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Jimmy is rich and has an amazing crib up in the hills. He just loves bringing the naughtiest girls home, those that are willing to do anything just to hang out in his luxurious crib. Today he got himself the most beautiful and sexy gold-digger that wanted him and everything he has. The slut didn’t hesitate for a long time until she decided to get down on her knees to suck his cock. She saw that he was hard from watching her, so she came close to him, pulled his pants down and started sucking his prick. She got him really deep inside her little throat and enjoyed the way it tasted. The sexy naked girl sucked him for quite a long time until she decided to ride his prick like a horse. The bitch enjoyed fucking so much that she started jumping on his cock so fast that she was cumming each couple of minutes. She’s a got a trimmed little bush on the top of her pussy which made him even hornier! She started squirting all over the place and made his prick really wet. She was sliding up and down on his prick and kept squirting really nice all over it. His huge pecker was going so deep inside her that her pussy was on fire! He put her on the chair and started fucking her little red pussy with her screaming so loud. She groaned in delight, keep squirting, while he fucked her hard. Her vagina was ejaculating everywhere “Ohhhh, yes. Fuck my pussy harder!” The little cock whore was looking at him with her lustful eyes and enjoyed his penetration like never before. He bent her over and started to fuck her doggy-style like no one ever fucked her. She gave him another little squirt while in doggy. Her stunning round butt made him so horny that he pounded her faster with each minute. She already had a couple of orgasms, and it was time for him to fill her little pussy with a load of his cum!

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This is the very first lactating video on DampLips. Aali is pumping her breasts so she can leave some breast milk with her babysitter, Abella. When she walks in, she finds the sexy blonde, half naked, pumping her beautiful breasts. Feeling awkward, she asks if she should come back later. Aali tells her that it’s fine, they’re all girls here, and then provides her with instructions on how to feed the baby. The horny babysitter is transfixed with the breast milk and can’t stop staring at the bottle and her big tits. She wasn’t breastfed as a child and has never tasted it before. When she asks her if she can try some from her swollen big breasts, the blonde reminds her that they just recently met and she doesn’t really know her. Abella practically begs her, explaining that just once she would like to drink it from a breast. Before Aali gets a chance to respond, the horny lesbian sits on her and removes her shirt, begging her to let her drink from her lovely tits. Aali is flattered and asks Abella to close the door so her husband doesn’t walk in. With their privacy assured, Abella starts squeezing the milk out of her tits and hosing her face up in the process. I love swollen breasts with big, luscious nipples. I love breast worshiping and I’m a squirting fan but I never watched anything like this before, and I didn’t think I’ll like it, but I was wrong. This is amazing. Didn’t know breastfeeding could be so erotic. The milky goddess is amazing with her swollen breasts, squirting milk into the lesbian’s open mouth. It’s a tight closeup of her squeezing milk out of her boobs & spraying it everywhere. I’m mesmerized by how the titty milk squirt out of multiple openings in the nipple. These closeups are brilliant. When Abella starts playing with Aali’s amazingly pink, wet and swollen pussy, it looks like she’s enjoying this as much as Abella is. Aali’s husband knocks on the door and interrupts the girls. Coming up with any excuse to have some privacy, the wife sends him on a fool’s errand to go get some diapers, taking the baby with him. Now that the girls have the house all to themselves, they can explore their wildest fantasies together. Head to toe, there’s not a spot on Abella’s lovely bronze body that isn’t splattered in mama milk. The freaking lactating on Abella’s asshole then the rimming, omg, genius. I also love the breast/nipple action on Abella’s clit. Two hot naked girls get into position, scissoring their legs so that they can press their wet pussies together, rubbing their clits against each other and keep squirting breast milk! Breast worship is beautiful, and from our point of view, enjoying each other’s milk is one of the most intimate and erotic things two women can share in. Just. Fucking. Beautiful. Breast. Scene. Ever. Watching two girls just licking each other is boring. Watching two or more naked girls talking in sensual way, touching, looking, kissing softly is great. And when she’s pregnant or lactating woman, this is the best sensual and sexiest way she could show the beauty of a woman and her sexuality at top. Watch more pregnancy and lactation lesbian videos.

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Hot ebony babe was alone in the tub, touching herself. She had these gorgeous tits, piercings on both nipples, long braided hair, and a naughty look in her eyes. She heard her stepbrother in the other room, probably jerking off, so she called him over to tell him she didn’t want to masturbate alone and ask him if he could help. Naked black girl demanded he let her suck his dick but he just got done masturbating, and he was not interested. Playing with her pussy in front of him, his stepsister made him hard again. She pulled his dick out of his trousers and started sucking on it. Her saliva was dripping everywhere as she was hungry for more dick. His dick was getting harder and harder because his sister was so good at sucking dick. He then brought her to the living room, sat on the couch, and turned her around so that she would ride him in reverse. He also pulled her pussy apart and rubbed her clit as he was pounding her. Black babe was jumping up and down on his dick, moaning and screaming for more dick. He choked he so she started screaming more. Then his stepsister got on all fours, spread her ass cheeks with both hands “See if you can put your dick right in my asshole. Can you do that? Can you fuck my ass?” Pointing the head of his cock aiming at her asshole, he slid it in her ass! It was even hotter as she arched her back so he could get all the way in her ass. She was rubbing her clit from the front and screamed for more of Johnny’s cock. Then the stepsiblings went back to the first position, but this time he wasn’t pounding her pussy, but her ass since she liked it more. And he could also reach her clit with his hands. Finally, they did the acrobatic position – the black stepsister was on her back, ass high in the air and he was squatting above her, reaching his white dick all the way inside her Ebony ass. That made him cum so hard, filling her butt up!

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