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I love my girlfriend, she’s fucking hot, beautiful as fuck, and has amazing bright eyes that go with her fantastic big tits, but none of that means I’m going to let her touch my motherfucking car! So, when she asked me to teach her how to drive, with my car, she knew she was going to have to try real hard to convince me. Of course, she also knew she had the appropriate bargaining tools, flashing me her beautiful big tits on the passenger seat. I consider myself a pretty assertive dude and I have no problem say no to my girlfriend, but say no to those beautiful puppies, now that’s a totally different story, LOL! After squeezing her tits for a while, I decided to indulge her. She did a pretty good on her first lesson, the fact that she had her top pulled over her big tits always helps. When we were finished, she was ready to get started on sucking and stroking my big throbbing cock. She deep throated it all the way down to the base, fuck, maybe learning how to drive my car gets my babe horny! I made her bend over the car seat, pulling her jeans down her thighs, her thong digging deep into the crack of her ass and her pussy slit. So fucking sexy! I took her back inside so she could suck and lick my cock and balls and I fucked her big tits while she drooled all over them. She is stunning. A killer body, perfect tits, a perfectly round ass and her oral skills are amazing! She loves to feel my cock in her mouth, she loves to fuck my cock with her tits and swallow my cum. Needless to say she took my cock like a champ and enjoyed every second of it! She’s a pro in a blowjob but also she’s good at cock riding! My crazy girlfriend pushed me on my back and took of my pants, sat on me, grabbed my cock and guided it to her wet, warm pussy. She started riding my cock with her beautiful ass in my face. I have no idea how many orgasms she had as she kept fucking me. She turned over and kept riding me faster with her lovely tits bouncing up and down right in front of me. I got her down on her hands and knees and fucked her tight pussy doggie style from behind, until I was ready to cum, blowing my creamy load all over her tits! Don’t miss this amazing teen babe and amateur POV sextape!



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