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He can have free use sex with his wife because she previously cheated on him

After catching his wife Victoria cheating on him, this man orders that every time he wants to, she must surrender herself and her body to him to redeem herself. It means he can have ‘free use’ sex with her anytime he wants. While his wife was making lunch in the kitchen, he came down from behind her and started to touch her all over her body. After a while, while she was washing the dishes, he reappeared behind her back, lifted her skirt, and started touching her bare, perfect ass. He pushes her onto the kitchen counter and starts licking her pussy, pushing his face right between her buttocks. Holding her gorgeous ass with both hands he licks all over her ass crack. He lifts her leg and licks her pussy hard while at the same time jerking her off and leading to madness and orgasm. While she is cooking lunch, he appears to her with a naked, raised cock, and she kneels on her knees and starts to suck, lick and jerk off his big cock and swollen balls. He fucks her in the mouth as saliva drips down them. His obedient wife lays down on the kitchen counter, and he starts stuffing his dick in her mouth while she is licking his balls simultaneously. He rips off her dress, rams her on the kitchen counter, takes her from behind, and fucks her so hard and fast. He stuffs his dick into her wet cunt and again makes her climb on the kitchen counter and suck his dick while he fucks her in the mouth. From behind, he keeps pounding into her wet, tight pussy, while holding her raised leg. She cums like crazy while he tells her not to stop. He rams it to her end as she moans, moving her hips and feeling how hot and horny she is. He lifts both of her legs and, as he holds her by the neck, frantically rams it as everything burst with passion. He cums inside her and fills her hot pussy with cum! A domination and submission fantasy it’s amazing and very hot. Whether this agreement has helped their marriage or not, it’s clear that a little sprinkle of ‘free use’ can definitely spice things up!

Petite gamer girl loves being freely used while gaming

Eva and her boyfriend adore the free-use fantasy, which is why they’ve vowed always to use each other’s bodies whenever they’re in the mood to orgasm. She was playing her favorite game on the Nintendo Switch, dressed in the naughtiest fishnet stockings. While having the time of her life gaming, she lifts her legs up and eagerly spreads them wide open, and within seconds, her BF swings by. He whips out his cock and lets the petite blonde cutie lick it tenderly until it’s rock hard. Despite being concentrated on her game, Eva’s still more than happy to open her mouth wide and suck his dick. Seeing her tongue slobbering on his manhood and staring at her cute little tits was enough to get him fully erect and ready to get down and dirty. As he tenderly rubs his hand across her pink snatch, he grabs hold of her stockings and rips them just enough so that he can access her sugar walls. The girl has the most beautiful pussy in porn history. She has a flawless pussy, it isn’t all poking out fleshy lips, it’s a neat little slit. so pink and smooth. Her pussy is very wet and his fingers slip into her slit very easily. Despite being incredibly tight, after a few slow and deep thrusts, she can take his huge dick with ease. Although she’s still concentrated on gaming, the sexy teen babe can’t help but moan and groan out loud from the thickness of his meat.



Pounding her in missionary proves to be a bit difficult since she’s carrying a controller, so he switches things up by bending her over in hopes of pummeling her from behind. Once the intense doggy style drilling begins, her lust completely takes over her body, and she can no longer think about the game and is only focused on the feeling of her twat getting railed passionately. As she puts down the Nintendo, she puts her hands on her cute bubble butt and spreads her cheeks excitedly to get him to pound her harder. I bet you would like to suck and lick that bod all day, those bouncy boobs, and that sweet ass and pussy! Her milky white, smooth, tight, and flawless ass is high in the air and the deeper he drills her, the louder she becomes. He pummels her with all of his strength for as long as he can. Although he wanted to bang Eva for hours on end, seeing her adorable booty bouncing back onto his cock made it impossible not to cum. Thankfully, he managed to pull out just in time to cover her butt with his hot cum. Since both of them have agreed to the free-use fantasy, sometime later, his sexy girlfriend is the one who’s in the mood to play with his meat. She rushes over to the living room, slides down his pants, and passionately licks every inch of his rod with pure lust in her eyes. Once he’s completely hard and ready to bang, Eva takes off her panties, and the intense free-use banging continues once again until Eva orgasms and drains every drop of cum from his balls.

Summertime freeuse fuck party with two bimbos with big ass

Anything is allowed when you are on a summer vacation. You can feel free to try all those dirty things you fantasize about when you are buried with responsibilities. Chloe and Fiona are girls who took their summer vacation to a higher level. Being best friends they wanted to join their voluptuous and curvy bodies to experience the threesome. So the girls met a guy who saw their enthusiasm and decided to join the party. They let him know their snatch is free for use so this guy was giving them cunnilingus and fingering to heat things up. It was fun, but every time he licked one pussy he felt the other was left wanting. The girls came up with an idea to play Twister. Of course, it was played under loose rules. They ended up giving him a blowjob that quickly turned to fuck fiesta. Chloe was riding his cock as a cowgirl while Fiona was facesitting this lucky guy. They wanted to show off just how much freeuse fun they had that summer! Two naked girls were slamming their wet cunts hard down onto his cock and tongue. When they switched roles he could enjoy watching these chicks eating each other out so juicy and joyfully while having one of them jumping on his tool. They took the party to the bedroom. The hype was high and they had no intention of stopping the good time. This fucker didn’t know what to dig first – ass licking or eating pussy. Both hotties were in the mood for anything. It was a mindblowing POV for him. Two hot naked girls who want his cock with the same amount of passion and they share it among themselves so unselfishly. He was recording the whole hot mess so he wouldn’t forget this summertime banging of two hot sluts.

I dressed up as Santa Clause and gave out free orgasms to hot girls

Christmas was fast approaching, and I got the perfect idea to dress up as Santa Claus and pick up random girls to fuck. My friend offered to drive me around Miami as we searched for the ideal woman to smash. A hot blonde approached our van, and I showed her the time of her life. Soon enough, we were in the back of the car with her sitting in my lap like a good girl. I rubbed her clit, and she moaned out deliciously. Her pussy was wet, her juices leaking down my fingers. It didn’t take long for her to take my cock into her mouth. As soon as we started, I knew this was going to be the best blowjob of my life. She immediately deepthroated me and massaged my balls with her tiny hands. My cock was as hard as a rock, and I decided it was the perfect time to fuck her tight cunt. The sexy blonde teen put her ass in the air in the ideal doggy-style position, and I quickly put my cock into her dripping pussy. The babe had one of the best asses I have ever seen. My movements were slow at first, but I picked up the speed when I heard her moaning. She was enjoying every second of my raging length pounding into her. We changed positions, and now I had her in reverse cowgirl. The naked girl bounced up and down and met my hard thrusts. Her legs spread wider, and I reached deeper inside of her. Her profanities were enough for me to speed up again. At one point, I lay down entirely and let her take over for a while. She rubbed her clit with her slender fingers, and I knew she was close to her orgasm. I wanted to look at her face while she came, so I pushed her onto her back and continued my fast-paced pounding. The babe came with a scream and clenched around my huge cock.

Petite cutie ditches school to get freely used by her friend

Despite looking cute and adorable, Allie is extra naughty and decides to skip school. But skipping school is proving to be a more complex plan than expected. Allie wants her friend to join her on her day off, so she recruits Nicky’s help to impersonate her friend’s father and convince the principal that something terrible happened. She hands him a written message that he is supposed to read out to the principal on the phone. Whilst scrambling through the papers, he slides off Allie’s panties and watches as she spreads her legs wide open on the kitchen counter. They continue to read out the lines as he tenderly kisses her inner thighs and eventually has a taste of her sweet snatch. Within minutes of eating her bald pussy out and studying the script, he finally felt like he was ready to test out the plan, but before he grabbed the phone, Allie had already dropped to her knees and began sucking him off. Since both have agreed to the free-use rules, he doesn’t bat an eye and dials up the school with a hint of fear in his voice. Despite trying to stay focused on the conversation, he can’t stop his voice from shaking each time the tip of his dick reaches the back of Allie’s cute little throat. Unfortunately for them, the principal’s not so easy to fool, and he calls them out for trying to ditch.



Instead of giving up and going to class, they brainstorm new ideas as the petite babe arches her back and takes every inch of his cock in her tight twat from behind. Even though Allie kept her composure perfectly so far, her sensual moans swiftly start slipping out the rougher he thrusts her. Suddenly, the horny teens think of another idea that involves her dad’s car, so they rush into the garage to start it up. Although the blondie is in a hurry, she can’t let him ride the car until she’s finished satisfying his thick meat, so she drops to her knees to slobber it up with her mouth again. Once it’s all covered with her drool, she slides her sexy petite body onto his and begins riding his manhood with passion. Her young tight pussy feels so good and her slender figure turns him on so much. While she adores being the one in control, her legs soon begin to shiver, and within minutes, she has her first intense orgasm whilst he’s still deep in her. Somehow he managed not to bust, so without wasting a second, he put her into missionary to keep fucking her balls deep. His cock brings her to another orgasm, and one more, before he covers her skinny belly with his cum. Mr. Trainor was suspicious about the call, so he decides to investigate what’s going on. Will he catch this little slut in her lies?

A Thanksgiving dinner turns into a freeuse orgy for two naked girls

Momma Riley and Poppa Donnie are delighted to have their girl Serena and her gorgeous redhead friend Violet over for Thanksgiving. This all-American family has all the traditional values. They say grace, stuff their turkeys, and have a freeuse policy for the holidays. Ok, the last one isn’t all-American, but Donnie is just a sex freak, and he loves touching his stepdaughter, Serena, with no limitations. They’ve made a pact that she would come home for every holiday when she goes off to college and that Daddy would get to pummel her sweet pussy anytime he wants then. They’ve also agreed that she’ll bring a sexy friend over so that Dad can use her young teenage pussy, too. The minute the girls arrive, Serena hugs him and gets down on her knees to suck his cock. She is blowing him as he gets into some small talk with Violet and her mom. The girls move to the kitchen to cut up the stuffing, and the old pervert joins them. As the girls are hard at work, he pulls down the young girl’s panties and starts eating Violet’s ass right smack in front of his family. Her pussy is so young and tasty. She loves the attention very much, but she keeps her focus and keeps working. Donnie then moves to fuck his girl Serena from the back. Her pussy feels as good as ever. He whispers in her ear that he loves her for keeping her end of the bargain. Of course, he takes a seat at the dinner table and makes the naked girls take turn sitting on his cock. The fact that Seren’s juices are mixed with Violets turns him on a lot. He stuffs her with cum as his wife and stepdaughter stuff the turkey. Sperm drips down Violet’s tender thighs as he pulls his pants up.

Perfect free-use babysitter taking care of her employer’s dick

Single dad hires a new live-in nanny, Khloe, to take care of his kids and do some cleaning around the house. The most important rule around the house is that his babysitters should let him freeuse them however she wants. Fortunately, the girl is more than willing to fulfill her duties. Once the boys are in bed, the teenage babysitter is ready to be a free-use sex toy for her daddy. He pulled down her tight jeans, revealed her bubbly ass, and stuck his big cock inside her little twat. Her young tight vagina felt amazing around his big dick. The teen babe even pushed her cute little ass back onto him, making him fucking her even deeper from behind. He didn’t do it too long because he just wanted to get a taste. Right now, they’re sitting in the living room. Khloe is busy writing her notes. The girl wants to catch up on her studies, but he has another thing in mind. He doesn’t want to disturb her. Far from it! He just wants to put the tip of his dick in her mouth. Khloe does as she’s supposed to and multitasks. She is getting tasks that concerns taking care of his dick and balls. One minute later, he’s making her fold the clean towels. The girl is all dressed up and ready to go out after her job. He is about to ruin her perfect dress. As the teen girl is reaching for the towels, he lifts up her pink dress. The little slut isn’t wearing any panties, as he was expecting.



He knows that the boys will be all over that ass, but he wants to be the first to hit it tonight. He enters his girl’s vagina in doggy as she’s folding the towels. As he fucks her, Khloe’s reluctant moans grow ever louder. This old man’s cock is beginning to interfere with her work. He revels in the act and soon takes her in cowgirl, spreading her perfect white ass, revealing the fact that she hasn’t waxed or shaved down there. With all the new sexual chores she has, the poor girl can’t manage it. He doesn’t mind. Hell, he loves all that young furr as he reaches down and touches her holes. While in reverse cowgirl, Khloe holds on to her clit and jerks it hard. Every time the skinny naked girl lowers herself to the hilt she contracts her vagina around his shaft. He starts to pound balls deep into her tiny body with upward thrust of his hips burying his dick deep into her pussy. She can lie, but her body can’t – it just plain loves being used up by her master. The last thing both of them can remember is him pinning her down in missionary, spreading her skinny legs wide open, fucking her fats and deep and cumming all over those fresh pubic hairs. The rest is lost to them in a sexual haze.

Stepmom and stepdaughter love being freely used by the family

The lustful milf Charlie and her husband have decided the best way to make their family dynamic work is to implement their free-use fetish. Luckily, their erotic stepdaughter, River, and her hung stepbro are all up for it. After having a nice chat at the dinner table, everyone goes about their day, and the stepmother rushes over to the bathroom to do the dishes. As she does, her stepson joins her, and as they chat, he slowly lifts up her skirt to plow her from behind. While talking and sliding his cock deep inside of her cunt, River joins them to talk about the new boy at school she’s been talking to. Seeing her stepbro’s thick meat pounding doesn’t phase her, so she chats and gets advice from her stepmom whilst he creampies her perfect snatch. Later on in the day, the pervy stepdad excitedly goes to check on the cute blonde who’s studying. It doesn’t take long before he starts climbing on top of her from behind and sliding off her panties. Despite feeling her stepfather’s huge shaft thrusting into her, she manages to maintain her composure and continue finishing up her calculus. Soon enough, he drains his heavy balls in her pussy and lets the girl continue with her studies. All throughout the day, the stepdad and stepson take turns banging the two blonde cuties one by one. The next time the four of them meet is to bond and talk in the living room, and soon enough, things start getting sexual once more.



Whilst the naked girls chat, the men slowly walk up behind them and begin teasingly rubbing their tits. They bend their asses over to satisfy their intense doggy style cravings. No matter how hard their insides get pummeled, the naked girls manage to stay composed and talk as if nothing is happening. After switching over to missionary, River and Charlie can’t resist fondling each other, so they slowly begin caressing their bodies. As they gently rub their tits, the stepmother decides to go a bit further and lick them, but even though they’re now getting soaking wet, they’re still focused on the conversation at hand. With each thrust, the men feel their insides beginning to tighten, but they don’t let the sight of their stunning bodies distract them from talking. Since they’ve been practicing free use around the house for quite some time now, they’ve gotten used to the feeling of their twats, so they’re able to engage in raunchy fun without busting for a while. To spice things up, they decide to time their cumshots, so they both adjust how hard they pummel them as they discuss where they’ll be going after they’ve finished. Within minutes the naked girls feel their huge cocks throbbing inside their snatches, so they drop to their knees instinctively. Whilst down, they stare into their eyes and smile with joy as their pretty faces get covered in their stepfather’s and stepson’s thick cumshots.

Pink-haired busty gamer girl is her roommate’s free-use anal

Video games are nice, but giving up your ass for the first guy who comes along sporting a boner is much better. At least, this is how it works in Lily’s mind. This pink-haired airhead just invited her nice brunette friend over. The girls are playing video games and lying around on the floor. Lily’s roommate, Van, happens to be walking by. The slutty babe catches his eye. More precisely, her little pink skirt and gorgeous little ass. As they have a free-use policy in place, the guy gets down on all fours and lifts that skirt up. Of course, Lily isn’t wearing any panties. He doesn’t care about the other girl. Van grabs those ass cheeks with both hands and spreads that asshole as wide as he can. Lily gapes for him but keeps on playing. He fingers and licks that asshole one second later. As soon as he reaches into his pocket to grab a conveniently placed little dildo. Soon enough, that dildo is placed deep inside her pussy hole. The girl is more than willing to take the toy in her pussy. The device has a neat little feature. Its huge green head can not only spread a pussy but vibrate it seriously. The girl immediately starts shaking from the orgasmic movements of the toy. She drops her gamepad and turns round to face Van. The guy is jerking off now and watching the holes he’s about to pry open.



Needless to say, her bestie sees them and runs away with a cry of disgust. This doesn’t stop Lily from taking a dick deep inside her asshole. Of course, she doesn’t take the dildo out as Van enter her asshole in doggy. Pretty soon, he grabs her pink hair and pulls on it. Van doesn’t shy away from making her do A2M. No, Lily doesn’t have any trouble with that. She cleans that dick thoroughly before she rides him like a good little anal cowgirl. Van switches between holes several times. The anal slut sucks her own tits as he plugs those holes. Her tiny legs shake as Van turns her on her back and fucks her in missionary. Van doubts if he could make her cum by plowing her asshole, but he’s going to try. He pounds hard into her, making her big tits bounce wild. When he takes her in doggy again, her pussy is throbbing wet. It only takes a couple of strokes with his cock inside her pussy and clit to send Lily into the stratosphere. As the girl moans and her pussy shivers, he plows her asshole again. At this point, she doesn’t care. The sensation of being fucked is repeated over and over, and the little pain she feels from anal, she doesn’t even notice it anymore. Van pulls out and cums on her asshole as Lily tries to regain her senses. Needless to say, they’ll play this game again.

The busty teen lets her stepbro freely use her whenever he’s horny

Living in a free-use household may sound amazing, but the busty Hailey can’t seem to get her stepbro off her back. As the beautiful teen girl tries to read her book he approaches from behind to tease her. Since she’s into free use as well, the gorgeous brunette lets him lift up her top and play with her juicy melons. Although it’s distracting her from reading, she does her best to ignore him even whilst he sucks on her big nipples with passion. Soon enough he strips out of his shorts and reveals his throbbing cock that’s aching for a blowjob. While holding her book above his meat he slowly shoves it in her mouth until she’s comfortable enough to read and deepthroat him at the same time. Despite cumming fairly quickly, later during the day when Hailey’s working on her laptop with her mom he goes to bother her once again. This time without wasting a second he props her up and slides off her panties to plow her from behind. Even though Hailey’s begging her mom to reason with her and do something about the situation, she’s got too much work on her hands so she lets her stepdaughter endure his deep thrusts while she’s working. Seeing her natural boobs bounce with each intense pump pushes him over the edge within minutes and he busts a nut before leaving the two alone to finish up their job.



Later on in the day, Hailey believes she’s free of her stepbrother and rushes to her bedroom to chat with her friend over the phone. Unfortunately for her, he swiftly follows her into bed and continues caressing her sweet tits and kissing the back of her neck to get her wet and ready for round three. Despite being on a call, he strips her nightgown and puts her on all fours to pound her vigorously in doggy. As the young busty babe talks to her friend she begins asking her questions about her stepbro, and instead of keeping everything to herself, she explains the situation she’s in and how good his manhood feels. Hearing that made him want to stare into her eyes while pummeling her, so he turned her around for a passionate missionary session. Soon the call ends but now Hailey is feeling extra horny and doesn’t mind moaning out loud in front of her stepbrother. Seeing how she’s becoming more dominant, he lies down and watches as his naked stepsister crawls onto him to ride him with all of her strength. She makes sure to bend down and push her nipples into his mouth since she’s always gotten extra wet when he teased her boobs. As the girl feels his dick throbbing inside she quickly switches to missionary and spreads her legs wide open. Now that the two can stare into each other’s eyes with ease she allows him to be as rough as he possibly can. Without wasting a second he hammers every inch of his cock into her before covering her with his cumshot.

Petite honey loves being a free-use sex toy for her boys

These two guys are definitely lucky to have such a roommate. The girl is not only young and beautiful but also practices freeuse relationship! Freeuse Fantasy is a fetish and fantasy world where women are made sexually available to men anytime, anyplace, anywhere! This means you can undress any girl you want and just start fucking her! That’s right! While playing video games the guys just pulled her shorts to play with her pussy as well. The girl has a gorgeous little ass and a nice pussy. One of the guys spreads her pink ass cheeks with his hands and his friend sticks a finger in the wet slit! Then one of them pulls his hard cock out and says, “Go on, ride it slut.” The pale little redhead minx is still hitting that gamepad as she is riding his cock. The guy still can’t believe this is happening as he grabs her perfect ass and spreads it until her asshole shows. He says he’s close, and the naked girl says it’s okay for him to cum inside her. Next up, they help the girl with her biology lessons. They lay the girl on the kitchen table. While one of the guys checks on her homework, the other one examines her clit, eats her pussy, and fucks her face as hard as he can. He creampies her throat like a champ! Next up, he caught his buddy fucking the naked girl from the back as she is practicing her cheerleading. The guys team up and turn it all into a threesome. The girl is happy to suck one dick as the other stuffs her tiny teen pussy. The boys take turns ravaging her mouth and pussy. It doesn’t take long for this little slut to milk both their cocks dry. The two guys can’t believe what they’ve just done and can’t wait to do it again.

Freeuse beautiful girl lets her stepdad and step-cousin use her throughout the day

After noticing that both his stepdaughter Melanie and her step-cousin have issues socializing, he decided to get the two connected. Even though the teens are a bit shy at first, they start chatting about their studies while the raunchy stepdad goes around to caress her perfect ass. Thankfully, all three of them are in the free-use lifestyle and don’t mind being used. Seeing how Melanie’s not opposed to being touched, the cousin also decides to join in on the fun. Whilst chatting, the guys slowly slide off her panties and top to continue caressing her perfect body. Melanie’s trying her hardest to concentrate, but the feeling of her stepdad’s tongue on her pussy is becoming a bit too distracting. Thankfully, her step-cousin steps in to help teach her about the subject, so as he starts explaining pulls out his thick cock to jerk it. It doesn’t take long before the cute girl starts sucking it, so her stepdad bends her over and decides to take the next step. He begins pounding her tight snatch from behind with joy, and none of them seem to care about what’s happening. After some intense plowing and blowing, they head on to the living room to relax from the tedious studying. To pass the time, they choose to do a puzzle, but instead of helping Melanie, they use her body as she tries to put all the pieces together. They lay the beautiful naked girl flat on the table and thrust deep into her mouth and pussy whilst she barely managed to figure out the puzzle.



Since she’s unable to fully complete it, they switch over to the gaming console, where she can at least hold the controller and play as she gets used. She slowly spreads her legs and focuses on the screen while her raunchy step-family members rub her clit and fondle her soft skin. Once her stepfather notices how wet she’s getting, he turns her around slightly in order to shove himself in her. As he does so, the cute brunette gobbles on her step-cousin’s thick manhood and plays her game. Since they only have one controller, the sexy girl gives it to him so that he gets a turn on the console. As she does so her stepfather lays her on her back and spreads her wide open. The moment she feels him enter she begins sucking on her step-cousin’s dick and licking his balls ever so gently. It doesn’t take long for Melanie to have an orgasm, so she tells him to ignore gaming and focus on pounding her more. Without wasting a second the beautiful naked girl arches her back and continues getting spit-roasted relentlessly, but her stepdad’s pretty close to busting. Instead of letting him catch his breath she bounces on his meat and makes him cover her pretty booty with his hot load. Now that the step-cousins are alone, she stares into his eyes while slobbering on his heavy balls. Within seconds he stops jerking to give her the thick facial she’s been craving.

The power’s out, it’s super hot, and two naked girls freeuse each other

Khloe and Mazy are watching TV when it suddenly turns off. There’s no electricity, the days hot, and the only thing to do to keep cool is to strip naked. Our cute brunette and blonde have seen each other nude plenty, so it’s no issue at all. It’s Khloe’s job to handle the bills, so she calls the power company to check. When her roommate sees a free pussy, she dives in. Even though her friend is on the phone, she goes down and licks her clit and suck her meaty labia in her mouth. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and the blonde doesn’t make a noise. No power until tomorrow means no clothes all day. The naked girls are bored, so they try to keep themselves entertained by reading, chatting, and, of course, freeusing each other! The brunette makes full use of blondie’s mouth while she’s busy reading a book. Mazy rides her face and rubs her tight pussy all over her tongue. After cumming from that, she positions her to scissor their pussies. It’s amazing that Khloe could focus on reading while having her pussy ground like that. One more orgasm, and she decides she’s done with her human sex toy. One of their guy friends drops by to bring them an ice machine.



He’s as much of an airhead as they are and keeps trying to turn it on despite there being no power. The blonde exhibitionist pops out of her clothes again, and the two go crazy on both of her holes. While she’s fanning herself, the guy motorboats her ass cheeks, and the brunette eats her clit. All the heat goes to the dude’s dick, so he whips it out and has both naked girls suck on it to cool it down. He pushes his penis in one girl’s mouth then moves to the other girl, going from one to the other, fucking their mouths. Both naked girls suck his cock sitting on the cool kitchen floor. Maybe if they close their eyes and imagine it’s a popsicle, it’ll taste like one. With food on their mind, the group plans a shopping trip while the dude fucks their pussies. Later the naked girls eat ice cream and the guys asks them for a different sweet treat. They slurp and suck on his dong in between bites of ice cream. He bangs both of them while they’re on their phones. The naked girls snap some pics of his cock going in and out. After swapping holes a few times, he tells them to stand up. They get another serving of dessert, this time a hot, creamy load of semen. Would you like to be him? Use these sexy naked girls whenever you want, anytime, anywhere? The “free use” fetish is when naked girls make themselves sexually available to you at any time and anywhere. Maybe they are cooking, maybe they are reading, maybe they are working out. No matter what, these girls are down for sex.

Petite naked girl and her stepdad enjoy a free-use policy when it comes to sex

Tiny brunette Dakota and her stepdad are super close. I mean really close, like a-tongue-in-her-pussy close. She’s his free-use sex doll, and he’s her free-use cock. Today, the horny man walks into the room as she’s lying on her bed, talking to her friend on the phone. The young 18 year old girl barely greets him, but she sure as hell lets him feel her up as he gets on the bed behind her. Her friend on the other side of the line doesn’t even get a hint at what’s going on because Dakota is so accustomed to her stepdad frisking her all the time. His hands are all over her cute little ass, her slender legs, her small titties and her warm pussy. He wants more than some petting this time around. He keeps taking more of Dakota’s private space and pushing his hips against her little ass. She can feel his hard dick but doesn’t pay it much mind. The only time she really flinches is when he eventually takes her panties off and starts eating her sweet, pussy. However, she only gets off the phone a couple of times, like when she starts sucking her stepdad’s cock. He advises her never to drink and drive as he strokes his cock and puts it inside her little pussy in missionary. His care for her is real. You can feel it, especially when he pummels her pussy in some hot spooning action. Dakota might seem green, but she knows how to take his cock like a little whore. She rides it like a good little cowgirl and then gets her pussy plowed in doggy. Her asshole gapes wide open as her stepdad grabs harder and harder at her ass cheeks. His tiny, skinny, stepdaughter makes him so horny. The minute he lets up a bit, she’s back on her phone, texting and looking at posts on Instagram. He pulls out and sprays his load all over her cute face as she bickers about some girl’s ugly shoes.

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