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Yes, this girl loves shows and she is definitely into them, in more ways than you might imagine at first sight! She just came back from shopping and got herself a brand new pair of lovely white high heel pumps. Half naked, she throws herself into the couch and spreads her legs, showing off her white cotton panties which match her brand new shoes. She takes one of them and starts sucking its needle point heel with a very dirty look in her face. With a quick motion, the panties are off and she begins to stimulate her shaved snatch with the shoe’s heel. Her pussy gets real wet and slippery as the heel slips inside here and she starts to moan and grunt, masturbating herself with it! Once in a while, she slips the heel from her cunt and licks it clean, tasting her own sweet juices on the leather fabric of her footwear. This is one of the kinkiest masturbation videos you have seen in quite a while and her love of high heels and masturbation will make you bust a nut as you watch her pleasuring herself to a powerful climax!



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  1. bigdik | 22 October 2014, 00:47

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  7. thea | 20 May 2012, 01:09

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