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Jennifer always has a cock ready to satisfy her during the day. The medical worker is always in the house because of her husband and offers his big cock daily for this milf to satisfy her needs. But today, when the delivery guy knocked on the door, Jennifer had an idea. Why have only one dick when you can have two at the same time? She invited the guy in and immediately unbuttoned his pants from the door. She was amazed when she saw a huge dick dangling in front of her face. Just the way she likes it. She began to lick and swallow him lustfully while looking at the confused guy, who slowly came to his senses and began to relax. Her blind husband could not notice what his wife was doing in his presence. Jennifer dragged the guy into the living room and placed herself in a doggy position, preparing to take his cock all the way in her cunt. When the big cock entered her, only a soft moan could be heard from this slutty pupil. She quietly told him that he was doing the best he could and that she would give him a big tip later if he was good. While he was drilling her from behind like a slut, her regular fucker also came across and ended up taking care of her husband. He immediately offered her his cock, and slutty Jennifer immediately stuffed it in her mouth.



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A delivery boy came to deliver a package one day. A blind man opened the door and let him into the house. When he asked him to sign the papers, his wife came to the room. She was hoping and teasing the delivery boy with her big tits, which she took out of her tank top. They were large, pendulous breasts! The delivery boy looked at them with mouth agape from surprise. He had never seen such big tits. She enjoys being slutty in front of her husband, knowing that he can’t see what she is doing. The package was actually for her, and she ordered a dildo that can be stuck to the wall. She took it and went to the bathroom, where she stuck it and started pushing her pussy on it. The delivery boy noticed that, apart from her and her husband, there is no one else in the house, so he followed her to the bathroom. When he walked inside and saw what the naked busty girl was doing, he kneeled in front of her to take a selfie. When she spotted him, she grabbed his cock and squeezed it! He found her far more assertive than he had imagined. Wet naked girl kneeled in front of him, opened her mouth and took his dick inside. She made love to his cock with her mouth before letting him bang her under the shower. They didn’t stop even when her blind husband went into the bathroom. The couple sneaked to the bedroom. While her blind husband was in the house, she fucked the delivery boy in their bed like crazy! She jumped on his cock like a cowgirl. Her giant tits were completely on display. The massive heft of them hung down on the front of her body. Her heavy tits were bouncing up and down and side to side as she would grind her hips in a circular motion. He reached out and grabbed her udder with both hands. She let him bang her pussy in doggy style, and she also let him fuck her gorgeous big tits. Finally, he came on her slutty face and made it all sticky and messy. With cum on her face, she came back to her husband and kissed him.

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Nicole and her man got married, making them husband and wife now, so they decided to enjoy themselves after the ceremony. The couple entered their hotel room, and the beautiful sexy bride got on top of him on the bed, revealing her nylons with a hole where her pussy and ass are. Sexy Asian babe couldn’t wait to show her new hubby his wedding surprise – her buttplug and a fucking machine to take their sex to the next level. But the man was not having it, so he went to take a shower. The girl took her fuck machine on the bed, started it, and bent over in the doggy for it to fuck her. As she was getting fucked by the machine, a sneaky burglar who had just robbed them blind, tried to make his getaway but couldn’t leave too fast. When he saw a horny naked bride in the wedding dress dildoing herself with a fuck machine, he got up from under the bed, and he could not take his eyes off of the show. He was jerking off while watching her, but then she saw his reflection in the mirror and freaked out. The man wanted to get the fuck out of there, but when she saw how big his dick was, she pushed him onto the bed and sucked him off. Then the cheating bride lay on the bed and lifted her legs up for him to penetrate her in the standing position. The baby doll turned to the side, and he continued fucking her with her butt plug still in. She lifted her legs again, and he licked her pussy for a bit, then penetrated her again. While her hubby was showering, he slammed his huge cock into her asshole, destroying her ass balls deep. With her legs still up he smashed her insides. She screamed from pleasure until this random man creampied her asshole! The sexy bride grabbed his hot throbbing cock and kept sucking him off. Then they switched to anal doggy style and then to the side fuck with her leg up. They switched the same positions a few more times with additional cowgirl until he came all over her face. This is how her husband saw her, with cum all over her face and cum leaking out of her asshole!

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Adult porn business has moved forward. This video is not some ordinary porn, this is a whole movie, moreover, an heartfelt erotic drama! A mature, glamorous blonde was back at her home after her husband’s funeral. She was trying to figure out what would she do without him so she escaped from everyone else and went to her bedroom, lying and pondering. She’s haunted by the memories of what once was. Just as she was reminiscing about past events he appeared on top of her promising he’d always be with her. Having shared a passionate kiss, he gently pulled her panties down and put his tongue between her legs. Stunning MILF started sensually moaning as he was slobbering all over her perfect, shaved pussy. The moaning kept intensifying as she was nearing the edge and she kept talking dirty and asking for more until she came screaming. Eager o return the favor, the beautiful blonde woman pulled his throbbing boner out of his pants and started sucking it like a classy slut. She knew what she was doing and even though his massive shaft was too big for her tiny mouth and throat, she was doing her best, going deep and sloppy. With every motion, the hot woman kept swallowing more and more of his fat dick, eventually deepthroating and choking on it. Her saliva was mixing with his precum in her mouth and spilling all over his boner. After such a long, wet, and passionate foreplay, they were both ready for more. Naked woman lied on the bed and spread her legs wide for him, putting one of them on his shoulder as he approached her from the front, inserting his throbbing cock inside of her dripping snatch. She was already dripping wet so he went all the way in, drilling her balls deep. He was going hard at her, pounding her and making her moan and beg for more. Wanting to feel each other in every way and from every angle possible, they went on to try out multiple positions. After being railed from the front, the naked blonde straddled him in a naughty cowgirl position and started impaling herself all the way. She loved the sensation of his fat rod stretching her soft pussy and hitting her deep so much she kept constantly rubbing her pussy around his shaft and even massaged her tight asshole. Such kinky riding continued with classy blonde lying on her side and with her lover pumping her from behind this time. Her soft and sensual moans were now already turned into loud screams of pleasure as she was being fucked vigorously. She ended up being pounded and satisfied, with her beautiful face and gorgeous body sprayed with thick loads of cum. With that experience, she was ready to move on.



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With all of their friends just in the other room during a party, this guy and his sexy wife in a slim red dress sneak into one of the bedrooms so they can have sex at night! The fact that they are separated from their friends by just a thin wall really turns them on! He helps her off the tight dress and admires her sexy body and big, firm tits. He places a blindfold over her eyes and handcuffs her to the bed. Then he invites one of his friends from the party over so they can all play together! Finally he is able to fulfill his terrible fantasy – that of watching his wife being fucked by another man. His tied up naked wife loves feeling several hands all over her body. After removing her blindfold, she is at first surprised, then quickly aroused by the thought of fucking another man! Her husband films her with his phone while their friend spreads her legs and eats out her dripping wet pussy. For him, seeing another man with his wife is exciting, even more so when the man has a huge cock. He is watching the friend’s cock opening up his wife’s pussy. He is watching him push his big hard cock deep inside her cunt and fuck his wife in missionary position. He is watching his wife’s pussy being stretched by a bigger cock! The fact that her husband is watching her with another man is a mental mind-fuck, so the orgasms she receives from a lover is more intense. They release her from the cuffs and the blindfold and the hot naked babe goes to ton on the friend’s big dick, sucking and stroking it with pleasure and lust. She gets on top of him and takes a filthy ride on his cock while he presses her hot naked body against his. She grabs his thick rod in her soft hands and sucks it some more, lubing it up with her saliva and tasting her own pussy on it. Her lover puts her down on her hands and knees and plows her gushing twat doggie style from behind, thrusting deep inside her shaven cunt. Back on top, the hot naked blonde gets impaled on his meat sword once again, this time in reverse cowgirl position. She enjoys getting fucked so hard by her man’s best friend’s cock!

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Busty wife enjoys getting fucked by the survey guy behind her blind husband’s back! Ever since she married her blind husband, this beautiful brunette hasn’t had nobody around to appreciate her big all natural tits and rocking booty. She kind of misses all the attention, and when this guy comes over for a survey, she notices the way he’s looking at her, he hardly lifts his stare from her cleavage! Since her husband can’t see, she starts flirting with the survey guy, teasing him with her long legs and hiking up her dress, giving him a look at her red lace panties. At least this guy can appreciate what he’s been shown! It’s been so long! She pops her big tits over her top and fondles them, her nipples are already fully erect, and she can tell so is his cock! While her blind husband does all the talking, she’s doing all the showing. She gets down on her knees and crawls up to the survey dude, pulling his slacks down and releasing his throbbing erection so she can play with it, sucking and stroking it. The survey guy sure hopes the blind husband’s hearing isn’t so enhanced to notice his wife’s baited breathing as she gobbles up his fat cock, LOL! The survey guy says he needs to see the house, and the naughty wife offers him a guided tour, so they can leave her husband behind and have some private naughty time. Unfortunately, it looks like this blind guy can’t give his wife some time alone and he shows up in the kitchen, while she’s latched on to the survey dude’s cock! While chatting with him, the survey dude bends the hot wife over, penetrating and fucking her gushing pussy from behind. She strips down to her sexy bra, holding those big ripe melons while she gets fucked. The husband finally leaves, and the busty wife guides the survey dude to the living room, where she straddles herself on top of his juicy cock so she can ride it in cowgirl position. When she finally takes off her bra and lets those big tits loose… her husband shows up again! Fuck! He may be blind, but he’s super nosey! They keep fucking anyway and he eventually leaves.



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In a hurry to start cleaning on time, Abigail forgot to wear her panties. Her gigantic boobs would slip out of her dress whenever she bent over. A young dude, named Van, who lives in the neighborhood, comes down the stairs. The fantastic sight of her shaved snatch and massive buttocks reveals in front of his eyes. Immediately he grabs his big pecker and starts jerking off. He couldn’t control himself and spurted white spunk all over the glass table. Returning, Abigail can’t believe the table is that dirty again. He jumps out with his cock hanging out of his pants. The thick redhead couldn’t hide her surprise and reminded him she was a married woman. He bent her quickly against the glass table. In seconds, his erect dong finds her vagina entrance, and he starts screwing Abigail. Her massive melons are pressed and squeezed against the glass while he is pounding her from behind. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Abigail’s hubby Mike returns home. Van quickly pulls out his dick and runs away. Her husband is glad that he is welcomed with a bent over and wet pussy. At once unzips his pants and takes out his erect prick. He continues what the other guy started, and now he passionately rams her doggy style. Still aroused and horny, Van peeks from behind a couch. Abigail comes up with a brilliant idea to blindfold hubby with his red tie. He agrees and follows her game. Now it is safe for the little pervert to come out, and he quickly puts his willing cock into Abigail’s mouth.



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Now that their lovely stepsons are about to go to college, two milfs Alexis and Kenzie are aching to have someone of their own to take care of. They come to the realization that they’re not related, and since their husbands are not going to impregnate them they can just swap their boys and get creampied by them. Despite the idea being taboo, the milfs quickly agree. They blindfold the virgin stepsons and take them to the bedroom. As the naked women expose their stunning bodies, the two slide off their blindfolds and are shocked to see their slutty stepmothers with their backs arched. Although they’re weirded out by the situation, they don’t want to leave for college as virgins, so they agree to fill their pussies with cum as long as it stays a secret between them. At first the boys must learn to satisfy women. So the milfs sit on their faces and start grinding their twats against the boys, slapping their wet labia and clits all over their mouths. This is what they will have to do in college after all. They must know how to eat pussy right. To get their young dicks lubed up their naked stepmoms show off their milf blowjob skills until they’re rock hard and aching to thrust. While being dicked down, they think of an even kinkier idea that will definitely make them cum quickly. Instead of swapping, Alexis wants her own stepson, as well as the busty Kenzie. The moment they feel their stepmother’s sugar walls tighten around their shafts, they realize how much fun they’ve missed out on. Before filling them up with their hot load, they decide to make their bodies shiver from joy. Once they’re finished pounding them in every imaginable position and using their slits for their pleasure, the boys simultaneously bust the fattest nuts inside of them.

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This classy babe wanted to surprise her black husband for an anniversary so she found a gorgeous young hottie for them both to enjoy. She put on the sexiest, black lingerie, putting that slender figure on full display while gently teasing the younger cutie, allowing her to pick her own outfit. Then, the wife put a blindfold on the newcomer and took her to the husband. He was lying on the bed with his massive black schlong patiently waiting when the anniversary gift placed her luscious lips on it and started sucking. Just seconds later, she was going as deep as possible, trying her best to deepthroat, choking and gagging on that huge rod while the wife watched, talking dirty and enjoying the show. She even helped the younger girl out by pushing her head deeper on that black monster before finally removing her blindfold and joining the chick for an amazing, double blowjob. Taking the initiative over, she was now sucking the shaft while the other girl licked the balls all over. All that intense dick sucking the girls longing for more. The wife wanted to watch first, so she let the new chick mount her husband’s huge black cock. She immediately started riding balls deep, with the guy ramming her in rhythm from underneath. He went so hard and fast that the girl quickly came and rode for just a little bit more before swapping places with a naughty wife. Turned on from the show, the glam babe rode vigorously and quickly came, squirting all over! Once she finished quivering and had someone recovered from cumming so hard, she guided his cock back into her wet cunt and kept slamming herself hard down onto it. The other babe rubbed her swollen clit and the wife began to squirt like mad again. OMG it was so damn good! Her husband was all wet from all her squirting orgasms, she just couldn’t stop! That was just the beginning and she squirted many more times before they started switching positions. Both naked girls moaned loudly as they came on his cock. He tasted both cunts and assholes as he fucked them. One after the other, this black stud fucked both of them into multiple orgasms. He fucked these white pussies with his black cock for a good hour before the girls both finally collapsed on top of one another.

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If you followed the last episode of this great movie, then you already know what happened. The cop faked his death, left his wife widowed and blind and then he had to return into their house to pick up his drug money. Not only that, he even brought his new girlfriend into the house to have sex on his wife’s bed. The sex was amazing, they drove each other wild and he nutted all over her face. He left his girlfriend gasping for breath, blowing cum bubbles out of her mouth and went to pack cash in a bag. Later she went to the kitchen to drink some water. Suddenly she saw the owner of the house, it was a blind woman with a hammer in her hand, that scared shit out of her. Despite the fact that the woman was blind, she was pretty resolute. However, she had to throw the hammer when she heard a gun on the back of her head. Her husband a police officer completely forgot that it was him who taught her to handle such situation. During the struggle, she hit him on the head with a vase, pushed him onto the couch, her hands touched his face and then the blind woman realized it was her husband, alive! She couldn’t even think straight, she began to cover him with her soft kisses. And that led once more to a great sex session. She missed him. She missed his body. She missed his cock. This wife maybe is blind, but she knows how to operate a cock even with that flaw. She sucked it like a true queen, swallowing it all, and, of course, licking it as well. It was magnificent, and she genuinely put in the effort to throat fuck it and enjoy every second of it. Because of that, her husband, the corrupt cop, became even hornier and practically planted her on his dick. Now, the sexy naked babe was riding him, and with her gorgeous, wet, and tight pussy, this looked incredible. She loved riding his dick so much that she was always moaning and panting from pleasure. After that, her husband flipped her and fucked her in the missionary position. Her gorgeous body looked even better in this pose, and the sex just looked impressive and fantastic. After that, the husband fucked his wife sideways, and that was enough to please his dick. When he came in her mouth it was time to take the money and get out of there. But his wife was not as stupid as he thought. All of them had a huge fight, which ended in a fatality.

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Years after a fatal car accident left Abigail widowed and blind, she lived in isolation, forever mourning the loss of her husband. The mysterious circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, however, finally come to light when two strangers broke into her house. Because he was a cop and tied into the justice system, it was easy for him to fake his death. After dealing a shitload of drugs, he had faked his death and left his wife without a husband and blind. One day, he came back for his drug money that had been left at his wife’s house. He also brought his new girlfriend, telling her that they were just going to have sex at a stranger’s house. His girlfriend felt uncomfortable going to a stranger’s house but he assured her the owners wouldn’t call the police. After he took the bag of money, he grabbed his young girlfriend and took her to the bedroom, where he used to fuck his wife. There, he handcuffed her hands, took her pants off and started to eat her gorgeous pussy from behind, fondling both her holes with his tongue and lips. His mouth was all over her wet cunt; tongue sucking, licking her clit soft and hard as she pushed her bubble ass back onto his face. Her pussy was truly beautiful. Pink, tasty, and wet as hell. He threw her on her back, spread her legs, locking her knees behind her elbows and continued to devour her pussy. “Please don’t stop, I can’t stop cummming, I love youuuuuu,” she was pressing his head to her pussy. He licked her with joy and pleasure. Now she wanted his cock in her mouth badly. She started to suck it, but soon progressed to full-on throat fucking it and swallowing it whole. It was fantastic, and she worked hard to get it all inside. When they were finished with oral, even more, exciting things occurred.



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