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A boy from the neighborhood gets to fuck two babes after getting knocked out

As our Jordi was getting home on his bike, he saw that his blonde British neighbor had some guests over. The guests were two seriously hot brunettes that loved spending time in the garden wearing next to nothing. The girls were tall, tattooed, and had huge tits. He was staring at them so much that he lost control of his bike and hit his neighbor making her drop a big basket of laundry she was holding. He got knocked out and somehow the girls carried him into that house. His neighbor’s husband also helped them wake him up. When Jordi did he offered to help them fix their computer as thank you for not being mad about his accident. He was alone with one of the friends. The sexy babe started massaging him and rubbing his neck while he was working on the computer and little by little her hand was getting closer to his cock until she finally grabbed it. He got startled so he jumped up which she used to her advantage to take his big dick out of his pants. Then she licked and sucked his young, almost virgin dick. Soon the other friend came into the room and joined in the sucking! Wherever our Jordi goes, he finds himself between the most gorgeous naked women! He looks like a nerd but all the MILFs around just can’t keep their juices inside. These two sexy girls wrapped their lips around his cock, started sucking and licking.


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Like most girls her age, all Evie had on her mind was boys and cocks, not studying. After gym class she just couldn’t help sneaking into the men’s locker room to watch guys get naked and shower. Her hand was in her panties, sneakily rubbing her clit, she was as horny as ever watching her crush. As soon as his friend went into the shower she came towards him and took his towel off, leaving him naked! Finally she got to see, and taste, his big dick! He didn’t have time to say anything as his cock was already in her mouth. She sucked, whimpering around the cock in her mouth with the pleasure of it. With the head of his cock in her mouth she was moaning with pleasure and didn’t care if someone might hear. Then she got up and took her panties off. She leaned against the locker so he could fuck her from behind. The girl spread her cute ass cheeks with both hands, exposing him her tight holes. She liked it so much when he slid his dick in her pussy that she moaned and screamed so loud. He had to shut her up with his hand. When his buddy came back in and told him to hurry, he put Evie in the locker and fucked her like that. When they were alone he got on the bench and she rode him in reverse cowgirl. The teens switched between fucking standing against the lockers and reverse cowgirl. He slapped her ass and tried to tell her to be quiet because he doesn’t;t want to get caught but she didn’t listen. Soon, as expected, his coach entered that locker room.

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When our buddy walked past his neighbor’s room in the morning, the door was slightly open and he saw her riding her boyfriend! The sexy babe was slamming her big bubble ass down onto his cock, squeezing her juicy tits with both hands! He had a huge erection, his morning wood, and decided to relieve his cock with a fake ass sex toy. His roommate kept riding her new boyfriend till her hungry cunt milked his cock dry. Getting a pussy full of fresh sperm they hurried to the living room to watch TV. Our buddy was sitting alone there and banging a realistic pocket pussy when they entered. He immediately covered himself, but it was already suspicious enough. They sat next to him, and when the other guy left, the tattooed girl uncovered her roommate and went completely berserk. She was truly shocked, but not for long, since she threw away pocket pussy, moved aside her skirt and panties, and sat on his huge dick. Her pussy was already filled with cum so his cock easily slipped inside. The babe started bouncing up and down with pleasure, and now he is in complete shock. He could not be in constant shock because her ass looks incredible. She did him the reverse cowgirl favor, which was pleasant to watch, hell yeah. The other guy suddenly came back, and these two fuckers looked at each other and continued screwing behind the couch. The other guy was too occupied with his mobile phone and did not notice anything. She loves getting banged in a doggy style, which can be heard from her quiet moans. She released her huge breasts, and they started jumping up and down since she was again riding him. She was a bit too loud, and the other guy noticed something but instantly realized it was nothing. These two fuckers tried to be a bit quieter, but they figured out that they better move to a different room. It is helpful that now she has her panties in her mouth. He was screwing her so hard that she was so loud even though she had her panties in her mouth. He understood that she needed something else in her mouth, so he gave her his massive cock to enjoy. This motherfucker gave her that dick very deep, so she screamed the whole time with pleasure. She begged him to fuck her harder and filled her up with one more creampie. Two creampies a day! Awesome!

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It all starts with our gorgeous and big-titted blonde babe masturbating right on top of the kitchen counter. She is completely naked on the counter, moaning and bringing herself to an orgasm. Her absolutely massive tits are capped by awesome, and also rather large nipples that are rock hard and beg to be pulled on. She rubs away at her marvelous pussy with her fingers and can’t help but let out many moans of pleasure. The way that she masturbates is extremely hot and arousing. What she doesn’t know is that she is not alone in the house. Her roommate’s boyfriend is also there and walks right in on her in the kitchen. But he has not seen her yet. The sight of this naked blonde masturbating in front of him is so hot that he can’t help but start pumping his dick along with her. As she changes positions to be on her hands and knees, the guys start going faster. With her knees on the encounter, she gives her roommate’s boyfriend an unintentional show of a lifetime. Her big and round ass, along with her awesome pussy is enough to entice any man. He can’t contain himself long and quickly nuts, and he does it right in her sneaker! You can imagine her surprise when she discovers sticky semen in her sneaker! Fortunately she comes up with an idea that will benefit both of them! He is lying on a bed and the hot blonde bombshell is sucking on his balls! The naked babe proceeds to give him an absolutely amazing blowjob. Her pouty lips wrap around his large member, and she vacuum-seals his dick in her mouth. Her cheeks hollow out as she sucks the soul out of him through his dick. Her back is arched and his cock is buried deep inside her. Her breasts are swaying with his hip thrusts and her nipples brush the sheets on the bed, a wonderful sensation! He squeezes her big tits and pushes them together, pounding into her. The pleasure he receives is so great that he just can’t manage to hold on long enough and cums all over her face and her tits.

Two roommates cum and squirt on a lucky guy’s cock

Vanna was living with her roommate in a dorm and she was always trying to use her time alone the best way she could. Obviously, most of that alone time was for masturbating. She would play some porn on her phone and ride a pillow, or rub her clit while pinching her nipples. In the middle of her sexy time, her roommate came back with her boyfriend! They were making out in the hall and he was playing with her tits. All her slutty roommate wanted was to suck his hue cock and make him cum in her mouth, so they they got into the room, kicking Vanna out. Still, she snuck back inside and watched them as they fucked. He had a massive thick cock that her roommate put between her tits and jerked him off like that. When the two of them left to go fuck in the bathroom, the college girl got naked too and got in the bed, covering her face with a pillow. When the boyfriend came back in, he thought it was his girlfriend so he just slammed his huge cock balls deep into the wet hole. Soon he saw it was Vanna, but it was too late to stop, her tight cunt just felt so good. His girlfriend came back and first she was mad, but then got in the bed with them, licking Vanna’s pussy while he watched and jerked off. The naked girls licked each other’s tits and pussies and he couldn’t wait to get in the action and fuck them both. They both got down and licked and sucked his cock. Then his girlfriend rode him in reverse cowgirl as Vanna sat on his face and played with his girlfriend’s tits. She rubbed her clit and soon she came and squirted all river the bed. Twice! Both naked girls lined up on the edge of bed doggy positions, he moved from one squirting pussy to the other making sure they had equal time. The girls switched all night long. Then they flipped on their backs with their heads off the edge of the bed and he throat fucked Vanna and his girlfriend.

Getting the best from everyone – mom’s pussy and daughter’s tits

A hot guy was in the middle of his date and it was going well – he was getting his huge dick sucked by a petite woman with awesome firm tits. He was sitting on his bed, his jeans halfway down, enjoying the feeling of his penis touching the back of his date’s throat. She was blonde, hot, in a tiny white skirt and she was obviously was going to make him cum in her mouth. But at some point, her daughter Angie came over from the next room. She opened the door and saw her mom sucking her new boyfriend’s dick. However, she knew that only he could see her and she’d always found him really hot. So she took the chance and lifted her top, showing him her huge jugs. They were much bigger than her mom’s and she knew how to use them. But as her mom got up, Angie went away. Mom was ready for some dick so she got on the bed, but her boyfriend said he had to go to the bathroom. He, of course, went to Angie’s room and found her naked on her bed, humping a pillow and massaging and slapping her huge boobs. The girl has absolutely fantastic big all natural breasts! He tells her to keep doing that because it’s turning him on. She keeps humping it, grabbing her boobs and moaning as he is touching his dick through his pants.



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The horny guy couldn’t resist his girlfriend’s friend’s juicy pussy and big ass

LaSirena visited her friend’s house for a girl’s day. The girls painted each other’s nails, gossiped and hung out when she noticed her friend’s boyfriend walking around the house with a towel around his waist. The man heard them talking in the living room and decided to show off for LaSirena, pulling his towel aside to show off his huge penis behind his girlfriend’s back! LaSirena, thinking quick, pulled out her big tits and started seducing in return. The guy did not refuse and immediately started sucking her big nipples, which were decorated with piercings. Her friend did not suspect anything. If she could see the sight of her boyfriend sticking his big dick between her friend’s tits, she would go crazy. In this way, these lovers could continue their naughty and exciting sexy adventures unhindered. The guy’s cock had reached its full size and was simply tempting LaSirena to put it all in her mouth. She started blowing him like a real slut, swallowing him all the way down her throat. The guy started to fuck her in the mouth, and she accepted it with great pleasure. He got so turned on that he immediately wanted to enter her pussy. The busty babe sat on him and readily accepted his large tool. She enjoyed it as he penetrated her at high speed. They tried to be quiet so that his girlfriend wouldn’t hear them. They decided to change the location and went to the bathroom. LaSirena immediately offered him to enter her from behind. He gripped her neck tightly as he rammed his cock wildly into her. When they heard footsteps approaching the bathroom, they hid under the shower stall where naughty babe was lustily swallowing the guy’s cock. Thinking that he was taking a shower, his girlfriend had no idea what was happening behind the closed bathroom door. When they were alone again, the guy invited his girlfriend’s friend to ride him. Her thick ass and her perfect round tits drove him wild. As she rode him like a cowgirl, he started slapping her big ass without stopping to kiss her juicy tits. She started cumming on his cock. As she kissed him, she quietly told him to keep this their sweet secret.

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A cute girl Coco is always upset when their parents argue. Her stepbrother Josh comforts her and helps her to feel better every day. While lying on a bed, talking about their parents, Josh receives an SMS. Theodora and her stepbro Tyler are home alone, inviting them to come over. They decided to go and have fun and took their bathing suits with them. While they relaxed in a pool together, cheeky boy Tyler pulled his stepsis bikini aside, flashing her titties for the guests. She accepted the invitation and released Coco’s boobs out of her suit. One thing led to another, and in the end, Josh had to pull down his shorts, swinging his erect prick in front of the girls. Their games got hotter when the two girls kissed while discussing lesbian love. Tyler and Josh, observing that from the pool, and Tyler made a proposition with Josh – if he could fuck Coco, he would let Josh fuck his own sister. At the very next moment, hot bimbo Theodora is already sucking Josh’s erect cock, while Tyler removed Coco’s suit, exposing her young virgin snatch. Tyler makes Coco’s vagina wetter with his tongue, and Theodora has her stepbro’s dick deep in her throat. Theodora couldn’t wait to put that hard schlong deep inside her and sit on him with her tight little cunt. Tyler starts to plow Coco right after she jerks his dick with her smal hand. Even though this is her first time, she loves it as much as much he does.



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