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I went to Moscow for a business trip and I couldn’t wait to get some spare time. I heard that Russian whores are the world’s finest, and I surely wanted to see if that was true. As soon as I finished work, I managed to arrange a steamy date without my wife knowing. An hour later there was a knock on the door and it was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was a tall brunette with a fine ass, wearing tempting lingerie, black stockings and sexy high heels. The breathtaking Russian luxury escort girl positioned herself on the bed and spread her legs apart, showing me her pussy. She turned me on instantly, and this girl wasted no time. I was on the bed and she removed her coat. I wanted to do everything to her, but she took the matter into her own hands, literally. My dick was growing bigger as she was stroking it. She continued to speak Russian to me. Rubbing her cunt and stroking my cock she asked if her tits better than my wife’s. She took my hard cock in her mouth. This whore really knew how to blow it and make me enjoy it. The hottie took turns swallowing my cock so deep and putting my balls in her mouth one at a time and sucking vigorously. I just wanted to rip her panties and shove it balls deep. But then she decided to destroy me as I didn’t know I could get that horny. She removed her panties but then she started stroking me with her feet. ‘I’M YOUR WHORE!’ ‘Oh, you have such a beautiful cock!’ I was so close to cumming, and it would be an explosion. Her legs were so beautiful, but she then decided to ride me. The Russian slut got on top of me, and twerked her round ass on my pecker. It was going mad, so I lowered her and started nailing her hard doggy style. My hand was on her neck and she was moaning as I was pounding that skank like I never did before. I was done and I let all my cum out on her belly. The next night, I had another escort lady. She was dressed like a pretty schoolgirl but she was so naughty! But let’s not skip ahead.

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Once you find yourself in a committed relationship, this strange phenomenon starts to happen. At first, it comes once in a blue moon, but then, the more time you spend with your girlfriend, it happens as often as sundown or sunrise. Maybe you are confused as to what the hell I am talking about. Well, buckle up, and let me tell you a story. Me and my girlfriend, my gorgeous, skinny, blonde girlfriend, were moving in together. Sure it was a big step for us, but the one thing I was most excited about was seeing her pretty ass walk around the house next to nothing. Once you fuck your girlfriend a couple of hundred times, this phenomenon will happen. It won’t matter what she is wearing. She can be dressed as a nun or like a hooker because after seeing her naked so many times, this sixth sense develops. I can now see my beautiful girlfriend naked at any given point. I know, it’s bananas! So like today, we were moving boxes into our new apartment, and she was in a tight white bodysuit, without the bra, bless her heart and those tight booty shorts. She was trying to be sexy, but I am telling you, it doesn’t matter what she is wearing anymore, because all I see now is her sexy, naked body at all times. Seeing her strut around the house, bending down, and picking up boxes got me so hard. I can see through her clothes, I can see her gorgeous naked ass and her lovely, bald pussy. My babe has the most incredible body I’ve ever seen, and no girl can even come close to her sexiness.



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