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This sexy little brunette bitch wants to get in shape, because all her friends looked hotter than her, but she’s a lazy bitch, so she hires a personal trainer to come to her home and make her workout. This guy is dedicated to his craft, he has a total success rate with his clients because he works very closely with them! She can realize this as she squats and feels him so close to her, her tight bubble but rubs up against his big throbbing bulge! Looks like getting his client into shape really excites him! He makes her lie on her back and spreads her legs wide open, and as he squats, his big hard cock slips by the leg opening of his shorts! He doesn’t stop, he doesn’t believe in stopping, so he keeps pushing her through the drill. When they start working out her chest muscles and he puts his hands on her tits, she finally stops him. What kind of an instructor is he? He has his dick hanging out of his shorts, he’s grabbing her tits! If he wants to be a perv, she’ll show him what a perv looks like! She bitch slaps him, then rips his wife beater right off his body, ordering him to get on the floor so she can sit on his face and make him eat her out! Looks like he actually managed to bring out her most dominant and assertive side! Now she feels empowered as she sits her juicy bubble butt on her trainer’s face and feels his wet tongue wriggling inside her gushing pussy. He feels her clit sliding across his nose. The juice from her cunt is flowing directly into his mouth. She tastes very good. The sexy babe grabs his big throbbing member in her hands, sucking and stroking it, drooling all over his dick and balls, deep throating his erection until it makes her choke and gag. Oh shit! It is like inhaling pure sex. She looks directly into his eyes, swallowing his huge cock. Looking at her hot body and her gorgeous face he feels like he is going to cum right then and there, but she wants him to fuck her pussy! The taller, muscular man, and his 10 inch cock makes her pussy burn with desire. “I WANT your big fucking dick so much!” The naked girl squats over it, pushing her body down, feeling it burrowing deep inside her cunt, riding him in cowgirl position. The feel of her pussy is amazing. His hands all over her body squeezing her big tits. Wow, this girl is amazing, perfect pussy and very cute face and her tits are amazing. I can’t get enough of the sight of her wet cunt lips. Her clit is sticking out from between her pussy lips. She wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her hot pussy. He takes her to the nearby couch and she bends over so he can fuck her from behind. At least he’s better at fucking than he is as a personal trainer! She gets down on her hands and knees so he can fuck her doggie style, looking over her shoulder as she gets pounded hard.



He begins to fuck this bitch harder then he has ever done it in his life, his balls slapping against her clit, his cock rubbing against her cervix with every thrust. He sits on the couch and she straddles herself back on top, this time riding his dick in reverse cowgirl position, rubbing her juicy bubble butt against his crotch, both of them totally drenched in sweat as they fuck. The feeling makes her moan louder than before. He spreads her legs wide open so his big fat cock can burrow as deep inside her pussy as possible. Her naked body is quivering, completely out of her control. The teen babe presses her legs together and lifts them up high while he slaps her tight ass. This is the type of workout she wanted and her trainer tops it off by giving her a creamy milkshake, blowing his hot load straight into her cum hungry mouth. Taking a deep breath and feeling very satisfied she swallows every last drop, “Mmmm, tasty.” Maybe he’s not so bad after all… DON’T MISS THE FULL VIDEO by the link above!



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