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This slut went to college to get an education, but all she learned about was getting laid! Just check out all this nasty XXX homemade footage filmed by her co-eds, showing her partying, getting naked and riding cock in the dorm room, when she should have been studying to improve her sucky grades! She dances with her friends in the dorm room, they are hosting their own little private party and of course the guys brought lots of sex toys to loosen the girls up. There are far more girls than guys here, so these jocks can’t wait for the girls to get wasted and start taking off their clothes so they can fuck as many as they can! A game of strip poker dare is a great way for the girls to end up naked and this bitch is the first one to end up on all her fours on top of the leather couch, getting fucked from behind in doggy position by one of the jocks! That tuition money is sure going a long way into educating this bitch, mom and pops!



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