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Beautiful college girl rewards her boyfriend with baseball and anal

Being the good GF that she is, Hazel makes sure to keep her man happy. Since she knows he loves baseball, she decides to pick out the cutest outfit imaginable to play with him before leading him indoors to have some fun. His huge cock was quickly engulfed in her sweet mouth. The feeling of having her lips and tongue sliding up and down on his cock was indescribable. She removed her mouth from his cock and danced her tongue teasingly under the sensitive head. Despite being petite and having a small mouth, she made sure to lick every inch of his dick. This is a woman’s true position of power. If she is really good at sucking a man’s cock, she can get him to do anything. As this sexy college girl pushes him back onto the bed, she begins slowly sliding off her cute skirt, only to reveal another surprise, a butt plug. Seeing her tight little pussy starting to get wet was too much for her boyfriend to handle, so he gently put her on the sofa and spread her legs. Within minutes of licking her pink twat, her tight asshole started to pulsate, so he switched over and lubed it up with his tongue.



He continued to lick her from pussy to ass, while fingering her anus furiously and she was getting worked into a frenzy. After oral foreplay the sexy naked girl finally laid on her back, spread her slender legs wide open, and watched as he slowly shoved his huge cock deep inside her already quivering pussy. It didn’t take long before Hazel’s tight fanny began to shiver, but before making her cum he pulled out and slowly thrust himself into her juicy ass! Seeing her mouth open wide as she was taking it up her beautiful butt was too much for him to handle, so he turned her around and spiced things up with doggy style. Now that he’s plowing her cute little ass from behind, he can be as rough as he wants without worrying about nutting too soon. This only made the college girl moan louder, and as soon as she achieved her first orgasm, her body started to shake from the excitement. Although her BF wanted to catch his breath from the intense backshots, Hazel had a different plan. As she threw him onto the couch, she quickly straddled him while constantly maintaining eye contact and seductively rubbed her clit across his shaft. The moment she slid it in her bum, she began gyrating with all of her strength while her man was trying his best not to fill her up. Being on top and in control gives her the chance to tease him and be as rough as she wants. Once she started bouncing, she felt his thick rod starting to pulsate, so she sped up with pure lust in her eyes for as long as she had the energy to do so. The second she stopped, he pulled out and began stroking his meat whilst Hazel crawled towards him to feel his load on her face.

Watch Mick ruin Elias day as he has his way with his son’s college girlfriend

We start off with Molly, Elias’s college girlfriend, giving him a lovely blowjob on the couch in the living room. She really shows off her oral talents as she takes his whole length in without hesitation. His cute girlfriend makes hot gagging sounds as she rams her throat down the length of his shaft at lightning-fast speeds. And Elias can do little besides throw his head back in pleasure from his girlfriend’s ministrations. Any time she gives her throat a break, she uses to swirl her tongue around his cock head and licks up and down his long shaft. The teen couple is soon interrupted by his father, Mick, who walks into the living room. Thinking quickly, he hides his girlfriend and his exposed cock underneath a nearby blank as his dad sits next to him. As he sits down, though, Molly, like the little horny minx that she is, uses her feet to rub up and down on the daddy’s cock. We then switch to the bathroom where Molly is, and Mick just walked right in with his bathrobe open and his cock standing stiffly at attention. He bends the teen girl over the sink and pulls down her lovely pajama bottoms. He doesn’t waste much time, and when he finds that his son’s slutty girlfriend isn’t wearing any underwear, he jams his thick and long cock right inside of her young 18 years old pussy.



The girl begins rocking herself back into his rock-hard dick in rhythm with his deep thrusts. Just as things were starting to get hotter, though, Elias knocked on the bathroom door, asking if Molly was in there. The half naked girl opens up the door just a bit to talk to him; all the while, she’s still getting absolutely rammed by the mature cock for all that she’s worth. As soon as her boyfriend leaves, she gets onto her knees and starts sucking the daddy off. Her pouty lips wrap around his magnificent tool like she doesn’t plan ever to let him go. She worships his cock with all that she’s got. Ramming the thick meat rod all the way down her throat, all the while making lovely wet gagging and slurping sounds that are like music to his ears. He puts his hands on her head and speeds his thrusting up. He is skull fucking poor Molly with all his might, and he doesn’t seem to want to slow down in the slightest. All the naked girl can really do is sit there and take it as best as she can and wait for a break for her to get a few quick breaths into her lungs. They soon move over to the father’s bedroom. He lies down and places this little slut on his lap in the reverse cowgirl position. She starts riding him vigorously. Her bouncing is overshadowed, though, by his merciless thrusting upwards. Her teen tight pussy feels so good. He hasn’t fucked a teenage pussy in years. He doesn’t stop or slow down at all and just keeps hammering away at her poor, used pussy. They are getting closer to their limit, though, and soon cum.

Riley uses her sexual skills to convince her guy not to go to college out of town

Riley spent days planning to convince her boyfriend not to go to a college far from their town. Finally she devised a plan that was sure to get him to stay for a while longer. They had been going hot and heavy for a while, but she always made him wear a condom. But this time, she was going to let him bust a big nut inside of her so that he could breed her! She didn’t waste a moment when he came to her place. The sexy teen babe immediately started stroking his cock over his training pants. He was weak to her tender touches, and his cock was raised in an instant. He got up and took out his tool from his pants, and the beautiful blonde immediately started to satisfy him orally. Giving him a phenomenal blowjob, she looked at him with her begging gaze. Although she wasn’t a good cock swallower, she now started deep-throating, trying to get as much of his big cock down her throat as she could. The sexy girl was doing her best to give the best blowjob to her boyfriend. Then fully naked she lay on top of him, ready to thrust herself against his cock. She accepted his entire shaft with a smile, smiling sweetly and enjoying herself thoroughly. The guy had a look at her young 18 years old hairy cunt as he entered her. She set the stage and had her boyfriend put on a condom but pulled it off his dick mid-fuck. She rode him like a real cowgirl. The beautiful blonde felt that she turned him on abnormally and put herself in a doggy position, offering him free use of her cunt while having a view of her firm, sweet ass. He entered her deeply, driving his cock all the way. Every moment, he increased his pace while the sweet girl began to moan loudly, begging him to cum deep in her. The guy couldn’t hold on for much longer and ended up inside her, filling her abundantly with his sperm. Riley succeeded in her endeavor to keep the boy by her side.

Girl scout gives out handjobs to make money for college

Her stepdad and stepbrother couldn’t believe what she was doing to make money for college. They thought she was selling cookies as a good little scout, but that little slut was giving out handjobs instead. She decided to show them how she was doing it to the other guys. The girl scout sat between them and took their cocks out of their pants. She started stroking their lengths leisurely, and they were praising her from the start. They stood up and made the girl drop to her knees to level her mouth with their cocks. With her mouth slightly open her eyes darted from one cock to another as if surveying the prized pricks. Her handjob was fantastic, but she was ready to do something more. She took one cock in the mouth while continuing to stroke the other. Her blowjob skills were as good as her handjob. Her mouth was going from one cock to the other. They were eager to get their cocks as far down her throat as they could. She gave both of the men the same amount of attention. They were going crazy about her skilled tongue going over their sensitive cock heads. After she sucked them off deliciously, they decided to take it a step further. Her stepdad put his cock into her dripping pussy while she continued sucking off her stepbrother. Both men were getting the same amount of attention now. The stepdad set a slow pace and enjoyed every inch of her warm cunt. They praised the girl, and she was getting hornier with every compliment. The stepbrother took over and put her in doggy style while she took her stepdad’s cock into her mouth again. The little slut had always dreamed of being double-teamed, feeling two cocks fill her up! It was incredible. The two cocks were fucking her from both sides in alternating rhythm which was giving her the most amazing feeling. They all three moaned loud as the guys’ cocks unloaded their sperm in her pussy and mouth.

Naughty teen seduces her college roommate’s handsome dad at lunch

When Dema’s college roommate came to lunch with her handsome dad, the cute blonde already had a plan. She had a crush on her friend’s dad for a long time and wanted to fulfill her sexual fantasy. When they were alone, she told him that she was waiting for him in her room and that she wanted to taste his cock. The experienced dad snuck out of the living room and immediately headed to the appointed place. The petite babe welcomed him with her legs spread, showing him her shaved little pussy. He immediately went down to her and started licking her with his tongue. While he was giving her incredible pleasure, he was squeezing her small tits with his hands, which were tempting him with their hard nipples. She was completely wet and wanted to taste his cock. The penis in her little hands looked huge, but petite Demi didn’t give up and tried to stuff it all into her sweet little mouth. The freckles on her face gave her a unique charm as she looked at him and licked his head with her tongue. He had to enter her immediately and placed her on the bed, lifting her legs on his shoulders. He immediately began to forcefully enter her tight pussy, thrusting his entire cock into her. The small girl watched in disbelief as she received a huge cock. She began to moan quietly, restraining herself so that the guests from the living room would not hear her. The guy was drilling her hole mercilessly, and when he started to squeeze her neck lightly, Demi couldn’t hold back and cummed on his cock. When he picked her up and started to fuck her while standing, the horny girl lost her mind, digging her nails into his back while kissing his neck.

I had a perfect study session with my busty college partner

This guy loved his weekly study sessions with his hot blond partner. They had just started a new year at college, and they were ready to experience all the dirty things people had always talked about. Blake came over after her yoga session, so she was a little sweaty and decided to take a shower. She got carried away on his bed with her fingers rubbing her aching pussy. She was close to coming when he interrupted her suddenly. After showing him her big tits, she wanted to see his cock as well. She pulled down his pants and took out his long shaft. His length left her speechless, and she opened her mouth and eagerly sucked him in. Her blowjob was messy, and spit was flying everywhere. He encouraged her by pushing her head down on his length until she started choking. The blowjob went on for some time until he was as hard as a rock and ready to pound her. Blondie got on all fours, and he pushed his car inside, burying himself to the hilt. They couldn’t believe they’d never done this before. It’s like they were made to fuck each other. While he was pounding away, making her moan and pant, his dad walked in to see how they were progressing with their studying. He pushed the naked girl behind the bed without taking his cock out of her cunt.



He casually talked with his dad while moving his hips as she bit her lips to stop the sounds from coming out. It seems like the danger of getting caught only turns them on more. They opened the door and continued fucking while standing up. His dad almost caught them again, but they moved in time. After that, the busty slut straddled his lap, and their fuck fest continued in the cowgirl position. Her amazing big tits were bouncing up and down as she slammed herself hard down onto his cock. Blake encouraged him to go harder, more frantic, and faster because she couldn’t believe how well she was taking his dick. They couldn’t control the filthy words coming out of their mouths with Blondy leading. She turned around in his lap and felt his dick poking at her stomach. He was big and girthy and hit all of the right spots. Her hand slid down her stomach and caressed her enlarged clit. She rubbed her fingers up and down until she screamed at the pleasure from both his skilled thrust and her precise flicks against her clit. They went on like this for some time until he decided to return to doggy style. He pulled one of her legs up and held it with his hand while continuing his rapid thrusts. The hot naked babe couldn’t stop her screams as she felt his length rubbing at her G-spot. She was close to coming and couldn’t hold back anymore. Her fingers continued flicking against her pink clit, and soon enough, she was screaming as she reached her climax. It was one of the best squirting orgasms in her sex life. Blake followed quickly after, and they relished in the bliss of a fantastic study session. They would do something like this again.

Lustful milf seduces her stepson and his hung college buddy

Studying for college is hard work, especially for Van, who is at his buddy’s house with his hot stepmom, Kayla. As the guys sit in the living room trying their hardest to finish their assignment, the gorgeous blonde MILF cleans around the house without paying attention to them whatsoever. While bending over to vacuum, her naked tits fall out, but she doesn’t notice and continues cleaning as if nothing has happened. Soon enough, Van notices and can’t stop staring, which causes his friend to beg his stepmother to leave them so they can focus. She listens to her lovely stepson, but as she goes upstairs, she seductively looks into Van’s eyes and gestures for him to follow her. Within seconds of her entering the bathroom, he thinks of an excuse to leave and rushes over to her. As he walks into the bathroom, he sees his friend’s mom already waiting for him in the bathtub, completely naked and ready for action. Within seconds of getting near her, she whips out his massive cock and greets it with her soft lips and sensual tongue. The taste of his dick fills her with lustful fantasies, so she strips and lures him into the tub, where she excitedly slides rides his throbbing manhood with pure bliss in her eyes. Moans swiftly become loud enough so that her stepson can hear her, so he follows the sound of her voice to investigate.



Just before being caught, she hides his friend behind the door and peeks to chat with him. Chatting quickly leads to flirting, and soon enough, the milf is giving her stepson a phenomenal blowjob while his friend sneakily plows her behind the door. It doesn’t take long for the guys to realize something is up, but the blonde doesn’t let them argue and instead leads them into the bedroom to continue the taboo fun. Once in her bed, the beautiful naked woman takes turns sucking their huge dicks with a smile on her pretty face. The second, both of them are rock-hard she spreads her legs wide and lets them decide who gets to stretch out her tight pussy first. Despite the previous argument and the taboo, the two friends put their differences aside and let each other have a fair turn pummeling Kayla’s tight twat. After banging her missionary, they spice things up by turning her around and arching her back for some intense doggy style fun. Once they’ve tried out every position imaginable, they lay the hottie on her back and thrust as deep as they can with all of their strength until they feel her insides starting to tighten. The moment that happens, they begin rubbing her clit whilst banging her simultaneously, which leads to her having a fantastic orgasm from the feeling of her stepson’s and his college friend’s cock sliding into her. Instead of ending the threesome right then and there, the MILF realizes they have much more energy to burn, so she lets them use her until they’re ready to cum in her mouth.

Lusty Alexa visits her stepbrother at the college and screws him on the couch

The boys from Alexa’s small town became boring, so she decided to visit her handsome stepbrother Johnny in college and meet and bang as many of his college friends as possible. Upon arriving, she goes to the other room to unpack her stuff, and her stepbrother takes a chance to peek into her phone. He is so astonished to see his step-sister’s nudes that he doesn’t hear her entering the room. Alexa asks what he’s doing, and he has no choice but to confess. The girl drags him to the sofa, starts to strip, and invites him to eat her pussy! He is more than happy to comply and licks and sucks her magic bean with vigor. She didn’t expect him to be so good, and since she doesn’t want to cum yet, she takes his colossal boner into her mouth and gives him a blowjob. The sexy girl sucks his cock and his balls, slobbering all over him. She stops when he is obviously very close to cumming, mounts on his throbbing cock, and goes into full gallop cowgirl style. He grabs her ass with both hands, squeezes her ass cheeks and starts pounding into her so hard and fast, that his balls start slapping against her. They change position soon, so she can stroke her swollen clit while he pounds her slippery love tunnel. It is apparent that she is very hungry for cock, so he gives his best not to fill her with his spunk yet. She tells him she loves to be fucked from behind and mounts on him again, this time reverse cowgirl. Alexa pounds her dripping pussy against his stiff rod until he tells her he wants to fill her with cum, but only in the doggy style. The sexy naked babe positions herself on all four, so he can dip his rod in her pussy. Johnny drills her frantically until he fills her hungry cunny with his hot sperm.

Before college she seduces her hung neighbor to lose her virginity

Going over to her neighbor to charge her phone was just an excuse for the gorgeous Lucky Anne to see him before going to college. As the two chat about what she plans on doing she reveals to him that she’s still a virgin. Since she’ll be leaving and having tons of parties with boys who are aching to pound her, she wants to lose her virginity to someone she knows. Teen babe jumps on the counter and slowly crawls towards him, but unfortunately, her father calls him at that very moment. Whilst he talks to her father Lucky rushes to his bedroom and strips into her erotic lingerie excitedly. The moment he walks in and sees her he gets onto the bed and bends her over to have a taste of her snatch. Fondling her juicy ass and licking her got him harder than ever and ready to pound her, but instead of shoving himself instantly, he lets her suck him off to practice her blowjob skills. She does so with pure joy in her eyes and after slobbering on it and covering it with her spit she begs him to thrust in her from behind. Although she’s tight at first, within a few pumps she’s stretched out enough for every inch of his huge dick to penetrate her innocent virgin pussy. Once she’s gotten a hang of it she tries riding him for the first time. As she crawls on top and begins to bounce she’s unable to muffle her loud moans. She has an amazing big bubble ass and she twerks it riding his dick. It doesn’t take long for her to have an orgasm from the deep and intense thrusts. Despite cumming so early, she lets him use her body and he continues grabbing onto her bubble butt and plowing before surprising her with a creampie.

Thick and curvy burglar stumbles upon a horny and hung college boy

The sudden sounds of the police siren got the college dude intrigued as to what was happening, but before he could think a masked babe entered his room. To stop him from calling the cops Jennifer seductively shows off her juicy tits and fat ass to mesmerize him, which works like a charm. After seeing how hard he got, the robber takes off her mask and exposes her beautiful face as she approaches his throbbing cock to blow on it passionately! Instead of reporting the brunette burglar he bent her ass over his studying desk and gave her tight pussy a good lick before thrusting deep inside it! Although she was very tight, the hottie managed to take every inch of his manhood with joy, which caused her to start moaning out loud joyfully. Before getting down on his back to let the big booty busty babe ride him he made sure to let her taste her own pussy juices from his huge rod. The taste of his precum made the slut unable to think straight, which is why she couldn’t stop herself from climbing onto him. The longer the busty babe rode him and felt his dick pushing up against her womb the wetter her snatch got. In order not to bust too quickly, the college boy switches positions every so often. Once Jennifer felt his dick throbbing she ensured he didn’t cum in her, so she switched from cowgirl to doggy instantly. While staring into the brunette’s eyes and enjoying the sight of her heavy melons bouncing with each stroke he couldn’t help himself but think about busting. Since he was already at his limit, the cutie dropped on all fours and eagerly opened her mouth to catch some of the hot cum that he was spraying on her.

Two typical college dorm sluts love bunking together and fucking together

Laya is a hardworking student. She’s so concerned with her grades that sometimes she forgets to have fun. Today is a bit different. She lives in a dorm room with her friend Sherrie. She doesn’t know that Laya isn’t asleep when she brings her boyfriend into her bunk. Laya’s got the higher bed, and sees everything, how her roommate’s boyfriend pulls down her Sherrie’s pants, spreads her ass cheeks with both hands and starts licking her ass crack. As a matter of fact, she starts touching herself when she hears her roommate moaning her boy’s name out. The guys don’t notice this and keep making out. Very soon his cock is in her wet pussy. She rides her guy like a good little cowgirl. In fact the guy hears Laya’s faint moans but pretends not to. The next day, he comes a bit earlier and approaches Laya directly. He touches and eventually fingers her. The girlie spreads her juices all over him. A minute later, he takes out his schlong, and the college girl gets to see the cock that’s been messing her friend’s pussy up. She can’t help herself and decides to suck and fuck it right there on her desk. The guy takes her from behind as she’s bent over her desk. He starts fucking her from behind, ramming that cock into her again and again. The guy is getting ready to shot his load all over his girlfriend’s roommate’s cute face as she sucks greedily on his cock. The girl feels guilty and comes out clean. She’s disappointed. Not because they did it but because they didn’t invite her friend. So, the three turn this bad situation around. The girls start kissing, sucking the guy off together, and then fucking him in doggy and missionary. As the guy takes turns plowing these two pussies, he feels he’s close to cumming. He pulls out and blows his load on these girls’ faces. The three will soon become roommates, so it’s safe to say that the fun has just begun.

Little slut fucks her boy all over her college dorm room

Brunette coed Liz is always horny for her boy’s dick. Today is no different. The girl is trying to study, but her pussy calls. Lo and behold, the minute she pulls her hot bottoms to the side and fingers her pussy, he knocks on the door, and she lets him in. The guy was hard the minute he walked in. He can just smell the pussy in the room. It’s only when his girl gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick that he notices her roommate is in the room with them. The girl has her headphones on and can’t hear a damn thing. Her roommate is sucking a huge penis right behind her back. The horny coed stands up eventually and convinces her boy to go a step further. He enters her sweet little pussy from the back and starts fucking her. He lifts her right leg in the air only to reveal her trimmed bush. He enters that pussy as deep as he can. The pair get under the sheets behind the roommate’s back. The poor girl is unsuspecting as the pair spoons on. They don’t mind that they’re being loud. Unfortunately for them, a resident adviser walks in to see if everything is ok. The dude hides under the sheets, and she picks up a book. He keeps fucking her, of course. As soon as the RA leaves and her roommate goes to bed, the pair lose the sheets and fuck in the open again. He stuffs that girl’s pussy in doggy like a maniac. The sight of her perfect ass bouncing on his dick makes him want her even more. He pulls out and puts it in her asshole! The girl bites down on the sheets. He keeps plowing her ass until he fills it with cum. The naked college girl smiles and tries to get back to studying but can’t really sit straight.

Before sending the boys to college the naked milfs want to be creampied

Now that their lovely stepsons are about to go to college, two milfs Alexis and Kenzie are aching to have someone of their own to take care of. They come to the realization that they’re not related, and since their husbands are not going to impregnate them they can just swap their boys and get creampied by them. Despite the idea being taboo, the milfs quickly agree. They blindfold the virgin stepsons and take them to the bedroom. As the naked women expose their stunning bodies, the two slide off their blindfolds and are shocked to see their slutty stepmothers with their backs arched. Although they’re weirded out by the situation, they don’t want to leave for college as virgins, so they agree to fill their pussies with cum as long as it stays a secret between them. At first the boys must learn to satisfy women. So the milfs sit on their faces and start grinding their twats against the boys, slapping their wet labia and clits all over their mouths. This is what they will have to do in college after all. They must know how to eat pussy right. To get their young dicks lubed up their naked stepmoms show off their milf blowjob skills until they’re rock hard and aching to thrust. While being dicked down, they think of an even kinkier idea that will definitely make them cum quickly. Instead of swapping, Alexis wants her own stepson, as well as the busty Kenzie. The moment they feel their stepmother’s sugar walls tighten around their shafts, they realize how much fun they’ve missed out on. Before filling them up with their hot load, they decide to make their bodies shiver from joy. Once they’re finished pounding them in every imaginable position and using their slits for their pleasure, the boys simultaneously bust the fattest nuts inside of them.

Slutty college girl squirts all over her sister’s husband’s huge dick

Since she’s been studying for quite some time now, Macy finally decided to go on a break at her sister’s new house. As she arrives, she can’t keep her eyes off her sister’s husband and his strong muscular body. The two are obviously eyeing each other, but they brush it off since they’re not alone yet. Before heading out to the kitchen to eat, Macy is in need of a house tour, and he gladly offers to lead her up to her bedroom. Once inside, the naughty college girl drops her backpack and, without hesitation, pulls off his pants to get a good look at his throbbing cock. Despite his wife being downstairs, he gives the teen whore a passionate kiss while slowly thrusting deep inside her. The feeling of her young 18 year old pussy is amazing! Although he would love to stretch her out relentlessly, she’s moaning too loud, and he doesn’t want his wife to find out. Their fun is abruptly interrupted as she walks into the room to see what they’ve been up to, but luckily the petite cutie already hid in bed. After lying about what he’s been doing, the couple goes back downstairs while Macy’s thinking of ways to continue getting plowed. Whilst in the kitchen with his wife, he can’t stop thinking about her sister’s squirting pussy on his meat. Just when he was about to continue on with his day, he saw the slutty chick crawling on the floor and sneaking behind the kitchen counter. Since his wife’s cooking in front of him, he doesn’t even think about banging, but Macy’s already got her hands on his bulge.



Instead of being quiet and slowly sucking his cock, she gets sloppy and slobbers all over it. In order to keep the noise down, he grabs her by the head and thrusts all the way down her throat. Then the teen slut slowly bends over and arches her back for him to plow her from behind. Although he’s still chatting with his wife, he stands up and shoves his manhood deep inside her college snatch. The hardcore doggy style doesn’t last long, as Macy’s tight twat quickly begins to shiver and squirt all over the floor. This time the wife’s sure she heard something, but when she goes around the table she only sees her husband with his cock out and nobody around. Thinking he was just jacking off, she reprimands him for doing it out in the open while Macy’s in the house. The moment he leaves the room, the crazy teen slut jumps on his back with pure lust in her eyes in hopes of continuing the fun. He eagerly spreads her slender legs and pounds her slit vigorously, no matter how loud she gets. Her pussy just can’t stop squirting! She has one squirting orgasm after another! After dicking her down in every possible position, he’s unable to hold it in any longer. Whilst stroking his huge dick, his wife’s sister drops to her knees in hopes of feeling his hot load on her face. Despite hearing his wife’s footsteps, he shoots his thick cumshot all over her mouth and glasses while the naughty babe smiles!

College girl is totally addicted to public sex, and I don’t have anything against it

One warm evening, as usual, I went to the park to jerk off in the bushes. Hiding in the shadows, staring at teen girls, gives me a massive erection. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to jerk off in public without so much as a care in the world. “Having a little trouble keeping focused?” a female voice asked! I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me. A sexy young college girl looking down at my crotch, where my hand was holding my swollen member! I couldn’t believe my eyes when she came closer to me and reached a hand down, stoking her pussy slowly. “Here,” she said, pulling her white panties to the side, exposing her lovely pussy. “Maybe having something to look at’ll help. Stare as much as you like, I’ll keep watch.” I began stroking, imagining myself pumping my throbbing cock in and out of that lovely pussy. I had never done anything like this before. The feeling was so naughty, so hot and dangerous. The girl was masturbating in front of me with her panties around her knees now. Then she said she wanted me to fuck her right there, in the back alley. Looking around on occasion to make sure no one was approaching she stood above me with her wet pussy dripping on my dick. The next moment I was slowly probing under her skirt in an attempt to find the entrance to her pussy. She got on my big dick and started moaning. She didn’t care about anything except sex, even though any passerby would hear us. The white panties were pulled to the side and she was giving me an open view of her vagina. She rode me and I looked between her legs, where her meaty pussy lips were wrapped around my cock. Her plaid college skirt was around her waist so that her wet cuntlips were exposed for everyone to enjoy. She turned around and bent over with her naked ass facing me. My cock was sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy with each bounce. I was enjoying the wet warmth of her cunt and the view of her asshole so much. Then the slutty college girl grabbed my dick and started sucking it. It felt sooo good. Her tongue was all over my dickhead and her nails were scratching my balls. In the pitch black, I placed the teen nympho on the back and slowly slid my dick into her pussy. It felt so good. The fear of getting caught and the immense pleasure were creating a mind-blowing experience. I gathered my strength and continued to bang the horny college girl.

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