Hot blonde spreads her pussy in your face

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Hot blonde

Hot blonde Nesty spreads her ass in your face and then turns around to floss her panty crotch in between her pussy lips. All the while you see her smiling face in the small mirror in the background right next to her spread ass. There’s a nice little bit of close up ass crack ogling right in her ass crack with some open vagina peeking in from time to time. Then naked girl bends over on her knees with her big spread ass bulging out behind her. We briefly poke through between her legs to watch as she bobbles her dangling boobs. Hot blonde uses a small ribbed vibrator in and on her sweet pussy and we get lots of excellent close up views of her pussy lips in action with her face in the background. It’s an excellent clip for pussy lip ogling with beautiful clear detail right up close and also some occasional spreads with the toy out of her pussy. We back off a little as she the action speeds up near the end. There’s a brief gaping pussy shot at the end. Lying back in the chair with her knees up, and then on her side, naked blonde spreads her vagina wide open with a speculum. Her pose is quite outstanding with excellent light going all the way up her gaping hole, and we get your nose stuck right in there to inspect every detail of her cervix and vagina walls. (CLICK ON THE PHOTO)



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