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My sexy blonde GF is cooking dinner for us but what I really want is to snack on her tasty pink pussy! She keeps telling me to wait until dinner, then I can have her for dessert, but she knows how I get when I’m horny, I just can’t wait and I love having my dessert before my dinner! She likes it when I get like that, knowing that I can go on without dinner but not without fucking her really turns her on. She takes off her top, letting me play with her nice tits over her sexy lace bra. She sensually shakes and grinds her hips while I pull down her shorts. She’s wearing a sexy lacey thing matching her bra and she makes her juicy bubble butt bounce for me. My sexy girlfriend knows exactly how to tease me with her perfect body and every chance she gets she does just that. She is insanely sexy, these barbell boob piercings are incredible and her pussy is just screaming for my cock! She gets down on her knees, pulling down on my pants and boxers, exposing my big throbbing erection. She opens up wide and pushes my cock inside her mouth, sucking and stroking it, feeling it getting even bigger and harder inside her wet mouth as she plays with it with her tongue. She kisses my dick, running her tongue around the head, her sweet lips slide down and then up my penis, caressing it. My girlfriend loves the feeling of my hot wet cock in her mouth, but she needs more. After devouring my cock, I put her down on her hands and knees, pulls her panties aside, her pussy is already dripping wet with desire! I slide my cock between her marvelous buttocks, pushing it deep inside her gushing cunt, fucking my baby doggie style from behind on the kitchen floor. She stands, leaning against the kitchen counter, placing a leg on top of it and urging me to fuck her from behind some more, slamming her so hard against the counter. My balls are slapping against her tender clit. I’m pounding deep into her pink cunt. She’s so fucking turned on, she clears the counter, showing the dishes to the floor, telling me to lie on top so she can straddle herself on my lap and ride my hard cock in reverse cowgirl position, making her juicy bubble butt bounce up and down. She has beautiful tattoos all over her body and she looks so lovely riding my member. Moaning nonstop, she forces herself down onto my throbbing cock, raising up a little then forcing herself down again, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. She squeezes her tits together, stimulating her pierced nipples with her fingertips while she goes down on me again, sucking my cock hard so she can taste her pussy on it, licking my balls and slobbering them with her saliva. She wants to get back on top, this time facing my way, she kneels above me, rising and falling on my cock, riding me in classical cowgirl position with her beautiful pussy in front of me. What I love most about fucking my sexy girlfriend is that she’s got such a cute face that I absolutely love watching her moan with pleasure while fondling her perfectly perky tits and her clit!



My sexy girlfriend pushes my cock inside her, she likes getting stuffed by my dick meat, she tells me how bad she wants it. I press her hot naked body against my own. I can feel her heart beating faster and her heavy breathing, my hard cock pounding her lovely pussy and bringing her closer and closer to an incredible orgasm. She is leaning herself forward until her bare breasts press to my chest, pressing her cunt along the base of my cock, she literally presses her clit against my pubis, immediately she bursts into another orgasm. The kitchen is our sacred space for cooking and for fucking. I fuck my hot girlfriend till she screams for me to stop and then I fuck her some more. After I blow my creamy load all over her cute face and in her open mouth, she swallows every drop of my sweet cum and gets back to cooking so we can have a nice meal and keep fucking!



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