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Dani Daniels desperately needs a place to stay and she is more than happy when these three hot girls invite her to come and over and move into their place. The rent is cheap, the place looks great and the girls are so fun and sexy! They haven’t been a week together and they are already best friends forever! Dani and one of the girls, a stunning blonde bombshell, just come back from the mall and the rest of the girls want to see all the hot stuff they bought. They sit around the couch and start checking out the outfits and trying them on over their clothes. The blonde makes the first move, pulling down on her friend’s top and bra, exposing her delicious milky breasts and puffy nipples. Her friend giggles, but the hardness of her nipples show how much she enjoyed this, and the blonde continues groping and undressing her while the other girls watch! Dani and her redhead friend go next, pulling down their pants and exposing their sexy bubble shaped butts in tiny things, they wanna know which one has the best ass in the house! The other girls need to touch and rub to figure it out, by now everybody is soaking wet and horny! The girls strip and get down hard! Naked girls didn’t stop at hands as they explore each others lean firm bodies with their tongues to. Dani sinks her tongue deep into the wet clam and gaping asshole of her friends, she can’t believe what’s happening but she is enjoying every single moment of it and doesn’t plan on stopping!


We Live Together

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