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Hailey is a gorgeous brunette with a problem – she is always horny. Any free time she has, she uses for masturbation or fucking. Her bedside table is filled with sex toys that she uses often. That day, she was in her room pleasuring herself with one of the vibrators. Her huge tits were out, and she wore just her tiny top and lacy white thongs. That was when she heard, through the thin walls of her house, that her roommate was talking on the phone about her! He was telling someone that he thinks she is hot, and he wonders what her pussy feels like. So she thought it was time to let him try it. The half naked busty babe went into his room and found him in bed, naked, jerking off. First, he got confused and tried to hide his massive boner, but as soon as she lifted the covers and took his dick in her hand, he relaxed and let her do her thing. It doesn’t matter if he has a girlfriend, Hailey just can’t keep her lips shut! She started sucking on his dick and choking on it while he moved her hair out of the way and punched her head on his dick even more, making her swallow it all the way. Deepthroathing was the favorite thing for both of them. Hailey is the horny roommate that everyone wishes they had! He got her on her back and started to eat her pussy which made her moan louder and roll her eyes. When he slid her dick into her wet pussy, he pressed her belly with her hand and went slowly, which drove her crazy. When he sped up, her beautiful big tits bounced around, and she came, screaming and rolling her eyes. When he fucked her in reverse cowgirl, she even drooled from pleasure. She wrapped her tits around his cock and began titfucking him. Then they banged doggy style until he came all over her back.

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Partying with hot naked girls is always fun, but at the Brazzers’ house, things are taken to a whole nother level. All of the hottest pornstars in the industry line up and announce the beginning of a kinky and steamy competition. Without wasting any time, the naked girls rush into the living room and begin rubbing their wet cunts. Cute teens and lustful milfs start kissing with a passion and spanking their fat asses, but soon the men arrive, and things get quiet. To be named the Brazzers contract star, the hotties must compete against one another, satisfy the men, and show off their skills. Only two of the plethora of chicks will be able to achieve that reward, so the naked girls quickly rush to the men and start pleasing them. All they have to do is lie on their backs and enjoy the view of the spiciest pornstars in the industry slobbering on their huge cocks and sliding their massive tits in their faces. Although things began with raunchy blowjobs, since there are so many pornstars on set, they form groups and take turns banging one another passionately. While the naked girls ride cocks the others make sure to lick their asses, spank them and use sex toys on their clits.



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Living in a society where sexual pleasure is allowed once a year is grueling, but Kira and Kayley are determined to keep their bodies in great shape when the day of satisfaction arrives. As the two work out in the gym, they see Gizelle walk inside with her skin-tight leggings to exercise. They can’t stop staring at her juicy body squatting, but they keep an eye on the clock since satisfaction will soon be allowed. The moment they hear the sirens, the three lesbians rush to one another and start kissing with passion. While making out they strip each other and soon begin licking their perfect tits and wet pussies. As the three naked girls fall to the ground, they make sure all of them get thoroughly eaten out and teased before the real action begins. Once they’re sopping wet and ready for penetration, the hotties pull out an assortment of sex toys to vigorously stretch out their pussies. Although they love using vibrators and dildos, they’re in desperate need of deeper penetration to orgasm. Luckily, the ebony cutie Kira brought a massive strap on for this occasion and she’s eager to use it. As she puts it on she stares at the two white chicks crawling toward her to have their pussies pummeled. Since she’s the one in control, she bends their juicy booties over and orders them to arch their backs for her. The naked girls listen without hesitation and spread their fat butt cheeks apart as the black babe pounds them from behind. After making both of them orgasm and squirt, she exhaustedly drops on the yoga mat to catch her breath. Instead of letting her regain some energy, the spicy lesbians focus all of their attention on her ebony pussy in hopes of getting her to climax. The naked girls keep tongue fucking each other’s pussies till they squirt all together! They even have fun with a double-ended dildo! How sloppy and wild you would get during that one time you were allowed to fuck and be fucked?

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Goddamn it, sluts just keep evolving. Do you even know the feeling of being too hot and successful? Well, I do. I was waiting for my real estate agent. And imagine my surprise when what I see isn’t an old lady with a clipboard, no. My real estate agent is a hot teen chick with a petite body and a cute set of blonde hair. Luckily, I could see that she was up for some action, like, right away! Just as we were about to close the deal, I whipped out a tiny sex toy. It was one of those weird vibrators that you see in cam videos, you know, little, purple and round. And I immediately gave it to her and told her to put it in her cunt if she wants to sell a house. And believe it or not, a little slut did it! You could see it inside of her! And you could see how she was gradually getting wetter and wetter with time, up until the point where she was basically squirting. Her whole body vibrated with pleasure. Her body was convulsing as orgasm after orgasm overtook her. Her pussy lips were quivering, a steady stream of her juices was leaking out of her cunt and her body was jerking. That’s when I decided that I tortured her enough. Now, it’s time for her to please me, right? So, I just took her cute little dumb blonde head and started basically face fucking her. And she literally loved it, and you can see her cute face as she’s gagging on my cock. It was fairly amazing, and I loved it. Her hands grabbed my wet cock and rub it all over her face until it slipped back into her tight lips and down her throat. It extremely turned me on. I raised and spread her thighs, pressed my mouth against her pulsating pussy, pushing my tongue deep into her vagina. I was drowning in her juices with my mouth clamped on her splayed open cunt. She had another orgasm right in my mouth. Now I knew that she was ready for my mamba.



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Two dashing brunette babes showed up at my door one day. They were door-to-door saleswomen and were eager to show me some of their products. I couldn’t say no to such beautiful ladies so I eagerly invited them inside. The girls wore shirts and skirts making them all formal but also extremely hot and sexy to me. However, as it turned out, they were selling sex toys and they were not even remotely innocent as I had thought at first. They caught me off guard when they first pulled out one of the dildos they were selling, explaining how it was their most sold product. Still in shock, I was not sure what was going on when asked me if I was up for a demonstration. I was beginning to understand where all of this was going and, just moments later, one brunette hottie with glasses was bent over on my couch with her plaid skirt up and her panties down while her hot colleague used lube to make her tight asshole and soft pussy all wet and ready. It didn’t take long for all of us to end up in my bedroom where girls turned even more kinky and naughty, kissing and playing with each other. I was soon offered to join and there was no way in hell I was going to say no to those hot girls. In no time I had two stunning chicks taking turns slobbering all over my throbbing shaft! I was sitting next to the bed while they were lying on their stomachs swallowing my whole shaft. I could see their firm asses barely covered with those sexy skirts as I felt my cock pulsating in their warm mouths. I could tell the girls were experienced at this as I was at the receiving end of one of the best double blowjobs of my life. After the babes made my dick all wet and slippery and ready for more, the one with the glasses mounted me in cowgirl position. My schlong immediately went balls deep inside her tight, trimmed pussy and she started riding me vigorously, with her girlfriend helping her out, fondling her tits, and forcing her down deeper and harder, enhancing the pleasure for all of us. Her et clam pulsated along the length of my cock.



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