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Three hot best friends signed up for a sexy Far East photo shoot and when I asked him if they had any experience in this type of photo shoots, the girls didn’t hesitate to start stripping naked in front of me, shamelessly bearing their gorgeous bodies, big tits and juicy bubble butts while I watched, nursing a savage erection between my legs. I fell in love with the sexy blonde from the first set. She looked so gorgeous and yummy, totally gorgeous dream girl! When she bent over I could see her pink pussy between her ass cheeks and even her asshole! I watched three naked girls slip into sexy Oriental costumes and pose for me very provocatively, this photo shoot was oozing sensuality, erotica and sex! After the photo shoot, we were all visibly turned on and aroused, and the girls dressed in ninja costumes told me they wanted to have some fun with me, since I had been so professional and respectful during the photo shoot. They told me they knew I had a massive hard on during the entire shoot, and now they wanted to take care of it! The girls reached under my pants and whipped out my full throbbing erection, looking at it with awe. The leader of the team, a gorgeous blond, led the strike, sucking and stroking my cock while her friends looked, visibly eager to join in. So the girls did and pretty soon I was getting my cock sucked by the sexy blonde while her horny friends were licking my balls. Three girls took turns sucking my dick and then did it together. After giving me head, the girls got on their knees and bent over the couch, wiggling their juicy bubble butts while lined up so I could choose which one of them I wanted to fuck first! I just decided to start at one end of the line and move back and forth, pushing my hard cock deep inside those gushing pussies and pounding the sexy ladies from behind! I moved closer to the brunette, pulled myself closer to her perfect ass, took my cock in my hand and slide it against her wet slit getting my cock wet with her juices. She was beautiful, and had a body to die for. I rammed my hard cock deep into her tight pussy and held her tight pulling her sexy ass back so it pressed to me. I began pounding into her, driving her to mind-blowing orgasm. I moved to the blonde’s ass, “Ohhhhh fucccckkk!” the slut sighed as she felt my thick tube of meat slip into her. “Fuck that’s good! HARDER… FUCK ME HARD..!” She was thrusting back up at me now, making me fuck her deeper and harder, her ass cheeks bouncing in a way that was god damn sexy. FUCK IT, FUCK IT, FUCK IT! I have never seen an ass more beautiful then hers. The hot teen was moaning and pushing her ass against me, meeting my thrusts with her own. Oh my fucking god that was good. While fucking one of the girls, the other two would watch me, wiggling her juicy bubble butts, letting me know how bad they wanted it. They looked over their shoulders as I fucked them doggy style from behind, licking their lips and biting them hard, begging me to fuck them faster and deeper and to fill them up with all my hot and sticky cum.



Man, I was having the time of my life with these three beautiful girls! One of them sat on the couch, spreading her legs and masturbating herself while the blonde pushed the other’s bubbly butt back up against my hard cock, urging me to bang her very hard while she watched up close. Then she sat with her friend and they both masturbated while watching their BFF riding on my cock, bouncing up and down! I got wetter and wetter from her dripping pussy. The blonde had some of the hottest sexual skills I’ve ever seen. Three naked girls took turns riding my dick in cowgirl position and in reverse until I was finally ready to blow my load, spraying lots of hot and sticky cum all over their pretty faces, open mouths and gorgeous tits and watching these beautiful girls licking it off each other. After an experience like this, I don’t think I can ever go back to fucking just one single girl!



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