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As her groom waits impatiently, this beautiful, hot bride slips into the wedding dress and masturbates herself, fantasizing for the last time with her fiancée’s best friend! It just so happens, that he’s walking by her door, and since she left the door ajar, he manages to get a glimpse of his best friend’s soon to be wife rubbing her pussy under her wedding dress! This is her last chance to make her fantasy cum true before tying the knot, so she invites him inside, closes the door, gets down on her knees, whips out his throbbing member and starts sucking and stroking it like it’s the last cock she’ll ever taste in her life! Right in the middle of the blowjob, the bridesmaid walks in, a sexy redhead in a sensual black dress! She also chose happens to be the groom’s best friend’s girlfriend and the bride’s best friend! Since they are all already there, she gets down on her knees and continues sucking and stroking that delicious member. Both girls are so hot, a stunning redhead and a beautiful brunette. The bride kneels down next to her so the girls can share it. She lies sideways on the floor and he rams his throbbing member deep inside her dripping wet cunt, fucking her hard while the redhead sits on a chair and masturbates herself while watching them fuck. He lies flat on his back and the redhead squats over his dick, riding him in reverse cowgirl. Meanwhile, the bride squats over his face, so he can tongue fuck her pink clam and tastes her flowing juices, they are so fucking sweet! The redhead, stripped down to her stockings and garter, gets sideways so she can get fucked hard just like the bride. She rubs her pussy while getting fucked, and the naughty bride massages and fondles her tits. She gets bent over, her wedding dress hiked up her juicy bubble butt while getting pounded hard from behind by her fiancée’s best friend. Who would have thought the honeymoon sex start earlier and without him, LOL! The bride sucks that juicy cock and fingers her friend’s asshole while she gets fucked from behind by their stud. It’s nice of them to share this moment together, a steamy pre-wedding threesome that ends with the stud blowing his creamy load all over their faces.



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