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Danny is an ambitious young guy. Today, he has a major investor coming over to his home. He’s single, but he knows that he’ll make a better impression if he’s married. So, he does what any ambitious guy would do. He calls up an escort babe to act as his wifey. Who better than Scarlett? She’s a greedy, busty, redhead slut. In other words, she’s perfect for the job, or so it seems. He gives her the money and tells her how she has to act, but the redhead babe doesn’t want to cooperate. She wants more cash and starts striping. As he covers her up, his investor and his wife arrive. The investor is a serious businessman. He talks seriously and slowly. However, as he’s talking to Danny, Scarlett is taking her clothes off and touching herself in the back of the room. Danny is so distracted by this very much. So much, in fact, that he starts to jerk his huge cock. Even with all these complications, our guy still managed to persuade the investor to sign the contract. To celebrate, the redhead slut does what she does best. She treats her client Danny with a massive blowjob. She’s surprised at how big his cock is. Even though she struggles with it, Scarlett takes it from the back and then rides Danny like the good cowgirl that she is. Her amazing big tits bouncing up and down in front of his face. She works that big white ass down on her guy’s cock bit by bit until the whole thing just disappears. Her pussy is so stretched out, and Danny knows it. This is why he plows her hard in missionary. Everything on her is red, even her pussy hair. Danny really wants to bust a huge nut on that fine pussy, and so he does. He pulls out and makes a loud cry. Needless to say, he’ll be paying for her services in the future.

The couple therapy turns into sneaky squirting fuck

This therapist thought he had seen it all until this couple entered his office. The wife is as hot as it gets and is obviously an insatiable nymphomaniac. The husband complains that she would fuck any man she encounters. Nothing is enough for this fiery slut. While he walks around and talks about her infidelities, his wife wastes no time. The crazy slut flashes the therapist with her perfect ass. The therapist is both shocked and delighted. It’s been a while since he saw butt this nice. The next in line are her tits and cunt. Her bare tits stick provocatively out of her mini dress, inviting the therapist to touch them. He immediately proceeds to finger her tight pussy. She is so horny that she showers him with a squirt in just a few seconds! What an amazing squirting orgasm! Her pussy is so wet, squirting all over him! Then she shows him she wants more and to go to the other room. She immediately offers him her honey-sweet cunt to lick her up while she sucks his stiff cock. Things quickly spiraled out of control when she mounted him and started riding like a pro! The husband was right; this woman is a true slut. But still, her pink pussy is incredibly tight, and her clit is hard with arousal. The therapist needs a pause or will cum. That’s why he takes a break to finger her and make her squirt again. While the husband sits in the other room, the therapist makes the wife cum over and over again. His huge cock is going in and out of her squirting cunt balls deep. The magic moment finally arrived, and the two enjoyed a strong simultaneous orgasm. Her cunt hasn’t felt a load of cum this big in a while. The therapist certainly won’t ask for payment either this or the next time.

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Being a girlfriend of a rich guy can get a bit boring sometimes. Those men are always on call, always need to socialize and keep in touch with other important people. Our girl tries to tease her boyfriend, but he only thinks about a barbecue party he wants to throw. While he talks to his friend, she tries to grab his attention, but to no avail. The sexy Latina babe takes off her tiny white bikini, but he doesn’t seem to notice. She takes the oil and sprays her massive bosoms, but he still talks on the phone. This behavior angers her, so the babe grabs his phone and throws it off in the pool. This girl is hungry for some meat, but not those cooked on the barbecue! She is so horny that she can’t wait any longer. The Latina slut takes his fat, pulsing cock into his mouth and gives him a mind-blowing oral. Today, she’s up to more than classic action, so she innocently invites him to fuck her doggy style. Of course, she has something even dirtier in mind. If you have a bottle of oil nearby, why not use that opportunity? There isn’t a better place to stick a throbbing cock than an oiled asshole. He sees what she wants and starts to finger her tiny asshole while banging her from behind. The hot naked babe wriggles ecstatically as she enjoys his throbbing cock pounding her hungry cunt. She fingers her tightest hole a bit more, and he finally gives her what she wanted from the beginning. He starts to pound her tight butt like a maniac. The barbecue party will have to wait for a while. The Latina slut is cumming and grunting and squealing and slamming her big bubble ass back on him as hard and as fast as she can.

Slutty teen fucks the history teacher through a gloryhole in the classroom wall

Being a young high school student isn’t that easy. Your hormones go wild, and you want to fuck and suck huge cocks all the time. This young couple skips school every now and then just to stay home and bang all day. But that’s not an option anymore. One more day, she discovers an errant gloryhole in the classroom wall! And it’s not long or hard before this slut has a fat cock buried in her throat through the classroom wall. That worked well until this bitchy classmate caught them red-handed and told the teacher. The teacher decides to take this fantastic opportunity and grab some young pussy. Now he has to play stern and angry and tells the boy to go to the dean. Of course, the main goal is to take his place and bang the brains out of this little whore. What man would pass the chance to get a blowjob from a horny, barely legal blonde student? She is younger than he is and she has a gorgeous body, young, curvy and so hot! This must be the best day of his life. He puts his imposing dick through the hole and waits. The girl notices that this isn’t her boyfriend’s dick. Good for her, since she got a bit bored with her boyfriend already. This one is even bigger and fatter, to her endless delight. She’s dying for some sexy action, so she starts to suck him off immediately.



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Seeing the petite blonde dancing for social media made me want to bang her

The moment the weather is nice Emma is outside filming her trendy videos to post on social media for clout. Seeing her strut around in her short little skirt made it impossible not to join in on the fun. Thankfully, the teen babe quickly finished filming and was ready to move on to the next step, which is fooling around with me on camera. Her petite body is perfect for me, so I watch her do the splits to seduce me with pure joy in her eyes. After testing out her flexibility and spanking her juicy little ass I couldn’t stop myself from getting rock-hard and ready to plow her relentlessly. Luckily, the girl was just as horny as was I so she let me pick her up and play with her however I pleased. The moment I put her down on the backyard sofa she slid down my shorts to get a good view of my throbbing cock. Without wasting a moment she grabbed it with her petite hands and gave it a good suck whilst kissing my heavy balls. Staring into her pretty blonde eyes made me want to taste and face fuck her simultaneously, so I flipped her upside down and picked her up to do just that. Her young pussy tasted like an ice cream. Her lips and tongue worked all over my huge penis. Once I felt how wet she was I swiftly bent her ass over and started to stretch out her pussy with my meat from behind.



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Bratty rich bitch won’t stop until she fucks her hung tutor

Danny teaches Asian kids English online and tutors rich brats on the side. While his online job is just a joy, the second one tends to give him headaches. Take today as an example! He’s in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Lord. Their daughter Kiara is having trouble at the private boarding school she’s attending. This is why she doesn’t get to enjoy her stay at her parent’s house. She has to study. Danny D is doing his best to make her interested, but she keeps doodling and reaching under the table. He insists she stays focused, and she says she already is. Danny asks what she means by this, and she shows him her hot, shaved pussy. Not only that, the slut makes an honest attempt to grab his cock! He is shocked and stops her from touching herself and grabbing his private parts. This is the moment when he sees what she was doodling. It’s sex pose after sex pose with Kiara and Danny as the leading characters. She says she can’t focus because of how horny she is. “Will you study after I give you some cock?” Danny asks. “Yes, of course,” Kiara moans. Not a minute passes and the tutor’s massive cock is safe and sound inside her throat. He then stands her up, lifts her white shirt up, manhandles her tits, and takes her from behind. The girl wasn’t lying. Her pussy is so ready. He fucks her all over the table, in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. The babe is so beautiful, a big bubble ass, a juicy cunt, big tits and a pretty face. You’d be hard pressed to find a more flawless body. His huge cock thrusts in and out of her pussy, filling her completely. To get even with this brat and her clueless parents, he fills her pussy with his cum as deep as he can. The redhead babe puts her panties back on and listens carefully.

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Not only did he land himself a hot white wife, but she also had a cute daughter. One day, he walked by the bathroom. He saw a woman undressing and thought it was his wife. When she turned around, and it was his stepdaughter, he kept watching. Her body was like her Mom’s, except younger and tighter in all the right places. The girl had an amazing body, long slender legs, a cute little ass and a bald pussy! The naked girl spotted him and chased after him when he tried to run. She looked as if she was ready to kill him, but after spotting his erection, she went from mad to curious. It was her first time seeing one this big! It was larger than her head, and she had to taste it. Their first stepdad-stepdaughter interaction was her sucking his monster dong. Deepthroating that huge black penis would be impossible, but she tried to fit in as much as possible. I could watch her suck this huge cock all day long. Imagine if she took on 3 or 4 of black guys for a blowjob session – rubbing their spit soaked cocks all over her cute face as she licks, sucks, and drains each of them. It felt amazing in her little mouth, meaning it would feel even better in her pussy. He didn’t think she could do it, but apparently, the little slut can take huge cocks with no problem. While riding him, she got all the way down to the base. Her eyes went to the back of her head as she orgasmed from simply putting such a huge cock in. It was amazing for her, but he couldn’t feel much. He made her get on her back so he could fuck her easier. It just so happened that there was a jar with lube, which let his monster smoothly go in and out of her tiny pussy. He tried being gentle at his own expense, but the little slut kept cumming repeatedly, learning to love her new stepdad.

Cute girl sold her panties first, then her pussy after

A hobby my buddies and I have is riding around town and picking up slutty girls. A few days ago, we drove past this cute brown girl with tiny tits. You have to start off slow, or they run away and call the cops. We offered her some cash to give us her panties. A thousand bucks for some panties? Every girl says yes. Next, we gave her more to flash us those itty bitty titties. Any girl that goes through with those always accepts to hop into our van. While driving her to the beach, we kept getting her to do more perverted stuff. She got naked very quickly. Her pussy was nicely shaved and looked super tight. The only thing left was to ask if she would fuck one of us. She didn’t even ask how much. She just said yes. It was my turn, and I really wanted to taste that perfect little cunt. After that, I had her give me a blowjob. A tiny girl like her could never deepthroat my fat cock, but she gave it her best shot. She knew how to suck dick, but there was no way I’d cum from just that. Seeing as her boobs were too small to fuck, she’d have to give me her pussy. Not only did it taste great, but it was tight as hell! The guy at the wheel kept “accidentally” driving over potholes so that my dick would go in deeper. The girl was wet enough that she could take the entire thing. I told her to bend over so I could fuck her doggy style. Her booty was nice and made a great slapping noise. We were almost at the beach, so I had to finish fast. I pumped hard and came on her cute face and all over her perky little boobies.

Getting her husband’s friend with a huge cock to be the cameraman for a livestream

Kenna was just about to do a live show when her tripod broke. She stormed down and demanded her husband buy her a new one, but he was busy watching a game. He was watching it with a mate, to whom she flashed her tits. As if he were drawn in by a magnet, the friend followed her back to her room. She offered him a deal. He gets to have front row seats to her show if he plays the role of cameraman. Easy as that. Just then, her husband knocked on the door, and she said to keep quiet, and he’ll get a blowjob. And just like that, the masturbation stream turned into sex with a guest. It’s hard to find a good cock when you’re an adult film star but his was huge! The now cuckold husband came back, so his friend hid. While trying to get rid of him, the girl felt his cock go into her pussy. The thrill of almost getting caught excited her even more and made the revenge that much sweeter. He ate her smooth pussy out so his fat dick could go in easier. She couldn’t believe how much bigger he was than her husband. They left the phone to the side, giving the audience a good view. At this point, she couldn’t care less about them. She just wanted to get fucked balls deep by his amazing dick! If she had known he was this well hung, she would’ve offered to fuck him sooner. Barely a few minutes in, and she had already orgasmed. Her lovely pussy was squirting hard all over him. Her pussy was sore, but she needed a grande finale for her viewers! The dude was ready to help her with the, leaving her with a messy facial for all her social media fans to see! The cuck was off on the hunt for a tripod, and she got over two thousand subscribers from the stream.

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Alessandra is a raunchy dirty blonde who needs her dose of big dick every day! But what she loves the most is having fuck with two big cocks! She says there is no better feeling than having two cocks in her pussy and in her mouth at the same time. The hot blonde kneels down in the middle of the room as the guys pull their pants down, and the massive cocks see the light of day. She starts by sucking Danny boy and stroking Jordi. All eyes are on her, and she just loves the attention she’s getting. The boys sure do take their time with her throat, filling it. They’re gentle at first and then just plain fuck that little mouth until her blue eyes water. Danny is the first one to tell her to show him that butt. He oils it up, smacks it around a bit, and then plunges his huge dick deep inside. Alessandra never stops sucking Jordi off. She wouldn’t dare. What she does do is moan on his cock. The sounds are muffled and interrupted by the sound of her ass hitting Danny’s stomach and balls. The fucker is getting playful with her. He flips her around, lays her on a decorative chest, and plows her in missionary. Danny is creative. He goes deep, pulls out, he oils that ass up, and fingers it like a madman. The blonde can take it. She’s a bit of a pain slut, especially for such a nice pair of big cocks. She is totally overcome with lust. “I love it,Fuck me harder!” They both do just that, and she can feel every inch each of their huge cocks as they fuck and fuck, until it gets too much for her and she starts to squirt. The guys both hold her head and cum on her face simultaneously. Nothing like a wild threesome with her face and tits are drenched in cum!

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It’s the day Molly and her boyfriend go to the tanning salon. On her way in, Molly sees a couple of hot salon workers. She gives both of them a little slutty glance. As soon as her boyfriend’s out of the picture, tanning his unsuspecting ass in another booth, one of the dudes goes into Molly’s booth to see if she needs anything. You know, a towel, some oil, a hard cock. Whatever she needs! She goes for the cock, because it’s dangling in her face. The teen girl has never seen so big and fat and hard cock! It is so beautiful! Her mouth is watering. She starts jerking and sucking it while the tanning bed is still working. Naturally, the manager, a black dude, shows up and interrupts his employee. He even scolds him, taking sweet Miss Molly into another booth to apologize. He starts by putting her hand down on his dick. The minute she feels its size, the little whore gets down on her knees and takes his pants down. That huge black dick hits her in the face as it flies out. It is bigger than her hand. She sucks it but misses the other penis. So, the guy joins them. He fucks her throat like a madman and tells her just how good he’ll fuck her from behind. Of course, he does just that, pushing her head down so she can keep sucking his hung manager. After rearranging her insides for a while, the tiny girl turns and lets poppa spread that pussy. The guys annihilate her little pussy in the hallway. One makes her climb him in standing missionary, pushes her back way down, and the other fucks her mouth like that. Once they get on the floor, the white guy takes her in reverse cowgirl and fucks her until he creampies her. The black guy is right behind him as he cums on her beautiful face. “Enjoy the rest of your stay, Miss Little, and call us if you need anything else.” the guys say happily.

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