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Although it’s his first time trying out the ridesharing app, Scott’s excited to start working and meeting new people. The very moment he started his drive by the airport he couldn’t help but notice two sexy girls. It turns out they’ve just landed from their plane and are looking for a ride, which he is more than happy to offer to the busty blonde and her brunette friend. The two smoking hot babes don’t mind flirting and teasing him right from the start. While in the backseat the girls seductively strip and kiss each other and in minutes they notice his bulge getting uncomfortably bigger. To help him relax they unzip his jeans and begin stroking his throbbing cock before dropping on their knees to suck it passionately. It didn’t take long for him to rush back home where he leads the hotties onto the sofa to continue with the raunchy fun. Now that they’ve got more space than in the car, the naked girls blow him simultaneously until they’re dripping wet and unable to maintain their lust any longer. As they push him on his back the adorable petite swiftly climbs onto his dick while the blondie rushes to his face to grind on it relentlessly. No matter how much they bounce up and down on him, they can’t get every inch of his meat inside of them, so as soon as they’re exhausted from riding the naked girls get on all fours and let him be in control. Without wasting a second he grabs the blonde’s thick booty and starts thrusting harder and deeper than ever.



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