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Asshole didn’t even notice his girlfriend was no longer sitting by his side and was riding a total stranger’s cock behind his back! I grabbed her hips and pushed her body up and down, flipping her over once again so I could take a better look at that big bubble butt in reverse cowgirl position. This way, we could both watch the movie while we were fucking. If by any chance her stupid boyfriend asked her about it, it wouldn’t be so obvious that she was in watching the movie because she was too busy getting banged by me and my big hard cock! “I need to cum so bad!” she cried out! Her naked body was quivering and shaking as an earthquake of orgasmic pleasure rocked her from head to toe. Public sex with a stranger really turned her on! She tried to scream out but my hand covered her mouth and muffled her cry. The hot nympho wrapped her arms around me and clung to me as I fucked her, and I fucked her hard – just as she wanted. Just like melted butter on the popcorn, I blew my creamy load all over her big tits and watched her licking it off them before moving back to her seat with her boyfriend!



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