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Female roommate – yes or no? Would you be able to handle that sexy babe as a roommate? Tired of having other girls steal her clothes, make up, sex toys and even her boyfriends, this sexy yoga instructor rents the spare room in her apartment to a male roommate. He’s a film student, and he starts spying on her during her daily yoga routines, filming her in hopes of making a documentary about it for class. There’s nothing hotter to a woman work out to keep her body tight. Truth be told, he also masturbates to the footage, but today he’s getting a surprise, since it seems he’s not the only one getting excited with her yoga routine! As he spies on her and films, he realizes she’s rubbing her pussy over her shorts, lifting her tank top to rub and massage her beautiful breasts. His sexy roommate plays with them, and reaches under her shorts to touch herself. She pulls the shorts aside to expose her tender pink cunt and rubs herself and as he zooms in on her aroused face to capture her expression, he realizes she’s looking right back at him! Busted! She’s a bit creed out at first, but seeing the huge bulge between his legs gets her in a different mood, and she drops to her knees and begins sucking and stroking his big throbbing erection. Hey, the benefits of having a male roomie! After smoking his pole, she gets down on her hands and knees over her yoga mat, setting his camera in front of them so it can keep filming as he fucks her from behind, doggie style, baby! Sexy naked babe rides his hard cock and confesses that as much as she loves yoga, she enjoys fucking even more! Hey, maybe she can become the porn star of his next amateur sex films!



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