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I decided to spend the 4th of July at my dad’s place, celebrating with him, my new mom and her daughter, my new stepsister. This was the first time I was meeting them and I was surprised with how hot and gorgeous they both were. My new step mom is a hot brunette cougar with an incredible body, long legs and big tits and her daughter is a spunky brunette with a sexy face and a killer body. It didn’t take me long to figure out that while my dad was focused on the burgers he was barbecuing, my new mom and her daughter were focused on the big beefy sausage between my legs. Damn! Man, I love my dad to death, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pass by the opportunity to have a hot threesome with his new wife and hot stepdaughter! The girls both wanted me, and independance day was the only chance they had to make it happen. Both mom and daughters jaws drop at how big my cock was. Concealed from my father’s view by the barbecue, my new step sister got on her knees and started sucking and stroking my throbbing erection while her hot mom watched, licking her lips and watering at the mouth. She joined in, sucking and licking my balls while her daughter jerked my rod. This was so fucking hot! The fact that it was all happening just a few feet away from my dad made it even hotter. They switched around, with her mom sucking my Dick and her daughter taking care of my balls, making me hard as a rock and slobbering my hard shaft and balls with their saliva. I realized they were lubing up my Dick for sex! My stepmom popped her big bubble tits over her blouse and pressed them against my face, letting me lick and suck on her perky nipples while fondling and groping her big funbags. She plays my hard cock between them and gave me a tit job that almost makes me cum all over them. While my stepmom distracted my dad, her sexy daughter sat on my cock, pushing it deep inside her gushing cunt and making her juicy bubble butt bounce up and down on my lap. I fucked her from behind as she leaned over the barbecue, I when I stopped fucking her, she pushed her bubbly butt back up against my Dick, urging me to continue. I wanted to do her mom, so I hiked up her skirt, bent her over and pounded her hard from behind while she kept talking with my dad! She got on her knees, I fucked her tits as she licked my balls while her daughter jerked my cock. She distracted my dad as his wife bounced up and down my hard cock in reverse cowgirl and I played with her balloon boobs. Then her daughter took her place, sliding up and down my beefy pole and after I managed to cum all over her mom’s big tits we all joined my poor old dad to enjoy those burgers! I shot up my stepmother and stepsisters face really nicely. Happy fourth of july from our family to yours!



Family Strokes brings you the hottest and filthiest neighborhood stepmoms, older stepdads, barely legal sisters and their horny brothers falling into some serious family fun. Nothing is taboo behind closed doors for these sexy stepsiblings and stepparents that love mixing it up, taking off their clothes and sucking and fucking each other in the wildest sneaky and almost caught action. Beautiful mature stepmoms suck their stepson’s cocks and lick their stepdaughter’s young pussies, have hot threesomes with them and more! Stepsisters seduce their stepbrothers and have sex with their stepdads and get their faces and bodies blasted with cum! Very surreal family situations that might seem impossible, but surely they’ve happened somewhere!



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