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The biggest slut in school – PART 3

Don’t miss this raunchy foursome in the classroom with two hot naked girls. This is the story of Vanna, a hot High School girl and her best friend Codey. Bullied for being a virgin, Vanna decides to help him out, which results in rumors running wild in her school about her sex life. Vanna will do what she has to do with school authorities and bullies to turn the situation around. There are three of her classmates already, and her friend doesn’t waste his time and starts to undress her. The sexy redhead babe starts to suck his cock in front of them. This naked schoolgirl then sits on the desk and spreads her legs, so the nerd can finger her and eat out her sweet pussy right in the middle of the classroom. A couple of minutes later, the teacher and principal entered the classroom. The principal unbuttons her shirt, showing a great pair of tits, and continues to stroke and suck the teacher’s fat prick. The man lay down on the desk so both naked girls could ride them. The principal starts to bang the teacher in the reverse cowgirl style, while the girl prefers the cowgirl position. Both girls slam their cunts hard down onto the cocks, grinding their clits and having an orgasm next to each other. In a few minutes, they change their positions, so the principal now takes cock in the doggy style while the student girl enjoys her classmate’s cock in the missionary position. In their eagerness to try more new diversions, they switch again. The naked girls moan in orgasmic delight, the MILFy teacher and the student cum together. The men wank themselves off onto their pretty faces and leave the girls kissing and swapping the sticky sperm.

Thick Latina lures three bounty hunters into an anal foursome

Being on the run from bounty hunters would worry anyone, but the big booty Latina Luna knows what she’s doing. As she struts around the boat in her tiny bikini, she easily manages to avoid the three men who are looking for her. Instead of running away constantly, she decides to have some fun with them. As she rushes to the top deck, she lies on her towel seductively and watches as one bounty hunter approaches her. Despite being tasked with an important mission, he can’t help but get aroused from seeing her thick and curvy chocolate body tanning in the sun. Without wasting a second, she gets on her knees and whips out his throbbing cock to greet it with her beautiful and tight mouth. Soon enough, the other two discover them, and they’re both mesmerized by her beauty and decide to join in on the fun. As they strip and surround her, the babe takes turns deepthroating their huge dicks with pure lust in her eyes. It doesn’t take long before her pussy gets soaking wet, so she eagerly bends over and lets them pummel her tight insides relentlessly. To keep all three men entertained, she spreads her legs and booty chicks and moans out loud the second the double penetration begins. Within a few deep thrusts, they switch from reverse cowgirl back to doggy so that she can take every inch of their hard throbbing cocks with ease. She spends the next five minutes going between all three cocks sucking and wanking them off. She then takes all three cocks at once in her holes, simultaneously pleasuring the men. The rougher they get, the louder she becomes, and soon the naked babe begins to shiver as she has an intense orgasm from the hardcore anal pounding and deepthroating. Although she’s exhausted, she doesn’t plan on letting them go until each of them cums, so she stares deep into their eyes and lets them plow her in any way they wish.

Four naked girls warm up by the fireplace by having passionate lesbian sex

As soon as they come back home after sliding on a snow slide the girls light up the fireplace in hopes of heating themselves up. Thankfully, they’re all erotic lesbians and they don’t mind warming each other up in whatever way possible. Without wasting a moment the girls start to strip one another seductively as they make out with passion. The fewer clothes they have on the wetter they become, and soon enough all four are on the floor fully nude and aching to fool around. While gently caressing their perfect soft skin the naked girls can’t help but go down on each other to taste their steaming hot snatches. Passionately eating one another gets spicy as the young lesbians start to crave intense penetration, but since they’ve got no toys they slowly slide their fingers deep inside with passion. After licking their wet pussies and fingering each other the girls decide to 69 and press their bodies against each other’s. While intertwined the lesbian hotties excitedly eat their teen twats and shove their tongues as deep as possible to spice things up. It doesn’t take long for the group of lesbians to begin moaning out loud as they’re getting close to achieving strong orgasms. Within minutes of rubbing their dripping wet clits and licking their snatches all four naked girls begin shivering with pure joy in their lustful eyes. Once all of them have climaxed they huddle up on the floor next to the fireplace and continue playing with their hot bodies and soft lips whilst cuddling and catching their breath.

Two horny guys travel back in time to fuck their hot stepmoms raw

It’s the year 2019, and all Jimmy wants to do is go back to the year 1985, which he sees as the pinnacle of human ingenuity. When he tells his friend Carlos he’s actually made a time machine, he doesn’t believe him. Until the guy actually takes him back in time! Only there is one issue – Carlos thought Jimmy said 1995, so they’re sent back to the wrong time. The boys are in the same house – Jimmy’s stepmom’s house. Chloe is just turned 18. The guys find her and her friend Venus, Carlos’ stepmom, in a secluded room. The girls are practicing kissing on each other! Jimmy and Carlos get very excited by this. So excited, in fact, that they fall over with a lot of noise and interrupt Chloe and Venus. The girls don’t really mind a pair of cute boys inside the house as long as they give them what they need. You see, the girls are desperate to lose their virginities to some hot guys. Who better than these two strangers? The touching and kissing start almost immediately. Carlos gets to have Chloe and Jimmy Venus. This little teenage orgy gets underway fast as the girls go from touching and sucking to riding their cocks. Chloe’s pussy feels amazing to Carlos, and Jimmy is flushed with excitement while fucking Venus. But his future stepmom Chloe keeps giving him a dirty look, telling him from time to time that he looks like her brother. As he’s plowing Venus in doggy, Chloe gets her head underneath the action. She licks her friend’s pussy and stares at Jimmy’s dick. Of course, that beautiful cock finds its way into her mouth. The girl insists on taking his cock in her pussy, and eventually, Jimmy agrees. These babes from the past ride their cocks so good and finally make the boys cum in their pussies! They both cum in their future stepmom’s pussies! As the boys travel back to their original timelines, their warm cum leaks out of their stepmoms’ pussies! After they get their pussies creampied, the girls accidentally send them back to the present day, but now they’re without their time machine! Did Jimmy and Carlos alter their timeline by fucking and cumming in their stepmoms from the past? Find out in part 2!

Screw the business report just stick two cocks in my squirting pussy!

Screw the business report and get those dicks out! If you’ve never worked in an office, count yourself lucky. The long hours spent at a computer, annoying phone calls, and a manager nagging at you. The fortunate ones get to work alongside hot secretaries in pencil skirts, though. During yet another boring report, the girls got an idea. Two sluts decided to turn the meeting into an squirting orgy! They told their colleagues to stand up and drop their pants. More lads from the room join in, and the sluts find themselves surrounded by cocks. Small, big, white, blacks, all types of cocks were there for their pleasure. The one slut with purple hair takes two at once and tries to stuff both into her mouth! It’s not gay if the balls don’t touch, right? Next to her is a blonde who also thinks one isn’t enough. Across the table is the rest of the office, not as horny but still into it. With these two volunteering themselves as the resident cum dumps, the other girls just help the boys stay hard while waiting their turn. At this point, there isn’t a single person still fully dressed and without an erection or a wet pussy. The main sluts suck on a big one together while getting pounded from behind. With skills like these, you can guess how they got to work at a big company in the first place. Both naked girls went back and forth, from one cock to another, licking, sucking, stroking.



The purple girl is a massive squirter. She covered her black co-worker in her pussy juice while he was stuffing her hungry snatch. The rest of the girls have accepted that there’s no cock for them today and are content to play with each other. Meanwhile, the cumdumps have lubed themselves up and gotten ready for double penetration. Even if she looks the part, the purple bitch doesn’t take it in the ass but is fine with having two in her pussy at the same time. The largest guys go in, making the girl scream. Her blonde friend isn’t as classy, and her ass is free game. When the second dick goes into her butt, she also squirts, drenching the couch. One thing is sure. The next meeting will stink of pussy. The purple girl’s fantasy, you see, was to have two cocks in her pussy at the same time! The sensation of having two cocks in her pussy at the same time, to say nothing of a third black penis fucking her mouth, seemed to send her into another dimension. She started squirting so hard! Some of the guys have started to reach their limit and line up to cover the two whores faces in semen. The first load is shot onto the tattooed babe, with a bit getting stuck in her purple hair. The second guy gives it to the blonde, who greedily takes it in her mouth and swallows all of it. Some of the men haven’t gotten a chance to fuck, but the other office sluts have been working hard using their hands. One by one, they come up to the gangbang couch and add feed semen to the cum dumps.

Confess her feelings to her crush after graduation from high school – PART 1

The best way to make a lame party fun is to have an orgy with your friends! They’ve finally graduated from high school. But before they start their college lives, it’s time to party! The entire class was invited, even though most of them weren’t really friends. Our four heroes all came for one reason or another. Blake, a shy busty girl, wanted to talk with her crush, while the other three just wanted to chill. Sadly, the host was the head bitch, who also happened to be with the guy Blake was in love with. Sparks flew, and things got heated. She had had her first intimate moment with her long-time crush Max. Unfortunately, her eternal bully and rival Em spotted the scene and stood in the way, shaming Blake publicly. After the party fiasco, Blake met up with her best friends to unwind. One of the girls proposed a game of spin-the-bottle to lighten the mood. Being the only guy with three chicks, the nerd was excited. They all took turns spinning, and everyone got to make out with each other. To keep things interesting, they ramped it up with lap dances and groping. The girl in pink suggested they take their their friend’s virginity together. The guy couldn’t believe his luck, three of his best friends were about to fuck him. The girls got out of their dresses and got his pants off. As it usually goes, the dorky guy has a massive donger. The girls were awestruck, and Pinky wasted no time, instantly going for a blowjob. While all of them were close, they never saw each other having sex. The other two girls weren’t very experienced, so Pinky thought to show them a thing or two.



Soon, the girls were taking turns sucking their male friend’s cock, trying to outperform the last. The nerd was in heaven, having a pair of tits to suck on while having his dick blown. Despite being a virgin, he managed to not cum from this amazing service. He was big enough that they could barely deepthroat him. It was time to end the foreplay and have him lose his V-card. Pinky was the horniest and wanted to be his first. The other two girls played with each other, Blake eating her friend’s pussy out. Her very first pussy! Luckily, they closed the door, so nobody could walk in on this orgy. Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity like this, the guy went for the next pussy. Nice and wet from the cunnilingus she got, he was confident enough to pound her hard. Blondie didn’t want to be left out and wanted to be fucked after. She’d forgotten all about her crush. Watching the naked girls fuck got her super horny. She rode his dick like a pro while having her big tits licked by her girlfriends. All three naked girls kept switching, not letting him rest for even a second. While one was getting pounded, the other two would be next to her pussy, ready to catch the dick in their mouths. After almost an hour, he couldn’t hold it any longer. He sprayed all three naked girls with the biggest load. Don’t miss the next episode! Following a steamy afterparty, Blake decides to confront her crush at his home. Sadly, he isn’t there, but his parents are! His mother tells her that she needs to learn how to please Matt before confronting him, so they teache Blake a thing or two about hot sex.

He fucks his three stepsisters without them knowing

Parker is living a nightmare. Seriously, the dude is a stepbrother to three bitches, Mandy, Chloe, and JC. Why the harsh language? These “sisters” of his are seriously mistreating him. The guy has to pick up after them. He works his ass off at school and has to clean up after his messy sisters. Today the harpies were being extra mean to him. So mean, in fact, that Parker went to cry in the kitchen. Accidentally he found a Chinese fortune cookie lying around. Once he opened the cookie, he found a magic spell instead of a generic message about his destiny. He’s so down low that he wishes he never even existed and eats the cookie. Before long, he gets Chloe’s clean laundry and brings it up to her room, as usual. The girl is busy reading a book. He makes his presence felt, waves and asks her where she wants her clothes, but she just doesn’t notice him. Only when Parker starts pushing and touching her to no avail does he understand what just happened? He stopped existing in his sisters’ universe. He was now an invisible ghost who could still touch and feel things. What is the first thing he does? Naturally, he takes the opportunity to play with her pussy. He gets behind her and tastes her naked ass and her sweet pussy, only to lick and penetrate it a few minutes later. The girl has so pretty little pussy! And so wet and tight! He fucked her in prone bone so good that he’s positive she must have felt something.



Later that day, he paid a visit to JC. This slender brunette was doing her own laundry (a nice site in Parker’s eyes) in her short white dress. Parker soon found that however he moved and pushed himself against JC, she would always move a bit to accommodate him. This was the case when he got behind her and touched her boobs. He loves how nice and saggy they are. He also really loves her mouth. He places JC’s head right where he wants it and shoves his throbbing member as deep as he can. He almost pushes her head into the washing machine drum as he does it. Of course, he makes her go on all fours with her inside the drum later. The boy is out of control now and is ready to take on his biggest prize – foursome with his three stepsisters. He makes the girls play with his cock at the dinner table, where the three have gathered to eat some Chinese food. Taking their hands and making the girls jerk him off really turns him on. However, he’s a bit disappointed that the girls can’t see his dick. Still, he fucks them one by one in all possible positions. It’s payback time, with lots of freeuse ghost sex! The girls have no idea that he is using their pussies right now. His cock goes from one cunt to the other. He has fun with his three naked stepsisters until their pussies are full of his sweet cum from another universe.

Desperate stepmoms swap virgin sons and fuck in the wake of the apocalypse

The news is in. A deadly comet is inbound. Once it hits, all life as we know it will end. Blondes Vivianne and Misty have their sons with them, Parker and Jimmy, and are scared beyond belief. After the initial shock, grief sets in. The boys are terrified to die virgins. One of the moms comes out and says she has never had sex with a woman! The other MILF has never had anal sex! “My dying wish is that I have sex before I die,” Jimmy says. It’s the end of the world and all anyone can think about is getting laid one last time, or for the first time. After some short deliberation, the two decide to do the old switcheroo. The moms decide to relieve the boys of their virginity. Jimmy gets to nail Mrs. DeSilva, and Parker gets Mrs. Meaner. After some initial awkwardness, the action gets underway. Jimmy is a little shy, so the MILF talks him into releasing his pent-up sexual drive. After all, he doesn’t want his one shot to be some shabby 5 minute fuck. The mature woman wants her friend’s boy to go out with a bang. The same is true of Mrs. Menaer. She only wants what’s best for Parker. The boy is very different from his friend. He’s not shy at all. He pulls his pants down to reveal his rock-hard dick. He takes Mrs. Meaner’s throat like a champ, standing up, forcing her to get on her knees. His mom, Vivianne, follows her friend’s lead. Now both moms are on the floor, sucking away at these two young virgin cocks, casting forbidden glances the other’s way.



It’s clear that these otherwise well-composed women have started falling prey to their dirtiest desires. Vivianne doens’t even hide it. When the boys start licking their pussies, she looks into Parker’s eyes with affirmation and lust. This gives the boy extra stamina when Misty sits on his dick. She’s somewhat bigger than him, but he’s in control. He treats her like his little slut. The boys are in heaven fucking their mom’s pussies in reverse cowgirl as the slutty MILFs bounce up and down. Misty even squirts all over her friend’s son’s cock, and Vivianne is impressed! Their moms have never tried anal sex and they boys don’t mind trying it as well. Soon enough, one of the moms is being DP-ed by a pair of young cocks. As soon as she’s had her fun, Vivianne takes her son by the hand and sits his ass on the couch. She tells Misty to guide Parker’s massive cock into her ass and prepare Jimmy to fuck her pussy. Misty does as she’s told, and pretty soon, the boys are all up in Vivianne’s holes. They need to try everything – anal sex, squirting orgasms, lesbian sex. When the pair are through opening their moms’ holes up, they both pull out and cum at the same time. The site is spectacular. The comet can strike whenever because these four really don’t care anymore.

Four busty girls out of this world abduct a man to satiate their need for human cock

Four out-of-this-world girls with cosmic curves arrived on our planet looking to examine a male human specimen. They were all curvy with big bums and huge tits. They squeezed their breasts and licked each other. But they needed a man with a big penis to penetrate them all. The man in his car minding his business suddenly started to teleport out of nowhere. When he teleported, he was lying on his back when the soft moans awakened him, so he opened his eyes. What he saw was four women with their boobs out groping them, rubbing their boobs all over his face. One of the girls put her tit in his mouth while others started to touch him everywhere, and suddenly… All his clothes were gone, and he was drowning in the most beautiful pairs of breasts he had ever seen. Brunette jumped onto his face and started to ride him while the blondie sucked her hard nipple. The other two busty babes grabbed the big dick they so dreamed of and licked it like the most delicious lollipop. One of them sucked it while the other slurped his balls; he was suffocated with them. Suddenly the naked girls started to switch turns with his cock. One of the bombshells wanted to take a ride on his face, and so she did while her friend played with her tits. The girl sucking his schlong had help from her friend that pushed her head onto his ride deep inside. The horny baby doll grabbed his fingers, spat on her pussy, and pushed them inside so he was doing all four. Their boobs were everywhere! There were eight tits, eight succulent boobs, rubbing all over him.



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Two teen girls rub their clits against their stepbrothers’ cocks

Everyone likes to party, but no one more so than Riley and Layla. These two young girls have recently turned nineteen and are only now feeling their pussies open up and hunger for cock. They both have strict parents, obviously. But Lucky for them, they aren’t here to keep them down. They’ve decided to go on a trip together and leave their teens to spend the weekend together. Both the girls have stepbrothers. The guys overhear the girls as they plan their escape. The pair do a little more than talk about going out and hooking up. They practice kissing. This so turns on the guys, but they have no idea that their stepsisters are so horny that they’d go all the way on each other. When Jimmy saw his sister pet, finger, and then eat her best friend out, he was so shocked he went mute for a while. Parker was more amused than overwhelmed. Only a few minutes later, they catch them trying to sneak out. They want their silence paid for in sex. When they offer this deal to their stepsisters, the girls agree under two conditions. The guys have to be blindfolded, and there will be no penetration. Just petting and sucking. Is this a trick the get the boys to fuck their stepsisters? “We’re not weirdos, geez!” the girls say. As soon as the blindfolds come on, the guys’ pants come down. Riley starts stroking and sucking Parker’s dick, and Layla takes Jimmy on. The girls are amazed at how big and hard their cocks are.



It’s like a hidden treasure that was there all along. Layla keeps to herself and Jimmy’s dick, but Riley is a mischievous little brat. Occasionally, she reaches out to Layla’s head and even touches her stepbro’s dick. She’s ashamed to say how much she wants to suck it. Afterward, the girls make the guys stand up. They each peel off their panties and make the guys rub their dicks between their legs. The girls are really turned on by this point and start kissing each other. The half naked girls keep rubbing their clits against their stepbrother’s hard cocks! The two boys never had sex before, so their virgin cocks are throbbing hard! The boys take off their blindfolds and unable to contain themselves anymore they just penetrate their sisters’ pussies together! The girls are shocked but the cocks feel so good. Parker’s big dick stretches Riley’s blonde pussy in missionary. Jimmy’s pecker is deep inside Layla’s cunt. Both girls ride their dicks, slamming their juicy asses hard down onto them. The craziest part is that the teens re-swap, and each penetrates his own stepsister from behind. The act is so hot that the guys last only a few minutes before they cum on their sisters’ pussies. These boys and girls can’t wait for the next time they’ll be able to party like this!

Two party girls get stretched out by massive black dicks

It’s Saturday night, and it’s time to party! These two friends put on makeup and their best evening wear. The sluts hit the clubs in search of fun and pleasure. There, they meet two black gentlemen who offer them free drinks. After spending the night drinking and laughing with them, they’re taken back to a hotel room. Already knowing what’s up, the girls prepare for a sleepless night. As soon as they enter the room, the men take off their pants, revealing their huge black penises. Not wasting any time, the girls pay back their generous hosts with sloppy blowjobs. Wanting to take every inch, one of them gags but keeps going. Not wanting to leave the girls wanting, the black men lick both of their white pussies to prepare them. Sufficiently wet, the black guys sit on the couch, and the ladies get on top. Not afraid of the monsters beneath them, they start moving up and down in rhythm. Their moist pussies are stretched out by the big black cocks, making them cry out in pleasure. Their moans drown out any other noise that could be heard. Needing more space, they take it to the bedroom. The naked girls get into a 69 position while the men each take a pussy. Swapping between licking clit and cock while being pounded at the other end, they lose themselves in the pleasure. With dongs of their size, the only way to fit all of it in is doggy style. The girls get on their knees and lift their asses, awaiting penetration. With each thrust, their juicy thighs jiggled, and the slapping mixed with the screams of ecstasy. The men were tireless and used their exhausted bodies as if they were sex toys. Finally satisfied, they let out fat loads of jizz on the girls’ faces.

Lesbian foursome with four hot naked girls

It’s hard to resist any scene featuring four delectable females. This is one of the hottest lesbian scenes I have ever seen. Chloe is joining a sorority and is wondering if she got in or not. Feeling impatient, she goes up to the house to see if the girls are around. She peeps through the window to find two naked girls making out on the bed. The girl starts touching herself, rubbing her pussy secretly wishing that she was in the room with the lesbians. Their tongues move around, and their nude bodies rub together. Kristen, who was sun tanning in the back, sneaks up behind her to catch her in the act. The girl starts apologizing but Kristen points to two naked girls emphasizing that this is a special sorority, and if she wants to be a part of this, then she knows what’s she’s going to have to do. The girl bends down so that she can get a better taste of her pussy. After stripping all of her clothing, she pulls her down to her knees and has her start to lick. Not a stranger to cunnilingus, her tongue eagerly goes for the clit. With the blondes in sight, the two couples play, with one unaware of the other. Wanting to share the fun, the lesbians outside walk in on the sisters. The four naked girls spank, lick, and kiss one another. Such pretty pussies! The room echoes with screams and moans of pleasure. Soon, the bed is wet with pussy juice, but that doesn’t make them stop. Orgasm after orgasm, fingers go into cunts, tongues go into mouths squirt onto faces. The voyeur now gets to sample both of the sisters’ clits, artfully playing with them. The new girl doesn’t want to stop until she makes both of them cum. Good work girls. You can skip to any sec of this video and it’s pure gold — a tangle of perfect bodies, kissing, licking, and intense fucking. All the actresses are gorgeous, so into each others and clearly love eating pussy, ass and even feet! Super fucking hot! love the blondes and the dual tribbing scene was super hot!

A criminal foursome enjoys rough sex and orgasms in the bedroom

Three masked burglars in tiny bikinis raided the store in the neighborhood. All of them are smoking hot females with beautiful asses. Police suspect someone from the inside unlocked the door for them. In their hideout, the “backdoor-man” is having his reward for the job well done. He placed three of them on the side of the bed with their naked tushies high in the air. You can’t tell which one looks better from behind. Three naked girls are waiting for you to choose which pussy you will fuck first! So many delicious and tight holes, one next to the other! He is plowing a dark-haired girl in her pussy while fingering the next one. All three naked girls are kissing each other and moaning with joy. When he had enough of the first cunt, he pulled his erect dong out. Now the naked girl in the middle receives his meat, and his fingers are in the wet snatch on the right. He just slipped into the third, most soaked pussy that’s been waiting for the longest. He is holding her hips while she is thrusting on his pecker and shaking her round butt. After a while, the naked girls would kneel on the floor, sharing his sizable and hard rod between their mouths and tongues. The girls surely appreciate his help in their recent crime and the size of his erect prick.



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Guys swap their sisters and have a steamy foursome

A cute girl Coco is always upset when their parents argue. Her stepbrother Josh comforts her and helps her to feel better every day. While lying on a bed, talking about their parents, Josh receives an SMS. Theodora and her stepbro Tyler are home alone, inviting them to come over. They decided to go and have fun and took their bathing suits with them. While they relaxed in a pool together, cheeky boy Tyler pulled his stepsis bikini aside, flashing her titties for the guests. She accepted the invitation and released Coco’s boobs out of her suit. One thing led to another, and in the end, Josh had to pull down his shorts, swinging his erect prick in front of the girls. Their games got hotter when the two girls kissed while discussing lesbian love. Tyler and Josh, observing that from the pool, and Tyler made a proposition with Josh – if he could fuck Coco, he would let Josh fuck his own sister. At the very next moment, hot bimbo Theodora is already sucking Josh’s erect cock, while Tyler removed Coco’s suit, exposing her young virgin snatch. Tyler makes Coco’s vagina wetter with his tongue, and Theodora has her stepbro’s dick deep in her throat. Theodora couldn’t wait to put that hard schlong deep inside her and sit on him with her tight little cunt. Tyler starts to plow Coco right after she jerks his dick with her smal hand. Even though this is her first time, she loves it as much as much he does.



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