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Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger? I was driving around town when I saw this sexy brunette babe stranded on the street. She looked distressed so I offered her a ride. Her stupid boyfriend had taken her car and she was upset, frustrated and in need of relief… in other words, this sexy babe needed to fuck! We started talking about relationships, which got us talking about sex and from the minute she spread her legs in the passenger seat and I caught that sweet up-skirt view of her dripping wet snatch, I knew this babe was DTF! I pulled over and watched her with her titties over her tank top and her panties pulled aside as she fingered and rubbed her juicy cunt. I drove her around as she masturbated herself on the passenger seat and it was pretty hard to keep my eyes on the road with such a beautiful, dirty, nasty view to my right. I parked in the quiet spot to watch her get herself off and help her out, fingering her slit. She rubbed her pussy slit with her finger right in front of my face, caressing and fondling her clit, spreading her slippery lips and smiling at me! She unzipped me and I was in heaven as she took my throbbing cock in her mouth. She began sucking and stroking my throbbing member, deepthroating it and passing her tongue up and down my shaft, making sucking and popping noises while biting her lip and jerking my dick. Things picked up quickly and before I knew it I fucked her in the backseat of my car. After giving me a wet and sloppy blowjob the naked stranger imeadiatly climbed on top of me, impaling her dripping with pussy on my hard cock and riding me. She rubbed her titties in my face and I started licking her puffy nipples. They were perfect, small soft, young, but perfectly round, with two hard pink nipples and with large areolas. She asked me if i enjoyed the view and i said i loved it! She flipped over and kept riding me, her juicy bubble butt facing me, bouncing up and down my cock. I spread her legs and I fucked her very hard in missionary position and finished her off blowing my load all over her cute face and her sexy tits!



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