than being embarrassed and getting a surge of power, she enjoyed it. Things turned out even better. She now had a horny lesbian beneath her. The fit lady slipped down her pants and had the flattie eat her out. It seems that she had worked out her tongue before. It was definitely her strongest muscle. At this point, the naked girls had forgotten all about the training and got into a 69 position. The two hungry lesbians sucked on each other’s clits, with the most experienced one taking control. The redhead managed to make her orgasm quickly, but instead of flipping her over, she waited to be brought to an orgasm as well. She deserved a reward for such a job well done. If she ate pussy like this, she would always be welcome at her gym. Two naked girls then started to scissor. The lesbains rubbed their clits together, their wet labia, moaning in pleasure. Their pussies squirted all over each other! The girls came at the same time and kept going.

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Lily is a successful fitness influencer, though most of her fans follow her for her massive tits and her perfect booty. One day, she got hired for a personal, one-on-one session with a guy. Little did she know, he’s a massive pervert who was jerking off to her latest gym video. She starts him off easy, just a bit of stretching. The guy follows along but never stops staring at her amazing ass, barely covered by those tiny shorts. When she spots his hard-on, she decides it’s time to switch workout regimes. Lily gets the oil from her sport bag and puts it on her tits. Baldo is shocked but returns to reality when she asks him to oil up her ass. They move over to do hip thrusts, and she sits directly on his dick to “add weight.” She teases him briefly before his dick peeks out of his shorts. The sexy gym babe has him rip off her clothes and eat her ass. After she’s been warmed up, he jams his cock in her pussy. With every thrust, he makes Lily’s fat thighs and tits jiggle. She rewards his efforts with a sloppy blowjob. He fucks her face, but she’s able to take it deep down her throat. Lily mounts a yoga ball to give him a better angle so he can fuck her thick ass. Nicely lubed up, it slides in and out of her effortlessly. Anal makes her orgasm the hardest. He starts slamming balls deep into her sexy ass, making her pussy squirt every time he drives into her asshole. The babe then lies on top of him and spreads her legs, showing off her pink pubes and pussy. He pulls out of her asshole and goes back to fuck her mouth. After a few more reps of anal and vaginal, he’s ready to burst. He feeds Lily a nice hefty dose of protein shake.

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The blonde milf takes very good care of her body and regularly exercises with her busty neighbor in her own gym. The two mature women are in very good physical shape, both have amazing big bubble asses and love their routines. But everything changes when the blonde milf’s stepson, Ricky, gets on the scene. Firstly, this little pervert watches the two stunning milfs sweat and expose their curves. Then he pulls out his cock and waves it behind their backs. He was rock hard looking at these two huge asses! When the neighboring milf realized what was the young man doing, she went back to him and attacked his young prick. This mature woman is obsessed with young dicks and takes every chance she gets to enjoy them. Her friend’s stepson’s cock tasted pretty good in her mouth while she was preparing it for a quicky. She had very little time before her friend found out that she was banging her stepson behind her back. Bent over in doggy position, the neighboring milf enjoyed sensual pounding from behind when her friend walked in. She was stunned by what she was seeing! Her son was fucking her neighbor at the garage gym! But instead of getting furious, she suggests a threesome. The stepson can’t believe it, but he agrees to fuck these horny MILFs nonetheless. The two mature naked women take advantage of the young man in every way possible. They made him drill their wet pussies in multiple positions. The neighboring milf was very pleased, as she didn’t have sex for a very long time, let alone an intense threesome with a young dick. The stepmom had one orgasm after another, even squirted a little bit. She enjoyed that gorgeous hard cock, and even allowed the stepson to fill her pussy with warm, sticky cum. Her friend was there to eat the young sperm out of her!

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No one is into fittness more than Aubree. This slender brunette fox will spend days on end practicing her squats and planning techniques. She just wants to impress her personal gym instructor with her big bubble ass. This entire clip is your chance to leisurely soak in perhaps the most beautiful ass on the site. This girl is endowed with the most spectacular ass and it gets lots of attention in this video. He finds her humping a gym ball and, well, oiling her amazing ass up like a maniac. He grabs her from the back and starts manhandling her perfect little tits. He even makes small holes in her blue top so that he can pinch her nipples. Soon enough, Aubree is bent over her ball and pounded from the back by her horny trainer. She screams in pleasure and agony as she takes the length of his cock deep inside. He slaps her big bubble ass numerous times when she’s in doggy and cowgirl. She likes it when he touches her sweet little asshole. He motivates her so much that she squats on his dick. Next, he gets his trainee in a hot seat. The hot gym babe keeps fucking him with her ass so much that it makes her cum. He rips her bottoms up completely, pulling out and spreading her ass to see her holes better. Not a minute passes and the girl is flat on her stomach on a sofa extension seat. He nails her to it until he feels he’s going to cum. He carefully adapts his breathing and thrusting to get into the mood for cumming. Aubree is oblivious to this because she’s too busy cumming herself. Finally, he pulls out and cums all over her amazing ass, rubbing the cum in her pussy with his fingers. Aubree is overwhelmed with joy just because she made her big guy ride and spray her silly. She promises she won’t miss a single workout with him.

Riding an exercise bike and a large dick at the gym

Hot blonde bimbo has gone for a workout at her gym. When a regular ride on her exercise bike turns out to be a bit too boring, she pulls a dildo out of her gym bag, puts it on the bike seat and starts riding that! Soon her cunt is squirting all over the bike! A dude notices and watches from a distance, as she pedals herself to a squirting orgasm. Sucking large dicks at the gym and then riding them until complete exhaustion is something that this busty young blonde often does. This time she met her match, as not only that the guy has an enormous dick, but he was also immensely horny. She is dressed in tight, hot pants. Her hot curves are bursting out, but she doesn’t care. She jumps around, with her boobs bouncing all over the place. She wants to show how her stamina and willingness to take that large dick in her hot pussy. The blonde immediately goes down on his dick, welcoming it with her wet mouth. The blowjob action is incredible. It seems like she wants to eat that cock. But the guy is not budging. He is calm and getting ready to tear that pussy apart! The blonde is riding the bike and the guy is behind her. At one moment, he tears her pants apart and slides half of his enormous cock inside. The blonde couldn’t wait to feel it in her pussy. The moment the big dick touched her labia she went off! She is shaking her ass and trying to get the entire dick inside. Riding an exercise bike and a large dick at the gym is not easy but the blonde handles it well! After a while, the busty blonde is in a doggy position again. The horny guy pounds her from behind, making her big tits bounce in all directions. They switch a couple of positions, fucking and moaning in complete exhaustion. But they don’t stop.

Perfect, round, big bubble butt gets fucked in the middle of the gym

Every time she goes to the gym, she watches her her personal trainer’s big muscles, which always gets her pussy wet. This is why she started dressing very provocatively and going to the gym early in the morning when no one was there except the two of them. She starts to bend over right in front of him, and suddenly, she feels a hand on her booty. This babe has the most gorgeous ass ever! What a perfectly round, bubble butt! So round and firm. Just a perfect, heart-shaped ass. He grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and leaned onto her from behind. She could feel his breath on her neck as he massaged her tushy. This made her pussy wet within seconds. It didn’t take him long to take her gym pants down. Secretly hoping this would happen, the babe went full commando, so the trainer looked directly into her juicy pussy. As he smacked her big bubble ass, his one finger went straight for the asshole. The babe could feel a finger going up there, and she loved the sensation. Even though she was bent over the exercise bike, she could see that her personal trainer was taking his clothes off. His erect dick stood proudly right next to her ass. The anticipation of penetration felt unbearable. But, once he penetrated her pussy from behind, she felt divine. Feeling his balls slam against her thighs aroused her even more. She was so turned on that she didn’t even notice he shoved his massive cock in her tight ass. Doggy-style anal was her favorite position, so she didn’t complain. Instead, she started moaning loudly so that the entire gym could hear her fuck. Before cumming he pulled out and shoved his cock deep down her throat. She was more than capable of deep-throating such a dick.

Lesbian gym trainer helps me forget about my ex

The breakup has left Jane heartbroken but still aching for her ex. Her constant masturbation to his dick pics has to stop so she decides to get started working out at the gym. As she arrives for her first appointment, she is in awe at the outfit of Kayley, her trainer is wearing. It consists of a skinny top and sexy thongs that makes her big bubble ass look fantastic. The workout begins and she tries her hardest not to be distracted by her phone which keeps buzzing and the feisty blonde. She’s given a last warning and the stretching continues. After her second attempt to look at the notifications her phone’s confiscated and it’s time for discipline. She’s swiftly bent over and her yoga pants get ripped apart. Once her naked ass is exposed, her trainer covers it generously with sensual oil. The gentle rubbing’s put to an end as she starts spanking her with a paddle. Her next task is to do jumping jacks, but her trainer’s too aroused to stop herself from flicking the pink pussy. As she does so, Jane tries texting her ex one last time but is caught again. She’s broken the rule three times and the full punishment takes place. She’s forced to motorboat and eat Kayley’s pink pussy vigorously until she orgasms all over her face. The feeling of having her clit licked by such a minx makes her desperate for rougher lesbian shenanigans. The two sexy girls passionately make out before things get naughty. Her looser boyfriend never licked her pussy like that! After eating each other’s assholes sloppily and wetting their snatches with spit, they into a tribbing position. The friction from having their slits rub against one another is enough to make them both orgasm, but the girls need more. Her personal trainer keeps riding her mouth and cumming all over her until she loses the memories of her ex-boyfriend!

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Sparring with a sexy chick is always challenging, especially when she is as naughty as this anal-loving brunette. Her kicks a good, but her buttcheeks are totally fuckable! So after sparring with her, the guy decided to give her some real sweating. The sexy kickboxer rejects him, but only before she sees his dick. When the guy pulls out his large monster dick, she gets mesmerized and takes it up her tight asshole. As foreplay, she gets a putt plug in her big ass and a hard fuck in her mouth. Hardcore sex at the gym is always fun to watch, but these two make it looks totally arousing! When she had enough of the monster dick down her throat, the big-ass brunette bends over and lets the guy oil up her big bottom. While glowing under the lights, her big ass looks very fuckable. When the oil was applied to the tight asshole it was time for the monster cock to do some serious damage. Sliding it inside gently, the guy slowly enters the brunette’s tight asshole. It’s been a while since she had anal, so her asshole squeaks more than it should. But the girl doesn’t mind. She has already closed her eyes and allowed the guy to do whatever he wants with her asshole. When the dick was finally inside, the guy slowly intensified the thrusting motion.



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