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A trip to the lake leads to me cheating with a sexy slut

Although I wasn’t up for the idea of visiting the lake, I had to do so in order to keep my girlfriend happy. As we walked down to the pier, my eyes got glued to the gorgeous girls that also came to hang out. After being introduced to them, I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at the adorable Lacy. Her perfect slender body looked phenomenal, especially in the naughty revealing bikini she was wearing. It seems as though we hit it off nicely, but I still have my girl there too, so I don’t even think about flirting with her. While the girls sit around and tan, I get on my paddle board and watch from a safe distance, so I don’t get caught. Unfortunately for me, Lacy quickly sees me staring at her, but instead of getting mad, she gives me a seductive smile. Instead of moving away, I slowly moved closer to her, only to see her slide her panties to the side to show me her wet slit! Although I’m shocked, I can’t help but continue watching as she sneakily sits behind my girlfriend with her legs spread apart, exposing me her vagina and her titties. Scared of being caught cheating, I move back, but she doesn’t stop her antics and gets much bolder. After making up some excuse to leave, she sneaks to my paddle board and grabs my cock with her soft little hands. Once I make sure the coast is clear and that everyone’s busy, I slide down my shorts and let her suck me off. Despite being surrounded by our friends, the crazy slut begins blowing me passionately whilst staring deep into my eyes.



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Why go to a BBQ party when I can have amazing sex with my stepsister

My stepsister kept asking me to go to the BBQ party with her and her stupid friends. I had other plans with my buddies but she said there would be one busty slut I had had a crush in high school. My stepsister saw that I was interested and said that I could even fuck her friend. I didn’t believe that my crush would let me do it so my stepsister began showing me her tits, pretending she was that girl. She was pretty adamant about taking me to that party. Even though my stepsis was beautiful. Her pale, soft skin and her perky titties were making me hard, I declined the offer once again. My half naked sister just picked up her clothes from the floor and steamed out of the room. When she was gone, I couldn’t stop thinking of her. Thirty minutes later, I went to her house and found her in a sexy bikini. She looked even better in an american flag bikini. This time my stepsister said that her friend would like to suck my cock! Ш knew perfectly well it couldn’t be true, so my sister decided to prove it to me. The next thing you knew, she was on her knees right in front of me. When she pulled out my big shaft, her jaw dropped. She has never seen such a huge dick before. But she was all over it with her soft lips and her moist tongue. Oh man, my sister is such a good cock-sucker. I splashed after only three minutes! I filled her little mouth and she swallowed my load! After the party she came to my room to thank me. I said ‘Thank you for a blowjob!’. She wanted to talk with me about her busty friend but it I hadn’t been interested in her any more. All I wanted was to stick my big thing in my sister’s yummy pussy! Hearing this, she got naked, pulled down her panties and stood fully naked over me, looking down at my hard cock. Her naked body looked perfect, and my dick was throbbing.



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Delivery guy walks in on two naked waitresses having sex

Serena and Angel, two attractive waitresses, have become really close friends. Angel keeps whining that her husband isn’t fucking her anymore, and her coworker is more than welcome to extinguish the flames between her legs. Serena invites the brunette to the bar’s back, determined to give her pussy the treatment it deserves. Smashing lezzies begin kissing before lowering their sweet lips down to each other’s big tits. The girls are now fully naked, with their large nipples erect from the passionate sensations, ready to munch on humid honeypots. Serene swirls her tongue around her friend’s shaved pussy, before finally pulling out the big guns. The horny waitress reaches for a strap-on which she places around her coworker’s small waist and shoves it deep inside Angel’s aching cunt. Erotic lesbians fuck their brains out, unaware that a delivery guy is standing there, watching the sultry shenanigans. The naked girls know they could get in trouble for screwing at work, so they come up with a steamy idea – make the guy their accomplice. The waitresses take his large pecker in their hands and team up for a sensational double blowjob. While the curvy exotic vixen sucks the swollen balls, the ivory-skinned doll licks the tip of the penis with her pierced tongue.



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Kinky wedding planner seduces a gorgeous lesbian couple into a steamy, passionate threesome

Ravishing, babes hired a wedding planner to help them out. When she arrived, she sat the girls down to find out exactly what they both wanted. However, it quickly became obvious that she was a kinky and slutty chick who loved having all kinds of naughty fun. She started fooling around with both brides-to-be. When one girl would leave the room, she’d start teasing and seducing the other one, rubbing her pussy and making her all wet and horny. I just love scenes with girls rubbing their pussies in hiding watching other/others doing it getting off. Having played with both lesbians separately, she had to admit that to them once they were all back together and, after a minor argument, things turned out even better than she had expected. Brides to be only fought for a moment but then the situation de-escalated and the girls confessed love for each other again, before going on to slowly kiss and strip themselves. The wedding planner quickly joined and all three babes were now seductively moaning in pleasure as they were losing their clothes. They had talked about having a threesome before, so why not now? They must trust each other enough to move forward with their wedding. First, one brunette started licking her girlfriend’s soft pussy while ravishing, black-haired wedding planner kissed her supple lips. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves as they stripped down to taste each other’s pussies and feel each other up. She looks beautiful and sexy as hell, the girls are also beautiful and curvy. Three naked girls went on to try more exotic poses. Having licked her pussy, brunette straddled her girlfriend and started scissoring her passionately while black-haired beauty mounted her face and started riding her tongue. Soft moans turned into screams of pleasure as all three naked girls enjoyed each other in every way possible. One girlfriend switched places with a hot wedding planner and now she was lying on the desk with her legs spread wide, having her dripping cunt licked as she was feeling another girl’s pussy with her mouth. Losing their minds with horniness, the lesbians started taking turns scissoring each other vigorously and trying out more exotic positions, licking and rubbing each other until every girl came many times, shaking and screaming. After many earth-shattering orgasms, girls ended this incredible experience satisfied and with their tight, wet cunts dripping juices and pulsating from passionate fucking. By the time the girls all collapse together in orgasmic bliss, the wedding planner had some steamy ideas for the honeymoon!



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Beautiful girls in tight yoga pants end up in a steamy lesbian threesome squirting on each other’s faces

Three stunning babes wore the tightest, seethrough yoga pants while practicing, and kept shaking their butts, slowly getting turned on. It wasn’t long before the lesbians ended up ripping one another’s clothes and going at each other all hot and horny. First, the girls all ended up on all fours, with a ravishing, black-haired babe kneeling in the front, having a sensual brunette slobbering on her tight cunt with gorgeous ebony behind her, pleasuring her wet pussy with her tongue. Soon, all three of them ended up completely naked and now the sexy ebony was put in the spotlight, with brunette fucking her pussy with her tongue while the black-haired chick was riding her face and fondling her large, natural tits with perfect, pierced nipples. From there on out, the situation just kept escalating as the naked girls kept picking up the pace and changing positions. Their young beautiful bodies were glistening with sweat as they were making sure every girl had her fair share of sensual licking and rough tongue fucking. At one point, while one lesbian was was riding the other one’s face and came, squirting all over her face and in her mouth! After a strong orgasm she sat right back down, to continue receiving pleasure. Wanting to feel each other in every way possible, the naked girls went on to take turns scissoring one another with a third girl watching them and masturbating while taking a rest and enjoying the show. The horny lesbian made sure to squirt on both of them, turning them on even more before they ended up trying even more exotic poses. As the girls were all nearing their limits, they went into a triangle, with each girl having a soft tongue in her cunt while licking another’s pussy. They came multiple times and continued to rub each other’s pussies achieving multiple earth-shattering orgasms, squirting on each other’s faces!

Sexy redhead babe has a threesome with her friend and her fiancée while visiting Paris

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I just can’t keep my eyes and dick off of this hot and sexy blondie

I just love petite girls and blonde chicks with tight pussies, and ever since I saw my neighbor’s hot blonde daughter I wanted to fuck her. Well, one day it seems that my dreams would become a reality. I had no idea that she was such a sex freak and that I’d have such an easy time with her to get her to open up enough for potential sex. I mean I do have a way with words, and the teen girl is a total sex addict, so it wasn’t that hard to convince her to get it on with me. In fact, all I had to do was tell her how big my cock was, and she was on her knees faster than I could say anything else to her. She pulled out my cock, put it in her mouth and began to suck it softly. I felt her tongue swirling around inside her mouth as she massaged the head of my cock with her lips and tongue. I loved seeing her head with blonde luscious hair bob up and down as she was sucking on my dick, but this isn’t enough for me. We all know that I want way more than just a blowjob from this little teen whore. I lied down on the counter and let her suck me off from above, but then I took her arm and immobilized her so that I can do whatever I want with her pretty little mouth and so I decided to start fucking her tight lips from below as I’m lying there. Now you can see why this is hot for multiple reasons, but I wasn’t done with her even then. This was just the beginning to what would become an insane fuckfest in which I would spread her tight little pussy really wide. Wider than it has ever been spread before, and I would do it so that she would fall in love with my dick permanently. She couldn’t believe my size while she was sucking me off, just wait until I put it in and her entire face lights up. She has never been with a cock this big so I’m expecting a big reaction from her. I push it in and immediately she starts to moan.



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Confess her feelings to her crush after graduation from high school – PART 1

The best way to make a lame party fun is to have an orgy with your friends! They’ve finally graduated from high school. But before they start their college lives, it’s time to party! The entire class was invited, even though most of them weren’t really friends. Our four heroes all came for one reason or another. Blake, a shy busty girl, wanted to talk with her crush, while the other three just wanted to chill. Sadly, the host was the head bitch, who also happened to be with the guy Blake was in love with. Sparks flew, and things got heated. She had had her first intimate moment with her long-time crush Max. Unfortunately, her eternal bully and rival Em spotted the scene and stood in the way, shaming Blake publicly. After the party fiasco, Blake met up with her best friends to unwind. One of the girls proposed a game of spin-the-bottle to lighten the mood. Being the only guy with three chicks, the nerd was excited. They all took turns spinning, and everyone got to make out with each other. To keep things interesting, they ramped it up with lap dances and groping. The girl in pink suggested they take their their friend’s virginity together. The guy couldn’t believe his luck, three of his best friends were about to fuck him. The girls got out of their dresses and got his pants off. As it usually goes, the dorky guy has a massive donger. The girls were awestruck, and Pinky wasted no time, instantly going for a blowjob. While all of them were close, they never saw each other having sex. The other two girls weren’t very experienced, so Pinky thought to show them a thing or two.



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