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Lusty Alexa visits her stepbrother at the college and screws him on the couch

The boys from Alexa’s small town became boring, so she decided to visit her handsome stepbrother Johnny in college and meet and bang as many of his college friends as possible. Upon arriving, she goes to the other room to unpack her stuff, and her stepbrother takes a chance to peek into her phone. He is so astonished to see his step-sister’s nudes that he doesn’t hear her entering the room. Alexa asks what he’s doing, and he has no choice but to confess. The girl drags him to the sofa, starts to strip, and invites him to eat her pussy! He is more than happy to comply and licks and sucks her magic bean with vigor. She didn’t expect him to be so good, and since she doesn’t want to cum yet, she takes his colossal boner into her mouth and gives him a blowjob. The sexy girl sucks his cock and his balls, slobbering all over him. She stops when he is obviously very close to cumming, mounts on his throbbing cock, and goes into full gallop cowgirl style. He grabs her ass with both hands, squeezes her ass cheeks and starts pounding into her so hard and fast, that his balls start slapping against her. They change position soon, so she can stroke her swollen clit while he pounds her slippery love tunnel. It is apparent that she is very hungry for cock, so he gives his best not to fill her with his spunk yet. She tells him she loves to be fucked from behind and mounts on him again, this time reverse cowgirl. Alexa pounds her dripping pussy against his stiff rod until he tells her he wants to fill her with cum, but only in the doggy style. The sexy naked babe positions herself on all four, so he can dip his rod in her pussy. Johnny drills her frantically until he fills her hungry cunny with his hot sperm.

My naughty cheerleading stepsis lets me pound her for helping with homework

Although Chloe is my stepsister, I can’t help but look at her as just another hot cheerleader from school. I try my best to avoid her, but since she’s always busy practicing cheerleading, she oftentimes has issues with homework. Today is no different, and as she begs for me to help her out, I can’t stop fantasizing about what I can get in return. My mind is only focused on her tight pussy, so I offer to do her homework only if she lets me finger her. Although I thought she would decline instantly and call me a creep, to my surprise, my stepsis started to think about the offer. Within seconds of thinking, the little whore agreed, and while I didn’t believe her at first when she slid her panties to the side, I knew she was serious. Since I’m a virgin and know nothing about what I’m doing, I try my best to make her orgasm and listen to her instructions. Within minutes, I feel her insides starting to twitch, and as I look her in the eyes, I see her covering her mouth to muffle her moans. After pushing her over the edge and making her cum she compliments me seductively, which is all the inspiration I need to do my end of the agreement. Days later, my sister is in need of me again, but this time I push things further and ask for a blowjob instead. Without hesitating, the blonde babe drops to her knees and starts sliding off my shorts. The second she saw how hard my cock was, she became mesmerized by it and began sucking on it with passion.



I could tell she’s liking it, but no matter how much I tried not to cum too quickly, her mouth simply felt too good. As I begin cutting, I watch and can’t believe that she’s not pulling it out but instead is keeping it inside and swallowing every drop of jizz I give her. Now I know that she’s enjoying herself as much as me, so the next opportunity I get, I tell her I want to go all the way, to which she agrees happily. As I slide her panties down and watch her reveal her juicy tits to me, I slowly slide my dick into her and listen to her moan with joy. Staring into my stepsister’s beautifully shaved body is enough to make me bust, I switch her to doggy so I can hold it in for longer. While pounding her from behind, I make sure to gently caress her juicy ass, which only makes her beg for me to fuck her harder. My legs begin to get weak, but as soon as I lay beside her, my naked stepsister straddles me and starts riding me in cowgirl with vigorous strength. We bang with passion, and as we switch positions, I hold her by her beautiful blonde hair and pound harder than ever before, pulling out and nutting on her pretty face as she smiles at me seductively.

While our parents are away I seduce my naughty stepsis

Since my parents have gone out of town, they’ve left me in charge of the house as they know I’m a responsible young man who can keep a promise. Although I’m chill, my stepsister Melanie is always up to something no good so I sneak by her room to hear who she’s talking on the phone with. I’m glad I did because she was planning to organize a Labor Day party at the house while it was empty, and she even reassured her friends over the phone that I would be cool with it. As soon as I rushed into her room she put her phone down and tried to play dumb, but I’d already heard everything important. After telling her that our parents are going to find out about this she begins begging me to keep it a secret between us. Although I don’t like lying, hearing her say that she’ll do anything got my mind thinking of lots of raunchy and taboo requests I can make. Even though she’s my stepsister I can’t deny that Melanie has a beautiful face and a stunning body that I’m aching to pound relentlessly. As I offer to keep my mouth shut for a handjob, she sighs and reluctantly shows me her stunning tits as I lay next to her with my cock already hard. Since I’ve been pent up for some time, feeling her gentle hands stroke my meat made me bust in minutes.



Days later when Labor Day actually came the little slut told me I had to leave until the party was over instead of staying and hanging out with her friends. While I wasn’t too keen on staying anyways, this gives me an opportunity to ask for a blowjob this time if she plans on making me leave, and to my surprise she agrees. Without wasting a second I sit on the couch with my dick out and I watch as the sexy girl gently wraps her soft lips around the tips to taste me. I feel her tongue and her lips caressing my cock and it is amazing! Her fingers play with my balls. Her blowjob slowly gets raunchier and within minutes she begins to deepthroat me with a lustful look in her pretty little eyes. As I start to cum we stare into each other’s eyes and she doesn’t stop sucking, instead, she swallows every drop of jizz I bust into her. After everyone leaves I return only to see her panicking about breaking out mother’s precious vase. I offer to help her but only if we bang, and as if she waited for me to ask her she leads me into her bedroom. Without wasting a second my stepsister strips and slides her shaved pussy onto my cock and begins riding me harder than ever. The feeling of her tight cunt is the best thing I’ve ever felt. The view of her gorgeous body, her pussy, her tummy and her boobies is so hot. Fucking her from behind is even better, because I can enjoy the view of her big ass. We switch positions every few minutes as she’s barely handling the size of my manhood. As I hear her talk dirty and beg for a facial I thrust with all of my strength and make her snatch tighten and clit quiver as she orgasms before pulling out and busting over my cute stepsister’s face.

The busty teen lets her stepbro freely use her whenever he’s horny

Living in a free-use household may sound amazing, but the busty Hailey can’t seem to get her stepbro off her back. As the beautiful teen girl tries to read her book he approaches from behind to tease her. Since she’s into free use as well, the gorgeous brunette lets him lift up her top and play with her juicy melons. Although it’s distracting her from reading, she does her best to ignore him even whilst he sucks on her big nipples with passion. Soon enough he strips out of his shorts and reveals his throbbing cock that’s aching for a blowjob. While holding her book above his meat he slowly shoves it in her mouth until she’s comfortable enough to read and deepthroat him at the same time. Despite cumming fairly quickly, later during the day when Hailey’s working on her laptop with her mom he goes to bother her once again. This time without wasting a second he props her up and slides off her panties to plow her from behind. Even though Hailey’s begging her mom to reason with her and do something about the situation, she’s got too much work on her hands so she lets her stepdaughter endure his deep thrusts while she’s working. Seeing her natural boobs bounce with each intense pump pushes him over the edge within minutes and he busts a nut before leaving the two alone to finish up their job.



Later on in the day, Hailey believes she’s free of her stepbrother and rushes to her bedroom to chat with her friend over the phone. Unfortunately for her, he swiftly follows her into bed and continues caressing her sweet tits and kissing the back of her neck to get her wet and ready for round three. Despite being on a call, he strips her nightgown and puts her on all fours to pound her vigorously in doggy. As the young busty babe talks to her friend she begins asking her questions about her stepbro, and instead of keeping everything to herself, she explains the situation she’s in and how good his manhood feels. Hearing that made him want to stare into her eyes while pummeling her, so he turned her around for a passionate missionary session. Soon the call ends but now Hailey is feeling extra horny and doesn’t mind moaning out loud in front of her stepbrother. Seeing how she’s becoming more dominant, he lies down and watches as his naked stepsister crawls onto him to ride him with all of her strength. She makes sure to bend down and push her nipples into his mouth since she’s always gotten extra wet when he teased her boobs. As the girl feels his dick throbbing inside she quickly switches to missionary and spreads her legs wide open. Now that the two can stare into each other’s eyes with ease she allows him to be as rough as he possibly can. Without wasting a second he hammers every inch of his cock into her before covering her with his cumshot.

Me, my stepsister, and her bestie in a perfect love triangle

This weekend, my stepsister Clara has her friend, Molly, over. The girls are up to no good, and I can sense it. I overhear that Clara lies to our mom about what they’re up to. Once I confront my stepsis that I know she lied, the two come clean. The girls want someone to have a threesome with! The two little cunts even have the courage to ask if I knew some guy who’d want to do it with them. I say: ‘I do, actually – me!’ Clara is a bit taken by this, and Molly seems very willing. She convinces my stepsis to go along with the plan. What is she going to do? Risk having me tell our mom she lied to her. Molly proceeds to casually remove her top. I can feel my dick getting hard. Once Clara’s gorgeous tits are out, I finally get to enjoy looking at them. Molly is definitely a bad influence. She takes her bottoms off, and right smack rides my stepsister’s face. I’m shocked, but I don’t back away. Molly’s back looks perfect, with some sexy tan lines cutting across her lower back. My stepsister spreads her ass wide as she eats her pussy and touches her asshole. I jack off like the maniac, watching two naked girls licking their pussies and assholes. Then two naked girls get on all fours and ask me to fuck their pussies! I take turns placing my hard cock between both their pussies, making the girls squirm and move their hips in a grinding fashion. Not a minute passes, and I’m inside my sister’s bestfriend’ pussy in doggy.



Molly loves cock. She’s a natural, and I can feel it. However, spreading this babe’s pussy is just the start. Of course, I enjoy it, but what I love most is the idea of entering my stepsister’s pussy. It’s the prize I’ve wanted for very long. When I finally enter her twat in doggy, it feels good, but not as good as I thought it would. I get what the problem is. While I do like my sister’s ass and pussy having a hard time on my dick, I’d much rather see her face. This is when I kindly ask the girls to turn around. Molly is quick to give me her pussy. This is nice and all, but what I really want is my stepsister’s pussy. I look deep into her eyes as I maneuver my huge staff into her little cunt. Her tiny body doesn’t struggle with my cock anymore. In fact, she’s starting to enjoy it. The bitch looks back at me with a pair of very dirty eyes. She tells me she wants to watch me fuck Molly and then guides my cock in. I do Molly in cowgirl, but doing Clara in reverse cowgirl, looking at her asshole and her horny face, that’s what makes me explode. I pulled out and came all over their faces. The naked girls harpies laughed, so I guess weíre doing this again. I sure hope so.

Stepbrother caught her masturbating and sniffed her panties

He heard a noise coming from his stepsister’s bedroom and saw something amazing. She was masturbating using a huge vibrator. He waited until she was done and had left the house before claiming his prize. His stepsister’s panties were soaking wet, and he wanted to sniff them while jerking off. Just before he took off his pants, she came back. But, rather than being mad, she offered him to get a whiff of the real thing. The toy never got her off enough, and her boyfriend was out of town. The teens both got naked, and she put his dick in her mouth. He never knew his stepsister was such a slut, being able to deepthroat without gagging. She loved to give blowjobs and made sure to drool and spit all over. He returned the favor by eating her out. She was right. The real deal smelled much better. She came just from cunnilingus but was ready for more. Finally, the sexy skinny naked girl got on top and shook her big butt to tease him. In one quick move, she stuffed his dick inside of her wet pussy. He dreamed of giving it a squeeze, and now he could rub her ass as much as he wanted. Fortunately, they were alone because she didn’t bother to stay quiet. Her orgasms were loud, and she loved dirty talk. The bed sheets were soaked in her pussy juices. He then bent his naked stepsister over and fucked her doggy style, enjoying the view of her bubble ass. Her pussy tightened even more after he slapped her ass. Even when she was having an orgasm, he kept pounding. Finally, he couldn’t resist any longer and came all over her back, hair, and fat butt.

Two busty naked girls let you fuck them anytime you want

Every family has their oddities. This one, in particular, is very open with their sexuality. Mom and Dad would fuck anywhere, even in front of them, so the teens picked up on it too. Even better, all of his stepsister’s friends were totally into the idea, too, so he got all the pussy a guy could want. Her blonde bestie came over, and while the girls were gossiping about school, he pulled down his stepsister’s friend’s shorts. Her pussy was wet at all times, ready for his dick. His hard cock slid between her pussy lips deep into her vagina. Her juicy ass cheeks felt amazing against his groin. He kept pounding into the girl while the girls kept talking. Finally he started to grope her soft ass as well. Seeing her stepbrother fucking her friends always got her horny, especially if it was the first time. While getting pounded prone bone, the two girls kissed casually. Since their conversation got interrupted, they decided that they might as well have a proper threesome. The naked girls gave him a double blowjob so that they could kiss while pleasing him too. Since she got to fuck him all the time, she suggested he fuck her friend. After covering his dong in spit, his stepsister’s naked friend climbed on top to ride him. Her boobs grew a lot in the last year, barely fitting in his hands. Nothing better than fondling big all natural tits with both hands, with the girl riding your cock! Her tits were flopping and swinging wildly. While she loved fucking her sister’s busty friend, it’s rude to leave her waiting, so she gave his stepsister a turn. The more petite blonde barely got used to dicks being so big. He slammed her tight pussy hard, making her orgasm while the other girl was licking her nipple. Then both naked girls rode his dick and his face together, slamming their young cunts hard down onto him, smearing him with their juices, kissing and cumming together!

I help my sister appreciate her big natural tits

My sister Rissa has been feeling a bit self-conscious about her body recently. Everyone at school keeps staring at her tits and telling them they are too big. While most girls wish they had large breasts, she’s afraid that hers are too big. Afraid that people might tease her because of them, she wears baggy clothes and refuses to do P.E. I caught her naked checking herself out and massaging her boobs. I decided to help her realize that guys love big tits and that girls can only be jealous of them. She asked me to touch her breasts and tell if I liked them. I wanted to show her that her huge knockers are extremely arousing. They were so soft that I couldn’t stop myself from getting an erection. I didn’t want things to get weird between us, but she was happy to see me getting hard. She invoked the “I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours” rule, and I had to oblige. Without bothering to hide her boobs again, she pushed me onto my back and felt up my dick through my pants. She didn’t look awkward or uncomfortable at all, so I decided to roll with it. She unzipped my pants and took out my penis. I didn’t know my stepsister was this perverted, but she started to give me a handjob. Her hands were soft and warm, and seeing her big tits made me cum after a few minutes.



I thought this would have been enough, but things escalated. Three days after that, I caught her masturbating with a vibrator. She was doing it in the living room. Anything for family, I thought as I started to finger my stepsister. She really was dry, but as soon as I went in, I could feel the wetness. Then my naked stepsister lay down on her back and told me to fuck her mouth. My cock was standing out in all its glory. She was insanely good, using her tongue to tease the tip of my dick. My cock was in her throat and my balls were rubbing against her soft boobs. She spread her legs and told me to put me into her. My cock was really throbbing by now and, since I had just fucked her mouth. I pounded deep into her pussy feasting on the sight of her big tits. She then slid her cunt onto my cock, put those big tits in my face, and got down to business. When I concentrated on her erect nipples, she grabbed my head and forced it to her boobs as she moaned and wet my cock with her orgasm. She even wanted me to fuck her doggy style like a whore. The sounds her big bubble ass was making and the sight of her asshole made me cum like I had never came before! I filled her little pussy with so much sperm! Since then, we’ve been getting closer and closer to having actual sex.

Busty stepsis with amazing big all natural boobs gets to live out her taboo fantasies

Hailey is your typical young coed. She’s young, smart, and very good-looking. This brunette sensation has a lot going for her, but what really makes her stand out are her massive tits! These huge big natural knockers might even be called a bit saggy by some harsh guys, but that’s just because they don’t know how to appreciate a massive boob on a young body. Hailey’s is home for the weekend. She’s alone with her stepbro Max. The guy’s a genuine perv. Just today, when his sister went in to take a shower he started jerking off on her panties and her bra. Cum shoots out of that dick after only a few minutes of jerking off. His beautiful naked sister gets out of the shower and goes to her room. She finds her soiled panties and decides to confront the obvious suspect. The guy denies ever entering her room, but she knows that it’s him. She’s been noticing the looks he’s been giving her, especially her massive tits. Max flat-out denies this, but Hailey takes his head and shoves it down onto her chest! The dude is overwhelmed as his face is covered with the lovely soft cleavage of his forbidden stepsis. His cock instantly gets hard, and he starts, or more precisely continues, jerking off. Hailey is turned on by this and has a knack for the forbidden fruit herself.



Besides, she hasn’t been fucked in a while. So, why not? She instinctively kneels in front of this cock, and wraps her tits around it. Max seizes the opportunity and starts fucking her tits like a maniac. Little by little, his dick hits her chin and even her mouth as she turns her head downwards. One second later, and she’s slurping and gaging on that cock like a pro. Max finally gets to live out his dirty fantasies. He sits down on the couch and puts his busty stepsister in the hot seat position. The girl starts riding him, slamming herself hard down onto him. Her amazing big boobs are bouncing up and down. The horny little girl cums so hard all over his cock after only a few squats on that hard cock. Max pulls her legs back and elegantly makes her go into reverse cowgirl. He pulls out and makes her switch into doggy. Every time he changes the position, he makes her taste her pussy juices. This inspires Hailey to fuck him even harder. After plowing her in missionary and enjoying the sight of her boobs, Max feels he’s ready to cum. Bus his sister wants him to fuck the shit out of her from behind. With each thrust, her tits shake and they are also getting slapped repeatedly. He squeezes her tits with both hands as she shudders through an orgasm. He keeps looking at that perfectly shaved little pussy, her big bubble ass and her big tits. The girl screams that she wants him to cum inside! All culminating with a huge creampie.

Truth and dare with two naked girls

Every guy has fantasized about joining a bunch of girls at a slumber party and getting his dick wet. His stepsister Violet had a friend over, and they wanted to play truth and dare. Since there were only two of them, the girls invited this guy to play with them. They instantly went for the spicy stuff, asking who their first kiss was, have they ever sucked dick, etc. While he was loving it, Violet could die of embarrassment. She thought if she picked a dare, things would get better. Sadly for her, her bestie is a massive pervert who can only think of dicks and tits. Not long after, his member was out, and he dared the girls to touch it. The friend took it a step further and started to give him a handjob. Naturally, she dared Violet to join in. One thing led to another, and she was sucking her stepbrother off. The dares stopped, but she kept going. The girls worked well together. Obviously, this wasn’t their first time blowing a guy together. Since he was about to blow, he had the naked girls play with each other for a bit. They awkwardly rubbed each other and touched their tits. Next was a game of “Guess who you’re fucking”. He had to close his eyes while banging one of them. Violet actually wanted to go first. He put his dick inside his stepsister’s pussy, while she tried her hardest not to moan. He guessed correctly, which meant that he could now do whatever he wanted with them. Violet’s friend wanted a ride on his dong next while he played with his stepsister’s fat tits. The rest of the night was spent in pure ecstasy, with two sexy naked girls sharing lots of cum and having many orgasms.

Stepsis and stepmom help her stepbrother empty his balls

The only thing worse than getting a stepbrother is getting a perverted stepbrother. He’d always try to look under her skirt and would often steal her panties. Even worse, he’d give them back, covered in cum. When he tried grabbing her butt with his dick out, Kenzie caught him, and they started to wrestle. Mom came in, and to help out with his problem, she suggested Kenzie suck him off. It was disgusting, but if it meant he would stop harassing her, she would do it. Unlike him, Kenzie was popular in school and sucked plenty of cock. But, being a slut, she starts to lose control when having a juicy penis in her mouth. The teen girl started to enjoy giving her stepbrother a blowjob. Seeing how much she was into it, Mom decided to join. The two girls serviced his cock and balls at the same time! Thinking this was his one and only chance with a girl, the pervert tried his hardest not to cum all over their faces. Neither of the two sluts cared about that anymore and just went with it. Maybe if he learned how to eat pussy he’d get a girlfriend. He and Kenzie ate out Mom together and even kissed a bit while doing it. Mom had an amazing orgasm, having her cunt licked by two tongues. The only thing left now was for him to lose his virginity, and he’d be set for life. Mom pulled down Kenzie’s shorts and told him to fuck her. His virgin penis penetrated her tight pussy, making her squeal in pleasure. Not wanting to waste a good mouth, Mom got fully naked too and sat on Kenzie’s face and told her to keep licking. A family has to stick together! Beautiful naked woman guided her stepkids on how to do different positions until he came on their faces!

Curious brunette girl begs her stepbro to teach her about anal sex

Liz is a 19-year-old teen who’s just getting to explore her body. However, her stepmom and stepbro, Johnny, would like her to focus more on math. While her brother was helping her solve some math problems, she straight-up asked him for relationship advice concerning “butt stuff.” The guy was stunned but didn’t back away. After all, he does want to help her little sister in any way he can. He tells her about prepping, lubing up, and going really slow. She says her anus is super tight and she has tried to put a finger in there but nothing. She tried and tried. She just couldn’t get anything up her tiny asshole. She just doesn’t want to upset her boyfriend and she would be grateful if Johnny could help her stretch her anus out. The boy tries to ignore her, but she’s just got that naked ass in his face. His naked stepsister begs him to help her, and he does just that. He starts by admiring her ass and telling her how good it looks. Then, he inserts his pinky and says she’s doing great. She barely moves from the doggy position she’s in when Johnny warms her up with his dick. He fucks her in doggy like a good stepbro. Soon enough, the girl starts getting relaxed on his dick. Johnny fingers her anus and sees that she’s ready for the whole dick. First, he slides the tip in and then slowly starts to move faster. Liz is amazed when she feels the whole dick going inside. He loves how his stepsister’s ass looks. He tricks the small-breasted girl into doing some naughty ass-to-mouth. Liz does as she’s told, regardless of the fact that that same cock was all the way in her rectum just a minute ago. Johnny rewards her by fucking her anus wide open in missionary and then in pile driver. When he eventually creampies her asshole, he fills her insides so deep that Liz can feel the cum in her belly. “You’re ready for your boyfriend, sis,” he says.

Little slut rides her stepbrother’s dick behind her mom’s back

While Hannah wanted to watch a show, her stepbrother was hogging the TV to watch a football game. But she knew how to get him to do anything she wanted. When wrestling failed, she whipped out her ace. A nice, wet blowjob. She got him nice and hard by grinding on his crotch while wearing no panties. Even with Mom in the room next to them, this little slut unzipped his pants and started to suck him off! This wasn’t the first time she did this, so her stepbrother just rolled with it. Her goal wasn’t to make him cum. Two could play that game since her stepbro reached over to finger her. He could barely hold a moan back when Hannah started to suck on his balls. Since the blowjob plan failed, she had to up the ante. If she couldn’t watch TV, neither could he. The sexy teen girl lifted her skirt up and slid her stepbrother’s dick inside her pussy. He began moving slowly in and out of her, enjoying the feeling of her tight, wet pussy on his cock. The teens started going faster and faster before Mom walked back in. They managed to hide at the last second but resumed when she left. It was a battle of wits and sexual stamina. He started to play with her nipples while his half naked stepsister bounced up and down his cock. The teens almost got caught again and blamed the noise on the TV. No clue what kind of football game has slapping and moaning, but Mom bought it. At this point, neither of them cared about watching TV and simply wanted to keep fucking. The thrill of almost getting caught by their Mom was great. This little slut got her step brother to fuck her in several different positions in their living room right behind her mom’s back. At the end he came in her little pussy.

Teen girl gets closer to her stepbro by letting him creampie her

Ever since their parents decided to move in together, Myra and her stepbro have hated each other. He’s a gym bro and ambitious, while she just wants to party and mess around. One morning she decides to skip school. The girl sneaks back home after stopping at the sex shop. She brings back a new pink toy that she immediately tries out. It was the right shape the vibration was strong. Her petite body shivered as the toy brought her to an orgasm. Just then, her stepbro opens her door, catching her naked and masturbating! He was both shocked and angry. But before he could call his dad, Myra noticed the bulge in his pants. She catches him by the hand and pulls down his shorts. While he was angry, his dick was telling a different story. Maybe all this time, he dreamed of fucking his slutty stepsis. His naked stepsister quickly gets to work, gobbling his cock in one swoop. Her favorite thing to do was drool and gag on dicks. Her sloppy blowjob was doing the trick, as he no longer felt the need to tell on her. Without either of them saying it, both knew that this wouldn’t end with just a blowjob. The naked girl laid back and spread her legs. Her pussy was still wet from the vibrator, making it easy for him to go balls deep. It wasn’t the biggest she’d had, but being her stepbro made it more special. He then told her to get into doggy position. The sight of his cock going in and out of her wet pink pussy, the sight of her ass cheeks jiggling with each thrust, everything was amazing! As soon as she got on top of him, he blew his load. He just couldn’t take any more and exploded deep in her pussy! Her pussy was filled with her stepbro’s hot cum but she needed more! His sister lowered her cum-filled pussy onto his still-erect dick and kept riding him to the next creampie.

He fucks his three stepsisters without them knowing

Parker is living a nightmare. Seriously, the dude is a stepbrother to three bitches, Mandy, Chloe, and JC. Why the harsh language? These “sisters” of his are seriously mistreating him. The guy has to pick up after them. He works his ass off at school and has to clean up after his messy sisters. Today the harpies were being extra mean to him. So mean, in fact, that Parker went to cry in the kitchen. Accidentally he found a Chinese fortune cookie lying around. Once he opened the cookie, he found a magic spell instead of a generic message about his destiny. He’s so down low that he wishes he never even existed and eats the cookie. Before long, he gets Chloe’s clean laundry and brings it up to her room, as usual. The girl is busy reading a book. He makes his presence felt, waves and asks her where she wants her clothes, but she just doesn’t notice him. Only when Parker starts pushing and touching her to no avail does he understand what just happened? He stopped existing in his sisters’ universe. He was now an invisible ghost who could still touch and feel things. What is the first thing he does? Naturally, he takes the opportunity to play with her pussy. He gets behind her and tastes her naked ass and her sweet pussy, only to lick and penetrate it a few minutes later. The girl has so pretty little pussy! And so wet and tight! He fucked her in prone bone so good that he’s positive she must have felt something.



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