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New neighbor brings pie and is welcomed with a threesome

Because she’s new to the neighborhood, Aiden introduces herself to a friendly man down the street. She bakes a pie in hopes of surprising him with it. As he opens the door in his robe, she presents him with the fresh pie, but as she hands it over she can see his cock hanging out. He welcomes her inside where his wife Jesse is eagerly waiting to meet the blonde. They hit it off instantaneously, but Aiden can’t help but notice the sex toys that are scattered around the house. Although their openness weirds her out to nudity, she goes with the flow and follows them to the living room. As they chat, the couple gets handsy and Jesse gives her man a handjob. Things take a turn once she’s on her knees and blowing him right in front of Aiden’s face. The lust kicks in and she realizes she needs a good fuck. She joins Jesse in giving him a double blowjob! After sucking his schlong simultaneously, both naked girls take turns riding on his hard manhood. Their sweaty bodies become weak from the bouncing, so they sixty nine as he penetrates their tight pussies with joy. As if that wasn’t enough, his wife begins scissoring the quivering blonde while he plows her tiny throat with his meat. The friction of her sweet twat colliding with hers makes Jesse orgasm easily, so now it’s Aiden’s turn to cum. He picks up her frail body and spreads her legs to rail her whilst standing up. Intense penetration makes her squirt uncontrollably, and as he picks up the pace she pushes away from his grip and squirts all over their floor. Soon both naked girls squirt all over him. He’s at his limit so he swiftly fills up his wife’s mouth with his load, only for her to share it with her new neighbor.

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The cheating wife gets roughly disciplined once her husband finds out

A visit to his friend’s house gets heated once he finds his beautiful wife is in his home. As soon he sees her, the questioning begins, and he finds her true intentions quickly. She is making no sense with her excuses, and as he walks towards her, he notices something underneath her clothes. As he takes off her jacket, he sees her marvelous body covered in luxurious lingerie, as well as her thong soaked. Now that everything is out in the open, his wife admits to everything and explains how she begged him for rough sex this whole time, but he never paid attention to her. Hearing those words from his sweet and lovely wife triggers him, so he goes wild and pushes her up against the wall. Although she’s startled at first, as they begin violently making out, she knows she’s finally about to be railed hard. After pulling out his throbbing cock the gorgeous half naked girl falls to her knees instantly. Not allowing her to take control, he holds her by the head and face fucks her tight mouth. Seeing how she’s starting to enjoy it, he pulls out and faces her toward the mirror. As he slides off her thong, he begins eating both of her holes sloppily until she’s wet enough to take his huge dick. By thrusting his massive schlong into her sugar walls from behind, he makes the blonde moan loudly. She turns around and braces herself as he makes her fanny squirt. Wanting to discipline her more for cheating, he stops and orders her to crawl slowly.



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The new girl had to prove her worth with an elaborate muff diving exercise

Fuck yessss foster fantasy in a lesbian orgy! Charlie Foster is a big-tits blonde MILF who is taking care of all the girls who had a rough life. She has a place where the 18 year old girls could all go to but not all could stay. This is something the “new girl” found out as she decided to take Charlie on her invite. Once the girl came, she was greeted by Jacqueline, “big sis” of this so-called frat home for girls. She mentioned that there are many girls living there and that it is not that easy to get in and harder to stay. Unless you comply with their rules and abide by the eat my pussy protocol. The new girl had to prove herself, so she was thrown onto the sofa by Jacqueline, and she needed to show her what she’s got. She played the hesitancy at first but then she proceeded to suck on her pussy, and she needed to do a good job at that. She was into it, licking and eating her wet cunt up as if this was her only chance to stay. Two naked girls sucked their pussies and assholes like crazy! Bunch of the other girls were in the background masturbating while watching. The two fucked and almost came together before the boss entered the room, looking surprised at what was happening in her home! She was furious with the big sis, and now, Jacqueline was the one who needed to prove herself to Charlie. Her disobedience required her now to suck some pussy, Charlie’s pussy, that is. She decided to put her in her place, having her please her in front of everyone. The beautiful woman lay down on the couch, spread her thighs open and let the girl do her work. Charlie’s boobs were impeccable as she was rubbing them together as she was enjoying head that she was receiving. Of course, the new girl still needed to get her ranks, so she joined in on this lesbian threesome so that she showed her worth. Lots of pussy licking and eating, Mom had the juiciest pussy and the hottest titties to suck. Love the blossomed pussies here.

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When your girlfriend is mad at you there is your roommate to make everything better! They turned what could have been a vanilla chance lesbian encounter into a fucking hot sexy erotic video! Watch one of the hottest lesbian videos. Returning from work, Aiden received an ominous text from her girlfriend, they missed a movie they had been supposed to go see. Her sexy roommate, Kenzie, was sure that she just was so busy at her job as a nurse that she had been neglecting her relationship. Kenzie offered to help Aiden by giving her a clinic in romance. The sexy blonde sat next to her on the bed and soon the passion started to flare up. Passionate kisses started to resonate in the room, accompanied by sighs due to mutual desire. Her roommate wanted her more and more, and it didn’t take her long to take off her green uniform, under which small tits with swollen nipples protruded, ready for fierce action. After that, she took off her pants, and with light hand movements, she started rubbing her swollen pussy that was burning with the desire for fierce sex. The movements became faster and the sighs louder. Seeing the desire in her eyes, her roommate suddenly stuck her finger in her wet pussy, moving it faster and faster as Aiden sighed louder and louder, twisting with pleasure. She wanted her roommate as much as she wanted her and decided it was time for mutual satisfaction. The naked girls rubbed each other’s wet pussies in circular motions as they became more and more sweaty, knowing that the situation would only get more dangerous. She sank between her legs and with a tongue piercing circular motions began to pass over her wet clit, thrusting her tongue into her hot vagina as the juices of pleasure flowed from her. She wanted to eat it whole. Such raw passion and terrific pussy eating! It is soo fucking hot. The fingers, eye contact and passion are just phenomenal. Fucking perfect! She sit on her face and started pounding harder and harder, moaning louder and faster, squirting all over her face. Drops of her pussy juice poured down their bodies as they fucked as if there was no tomorrow. The passion was real with Kenzie cum soaked face to Aiden’s sweat soaked erect nipples to their mutual throbbing moans & cries of pleasure. The licking, fingering and all round heightened sex was glorious. Crouching down, she felt her warm and wet tongue lick her ass wanting to die of the pleasure and emotion that ran through her entire body. Emitting sighs of pleasure and sweat from wild sex, the lesbians ended up in an embrace, kissing, ready to repeat this at any cost. This is a Masterpiece Film with the girls delivering a masterful carnal, cum-filled passionate performance.

My new pervy wife made her stepdaughter blow my pecker

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