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I was hanging out with my boyfriend by the pool when my hot landlord Elena showed up. Damn, I was so busted! I was laid on rent, so I had been avoiding her for the last few weeks, by now she finally found me and expected me to pay my due rent. I told her I didn’t have the money but I was willing to pay my rent in any other way we could negotiate, and as it turns out, my hot landlord was willing to take payment in a very sexy way! I was wearing a tight mint tank top and I have big breasts. The way she was looking at me was turning me on and I knew my hard nipple for showing through the fabric. She made me turn over, pressing me against the panel window and fondling my tight ass over my pants! Man, that was so fucking hot, my pussy was gushing and my cotton panties were soaked! She pulled my top over my big tits, pulled my pants down to expose my juicy bubble butt in a sexy thong, grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the pool area. Elena was an Alpha bitch and I was utterly enjoying being her sub! She laid me down on a big couch and began playing with my big tits, softly caressing and kissing them while sucking and licking my erect nipples. After both of us stripping naked, she spread my legs wide open and though between them, eating me out like no woman or man had ever eaten me out before! Her tongue was in my pussy, then in my ass, then in my pussy, she was licking my two holes like mad. She fingered and licked my cunt, stimulating my tight asshole at the same time and making me squirm with pleasure. She straddled herself on top of me, rubbing her wet slit against my nipples and I literally fucked her with my tit. She was riding my tits, stimulating her clit with my nipples and moaning all the time. The juices were flowing even more heavily from her adorable pussy. I spread her legs wide open, licking and finger fucking her cunt. She wanted me to eat her pussy, ride my face, and squirt in my mouth before agreeing to wait one more month! She played with my pussy and my asshole at the same time, making me cum over and over by the pool. I grabbed my favorite dildo and used it on her pussy, masturbating her so hard with it that I made her squirt, gushing pussy juices all over my face! Delicious! Now we have a new arrangement and I don’t have to pay rent anymore, I just have to be her bitch and I love it!



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