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Not only did he land himself a hot white wife, but she also had a cute daughter. One day, he walked by the bathroom. He saw a woman undressing and thought it was his wife. When she turned around, and it was his stepdaughter, he kept watching. Her body was like her Mom’s, except younger and tighter in all the right places. The girl had an amazing body, long slender legs, a cute little ass and a bald pussy! The naked girl spotted him and chased after him when he tried to run. She looked as if she was ready to kill him, but after spotting his erection, she went from mad to curious. It was her first time seeing one this big! It was larger than her head, and she had to taste it. Their first stepdad-stepdaughter interaction was her sucking his monster dong. Deepthroating that huge black penis would be impossible, but she tried to fit in as much as possible. I could watch her suck this huge cock all day long. Imagine if she took on 3 or 4 of black guys for a blowjob session – rubbing their spit soaked cocks all over her cute face as she licks, sucks, and drains each of them. It felt amazing in her little mouth, meaning it would feel even better in her pussy. He didn’t think she could do it, but apparently, the little slut can take huge cocks with no problem. While riding him, she got all the way down to the base. Her eyes went to the back of her head as she orgasmed from simply putting such a huge cock in. It was amazing for her, but he couldn’t feel much. He made her get on her back so he could fuck her easier. It just so happened that there was a jar with lube, which let his monster smoothly go in and out of her tiny pussy. He tried being gentle at his own expense, but the little slut kept cumming repeatedly, learning to love her new stepdad.

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