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These four beautiful businesswomen with spectacular bodies and tight office outfits get together for a very special Ladies Night at a glory hole bar! They have no idea what to expect as they line up against the wall and curiously look into the holes drilled into it. The hot brunette with big tits that invited them to this place already knows the drill, she takes her bell and makes it ring, and four big hard cocks protrude from the glory holes, much to the delighted surprise of her friends! The girls now have several big and well hung cocks to play with while they remain fully clothed, a very special type of fetish that turns them on! They get down on their knees, sucking, stroking and drooling all over the meaty sausages while a couple more office girls show up and take a seat by the bar, checking out the intense glory hole action and waiting for their turn to have some fun with these big cocks! For hot brunette Veronica Rayne, sucking is not enough, and soon she is getting fucked by one of the hard cocks while her friend helps her out!



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  1. Anonymous | 20 December 2015, 13:10

    What’s the blonde’s name?

  2. Anonymous | 17 March 2015, 01:25

    Any fine women close to me ? …

  3. Shawn | 01 January 2013, 21:17

    Any girls wanna suck me?

  4. Scott | 25 November 2012, 00:46

    I spent almost a year banking a married woman who I found out after it ended she had done the glory hole.

  5. good i like it | 06 November 2012, 16:36

    dat gud kep it up

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    Come suck my hard cock i’ll give u what u want. Txt me. 740-288-5817

  7. jello | 11 February 2012, 23:15

    i wish i had that but my boy friend would not like that
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  8. Larissa Henshaw | 08 February 2012, 15:19

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  9. [email protected] | 13 November 2011, 15:16

    I would love to be a porn star, what are the requirements?

  10. Anonymous | 01 September 2011, 07:04

    show her fuck next time

  11. Kathy | 16 August 2011, 05:23

    I don’t want to brag — But , I think I can suck cock better than any of these girls !

  12. Kathy | 15 August 2011, 06:27

    I definately want to go to this bar ! — I’m ready for a mouthful of hard throbbing cock !!!

  13. Haylee | 14 August 2011, 15:45

    Im being fucked like in the video right now, but it isnt through a hole in the wall, its in person! OHH! It feels so good!

  14. Kathy | 14 August 2011, 06:03

    Hello Haylee — How are you doing sweetie ?

  15. Haylee | 13 August 2011, 13:14

    I am done withh my BF, and I would love to be fucked by other men! I have but, this is somthing I need! Its so fucking good, and I would know because I have been fucked more thrn 7 times! It seems so good!

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  19. Jake | 04 August 2011, 10:55

    I hope that bar is hireing! XD

  20. bluetoot nwa | 04 August 2011, 06:57

    jesus is coming soon so repent my frined

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  22. Lil Mike | 02 August 2011, 18:19

    Yummy i think they should have this stuff in every bar! lol and i think one of those girls are a friend of my mum…

  23. secert | 01 August 2011, 11:25

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