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I put her on her back again, with her rubbing her pussy while fucking her in missionary position and fondling her tits. Ten minutes more and my horny step sister was sitting on my lap with my huge pole buried in her spasming pussy, screaming in ecstasy. “I love to feel your huge cock inside me. Make me your little slut!” She was pushing my thick cock inside her and riding me in cowgirl position. Then she told me she wanted to be my little bitch. I put her down on her hands and knees, making her jut up her juicy bubble butt as I penetrated and fucked her doggie style from behind. I put her body sideways and lifted one of her legs up, fucking her at an odd angle that made her cum while she rubbed her snatch and begged me to fuck her brains out, not the type of thing your typical stepsister asks you, LOL! I was ready to blow my load, spraying thick ropes of hot and sticky cum all over her face and open mouth. Now we masturbate and fuck to porn together every chance we get!



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