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My sexy blond girlfriend complains that we never do any outdoor stuff together so she managed to drag me to the basketball court and shoot some hoops together. She kind of sucks at it, so I made her a wager. If she won, I would accompany her to the basketball court three days a week to play with her, but if she lost, as I was mostly certain that she would, then she would have to get down on her knees right there on the spot and suck my cock! Just as anticipated, my lovely girl missed every single shot. Hey, that’s okay, I almost think she lost on purpose so she could suck my dick in the basketball court! I was going to help her get better at the game, but playing with the basketball would come after she played with my balls on the court! As promised, she got down on her knees and started sucking and stroking my throbbing member! This was hot, but we could only go so far in a basketball court in public, so we went back to my place, so my girlfriend could continue eating my hard cock. She lied flat on her back and I sat between her tits, rubbing my balls against them as she continued stroking my hard cock and sucking on it. My babe wears braces and you have no idea how hot they feel when they are rubbing against my dick while she’s giving me head! It’s amazing! She stripped naked and spread her legs so I could fuck her dripping wet cunt in missionary position. She was lying on the bed waiting for me. She was wide open and dripping wet. I pushed my cock up and into her pussy. I was all the way up into her with my nuts flushed up against her! I can’t tell you the feeling of having my cock going into my girlfriend’s tight pussy! You guys know what I’m talking about! She had just shaved her pussy and it felt so fucking soft as I banged her. I played with her nipples and kissed them. I started to bite her tits, she started to moan and scream with pleasure. My sexy naked girlfriend turned over and got down on her hands and knees, begging me to fuck her doggie style from behind. She loves this position in particular because she tells me my cock stimulates her clitoris far better from this angle, and hey, I love watching her juicy bubble butt while I fuck her, so I’m fine with it. She started to press her buttocks towards my cock, making me fuck her harder and deeper. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began pounding her good. I watched my cock slide in and out while she played with her titties and her clit. I lied flat on my back and inserted my hard sausage into her tight cunt and she rode me in cowgirl position, pressing her titties together as she bounced on me like on a trampoline. I like it when she leans back, resting against the palms of her hands, easing her pelvis back and forth against my crotch. She leaned back with her legs spread open giving me an full view of her wonderful pussy. I grabbed her by her legs and pulled her towards me, penetrating her once again in missionary position, back in control of how hard, fast and deep I wanted to fuck her.



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