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Since I travel due to work a lot, I decided to get my sexy black girlfriend a very special gift, a big vibrating wand so she can masturbate herself when I am not around. She loved it, and pretty soon, it became her favorite sex toy in her pretty big collection. The only problem is, she has grown so fond of it, that she pretty much spent most of her free time fucking herself with her magic wand! Even when I’m around! At the beginning it was pretty exciting, every time I would walk into the bedroom, the bathroom or even the kitchen I would find her naked, spread legged and stimulating herself with her sex toys like a shameless little black bitch. At least before she would keep it to herself, now she loves to masturbate herself in the bathroom with the door wide open so I can see what she’s doing from the other side of the bedroom. She moans and squeals at the top of her long as the toy vibrates between her legs, her white tank top pulled over her beautiful ebony tits, her nipples fully erect as her body trembles and convulses with each powerful orgasm the sex toy gives her. Her ebony pussy was dripping with her juices! Honestly, I was beginning to get quite a bit jealous! I was competing with a sex toy! It even makes her squirt! Watching her gushing pussy juices all over the bathroom floor got me terribly turned on. My sexy girlfriend decided to show me how to massage her G-spot. She began to play with herself harder, one hand playing with her nipples, another hand playing her vibrator over her swollen clit, rubbing it up and down, making circles around her pussy lips. I made her get down on her knees, sucking and stroking my throbbing member, drooling all over it. She was giving me a blowjob and fucked herself with a vibrator. I lied her on her back, spread her long legs, rammed my hard cock deep inside her cunt, fucking her hard and blowing my splooge all over her! I got lessons on how to give my little girlfriend orgasms with my hard cock and vibrator together.



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