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Banging my sister’s hot best friends during a sleepover at our place

Have you ever had hot 18 year old girls sleeping over at your house and had the urge to sneak in on them and check out their pussies with your dick while they sleep? If this happens to be your fantasy you’ll never find a more suitable video than this. Our parents were out of the town and my sister decided to host slumber party with her slutty friends! Her friends are so fucking hot, and the way the girls looked at me as they walked through the door and locked themselves up in my sister’s bedroom! I can only imagine all the sorts of dirty, sexy, kinky shit these teen sluts were doing! I put my ear against the door and I could hear them laughing, screaming, probably dancing to the loud music in the background. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything through the keyhole. Soon it all got quiet, the girls were probably sleeping, and I decided to sneak in! They were all sleeping on my sister’s bed, wearing cute pajamas. I grabbed their camera and began filming the sleeping girls. I became a little more brave to sneak a peek between their ass cheeks. Before long I began to fondling their pussies while still being careful to not wake them. Then I got really bold and I woke one of her friends up, putting my cock on her face! I couldn’t wait any longer to sink my erect dick deep into one of the beautiful pussies that awaits me. When the sister’s friend saw my raging erection, she was more than happy to take care of it! She opened her mouth and took my cock, holding my scrotum, fuck! This teen slut sucked and stroked it, drooling all over my member while her friends slept, keeping it quiet so we wouldn’t wake the girls up. This was a dream cum true, finally! My cock was drenched in her warm spit as she licked and sucked my balls, getting down on all fours and releasing the crotch area of her pajamas so I could fuck her dripping wet 18 year old pussy as she got down on all fours and showed me her sexy bubble butt! She wanted me to fuck her hard right next to her naked, sleeping friend. I fucked her sweet twat doggy style while her friend and my sister slept next to her, fucking hot! She flipped over and spread her legs so I could fuck her in missionary position, her pajama’s top opened up and showing her nice tits and puffy nipples. The naughty young girl played with her tits and rubbed her clit as I hammered her and we both came! Her pussy was so tight and hot and moist, she took my cock into her mouth and I started pumping my cum into her mouth. When I finished cumming, she opened her mouth and her mouth was empty. She had swollowed all my cum and fell asleep! I went back to my room, but I was still horny and hard as a rock! I decided to go back in and woke up her other friend this time! She was also glad to see me pay her a nighttime visit, sucking my hard cock and spreading her legs so I could pound her dripping wet pussy in missionary position. My dick was wet in sperm, I had no problem sliding it right in her tight little pussy. The only issue was that I couldn’t ram her too hard, or else she would scream and wake up the other girls! I really enjoyed fucking her pussy, making sure I didn’t wake up my sister in the process. Too bad she didn’t bring along a third friend to fuck her too! Meanwhile, a very intense feeling was growing in my balls and I thought they were going to explode. I just couldn’t stop fucking this girl’s pussy faster and faster and she screamed and woke the girs up, fuck! My sister saw me fucking her friends, and all the girls knelt down in front of me, trying to catch all the jets of my cum, squirting out of me. The best slumber party ever!



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My stepsister loves to masturbate in front of me and play with my cum

Good siblings share intimate stories between themself, better is when they achieve their sexual fantasies together. I thought to myself, how good it would be to fuck my sister. Since we were young, our parents bathed my stepsis and me together. That is when I developed my fantasies. From the way Vanessa looked at me when we grew up, I could tell that she had fantasies about me too. We started talking more and more about it and started masturbating together just by looking at each other. She has perfect tits, not too small, not too big. Just perfect to put them in my hands and squeeze them gently. I do not want to mention how nice and smooth her tight pussy is. I have seen a lot of different fannies in porn before. But, watching my sis masturbate her tight cunt, I came to the realization that this is the best fucking pussy I have seen in my entire life. Luckily, she likes when I am fully shaved and that my cock looks absolutely amazing when it is hard. We love to masturbate together, I look at her pussy and she loves to watch my erection throb. Two days ago I walked around the house jerking off my morning wood and saw my sister doing her homework. I stood next to her and just did my thing as usual, stroking my dick with one hand and scrolling Instagram with the other. This is when I felt my stepsister touched my dick. She said she just wanted to play with my cock. She sat up so my cock was near her face. “I want a closer look.” she said, looking up at me and moistening her lips. Her hand was in her panties, touching her wet pussy. I moved my hips closer to her and she opened her mouth around the head of my cock, circling her tongue around the sensitive tip.



OMG the feeling was like no other. I felt I was cumming gallons into my sister’s mouth but she didn’t pull back for one second. She just kept on sucking and swallowing! Yesterday we were alone and she was trying to talk to me about her boyfriends, but I didn’t care. I literally didn’t give a single fuck about any of her boyfriends, all I wanted was to feel her tight pussy around my cock! I pulled my cock again in front of my sis and convinced her to help me out with my boner. Vanessa straddled me, bent down and suck-kissed the head of my penis, then slowly lowered herself onto my shaft. It felt incredible! She was hot, wet, and so very tight. I could feel her opening herself inside as the head of my penis pressed deeper into her, finally bumping her womb just as our crotches came together. My naked stepsister began to move slowly up and down, milking my dick with her vagina. She is my sister and nobody else’s, she deserves to be satisfied and drilled hard. She started bouncing on my big hard dick, and I was stunned. Her tits were bouncing, but at some point, she turned around and started reversing on me. That reverse cowgirl position gave me an amazing view of her naked ass. Her booty was bouncing like jello. Goodness gracious, why is she doing this to me, I wondered. I would like to know why she is this perfect. I must see her in the eyes as I am fucking her. The missionary is perfect for that. Our shaved privates look amazing. This is the picture that I want to frame for the rest of my life, but not only in my head.

While our parents are away I seduce my naughty stepsis

Since my parents have gone out of town, they’ve left me in charge of the house as they know I’m a responsible young man who can keep a promise. Although I’m chill, my stepsister Melanie is always up to something no good so I sneak by her room to hear who she’s talking on the phone with. I’m glad I did because she was planning to organize a Labor Day party at the house while it was empty, and she even reassured her friends over the phone that I would be cool with it. As soon as I rushed into her room she put her phone down and tried to play dumb, but I’d already heard everything important. After telling her that our parents are going to find out about this she begins begging me to keep it a secret between us. Although I don’t like lying, hearing her say that she’ll do anything got my mind thinking of lots of raunchy and taboo requests I can make. Even though she’s my stepsister I can’t deny that Melanie has a beautiful face and a stunning body that I’m aching to pound relentlessly. As I offer to keep my mouth shut for a handjob, she sighs and reluctantly shows me her stunning tits as I lay next to her with my cock already hard. Since I’ve been pent up for some time, feeling her gentle hands stroke my meat made me bust in minutes.



Days later when Labor Day actually came the little slut told me I had to leave until the party was over instead of staying and hanging out with her friends. While I wasn’t too keen on staying anyways, this gives me an opportunity to ask for a blowjob this time if she plans on making me leave, and to my surprise she agrees. Without wasting a second I sit on the couch with my dick out and I watch as the sexy girl gently wraps her soft lips around the tips to taste me. I feel her tongue and her lips caressing my cock and it is amazing! Her fingers play with my balls. Her blowjob slowly gets raunchier and within minutes she begins to deepthroat me with a lustful look in her pretty little eyes. As I start to cum we stare into each other’s eyes and she doesn’t stop sucking, instead, she swallows every drop of jizz I bust into her. After everyone leaves I return only to see her panicking about breaking out mother’s precious vase. I offer to help her but only if we bang, and as if she waited for me to ask her she leads me into her bedroom. Without wasting a second my stepsister strips and slides her shaved pussy onto my cock and begins riding me harder than ever. The feeling of her tight cunt is the best thing I’ve ever felt. The view of her gorgeous body, her pussy, her tummy and her boobies is so hot. Fucking her from behind is even better, because I can enjoy the view of her big ass. We switch positions every few minutes as she’s barely handling the size of my manhood. As I hear her talk dirty and beg for a facial I thrust with all of my strength and make her snatch tighten and clit quiver as she orgasms before pulling out and busting over my cute stepsister’s face.

My naive stepsis puts on a personal show and fucks me on Memorial Day

My stepsister Penelope wants to make a big party on Memorial Day. She’s an annoying little brat and really needs to find a way to do this without our parents making a fuss. I can help her with it, but she is going to need to make a good deal. First, my stepsis has to show me her boobs. She is a bit shocked at my proposal. After all, she wasn’t expecting anything as crazy as that. But, this brunette minx gives in and shows me her juicy boobiesits. The big nipples on them make my cock explode, even though she’s very reluctant at first. I really like what I see, so I tell her to take all of her clothes off. Needless to say, she does as she’s told. The minute that pussy and its cute bush flashes in my face, I go wild. Her neat little legs spread wide open as she flaunts that cute little bush to me. I even make her lift up her right leg way up high so that her pussy lips will open up a bit. I also get to see her pink asshole as she bends over and spreads that cute bubble but for me. I see she feels kinda overwhelmed by this much nudity, so I let her go. The next day, I met her in the living room and started teasing her. I tell her that her friends at school say she gives sloppy, lame-ass blowjobs.



She’s so concerned about her public image and so gullible that she actually promises to prove them wrong. Penelope is so easy to manipulate that she gets down on her knees and starts taking off my pants. “I’ll prove that I don’t give sloppy blowjobs,” my stepsister said. She doesn’t waste any time to prove a point. Her ex-boyfriend Nicky is a fool to leave this good a cocksucker. My cock literally disappears in her throat as I move from getting a blowjob to fucking her sweet face. Ultimately, she even swallows my hot cum without a single word of complaint. Nicky is a damn fool. On Memorial Day, she puts on a cute little marine costume and asks me to make a video. What kind of video? The kind that will make her boyfriend very jealous. Now, I’m a bit shocked. After she flaunts her juicy ass to me, shaking it in front of me I just can’t help driving my hard dick balls deep into her young cunt. I plow that pussy in doggy like a champ enjoying the view of her amazing ass. She moans and begs me not to stop. Her big tits are bouncing all over her chest to the rhythm of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Soon her legs are flipped over her in a piledriver position. I keep fucking her pussy with my dick. Eventually, I pull out, make her get on her knees, and take all of my cum. She thanks me and sends the video to Nicky.

I saw my stepsister playing with our mom’s pussy pump!

Dani was planning to hang out with her friends and for that she needed money. As usual, she decided to steal it from her mother. After rummaging through the drawers in her mother’s bedroom, she didn’t find any cash, but she found something else. In one of the drawers, there was a pussy pump. She had never seen anything like it before, and of course, a horny 18 year old teenage girl decided to try it on herself. She settled herself right on her parents’ bed, pulled off her panties and pressed the pump against her pussy! This kinky little sex toy made her pussy wet and ready for masturbation. Even though her pussy became swollen, there was no way she could cum with her mom’s pussy pump. Everything changed for this kinky girl when her stepbrother walked in on her while masturbating! She was pumping her pussy with the toy and at that very moment, he entered the bedroom! The guy was stunned by the naughty sight! His stepsister was masturbating in front of him with her legs spread wide open! But after pulling himself together, he jumped on the bed right next to her. It didn’t take long before they joined forces and he started pumping her pussy. Soon the teens realized that his hard cock would be much better than that thing. He pulled out his hard cock and he simply lay down next to her on the bed, and they started masturbating together. At first, his sister played with her pussy, but then he suggested they try masturbating to each other.



She was touching his hard throbbing cock and he was caressing her bald pussy and her titties. Her pussy was warm and wet, and her boobies were so soft and juicy. The teens started making out. The girl was very surprised by the size of her stepbrother’s cock. It made her totally horny, so she decided to toss the pussy pump and went down on his large cock. It tasted delicious! She cherished every inch of it before she let her stepbrother between her legs. His cunnilingus skills were superb. Only after a couple of licks he caused an orgasm in her young sensitive pussy. The kinky girl started to moan and enjoyed herself. Now her pussy was ready for some intense penetration and she committed to it. As soon as the dick was in her tight, hot pussy, the girl felt like in heaven. Her body started to twist and turn as strong orgasms shook her pussy. Meanwhile, the stepbrother was also having the time of his life. He had always wanted to fuck his stepsister but never had the chance. The girl was riding him, slamming her teenage booty hard down onto him, grinding her clit against his pubic bode and moaning like a little slut. Continuing to drill her pussy with his large shaft, he decided to cum on her face.

His sister’s friend fucks like crazy during a slumber party

Alex’s sister is having a slumber party. She is really happy to have several of her girlfriends over. The minute they arrive, he falls for her friend, the brunette stunner called Gizelle. He gawks at her right at the door. The girls talk about how much fun they are going to have, but Gizelle sees him looking. The girls carry on. They talk about the boys, order pizza, watch a movie, and prepare to go to bed. While they’re in their nightgowns in Mandy’s room, he passes by the door. He catches a glimpse of the sexy babe’s soft silky nighty, and it excites him immediately. He was compelled to take another look. Gizelle sees this, walks out, and faces him. He’s stunned, but she seduces him with her in-your-face approach. He goes along, but when she says she wants them to stay in the hallway, he starts shaking. They kiss tenderly at her initiative. He starts feeling up her nightly as her tiny nipples perk out of the white satin. However, Gizelle still has the initiative. She asks to see his dick. He is a bit shocked by this girl’s slutty attitude but doesn’t shy away. The beautiful sister’s friend gets on her knees, pulls his trousers down, and starts biting his hard-on through his pants. The cock sucking starts immediately. The girl slurps and gags so hard that he is convinced his sister can hear them through the door. The sucking goes on for quite some time, and he is lost in a myriad of wet pleasures. But he comes to his senses. He lifts her up from the floor by her elbows and leads her a few steps back until she’s up against the door to his sister’s room.



He eats her out as she’s standing up. What an awesome body and the most perfect pink pussy I have ever seen! She moans, dropping her head back and grinding her pussy on his face. Gushing as she cums, her pussy leaks juices onto his face as he slurps and licks her. Then, he reaches down, takes her by the hand, and fucks her in doggy right smack on the floor. The girl moans as he slaps that ass hard. Gizzel is slowly losing herself in the moment. The thought of her girlfriend catching her excites her and drives her inner slut forward. The horny couple changes multiple positions on the floor. The look on her face says that she didn’t imagine it would be this good. Alex has all the initiative now because he’s got his girl very cock-drunk. He takes her from the back while standing up and then on a chair in doggy again. The naked girl almost yells out as he slaps her tits. The fun this liberated brave stud feels as he rides her is out of this world. He sits on the chair as she promises to try and put his entire dick in her little throat. Her little slutty eyes water as the cock all but disappears in her throat. He grows tired of this and puts her in a hot seat. Gizelle is pushing back so hard that it’s making Alex’s chair move. He pumps her in the chair in missionary until he sprays his hot load all over that sweet pussy. “Have a great slumber party Gizzelle.” “I’ll see you at breakfast.”, Alex barely utters.

A double date with their boyfriends turned into an orgy with stepbrothers!

As the double date was slowly approaching, the two girls were slowly getting ready for their boyfriend. The tall one was feeling quite horny so she slipped into her new sexy lingerie in an attempt to make her boyfriend super horny and ready to bang her pussy all night. The other teen babe was up for something more romantic – a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. But before the girls go to meet their boyfriends, they decide to spice it up a bit. So they started making out while on a live video call with them! Hardly the girls knew their stepbrothers decided to trick them. When the girls learn they had been duped, they threatened to expose them to their parents. Now their brothers had to lick their cunts to atone for their guilt. The girls pulled down their panties and spread their legs in front of the guys “Come on! Lick our aching pussies for us!” The guys began licking their sister’s little twats like two puppies licking a bowl of water. It turned out that the boys wanted the same thing. So they got into a sister-swap action. The girls sucked their dicks on the couch while the guys were filming them. Getting such a nice, big package made the tall stepsister immensely horny so she jumped on the couch, bent over, and asked her friend’s brother to fuck her from behind. The guy was happy to make her wish come true and shoved his dick into her sweet, warm pussy. The other girl liked the idea so she did the same thing.



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The two naughty stepsisters will do anything for their stepbro to help them get into college

Besides being stepsisters, the two gorgeous babes are also besties who do everything together. Their next endeavor is getting into the same law school, for which they’re eagerly awaiting to receive their results. Unfortunately, when they come, it turns out only the blonde hottie managed to get in, while her brunette stepsis didn’t have the same luck. Soon the girls discover that their stepbrother is friends with the Dean’s son and beg him to vouch for them with him. The two realize they still have a chance to be together in college, but their hopes are quickly shattered. Instead of helping his stepsisters out, he wants something in return, and by putting their hands on his cock he makes sure they know what it is. They reluctantly drop to their knees, but as he whips out his long penis the two are in shock! Even though it’s their stepbrother, the girls can’t help but become soaking wet from seeing how huge he is! After inspecting it for a few moments, the teen babes start slobbering on it simultaneously, making him even harder than before. Although they’ve started off with a blowjob, it doesn’t take long for their mouths to become accustomed to his giant manhood and soon they’re deepthroating it with ease. The girls pull off their panties displaying their pussies. As they jump in bed, the naked girls take turns sitting on his face and are amazed at how good he is at eating pussy.



After moments of grinding on his face, the naughty blonde starts quivering as she has her first orgasm. The threesome has just begun, and he is already aching to thrust into his brunette stepsis in doggy, so she arches her back and lets him pummel her from behind. With each thrust, he gets an inch further into her little twat until he’s completely stretching her out. Their moans echo through the house, but luckily nobody is home but the three of them, and the teens can scream as much as they want. As to not make his other stepsis jealous, he tells her to prepare for missionary and stares at her as she puts her feet behind her head. Without hesitation, he switches to her and dicks her down with all of his strength. Whenever he pulls out to catch his breath, the tiny girl is quick to grab his shaft and suck off her stepsister’s juices from it. His cock sliding from one little cunt to the other. Simultaneously, their pussies convulse and they both have an orgasm. Hearing their loud moans and seeing how desperate they were for his huge rod made him lose control, but he managed to pull out and not creampie his own stepsister. As he does, he sprays them with his hot load before telling them he’ll talk to his friend about their issue.

A game involving blindfolds turns spicy once the two swap their stepsisters

Rebellious teens think of a perfect plan to ditch school. As soon as their parents are out, the two stepsiblings invite over their two friends to come inside their house. The teens think of games they can play to pass the time, and although charades sound fun, the naughty blonde has something else in mind. She pulls out two blindfolds from inside her purse and starts explaining the rules of the game. It’s boys against girls, and one side gets blindfolded while the other puts their fingers on their body parts, and they have to guess which part it is to win. The guys eagerly accept and blindfold themselves. Things start off somewhat wholesome, but the perverted girls start getting raunchy. Soon they put their fingers over their plump asses and slowly lift them up to their luscious tits. They guess correctly as soon as they graze over their erect nipples, and it’s time to switch. Whilst the girls lay on their backs, the boys let each other fool around with their stepsisters. Once the girls take their hands, the boys whip out their cocks, and they giggle instantaneously. They all want the same thing and swiftly take off their masks to have a taste of their dicks. They’re already addicted to their meat from the first lick, and things turn naughtier than ever. What started off as a gentle blowjob turned into a sloppy deepthroat full of moaning. Desperate for penetration, their sisters strip nude and get into cowgirl.



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Horny best friends make a deal to bang each other’s stepbrothers

These girls found that they both had the hots for each other’s stepbrothers. But everything took an unexpected turn when the girls caught one of the guys enjoying himself in the bathroom. Ever since this blonde babe met her best friend’s brother, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She lost count of how many nights she spent thinking about how his body and cock would feel on her. Her friend couldn’t comprehend how could she like her stepbrother, he was too annoying, but then she remembered that she was in the same situation. The girls hid behind a wall and used their phone to record the brunette’s stepbrother stroking his cock. The blondie couldn’t tear her eyes off of him, and the only reason she walked away was that her best friend dragged her out. But a great idea popped into her head. After laying the plan on her friend, both of them agreed that it would be fun to tease them. The boys were downstairs playing video games, and they stood in their way, with a video of one of them fapping. So the girls made a deal with them, if they put their annoying tongues to good use, and licked their slits they would delete the videos. Both girls quickly pulled down their panties and sperad their legs wide open in front of each other’s brother. The guys were shocked but agreed, dropped to their knees before each other’s stepsister. Their mouths made their pussies gushy, and now neither of them could walk away.



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I had a threesome with my sister and her hot friend

My slutty stepsister had a thing for me and boy she was hot! I noticed her sniffing my things all the time and this one time I caught her putting on my perfume in the bathroom. I mean, she was a dark-skinned kitten with a hot body and a delicious booty. All my friends wanted to get between her legs, but I had to go there first! I couldn’t let anyone have her before I did! So I started teasing her, all while imagining this foxy cutie jumping on top of my wood. I would dive into that ass anytime. And she was all flirty and dirty, so it turned me on madly! She was taking a piss while brushing my teeth, and I could imagine those big lips around my cock. It was growing in my pants and watching her pissing made it even hotter. I knew she noticed my wood and her eyes were hungry. So I had to take her right there, no more flirty talk! I took the thing out and she couldn’t wait to put her inside her mouth. The hoe was so horny! My stepsister was stroking it with one hand while she was licking the top of it. And this dirty skank was so good, she knew exactly how to suck a dick! When she grabbed my balls, I wanted to push that thing deep down her throat. She kept going and I finally topped her mouth with jizz. And my stepsister swallowed it! It was so hot and I left her to wash her mouth after it. Later that day she just bumped into my room, bringing this sweet thing with her. It was her best friend and now I had two hot babes in front of me!



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