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I never officially met my new, smoking-hot neighbors, but you could say that I know them very well. Those two seductresses aren’t shy, that is for sure. Every single day the girls flaunt their amazing bodies by the pool, and they take their time oiling their fabulous asses, almost like they know I watch them and jerk myself off. Today, I decided to take things to the next level. Instead of watching the hot babes from my window, I hid in the bush, hoping they wouldn’t notice me. But alas, they must have heard the leaves rustling, and I slipped and almost fell in front of them. I didn’t know if they already knew that I was there while they stripped naked and slowly spread the oil onto each other’s incredible tits. The naked girls then pulled me out of the bush, and I started to think of some excuse, but as it turned out, I didn’t even need it. They said they knew I had been watching them for the past few days and didn’t even seem bothered by that fact. On the contrary, the naked girls waited for me to come and initiate some action. They pulled me inside and, without further ado, began to rub their massive bottoms into my face. After that, the hot sluts positioned themselves on each other, so I could lick their tight pussies and assholes and prepare them for further fingering and fucking.



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Clara and Amber might seem like sweet and shy 18+ schoolgirls, but they’re actually a couple of sluts. Sure, they didn’t always have it easy. The girls are being driven to school by the mom’s friend Clarke, but it turns out he’s the father of the boy who used to bully them. The man plays a joke on Clara but sees she’s not up to it. Amber comes along in her cute pink dress and confirms to Clarke that his son is being a dick to them. The dad says he’s sorry and reassures the girls that he’ll get his son to stop… if they agree to play with his penis in exchange! For the girls it’s a chance to humiliate their bully and also get something for themselves in the process. In a second, these teens get on their knees and try to suck this mature guy’s dick! As soon as that shaft leaps out of Clarke’s pants, the girls see they are in over their heads. Amber does her best to deepthroat it as Clara helps her. He watches the naked girls squirm with ecstasy as he fill their little mouths with his rock hard cock. The tiny girls switch sides several times, and soon enough, that cock is all wet and ready for sex. Like with sucking cock, it’s Amber who goes first. She rides that cock like a good little cowgirl. Clarke soon picks her up and pummels her while standing up. Both petite naked girls take turns riding that dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until the man makes Amber go into doggy. He fucks her for a bit and then feeds her pussy juices to Clara. Amber sees this and wants the same treatment. She learns well how good Clara’s pussy juices taste. The girls scream in unison as he goes from one little pussy to the other. In one of these pussy-to-mouth sessions, the naked girls grab his throbbing cock and blow his load all over their faces. “I promise, my son Tommy will never bother you again if we have more sex,” he says, and both naked girls smile with sticky cum on their faces.

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For their anniversary, Valerica and her boyfriend decide this is the perfect time to get matching tattoos, so they schedule an appointment with Joanna and eagerly rush into her shop. As she begins tattooing Valerica’s soft thigh, she seductively licks her lips and stares into her boyfriend’s eyes. Although he’s in a relationship, seeing the busty artist show off her juicy tits and booty made it impossible not to get hard. He slowly goes behind her girl’s back and whips out his cock, and Joanna sneakily sucks on it. After making an excuse to leave, she lures in her man as well in hopes of having sex. The moment they’re out of her sight, she drops down her panties, and he begins pummeling her from behind. Since his dick is so huge, she can’t help but moan out loud, which leads to Valerica catching him cheating on her. Instead of making this event ruin her anniversary, the two inked hotties lead him to the front of the store, where they suck him off. What started off as an affair quickly turned into a threesome, and he doesn’t mind letting the hotties use his manhood in any way they please. As the naked girls push him onto his back, his girlfriend eagerly jumps on top and starts riding him with pure lust in her eyes. Being stretched out whilst kissing the busty brunette makes her unable to control her body, which results in her squirting all over the floor! While catching her breath, she bends Joanna over and lets her man hammer her in doggy style as she puts her face on her snatch. After pummeling both tatted babes vigorously and seeing them squirt all over the tattoo studio, he barely manages to pull out and cum, only to watch the naked girls share his load joyfully.

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By doing yoga Sara keeps her beautiful body in perfect shape for all the guys to be mesmerized by her. Unfortunately, exercising alone is always boring, but at least she has her friend Megan to call over. While she waits for her to arrive, Megan’s throat is being pummeled by her boyfriend vigorously. Although she wants to make her man cum, she can’t leave her friend hanging and decides to stop the shenanigans and go over to her. As they arrive, her boyfriend sits in the back and watches as the two big booty babes stretch and put their stunning bodies in racy positions. Things get spicy once the two hotties get close to one another and start kissing and caressing their juicy tits. Although her boyfriend’s behind her, Megan slides her panties to the side to let Sara eat her out. Whilst licking her quivering clit the Latina makes sure to finger her tight asshole with joy. Seeing the naked girls enjoy each other got him rock-hard in seconds, so he eagerly stands above them and whips out his huge throbbing cock, which mesmerizes them both. Without wasting a second, they start licking on his balls and dick simultaneously until they’ve covered it in their hot drool. As they deepthroat the girls decide to take turns sucking and eating ass, and soon enough, their booties are ready for deep penetration. As his girlfriend arches her back he goes behind her and shoves every inch of his manhood into her ass without mercy.



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Me, my stepsister, and her bestie in a perfect love triangle

This weekend, my stepsister Clara has her friend, Molly, over. The girls are up to no good, and I can sense it. I overhear that Clara lies to our mom about what they’re up to. Once I confront my stepsis that I know she lied, the two come clean. The girls want someone to have a threesome with! The two little cunts even have the courage to ask if I knew some guy who’d want to do it with them. I say: ‘I do, actually – me!’ Clara is a bit taken by this, and Molly seems very willing. She convinces my stepsis to go along with the plan. What is she going to do? Risk having me tell our mom she lied to her. Molly proceeds to casually remove her top. I can feel my dick getting hard. Once Clara’s gorgeous tits are out, I finally get to enjoy looking at them. Molly is definitely a bad influence. She takes her bottoms off, and right smack rides my stepsister’s face. I’m shocked, but I don’t back away. Molly’s back looks perfect, with some sexy tan lines cutting across her lower back. My stepsister spreads her ass wide as she eats her pussy and touches her asshole. I jack off like the maniac, watching two naked girls licking their pussies and assholes. Then two naked girls get on all fours and ask me to fuck their pussies! I take turns placing my hard cock between both their pussies, making the girls squirm and move their hips in a grinding fashion. Not a minute passes, and I’m inside my sister’s bestfriend’ pussy in doggy.



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I run a local business, bag a lot of cash, and I love to spent it on sexy ladies! I just love the VIP treatment I get at the local strip club. Tonight’s special includes two brunettes – Melissa and Hime. I know Hime from before. She’s tall, slender, and ready to take a private show to the next level. In other words, I fucked her the last time I was here, and it was amazing. She promised she’d give me her sweet friend and coworker, Melissa. The minute I see the girl, I am hard! The girl is wearing a pink bra and thong. The thong is intentionally two sizes too small. When the girl dances, I can see her labia and asshole. As her thighs bounce, it peaks its puckered head out. I like what I see, so I take a big wad of cash out. Hima takes the initiative and leads us to a secluded room. She takes the cash from me and puts it into Melissa’s mouth. This way, she made her mine. That’s when she strips Melissa for my eyes only. She oils her up, and pretty soon, she has her naughty tongue deep inside that pussy. The naked girls do their best to seduce me and to tell you the truth – it’s working. The two of them get on their knees and suck me off like the pros they are. Melissa’s blue eyes look amazing as my cock disappears behind them. I then make the naked girls lie on the bed and spread their legs as wide as they can. They have only their stripper shoes on. Their wet pussies look amazing! I enter Hime and then Melissa.



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As soon as they come back home after sliding on a snow slide the girls light up the fireplace in hopes of heating themselves up. Thankfully, they’re all erotic lesbians and they don’t mind warming each other up in whatever way possible. Without wasting a moment the girls start to strip one another seductively as they make out with passion. The fewer clothes they have on the wetter they become, and soon enough all four are on the floor fully nude and aching to fool around. While gently caressing their perfect soft skin the naked girls can’t help but go down on each other to taste their steaming hot snatches. Passionately eating one another gets spicy as the young lesbians start to crave intense penetration, but since they’ve got no toys they slowly slide their fingers deep inside with passion. After licking their wet pussies and fingering each other the girls decide to 69 and press their bodies against each other’s. While intertwined the lesbian hotties excitedly eat their teen twats and shove their tongues as deep as possible to spice things up. It doesn’t take long for the group of lesbians to begin moaning out loud as they’re getting close to achieving strong orgasms. Within minutes of rubbing their dripping wet clits and licking their snatches all four naked girls begin shivering with pure joy in their lustful eyes. Once all of them have climaxed they huddle up on the floor next to the fireplace and continue playing with their hot bodies and soft lips whilst cuddling and catching their breath.

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To get away from the stress of their daily lives, the couple booked a trip to an island resort. Since they hadn’t been able to spend much time together, they wanted to fuck as much as they could during it. An entire part of the island had a free love and nudity policy, meaning they could have sex anywhere they wanted. To start, they found a secluded part of the beach and let passion guide them. After making out with the ocean waves in the background, he kneeled down to eat her pussy out. She loved how his tongue felt against her clit. Even though she was already wet, he turned her around doggy style and kept licking her. I like the long session of him kissing her cunt. In a swift movement, he stopped using his mouth and shoved his hard cock inside her. The girl has the most perfect body I have ever seen and it is a pure pleasure to watch her get fucked! The sudden shift made her tighten up. He pounded away vigorously but had to stop so he wouldn’t cum too quickly. Both of them wanted this to last as long as possible. The naked girl got down on her knees to blow him while he caught his breath. She focused on teasing him so that he’d stay hard but not cum. Telling her he was ready for more, they got down on the sand so that they could feel the water while doing it. Great beach sex! They are amazing. A gorgeous looking couple whose young, perfect, completely hairless bodies look absolutely beautiful together when engaged in intercourse. Again, after a couple of minutes, they switched to oral and then back after he was ready. Both of them were at their limit, so they decided to finish things off with her riding him. Her hips moved rhythmically, which, combined with her breasts pressing against him, made him jizz and creampie her tight pussy. Most beautiful sex I’ve ever watched! The girl is flawless! The location is beautiful and the positions are erotic art! This is a dream come true: two such beautiful people having passionate sex outside. So that’s almost every guy’s, as well as every girl’s, ideal summer vacation!

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Every family has their oddities. This one, in particular, is very open with their sexuality. Mom and Dad would fuck anywhere, even in front of them, so the teens picked up on it too. Even better, all of his stepsister’s friends were totally into the idea, too, so he got all the pussy a guy could want. Her blonde bestie came over, and while the girls were gossiping about school, he pulled down his stepsister’s friend’s shorts. Her pussy was wet at all times, ready for his dick. His hard cock slid between her pussy lips deep into her vagina. Her juicy ass cheeks felt amazing against his groin. He kept pounding into the girl while the girls kept talking. Finally he started to grope her soft ass as well. Seeing her stepbrother fucking her friends always got her horny, especially if it was the first time. While getting pounded prone bone, the two girls kissed casually. Since their conversation got interrupted, they decided that they might as well have a proper threesome. The naked girls gave him a double blowjob so that they could kiss while pleasing him too. Since she got to fuck him all the time, she suggested he fuck her friend. After covering his dong in spit, his stepsister’s naked friend climbed on top to ride him. Her boobs grew a lot in the last year, barely fitting in his hands. Nothing better than fondling big all natural tits with both hands, with the girl riding your cock! Her tits were flopping and swinging wildly. While she loved fucking her sister’s busty friend, it’s rude to leave her waiting, so she gave his stepsister a turn. The more petite blonde barely got used to dicks being so big. He slammed her tight pussy hard, making her orgasm while the other girl was licking her nipple. Then both naked girls rode his dick and his face together, slamming their young cunts hard down onto him, smearing him with their juices, kissing and cumming together!

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It’s the year 2019, and all Jimmy wants to do is go back to the year 1985, which he sees as the pinnacle of human ingenuity. When he tells his friend Carlos he’s actually made a time machine, he doesn’t believe him. Until the guy actually takes him back in time! Only there is one issue – Carlos thought Jimmy said 1995, so they’re sent back to the wrong time. The boys are in the same house – Jimmy’s stepmom’s house. Chloe is just turned 18. The guys find her and her friend Venus, Carlos’ stepmom, in a secluded room. The girls are practicing kissing on each other! Jimmy and Carlos get very excited by this. So excited, in fact, that they fall over with a lot of noise and interrupt Chloe and Venus. The girls don’t really mind a pair of cute boys inside the house as long as they give them what they need. You see, the girls are desperate to lose their virginities to some hot guys. Who better than these two strangers? The touching and kissing start almost immediately. Carlos gets to have Chloe and Jimmy Venus. This little teenage orgy gets underway fast as the girls go from touching and sucking to riding their cocks. Chloe’s pussy feels amazing to Carlos, and Jimmy is flushed with excitement while fucking Venus. But his future stepmom Chloe keeps giving him a dirty look, telling him from time to time that he looks like her brother. As he’s plowing Venus in doggy, Chloe gets her head underneath the action. She licks her friend’s pussy and stares at Jimmy’s dick. Of course, that beautiful cock finds its way into her mouth. The girl insists on taking his cock in her pussy, and eventually, Jimmy agrees. These babes from the past ride their cocks so good and finally make the boys cum in their pussies! They both cum in their future stepmom’s pussies! As the boys travel back to their original timelines, their warm cum leaks out of their stepmoms’ pussies! After they get their pussies creampied, the girls accidentally send them back to the present day, but now they’re without their time machine! Did Jimmy and Carlos alter their timeline by fucking and cumming in their stepmoms from the past? Find out in part 2!

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Johnny is a young, good-looking guy. His college degree is on the way, and he’s got enough cash from his student loan. There’s just one thing bothering him. This weekend, he’s taking his girlfriend to meet his mom, Jennifer. She’s actually his stepmom, but they never really cared for the difference. This smoking hot MILF has had it rough with his dad, and the two have become very close because of it. When he left for college, this hit her very hard. Now, she lives for the weekends when her stepson visits. Saturday is finally here! Johnny introduces the two, and Camila goes to hug Jennifer. The brunette MILF doesn’t pay it much mind as Camila puts her arms around her. What does make her jolt is when Camila lowers her arms and grabs two nice handfuls of her juicy ass! The shock prevents Mrs. White from saying anything. Johnny takes his girlfriend up to his room as the little brunette minx is looking back at Jennifer, waving flirtatiously. Once they’re up in Johnny’s room, he lays Camila down on the bed and starts kissing her passionately. The horny stepmom opens the door quietly and starts spying on them. Camila can see her, but Johnny can’t. She keeps her eyes on Jennifer’s eyes as the mature woman pulls her top off and shows the girl her naked tits, her big juicy boobies with hard nipples! The teen girl lies to Johnny that she has to go to the bathroom. In reality, she goes off to Mrs. White’s room and kisses her the minute she walks in.



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