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Kinky stepmom teaches her son how to properly fuck a girl’s ass

Our guy has never had trouble with his self-esteem, but his girlfriend has become bored with their sex routine and wants to try something new. She wants him to stick his penis into her asshole! He is inexperienced with anal sex and wonders how things will turn out since he never did something like that before. He has no one else to discuss things but his stepmom. They have a good relationship; he isn’t shy to ask her, and she isn’t shy to show him what exactly to do! So she offers him to try her ass and learn to do anal properly. Since the girl has to be very horny for anal, he starts with licking and sucking her clit. Then she positions herself on the edge of the bed, spreads her legs and butt, and he slowly starts to probe her asshole with his rock-solid tool. The head of his penis slips into his stepmother’s anus and her sphincter closes around the shaft. He states that he likes it, and she asks him not to hurry since she want to enjoy a long fuck. She instructs him on what to do and how to maintain his tempo. He is on cloud nine but manages to listen to her and do exactly what she tells him to. When they both get close enough to cum, they stop so she can give him a quick blowjob before they continue with anal fuck. The hot naked stepmom then mounts on top of him and takes his massive prick into her ass in a cowgirl style. When she sees that he’s about to cum, she stops since she saved the best for the end. She demands him to hammer her ass in the doggy style since the first anal lesson wouldn’t be complete without this position. Then she stops him again and turns into the reverse cowgirl position, and orders him to pound her as hard as possible until both of them cum.

Lucky dude gets to fuck his girlfriend’s mom, the hottest MILF

When Alexis heard that her daughter was bringing her boyfriend over, she did what any mom would do. She prepared a small meal, cleaned the house, made everything comfortable for the pair, and so on. Nothing could prepare her for what came next. The guy turned out to be a tall, athletic stud with something to prove. What was that exactly? Well, that he could fuck his girlfriend’s mom. It’s that simple. The minute he walked in, a horny MILF went over to hug him, and he grabbed her ass as hard as he could. Alexis was only a tad surprised and much more, well, turned on. After giving them what they needed, she went to her personal bathroom and masturbated that mature pussy until it gushed out with cum and squirt. Lo and behold, her daughter’s boyfriend was around the corner with his cock ready and waiting. What was a mom to do? The mommy got on her knees and sucked on his knob until it was ready to burst – and did it ever. He nutted into her mouth so hard she could hardly keep it in. At that moment, her annoying daughter interrupted them. The guy was quick to hide until the danger was over. While the MILF was helping him hide in the shower and distracting her daughter, the cheeky guy ripped her bottoms open and put his cock in her asshole. He fucked her from the back like some maniac. As soon as his girlfriend left, the dude got out of the shower and started fucking her naked mother all over her little bathroom. The site was just amazing. Her huge boobs were rocking up and down and back and forth while she working on his cock better than any teen girl. They took turns being dominant and riding each other. Finally, he pulled out and made the hot naked woman kneel for his dick. He filled her mouth again. This time, that was it. However, Alexis still wanted more. That’s why, today, she can’t wait for the pair to visit her again.

Two horny guys travel back in time to fuck their hot stepmoms raw

It’s the year 2019, and all Jimmy wants to do is go back to the year 1985, which he sees as the pinnacle of human ingenuity. When he tells his friend Carlos he’s actually made a time machine, he doesn’t believe him. Until the guy actually takes him back in time! Only there is one issue – Carlos thought Jimmy said 1995, so they’re sent back to the wrong time. The boys are in the same house – Jimmy’s stepmom’s house. Chloe is just turned 18. The guys find her and her friend Venus, Carlos’ stepmom, in a secluded room. The girls are practicing kissing on each other! Jimmy and Carlos get very excited by this. So excited, in fact, that they fall over with a lot of noise and interrupt Chloe and Venus. The girls don’t really mind a pair of cute boys inside the house as long as they give them what they need. You see, the girls are desperate to lose their virginities to some hot guys. Who better than these two strangers? The touching and kissing start almost immediately. Carlos gets to have Chloe and Jimmy Venus. This little teenage orgy gets underway fast as the girls go from touching and sucking to riding their cocks. Chloe’s pussy feels amazing to Carlos, and Jimmy is flushed with excitement while fucking Venus. But his future stepmom Chloe keeps giving him a dirty look, telling him from time to time that he looks like her brother. As he’s plowing Venus in doggy, Chloe gets her head underneath the action. She licks her friend’s pussy and stares at Jimmy’s dick. Of course, that beautiful cock finds its way into her mouth. The girl insists on taking his cock in her pussy, and eventually, Jimmy agrees. These babes from the past ride their cocks so good and finally make the boys cum in their pussies! They both cum in their future stepmom’s pussies! As the boys travel back to their original timelines, their warm cum leaks out of their stepmoms’ pussies! After they get their pussies creampied, the girls accidentally send them back to the present day, but now they’re without their time machine! Did Jimmy and Carlos alter their timeline by fucking and cumming in their stepmoms from the past? Find out in part 2!

Katie didn’t know that being a stepmom also meant to fuck both stepsons

Katie is a blonde MILF that always had high standards. But, as time went on, she came to terms with the fact that Mister Right would have to have some downsides. She finally found a rich and handsome man and instantly fell for him. The only drawback is that he had two teenage sons from a previous relationship. His sons were skeptical at first, but when they saw their new hot mom, they were more than OK with it. From the first day she moved in, Katie had to deal with two horny teenagers trying to get her attention. To get into her pants, the guys had some stupid ideas. Luckily, Katie was the stereotypical blonde and fell for every attempt. When one of them burnt his hands, she helped him by giving him a handjob. Katie “accidentally” slipped her dress down so that he could see her large boobs. He came extremely quickly, and she licked the cum off her hand. At the same time, the other stepson had twisted his ankle and needed some attention from Mommy too. As Katie looked at his injury, the pervert grabbed a handful of her titties. She kind of enjoyed having two teenagers lusting after her. It made her feel young again. Seeing she was OK with being groped, he took out his dick and waited to see her reaction.



The blonde simply smiled and thought she was the luckiest MILF having two hard cocks to fuck daily. He expected a handjob or a blowjob, but his stepmom moved her panties aside and put it inside her cunt. She’d taken a lot of big cocks in her time, and her stepson’s was one of the bigger ones. He was a quick shot like his brother, and she finished him off using his cum sock. Just as the MILF thought the boys would leave her alone, one of them shoved his face in her ass. Her other stepson walked in, and the two started to fight. The only solution the mommy saw was to fuck both of them and leave their balls empty. Siblings share everything, even slutty stepmoms. Katie got on her knees and waited for their young pricks. Already rock hard, she sucked one while jerking the other. The boys couldn’t get enough of her massive soft breasts. They came fast last time, but now she needed to do more. Her pussy wasn’t satisfied from the quicky, so she was ready for more cock. One guy did her doggy style while the other fucked her face. The MILF was an expert at handling multiple men and teased them so they would fuck her harder. The two boys were now competing who’d make stepmom orgasm more times. She switched to cowgirl and let her other stepson fuck her now. Katie loved her new life and accepted her role as a stepmom.

Stepmom motivates him to study harder with her beautiful big tits

After landing herself a rich husband, she thought her life was set. Everything was perfect, except he wanted her to take care of his son. She wasn’t that much older than him, but technically she was his stepmom. One day, she got a call from his homeroom teacher. Apparently, he was close to failing his final year of high school. She knew what the problem was. In the few months she lived with him, she caught him jacking off at least sixteen times. He’s too horny to focus on anything but doesn’t have a girlfriend. She went to his room and caught him jerking it yet again. Since words wouldn’t help, the only thing left to do was help him with his problem. The woman took off her dress so he could get a full view of her tits. It was too good to be true, but she would let him do anything to her if he promised to study more. Her tits were amazing, so succulent and beautiful. After motorboating her boobs for a bit, he was rock hard. His cock was way bigger than his dad’s, and her mouth popped open, ready to take it. She sucked on it while bobbing her head up and down. Having such a monster made her horny, and she wanted him to fuck her right there. He didn’t even need to eat her out. She was wet and ready to go. The beautiful naked woman climbed on top of him and rode him cowgirl style. Her massive breasts bounced as she grinded against him. Considering how much he masturbated, he wouldn’t cum any time soon, which she was more than happy about. She had one orgasm, then another one, but her stepson was bursting with energy. She got down and let him do it doggy style. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing as his thrusts moved her entire body. After that day, they would fuck regularly, with a special treat after each passed test.

Stepsis and stepmom help her stepbrother empty his balls

The only thing worse than getting a stepbrother is getting a perverted stepbrother. He’d always try to look under her skirt and would often steal her panties. Even worse, he’d give them back, covered in cum. When he tried grabbing her butt with his dick out, Kenzie caught him, and they started to wrestle. Mom came in, and to help out with his problem, she suggested Kenzie suck him off. It was disgusting, but if it meant he would stop harassing her, she would do it. Unlike him, Kenzie was popular in school and sucked plenty of cock. But, being a slut, she starts to lose control when having a juicy penis in her mouth. The teen girl started to enjoy giving her stepbrother a blowjob. Seeing how much she was into it, Mom decided to join. The two girls serviced his cock and balls at the same time! Thinking this was his one and only chance with a girl, the pervert tried his hardest not to cum all over their faces. Neither of the two sluts cared about that anymore and just went with it. Maybe if he learned how to eat pussy he’d get a girlfriend. He and Kenzie ate out Mom together and even kissed a bit while doing it. Mom had an amazing orgasm, having her cunt licked by two tongues. The only thing left now was for him to lose his virginity, and he’d be set for life. Mom pulled down Kenzie’s shorts and told him to fuck her. His virgin penis penetrated her tight pussy, making her squeal in pleasure. Not wanting to waste a good mouth, Mom got fully naked too and sat on Kenzie’s face and told her to keep licking. A family has to stick together! Beautiful naked woman guided her stepkids on how to do different positions until he came on their faces!

My new step father stretched my tiny little pussy while my mom slept on the same bed

While some girls freak out when they see their Mom in bed with a person after divorce, Chloe is thrilled. After Dad left, Mom has been hitting up bars like crazy. The last guy she brought back was some old, fat dude with a huge cock. Chloe woke up early to her Mom’s moans. She snuck up to her bedroom door and peeked in. Before giving them a scare, she wanted to play with herself for a bit. Watching her busty milfy Mom ride his monster dong made her excited. She flicked her nipples and teased her teen pussy, but stopped before she could cum. She went in and freaked them out. Mom was used to this. Chloe did it to mess with the guys. She went to the kitchen, and the man followed her to apologize for the awkward situation. Chloe loved the nervous ones. He was nice, but she needed to inspect his dick personally before he could continue dating her Mom. Before he could say anything, she yanked his boxers down and started to suck his dick. He was panicking, but the slut told him to relax and enjoy it. Just then, Mom walked in, but Chloe wouldn’t stop sucking. She decided not to finish him off and let him go. The next time he was at their house, Chloe went into the bedroom and blew him next to her Mom. If he was good enough for a second date, she needed to fuck him too. The blonde slut got on top of him and stuffed his dick into her young pussy. The feeling of her tight pussy being stretched by his massive cock made her body tremble as her body impaled itself on his mature dick. As if her Mom wasn’t sleeping beside them, she bounced up and down and moaned loudly. The more he complained, the faster the hot blonde teen went. The thrill of getting caught got her more excited. Finally she got what she wanted, her new step-father’s cum in her mouth. Little did the man know Chloe and her Mom do this with every guy.

Little slut rides her stepbrother’s dick behind her mom’s back

While Hannah wanted to watch a show, her stepbrother was hogging the TV to watch a football game. But she knew how to get him to do anything she wanted. When wrestling failed, she whipped out her ace. A nice, wet blowjob. She got him nice and hard by grinding on his crotch while wearing no panties. Even with Mom in the room next to them, this little slut unzipped his pants and started to suck him off! This wasn’t the first time she did this, so her stepbrother just rolled with it. Her goal wasn’t to make him cum. Two could play that game since her stepbro reached over to finger her. He could barely hold a moan back when Hannah started to suck on his balls. Since the blowjob plan failed, she had to up the ante. If she couldn’t watch TV, neither could he. The sexy teen girl lifted her skirt up and slid her stepbrother’s dick inside her pussy. He began moving slowly in and out of her, enjoying the feeling of her tight, wet pussy on his cock. The teens started going faster and faster before Mom walked back in. They managed to hide at the last second but resumed when she left. It was a battle of wits and sexual stamina. He started to play with her nipples while his half naked stepsister bounced up and down his cock. The teens almost got caught again and blamed the noise on the TV. No clue what kind of football game has slapping and moaning, but Mom bought it. At this point, neither of them cared about watching TV and simply wanted to keep fucking. The thrill of almost getting caught by their Mom was great. This little slut got her step brother to fuck her in several different positions in their living room right behind her mom’s back. At the end he came in her little pussy.

He loses his virginity with his stepsister and his stepmom in a threesome

Fights between siblings are unavoidable. But when a stranger comes into your house when you’re older, that’s a different story. Harmony and her stepbrother are around the same age. Their parents got married a few months ago, and they’ve only recently moved in together. While he’s studying hard to get into a good college, Harmony’s in her “horny all the time” stage. Having a stepbrother only means that you have a dick available to you 24/7, in her opinion. The girl frequently watched him shower, to the point where he was not bothered anymore. She always walked around in her panties and never wore a bra, but he hadn’t gotten the message yet. The young horny 18 year old girl couldn’t take it anymore and decided to ramp up her game. One morning, they were having breakfast when Harmony “accidentally” dropped her spoon under the table. She crawled under and went over to her stepbrother’s side. He was nose deep in his books and only noticed when she yanked down his pants. Before he could react, she grabbed his dick and started licking it. He wanted to yell out, but his stepmom was washing the dishes next to them. He just stared in disbelief as the horny stepsister bobbed her head up and down. He tried to keep quiet but finally, let out a noise. Mom turned around and saw her girl giving a blowjob to her stepson. He thought he was in trouble, but she lured him to the bedroom. It was time to deprive him of his virginity. Mom turned around, giving him a seductive invitation to the bedroom.



He pushed his stepsister away and went after his sexy milfy stepmom. Mom awaited him and told him to take her pants off. He helped her do so, and when she kept going and took off her bra, his jaw dropped. He was looking at the biggest tits he had seen on porn sites. She got on the bed, spread her ass cheeks and told him to lick her ass and her pussy. It was much better that masturbating in the bathroom! Harmony snuck in and played with herself while watching them. Mom spotted her and, before the boy could protest, invited her to join in. The naked girls took turns sucking his cock, which was about the burst. He held it in somehow. The siblings then both licked Mom’s pussy, two tongues working in unison! The MILF had an amazing orgasm, squirting into their faces. This helped him cool down a bit, and he was ready to fuck. Harmony climbed on top of her stepbrother and slid his virgin penis into her young tight pussy. Mom couldn’t wait for her turn, so she got onto the guy’s face and grinded against it. He was losing his virginity having sex in a threesome, with two girls! Busy on both ends, all he could do was try and pleasure the two cock hungry sluts he lived with. He fucked his step sister and step mother all over his step mom’s bedroom. All culminating with a giant load all over both of their faces.

Dirty stepmom teaches her stepson about girls and sex

Ryan and her stepson have a very close-knit relationship. This is why she’s very surprised when her boy is rude to her as he walks in from school. Something clearly upset him. The minute he starts talking, she knows what the problem is. She remembers that he told her about how much he likes his little girlfriend. The way he’s nervous when he talks about it convinces her it’s about sex. The boy cums too fast. The stepmother can’t help but laugh. However, it’s not in a mocking way, but because she’s glad her boy is growing up. The guy is full of insecurities, so his mommy tries to calm him down. She tells him to whip it out so that she can tell him there’s nothing wrong with it. The minute he takes it out, the stepmom forgets her motherly duties and just freezes. It’s one of the finest cocks she’s ever seen. The boy doesn’t mind when she grabs the opportunity and puts it in her mouth. Not a minute passes, and he has her big tits in his face and her pussy in his lap. She puts her hand on his cock and his head touches her entrance. The head of his cock is between her wet meaty labia, touching her big hard clit. She slams her big bubble ass down, impaling herself on his young teenage cock rapidly. Mommy bounces on her stepson’s dick like crazy. As he pulls out, he sees that his cock is covered in his stepmom’s juices. He laps it all up from her pussy, like a good little boy. This drives the busty MILF wild, and she straddles him and rides him in cowgirl until they are both sore. They switch positions again, and he fucks her from the back. Ryan sucks his dick like a maniac in between every pose. Finally, he pulls out, makes his naked stepmom turn and face him, and splatters her face with cum. With a stepmom like this, who needs some bimbo girlfriend?

Blonde teen lesbian saves her dad’s marriage to her stepmom with her pussy

Christie is a typical desperate housewife. Her husband doesn’t pay her any attention, and frankly, it’s starting to frustrate her a great deal. So much so, in fact, that she’s started thinking about divorce. She’s on the phone right now, bitching and backbiting her husband. As she’s telling her friend how much she’d like someone to take her, Bailey walks into the room. This blonde little minx is her stepdaughter. She like girls, and that’s not really a secret. She’s had her eye on her MILF stepmommy for quite some time. “You want someone to just grab you? Fine, I’ll do it for you if my dad won’t,” the little lesbian thinks to herself. She pounces on her mommy like a tiger, and pretty soon, these two all-American blondes are busy eating each other’s tits. Bailey really has the initiative. The horny young lesbian uses her stepmom’s head, and then her pussy, as a plaything. It’s very sweet when her stepmom cums in her mouth. Soon enough, the naked woman returns the favor. She’s so turned on that she doesn’t mind that she shouldn’t eat her little girl out. Bailey facefucks her and even sits on her face as an act of sexual dominance. The blonde MILF just can’t get enough of those pussy juices in her mouth. She takes the naked girl by the hand and makes her go on all fours so she can taste her asshole too. The pussy eating and the ass licking is hot! The pair get wild; the naked girls scissor like mad. The sex gets so hot, in fact, that they both cum at the same time. Christie is a sexy MILF that really knows how to rim and tongue fuck and lick a beautiful pussy to orgasm and Bailey, mmmm what a gorgeous little honey, she also knows how to eat pussy with real conviction and have a good time. What a splendid site that is. Two beautiful blondes with two beautiful sets of tits. Christie’s tongue caressing her stepdaughter’s sweet pink little asshole will make you want to join the girls. After this fuck fest, the stepmommy won’t complain about her sex life. At least until her next fix. A delightful scene! Beautiful naked women having fun having sex, what more could one desire? Nice close ups, face sitting, 69, tribbing, pussy eating, erect nipples, swollen clits, entertaining dialogue and the ass licking. Great effort on the part of the women, the crew and the editor.

Horny mom teaches the teens about sex

On a hot summer day, nothing beats relaxing by the pool. Alina had the entire backyard for herself. She moved her bikini bottom to the side and began caressing her clit with one hand and squeezing her nipple with the other hand. The best way to bring herself to an orgasm. However, she was unaware that her peeping tom step brother, Johnny, was home and ready to spy on her and record her on his phone. He spotted his stepsister masturbating and took out his phone to capture some jerk-off material. He forgot to turn off the sound, and Alina spotted him. The two argued loudly and woke up their stepmom. Luckily for them, having a latina mom means you can get out of trouble easily. She saw what was on the screen and wanted to bring them closer. Alina could learn something about pleasuring herself, and the boy should learn how to eat pussy. The sexy MILF spread her legs and had each take a turn eating her out. The teens were awkward, so she wanted the guy to take out his dick to break the tension. He masturbated to both Alina and her mom in secret, and now they were going to suck his dick. The Latinas gave him a double blowjob. Both the stepmom and the stepsister had good technique. Now, it was his turn to make the girls feel good. His naked stepsister bent over to lick the MILFs pussy, while he fucked her from behind. He had the energy only a teenage guy could have. Seeing how much her girl enjoys it, mom wanted a ride too. Both girls were fully naked. Butts placed one next to the other. He couldn’t make up his mind about who to fuck first, so he just kept switching after each thrust. Everyone was loving it, a perfect family bonding experience. They went on like that for some time, and the girls swapped his cum once he orgasmed.

Desperate stepmoms swap virgin sons and fuck in the wake of the apocalypse

The news is in. A deadly comet is inbound. Once it hits, all life as we know it will end. Blondes Vivianne and Misty have their sons with them, Parker and Jimmy, and are scared beyond belief. After the initial shock, grief sets in. The boys are terrified to die virgins. One of the moms comes out and says she has never had sex with a woman! The other MILF has never had anal sex! “My dying wish is that I have sex before I die,” Jimmy says. It’s the end of the world and all anyone can think about is getting laid one last time, or for the first time. After some short deliberation, the two decide to do the old switcheroo. The moms decide to relieve the boys of their virginity. Jimmy gets to nail Mrs. DeSilva, and Parker gets Mrs. Meaner. After some initial awkwardness, the action gets underway. Jimmy is a little shy, so the MILF talks him into releasing his pent-up sexual drive. After all, he doesn’t want his one shot to be some shabby 5 minute fuck. The mature woman wants her friend’s boy to go out with a bang. The same is true of Mrs. Menaer. She only wants what’s best for Parker. The boy is very different from his friend. He’s not shy at all. He pulls his pants down to reveal his rock-hard dick. He takes Mrs. Meaner’s throat like a champ, standing up, forcing her to get on her knees. His mom, Vivianne, follows her friend’s lead. Now both moms are on the floor, sucking away at these two young virgin cocks, casting forbidden glances the other’s way.



It’s clear that these otherwise well-composed women have started falling prey to their dirtiest desires. Vivianne doens’t even hide it. When the boys start licking their pussies, she looks into Parker’s eyes with affirmation and lust. This gives the boy extra stamina when Misty sits on his dick. She’s somewhat bigger than him, but he’s in control. He treats her like his little slut. The boys are in heaven fucking their mom’s pussies in reverse cowgirl as the slutty MILFs bounce up and down. Misty even squirts all over her friend’s son’s cock, and Vivianne is impressed! Their moms have never tried anal sex and they boys don’t mind trying it as well. Soon enough, one of the moms is being DP-ed by a pair of young cocks. As soon as she’s had her fun, Vivianne takes her son by the hand and sits his ass on the couch. She tells Misty to guide Parker’s massive cock into her ass and prepare Jimmy to fuck her pussy. Misty does as she’s told, and pretty soon, the boys are all up in Vivianne’s holes. They need to try everything – anal sex, squirting orgasms, lesbian sex. When the pair are through opening their moms’ holes up, they both pull out and cum at the same time. The site is spectacular. The comet can strike whenever because these four really don’t care anymore.

A sneaky stepson spying on his busty naked stepmom gets into trouble

Stepmom decided to take a nice soapy bath on a sunny day with the sun peeking through the windows. Every inch of her body was clearly seen, and the beautiful naked woman was washing herself and her big tits with the door open. Her stepson was at the door peeking through and jerking off. Her gorgeous body was all soapy and wet, and when she got up, the foam was dripping down her pussy as she smeared it over. As the guy was jerking off, his stepmom shouted and said she was aware that he was at the door. She invited him inside so he could wash her back with a sponge, but he tried to peek at her big tits some more. While doing so, he accidentally fell into the tub with the stepmom in it. She let him stay inside, but he needed to wash her ass and her pussy with the sponge as well. Mommy got up, and he continued to wash her gorgeous naked body, all speed and foamy. When she got down, he fondled her tits, and she began seducing him, leading to taking his shirt off. He removed the rest of the clothes and sat on the tub with his dick up, so Mommy began to fondle it gently. The naked woman stroked his young dick with foam, and he touched her tits while they both enjoyed the pleasure. He got up, and she was on her knees with his cock in her hand and then in her mouth as well.



She sucked him hard while looking him straight in the eyes with a craving for his dick. Cock starved MILF quickly got out of the shower and pulled the young man into her room onto her bed. The beautiful naked woman got into the reverse position and sat on his hot throbbing cock, beginning to ride it. Her big tits were swinging with each thrust. The guy reached up and grabbed her succulent boobs. Mommy switched into the cowgirl, spreading her legs, revealing her clit and trimmed bush. Stepson grabbed her by the hips and thirsted her onto his dick, making her moan loudly. As her boobs jiggled, she placed her fingers onto her clitoris and rubbed it as she took his chode. Hungry mom turned around and began to ride him all by herself with her tits jumping up and down. They switched to sixty-nine to double the pleasure. After a good old 69, she got into doggy, giving him a good view of her big ass, wiggling it. All he cared about was the sight of her big ass in his hands, his cock in her cunt and the deluge of feelings he was drowning in. Her big round tits were bouncing. He pounded her from the back real hard. As he reached the depths of her insides in the said position, it made him jizz inside her pussy. “Yes. Cum in me. Shoot you hot cum in me. Fill me with it!”

Stepmom caught the teens having sex and demanded to join

Since his stepmom wasn’t home, he invited his girlfriend to the house to play. She was so horny that she just placed him on the sofa in the living room and jumped on top of him. Violet had a big ass, and it jiggled while she rode his big dick with no care in the world. After riding him so much, she placed herself in reverse cowgirl, exposing her wide-open pussy that his dick penetrated. As they fucked they got carried away, and he finished inside of her, so the cum dripped down her pussy. While she pulled up her panties, his stepmom arrived, and so she panicked because they were half naked. The stepmom was too busy being on her phone she didn’t see anything. When she turned around, her boyfriend began fucking her again, so the mom doesn’t notice. The little slut moaned with her legs spread open, but the woman was too busy cleaning to notice. After they moved to the kitchen, the stepmom was making something, and he grabbed her again and fucked her from behind. When they tried to fuck for the third time, his stepmom caught them! The horny MILF made it a threesome and showed this cocky couple how to really fuck! First, the girls got on their knees to slurp on the man’s cock. They worked their tongues and mouths along the length of his long cock, it felt so good. Moving to the sofa, the MILF placed herself in the reverse cowgirl and rode her stepson. His girlfriend wanted some of his schlongs, too, so the naked girls switched, and she got up. As they were fucking, the stepmom watched them and masturbated hard. Switching the potions again, the teen got into doggy while eating out his stepmom’s pussy as he finished inside. The MILF was there to lick the juicy creampie pot of her young cunt.

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