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Watch more latina girls in this video! Sexy Latina slut with an incredible bubble butt gets fucked hard at a pool party. When this latina babe I’m casually dating invited me over to a BBQ with some of her friends I said “what the fuck, why not?” and accompanied her with my camera in tow. I had no idea she had so many hot friends and when they all jumped into the pool, I knew I was going to get some awesome footage on my trusty camera! My friend was already showing off her tits and shaking her ass and the rest of her girlfriends were getting into it while the other guys watched. My latina friend was shaking and grinding that ass like only Latinas can, and I invited her to a more private area so we could “chat”. One of the guys took the camera so he could film us “chatting” and by “chatting” I mean burying my dick deep inside that tight Latina pussy while she grinded that bubble shaped ass against my crotch like a professional pole dancer! I never saw anybody move her ass like that and I had a hard time not cumming on the spot! Hot Latina babe bent over and kept shaking it while I fucked her from behind and everybody else was getting into party fucking mood too, heal yeah, that’s what I call a party! Only Latina girls can shake and grind their asses like this babe. Do you agree? Leave comments.



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  1. chis | 16 October 2014, 17:26

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  2. yusuf yas almusthapha | 14 October 2014, 08:37

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  3. Anonymous | 29 September 2014, 20:00

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  7. Ronaldo | 20 June 2014, 15:42

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  8. Anonymous | 15 June 2014, 09:20

    Looks like Rochelle from the Saturdays.

  9. OG | 19 May 2014, 09:37

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  11. Anonymous | 09 January 2014, 22:31

    Holy shit that was amazing!

  12. matt | 03 December 2013, 15:36

    can you re-post this video with better quality so it runs smoother?

  13. wsdfh | 30 October 2013, 14:48

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  23. Fuck you | 23 June 2013, 23:18

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  27. Alissa C DiCarlo | 20 April 2013, 19:01

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  28. dude | 19 April 2013, 17:12

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    btw does anyone know the song at 1:46?

  29. Anonymous | 18 April 2013, 23:09

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