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These girls have been living as roommates for a while. Sofia is a slutty girl and she often teases her roommate’s boyfriend with how she dresses. One day she was doing laundry and she got stuck in the washing machine. She didn’t have appropriate clothes on and her ass was hard not to notice as it was big and out in the open. Her roommate’s boyfriend noticed her like that and his dick went hard instantly. In fact, he decided that was his girlfriend. Sofia shook her bubble ass in the air and he yank down her tights. He always wanted to try anal sex with his girlfriend and he saw that opportunity to make his fantasies come alive. He pushed his finger inside her asshole and Sofia loved it! She was surprised as she didn’t see him, but she was always up for some hot action. He found oil and he spread it over her booty. He wanted to hit that big ass so badly. He stood behind her and with one hard thrust he buried himself inside her. He started banging her hardcore, his balls slapping against her cunt. The slutty babe adored it and she wanted more of it. She managed to get out of the machine and he was shocked to realize that he had just fucked in the ass his girlfriend’s roommate! But can you blame him when the girls look like doppelgangers? But she didn’t mind to be fucked, she just grabbed his cock and took it into her mouth. She started blowing the guy when he still couldn’t believe what had happened. At one point, his girlfriend came in, but she didn’t catch the couple as her slutty roommate hid behind the blanket. As soon as his girlfriend was gone, the naked chubby girl got on the machine and spread her legs to have another rough anal fuck. He was pushing his fingers inside her pussy as he was nailing her ass, and soon she squirted big time. Her big tits were swaying beneath her body as he fucked her from behind. She was so hot and he came a few times and kept fucking her. They better watch out or his girlfriend is going to catch them.

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Jillian is this kind of girl that’s just a little bit on the chubby side, you know, those few extra pounds that make her look fucking hot and extremely fuckable! She likes to put on her favorite lingerie set so she can have some alone time and play with herself, warming up while she waits for her boyfriend to arrive. When he gets there he finds her with her wet panties pulled to the side, pulled her delicious tits out, fingering and rubbing her trimmed twat while fondling her titties. Lying on the couch with her legs wide open and playing with her clit and nipples she looks up at her man on the balcony. He joins her, going down on her and fucking her cunt with his tongue. Her lover peels her totally soaked with her creamy girl juice panties off and gets down on his hands and knees in front of his naked girlfriend and dives right in her wet slit, dipping his tongue deep between her hairy pussy lips. In return she pulls down his pants and gets startled when his huge cock springs loose, she starts stroking it with her hand and spits on it so she can lube it up, sucking it and then bending over so he can penetrate her from behind. He fucks her pussy doggie style and she rides him, shaking and grinding her plump ass while he drills her snatch. Finding her girl willing to play in anal hardcore, he starts fingering her anus. Jillian loved it! He puts her in missionary position with her legs raised and while she rubs her muff, he rams his huge cock deep down her tight asshole! After giving her hot anal hardcore he showers her tits and face with a huge load of hot cum! But, of course, he has to go back for another dip in that butt, watch the full video in 1080p by the link under the video.

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Who says the news has to be boring? News reporting can include handling a lot of unforeseen situations that can affect both viewers and presenters. Often the news itself can be as interesting as the following things on set. A light color haired presenter highly professional running the show, while her colleague crawled over under the desk. Right while the cameras were rolling. He was shamelessly fingering her through the skirt. She was struck. Struggling to hide the reaction the following news was announcing the total meltdown. Prettiest pussy contest and wet weather! Holy smoke! Cameras don’t lie! The eyes don’t lie. A huge pulsating cock penetrated the frame straight into our presenter’s mouth. She went along and sucked that monster deep into her throat. Her young colleague at the desk was all fretting over the situation. The poor youngster didn’t know what news to read. But our girl kept going with that deep-throat blowjob till a heavy drool was dripping off her chin. Next thing you know that crazy dude took out our girl’s natural big tits in the middle of the desk. He kneaded those huge juggs while she was moaning all helpless in her beasty arouse. That freak didn’t stop. He put this prosperous fine babe on his meat popsicle.



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Cinema slut Gizelle has a thing she likes to do. She takes all of her guys to the cinema to have sex with them. If the cinema is crowded, she’ll give a handjob or a blowjob. Alex is her pick for today, and he gets a blowjob. If you know anything about this brunette bombshell, you’ll know she’s a freak when it comes to blowjobs. He isn’t in for a small, shallow licking but a serious BJ. The minute the lights go out, she’s on her knees sucking on that black cock of his. She’s so good that Alex almost yells out when he cums. Needless to say, this action continues back in his apartment. There, Gizelle appears in her finer garments and with a dirty look on her face. This inspires him to eat her cute white pussy out and feed her that cock some more. Her chubby tummy shakes as he places his tongue inside her. The minute he’s done with her pussy, she starts sucking on him. As before, in the cinema, it takes two hands to handle this massive shaft. Alex isn’t exactly a good boy in bed. He takes her throat and stuffs it as hard as he can. Gizelle is up for the challenge. Her eyes are still watering as she stands up to sit on her guy. Oh, how they ride. He stuffs her pussy in reverse cowgirl like a boss. The stimulation from his black balls slapping her clit and his black dick stretching her pussy soon has her on the verge of an orgasm. They both moan and scream in pleasure. The guy has his way with that little pussy. Her tits bounce around as he places her in the side missionary position. This babe is obviously cock-drunk, and she’s ready to go along with every position her guy demands of her. He has her in cowgirl again. He stuffs her so hard he cums after only a few strokes. They both agree that they need to go to the cinema more often.

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Living with a sexy girlfriend and a slutty roommate is not easy, and the poor guy knows it very well. Often times he would imagine having a threesome with these absolutely fuckable busty chicks, but he never dared, as they would crush his cock like a toothpick. But one faithful morning, when he went to the bathroom, he walked in on the naked roommate while she was in the shower. Since she didn’t see him, he just stood behind the corner and watched her wash her massive tits and her fat ass. God her boobs were actually huge and she was curvy in all the right places. Her every move was making his dick pulsate. Their eyes met, and they knew what was going on. He wanted to fuck the busty naked babe right there in the shower, but then he heard the girlfriend calling from the bed. As soon as he got back to the bedroom, he was ambushed by his horny girlfriend, asking for morning masturbation. He was halfway into fingering her delicious pussy and rubbing her big bubble ass, when he noticed that the chubby roommate was watching. He quickly wrapped up the morning masturbation and followed the roommate to her bed. The sexy thick naked girl just bent over, lifting her huge round ass high in the air, expecting a swift penetration from behind. Granting her wish, the guy just shoved his hard cock into her plump pussy. It was already wet and freshly washed. Fat chicks tend to have super tight pussies, and the chubby roommate was exactly like that. Her magnificent pussy was super tight because she didn’t have sex in a very long time. That’s why this quickie came like a blessing. He fucked her from behind, enjoying the view of her big ass.



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The busty brunette hottie desperately wants to get in shape, and her new personal trainer knows how to get her there. His methods are a bit, well, unorthodox. He always makes her do one extra push-up, makes her stretch her legs harder, and even slaps her ass if she’s not doing it right. Fortunately Alyx is an obedient little slut. He yells at her and bosses her around. He even pulls down her top and tugs on her big tits. He slaps her tits as he scolds her for not being good enough. When she’s told to pull down her bottoms, she conforms. He slaps her ass and goes so far as to finger her pussy. Once his fingers come out wet, he shoves them in her face and yells that she won’t succeed because she’s only got dick on her mind. He’s gonna have to fuck it right out of her. Alyx agrees, not that her yes means anything. He slams that ass like a champ, and Alyx groans and moans. She’s creaming all over his dick. This fun lasted for a few minutes and probably would have lasted longer if Alyx’s roommate, Brandy, didn’t walk in on them. This curvy babe didn’t actually stumble upon them by accident. She saw the whole fuck fest from the other room and decided to join. “I forgot the exercise was today,” Brandy says. Alyx calls her a liar, and the coach puts the matter to rest. He and Brandy go to the kitchen to discuss her diet and training schedule with him. The busty babe keeps telling the trainer how much she loves bananas.



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