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I take her legs and put them on my shoulder, then reach down, push my dick inside her little cunt. I have never had sex in the water before and this is feeling very good for both of us. I’m standing in the water with her legs wrapped around me. I can feel her perfect tits pressed firmly against my chest, and her landing strip against my stomach. She smiles and moans, fucking herself more, with me pulling on her nipples as I squeeze her breasts. I lie back and she sits on my cock and rides me in reverse cowgirl, pushing her tight ass up and down. The harder I fuck her, the more she moans and the harder she rubs herself. We have sex until I’m ready to cum, blowing lots of hot and sticky cum all over her sexy wet and naked body and face! After I finish cumming she cleanes my cock with her tongue. I guess Riley is not so bad after all. She did want to get hired by my dad, but it’s not like she’s after our money or anything, she just wants our hard cocks! Hey, I can live with that!



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